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10 thoughts on “This Video Presents A Shocking Depiction of How Colorism Continues to be a Divisive and Destructive Force In the Black Community

  1. Chipo Nkhensani Charlotte-Marie Callins says:

    This makes me so sad….

  2. Black people education is key so please get it

  3. Bwire Vincent says:

    … and travel; if you have some money to spare, travel to other countries and experience the different cultures around the world.

    Believe me, you will love your Blackness.

  4. Bwire Vincent says:

    In most cases, light skinned people are a result of white and Black; The absentee white parents take advantage of the stupid, 'you have to be completely white, to be white' policy, to deny their half white babies, and blame blacks for being promiscuous and cheap.

    When are you going to wake up and call them whites on their dead beatness? If whites don't want them, we don't want them either. It's that simple.

  5. It divides because they want it to be. Frankly, I am tired of black people posting these damn negative things. They are the damn watered down people. Dark skin is the original people of the earth, and some still allow that slavery mentality to control them, instead of telling these pale people where to go. What dark skin, (melanin folks) don't realize is that there has always been a jealousy of them. They were told that their lips were too large and therefore ugly, yet today they are pumping up silicone in their lips and of course its beautiful on them. The same goes for the big behind (see how proud they are when one of them gets a little butt); it becomes big shit. The Creator said in the Scriptures that His hair was like wool (nappy), his eyes red like fire (our eyes are always red), and His feet were like burnt brass. There it is, wouldn't anyone outside of this be envious? So condition our minds, brainwash to believe something different; self-hate, low self-esteem. They look out for their people first; the white mutt (mulattos) babies have always been made to feel superior because, though not full accepted as "white" children, because their fathers' seed is white, the white man knows they are his children, but that one-drop kills him. As a sign of guilt, these children are always given preference and they grow up with superior mentality. In 2014, things have changed and continue to change as people have access to information they never did before. Though not wealthy, because of our disobedience to God, we are His chosen Israelites and that makes black folks damn special. Are we the superior race? Uummmh!

  6. Teach "colorism" in context, and that context is, within the context of white supremacy. I seriously doubt Soledad will do that.

  7. Think she is one where her mother is black and father white. She is a mess because of the non-acceptance as white. So you know she has a problem, can't claim any race. She knows she is white mutt and feels superior but dare not claim her heritage (her father's seed). They still get the better treatment always though.

  8. North American blacks seem to have the lowest self-esteem; and while others in other areas of the world have bought into the brainwashing, they do not refer, for the most part, as niggers, and have less self-hate. Time to reverse the damage Esau has caused.

  9. You can only be black, if your biological mother and biological father are black. That is not an opinion, it is a simple fact.

    What is wrong with calling them what they are? Is being mixed a disgrace? That woman making the 'One Drop' project is a disgrace. She is openly ignoring their other genetic make up.
    Her work is something that I personally believe should not be applauded.

    Look at her there sitting down with Soledad O'brien trying tell us they are the same race. GTFOH

    The One drop rule is racist! It was created by racists.

    I always tell blacks (mom+dad) if you accept this one drop rule….then go ahead and accept their other rule calling you 3/5 human. Both rules where in the same manual.

  10. Your scriptures, and yes I did just call them that, where beautiful to read. Blacks really do have to stop calling people mixed with everything under the sun, "black". It's embarrassing and makes us look like when don't know what or who a black person is.

    I love how you spoke about the lips, I was numerous times told they were "too big" when I was young, so I used to go into the bathroom, sit for a long time painfully squeezing my lips to make them small and "pretty" like theirs. Until I saw the light of truth and jealousy when I was 11 a saw on a magazine they wrote that Angelina Jolie had "beautiful and luscious big lips" I was like, 'Oh heeeeeell no! I've loved mine ever since. lol

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