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9 thoughts on “Is Sherri Shepherd Inadvertently Contributing to the Emasculation of Men With Her ‘Needs’?

  1. Absolutely not…we have to erase the European mind set on relationships and love. Black love is a more than two Black people having sex with one another. It is about become one and by becoming one, both should understands the needs/wants of each other and use that to build. To help your lady out with her hair (relaxed or natural) is a form of intimacy and how else with the father know how to do his daughter's hair if now one ever showed him.

  2. The reality is that a Brother making to type of money that Sherri makes more than likely isn't going to be the type of brother that wants to deal with taking out her hair and fixing her rotisserie. So he has to make comparable money, fix appliances, get up close and personal with her wigs and fake hair (and the results thereof) and she's willing to play Xbox with him. Wish her all the best on finding that guy. As they say "the third time is a charm", but we also have to come to the realization of how we got to number 3 (and all the "All I Wants").

  3. Lu Sabal says:

    I think what Sherri is looking for is what all women are looking for and that's "intimacy or a oneness" with her mate. A Black woman and her hair care willing to put her "natural self" on display is a intimate as it gets. I also, agree with the comment of men that "like women" not referring to the women in derogatory ways, which is commonplace in the media, especially among the younger generations. I believe that all cultures are undergoing change because people are willing to date outside of their race. Whether, or not this is a good thing or a bad thing, it is indeed what's happening across all races. Its a common fallacy that men think that women all want a man with a Benz filled with cash, what women really want is a man that isn't afraid of reality and is willing to do what it takes to make things work, whatever, career, relationship, marriage. I agree, be the person that you seek. I know I'm trying.

  4. Bwire Vincent says:

    Why do you need a wig to be Black?

  5. Dave Mills says:

    Y'all have to see Steve Harvey's response to Sherri's statement, it's excellent.

  6. Howard Earlington says:

    She's asking for too much. You can't be overweight and ask for a man to help take out your corn rolls after you take off your wig. What man would actually want to help out with that? See that's the problem with a lot of sistas, it's always about what they want. What about what the man wants. Unless your a baller, it's either their way or no way with black women which equals hell if you are with a sista with that sort of attitude. I love black women, but damn, they are difficult.

  7. Making jokes don't and crowd pleasing isn't solving the problem.

  8. Ganel Bryan says:

    I am so tired of black women and their weave. How many white women do you see running around with an afro? We want whites to respect us, but we spend most of our lives trying to look white.

  9. Joan Coulter says:

    I don't know who this guy is, but he sounds like a jerk. He wrote a book? I hope no Black men – or women read it.

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