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Asians Suing Harvard Over Affirmative Action Could Cause Huge Drop in Black Students at Elite Schools

While the attack on affirmative action has typically featured white students claiming that Blacks and Hispanics were stealing college admissions slots that rightfully belonged to them, the lawsuit filed yesterday against the admissions policies of Harvard has one key difference: This time it’s Asian students claiming that Black and Hispanic applicants are taking their slots.

The court’s conservative majority has shown a willingness in the past to strike down racial preference in admissions at public institutions, giving hope to opponents of affirmative action that this suit against a prestigious private school could mean the end of the policy in all university admissions. If the suit is successful, along with a suit filed against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill yesterday, some experts estimate it could reduce the Black student population at elite universities—which is already extremely paltry—by as much as 50 percent.

The Asian plaintiffs in the suit, which was filed by the Project on Fair Representation, claim Harvard’s affirmative action policies discriminated against Asians who were rejected by admissions despite having higher test scores and grade-point averages than Black and Hispanic students who were accepted.

Edward Blum, who runs the Project on Fair Representation, said it is a clear case of favoring certain racial groups over others.

“Quotas and racial balancing are strictly against the law,” Blum told Fox News. It was Blum’s group that sued the University of Texas on behalf of a white applicant over its affirmative action admissions policies in a case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court last year.

The Supreme Court disappointed opponents of affirmative action looking for a resounding rejection of the controversial policy by issuing a 7-1 ruling sending the University of Texas affirmative action case back to the lower court. With the ruling the court concluded that the lower court did not bring enough scrutiny to UT’s use of race. The case is still pending.

In claiming that the lower court misinterpreted an earlier Supreme Court decision, the Supreme Court made it more difficult for University of Texas to prove that its affirmative action program is constitutional.

It was a narrow victory for Abigail Fisher, the white woman who initiated the challenge by claiming UT-Austin unconstitutionally discriminated against her after the university rejected her 2008 application under its race-conscious admissions program.

While Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority, appeared to endorse the Supreme Court’s earlier decisions establishing that affirmative action is constitutional if it is used to foster a diverse student body, the court established that a race-conscious program could only be used if it was the only way to increase diversity.

The court majority felt that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit hadn’t pushed UT enough to prove that its race-conscious admissions program was the only available way to foster diversity.

“The university must prove that the means chosen by the university to attain diversity are narrowly tailored to that goal. On this point, the university receives no deference,” Kennedy wrote. “Strict scrutiny must not be strict in theory but feeble in fact.”

The Harvard case is different from the Texas case because it focuses on affirmative action’s negative impact on a minority group, Asians, not on whites.

The lawsuit uses a 2009 study done by Princeton sociologists that concluded while the average Asian-American applicant needed a 1460 SAT score to be admitted, a white student with similar GPA and other qualifications only needed a score of 1320, while Blacks needed  1010 and Hispanics 1190.

This is an issue that has been bubbling just below the surface for years, as Asians began to receive rejections at schools like Berkeley, Harvard, Yale and Columbia despite having higher scores than other applicants. Many Asians sensed that these schools were trying to hold down their Asian populations at the expense of qualified Asian applicants. If a college wanted to avoid having a disproportionately high number of Asian enrollees, it would have to hold them to a higher standard.

Blum’s group also filed suit against UNC Chapel Hill for discriminating against both whites and Asians.

Harvard issued a statement defending it admissions policy.

“The College considers each applicant through an individualized, holistic review having the goal of creating a vibrant academic community that exposes students to a wide-range of differences: background, ideas, experiences, talents and aspirations,” wrote Robert Iuliano, Harvard’s general counsel, in an email to Fox News, adding that the school’s policy is legal.

The lawsuit pointed out that in the advice that the Princeton Review, a popular college guide, gives to Asian students, it says, “Don’t attach a photograph to your application and don’t answer the optional question about your ethnic background…Write about something entirely unrelated to your ethnic background.”

The lawsuit claims that the repeated attacks on affirmative action “only perpetuate the hostilities that proper consideration of race is designed to avoid. Racial preferences are a dangerous tool and may only be used as a last resort. There is now overwhelming evidence that race-neutral alternatives render reliance on racial preferences unnecessary.”

The suit suggests that elite schools give greater consideration to students with economic needs, which are known as “race neutral” polices. The suit claims these are more effective in promoting diversity than race-based polices.

In a move that could prove extremely unpopular among deep pocketed alumni at these elite schools, the lawsuit also aims to do away with “legacy” admissions that lower the academic bar for the children of alumni—admitting legacy applicants five times the rate of other applicants.

In addition, the lawsuit challenges early admission filings, which tend to hurt low income and minority applicants and give an unfair advantage to wealthy and white students.

Tim Groseclose, a professor of Economics at George Mason University, told Breitbart News that the case against Harvard is pretty remarkable because, while some states have laws that disallow public universities to give racial preferences, “…this lawsuit has a much broader scope. If successful, it will mean that no university, not even a private one, can give racial preferences, as long as it receives federal funding.”

“If the results are similar to the results of California’s Prop. 209 [which outlawed affirmative action in California’s university system], the lawsuit would cause African-American admissions to drop something like 40 or 50 percent at an elite university, and it would cause Asian admissions to rise about 10 percent,” said Groseclose, who has held faculty positions at UCLA, Caltech, Stanford, Ohio State, Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University.


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110 thoughts on “Asians Suing Harvard Over Affirmative Action Could Cause Huge Drop in Black Students at Elite Schools

  1. Trying to cause a division between Blacks and Asians is so like Zionist. Get your heart right. Divide and conquer as always. That's why they're kicking you out of Japan. You just haven't changed..lmao

  2. Ann Eds says:

    How fucking offensive is this shit? The assumption that Black and brown students are only there, not based on qualifications, but through some AA deal that has been primarily used by white females. I'm so fed up with this misrepresentation of ability. White students should understand that daddy's money can't buy them placement in these schools. time to start "earning" their way in and not with dad's wallet. These same people, to this day, say President Obama only got into Harvard because of Affirmative Action, because they're incapable of accepting that he, a black man, was/is scary smart and better than they.

  3. Ann Eds says:

    Idiots believe this will stop the next Barack Obama. White people create division, then when threatened look to Black people to back their play. No, there will be not more fat pulled from the fire. You new minorities will stand alone with a larger pool of enemies, because you create problems.

  4. Ann Eds says:

    Affirmative Action. Harvard Students.

  5. Farntella Graham says:

    this is why every group was given their own damn homeland. it was never intended for us to "live together" there would be no need for this if people stayed in their own yard.

  6. Farntella Graham says:

    I agree with many of your comments except that obama got into harvard on his own academic record. this I doubt very much. asians are the largest group of university students in america, possibly beating out whites and all others. what the hell are they complaining about?

  7. Farntella Graham says:

    it is true that one of the main characteristics of white rule is divide and conquer.

  8. Farntella Graham says:

    especially since china is getting too close to africa. the bastards need to break up that relationship. good points, cecil.

  9. Miguel 'Sirreal' Broadwater says:

    Farntella Graham I don't think China truly has a close relationship with Africa it's just exploiting the continent's resources as other industrialized nations have and continue to do.

  10. Farntella Graham says:

    Miguel 'Sirreal' Broadwater the relationship between china and africa is a little different from that with the west. china is building infrastructure. I don't like a lot of what they are doing there either but they are doing more than the west has done and the african governments are aware of it and doing things to stop the abuse by china. you are not going to hear about it on american MSM. . I would like to see africa establish its own economic system because if they insist on dealing with the west on their economic terms, africa will loose. china is going to loose in their economical dealings with the west.. changing of the economic structure played a big role in the assassination of mormar gadhaffi.

  11. Gloria Zayas says:

    I love that one of the benchmarks they point out is SAT scores- a test that parents with money can "prepare" their kids to take so that they pass with high scores whether or not they actually are knowlegable of the content. Get over your self-entitled selfs- no one is guranteed admission into any school they apply for no matter how great their credentials. I wonder how they'll handle not getting hired when they apply to a job.

  12. Julio Rodriguez says:

    Farntella Graham Yes, you are right Farntella, come to University of Wisconsin and you will see.

  13. Ann Eds says:

    Farntella Graham Are you serious about President Obama not being smart enough to get into Harvard on his own? I'm too tired to argue this. Good evening.

  14. Carl Sharp says:

    Miguel 'Sirreal' Broadwater YOU GOT IT

  15. Ann Eds says:

    The arrogance of these people makes me laugh. The bold assumption this writer makes is that there will be a drop in Black enrollment. In other words, the worst white student is still better than the best black student. That's nerve.

  16. Well this is funny the main people who use Affirmative Action are white women, Asians and Latinos.

  17. Luis Molina says:

    What I consider to be the biggest issue is that there aren't enough opportunities for students of any kind, because the students with the highest profiles deserve it, and because minorities deserve the same headstart opportunities and high quality basic education.

  18. Mia Vallet says:

    I think affirmative action based on income is a good idea. That way no assumptions are made that people of color need extra help, and no issue for conservatives to use to galvanize poor whites. Income rather than race addresses advantages people with money have such as those mentioned by Gloria, among countless other advantages. Viva la class struggle!

  19. Ashley Amberg says:

    They are going after it as a whole, not just blacks. They find it unfair that there are different standards for different ethic groups, which is relevant given the information is true. This is only really about blacks because it will make college more competitive for them to get into as they will have the same expectations as everyone else. (if they are held to a different standard, of this I know not)

  20. Ricky Su says:

    you dont need money to do well on the SAT tests. there is plenty of preparation online that students can take advantage of. I never took prep classes outside of school for my SAT and I got a 1970.

  21. Leon Thomas says:

    The assumption is that a black person can only get into Harvard through affirmative action. The system is designed to protect white privilege.

  22. White people always complain that African-Americans are uneducated and could have sought out an education. BUT as soon as we do, they get mad because a Black person got in while they didn't. When will we EVER win?

  23. Sonny Le says:

    It should be noted that Edward Blum of the Project on Fair Representation IS A WHITE MAN who is part of the conservative think tank the American Enterprise Institute. No persons/students of Asian descent are cited/quoted in the article.




  27. Ashley Amberg says:

    Jennifer Yearwood

  28. Farntella Graham says:

    Ashley Amberg what the hell makes you think the expectations are lower for Black and hispanic people only? the expectations are lower for white people as well but they are still getting the majority of spots in any given class.

  29. Farntella Graham says:

    Ann Eds obama was chosen for his position. he was the right man to carry out the will of the elites who financed him. does he sound presidental to you when he speaks? I am used to people like JFK and MLK speak. I know what good speech sounds like. If you are young, you probably don't kmow what that sounds like. you are used to the speech of the intellectually challenged presidents like GWB and Barack Obama.

  30. Farntella Graham says:

    did I what? no, my college admission was not based on affirmative action. anyway, I do not believe affirmative action is based on academic scores. it is based on numbers. in other words, not every seat in any given college classroom is suppose to go to white people. you are suppose to have diversity in a so-called diverse country like america. my yard of return is a place called "Africa", Nubia, far, far away from where my ancestors were ripped and sent to hell, a place also known as the west.

  31. Deangelo King says:

    It's funny because I know a lot of people probably had/have higher SAT/ACT scores than me but they are still stupid in many cases. I'm not perfect and I don't always do the best on tests, but I work hard, interact and learn more than just my major. The intangibles are what makes each person unique. You have no idea how many people would just assume I didn't do well in HS or whatever, but my intangibles make me more pleasant that the pompous douches that think they are better than everybody or those that don't have any personality or soul. No one knows anything at birth, but it is all up to how hard you are willing to work while you are in school. I'll grind it out in the library every night if I need to. Every college needs hard workers who are going to overcome the issues and struggles not a bunch of people that can't get over not getting into choice #1.

  32. Raina Satija says:

    AA is supposed to assist POC as a whole against the discriminatory admissions practices that put white kids in schools before any POC in general. Asians are marginalized for being "the model minority," but we need to resist this stereotype instead of going after Black and "Hispanic" students that are admitted into schools. God forbid there be more brown people than white folk at a school, or near even!

  33. Ali Em says:

    And I did a prep course and got a 2280. So what, am I automatically am more qualified than you?

  34. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    The vast majority of Asian students aren't wealthy, nor do they have legacy. The main thing most of them have going for them are strict parents telling them to study their ass off.

  35. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Farntella Graham People of different ethnicity aren't supposed to live together? That's the most racist thing I've heard all month. I can't believe people thumbed up your post.

  36. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Ann Eds If affirmative action was changed to benefit people from impoverished incomes and applications were truly made race blind instead of basing it on race and sex, you wouldn't be having this problem.

  37. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Change affirmative action to be based on income levels, and we'll have none of this nonsense. At least that is far more quantifiable as opposed to pitting races and sexes against each other to figure out which group is more disadvantaged.

  38. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Ali Em Yeh, if you have better SAT scores and better grades, with all else held equal then you are more qualified.

  39. Gloria Zayas says:

    Lu Chang Wu Tang I feel like that depends on where you live. I agree like any other race, there is diversity in status. But I still stand by my statement and I feel like a suite like this is not being brought on by poorer students.

  40. Farntella Graham says:

    Lu Chang Wu Tang no, we are not suppose to live together. all groups have their own places. somebody is going to loose. somebody is going to dominate and I would rather it be my own people doing the dominating then my having to compete with you. you think I want to live amongst people that hate me? to live with people who abuse me? with people who exploit me? with people who have a psychological disorder which makes them believe they are superior to me? now why would I want to live amongst them in a permanent position of fear. this ish is depressing.

  41. Ann Eds says:

    Lu Chang Wu Tang You're as lost as the pretentious female above you. Affirmative Action would get you so far and no further. However, you are as stuck on blind as others and nothing I say will change your mind. However, do me a favor and check the facts of Affirmative Action. White women have benefited primarily from Affirmative Action and not Black Americans. However, like most programs they all have black faces to create a negative impact. This is why no matter how qualified a black person is he/she will always have a failed white person claim their success as being from Affirmative Action.

  42. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Farntella Graham The problem with your thinking is that you think everything revolves around race…and that people of one race will always band together based solely on race to dominate someone other racial group. That is flatly untrue. What people believe in and what they value is FAR more important than their physical appearance. —> Why is Europe angry at Russia for invading Ukraine? Aren't they all Caucasians? Why is Japan allied with the United States, but is opposed to China? China, Korea, and Japan are all East Asian countries, yet they've been invading each other for the last 100 years. Iran is allied with China, yet Iran and Saudi Arabia hates each other. How do you explain these alliances that completely destroys your "racial dominance" argument?

  43. Integration is not good ! Every race should have a place for their own !
    Multiculturalism doesnt work !

  44. Farntella Graham says:

    Lu Chang Wu Tang in each and everyone of the scenarios you name, there is one common denominator: one group of people feel like they should control and lord themselves over another group of people. the bolshevkis murdered the russian royal family, russian intellectuals and others in their quest for dominance over the russian people. don't you think the russian people have a right to hate their murderers? Japan did the same to china, which is why chinese children are taught from infancy to hate the japanese and they will get their revenge against them. same thing with iran. SA tried to control and dominate iran and they aligned themselves with the west against iran. the iranian people hate the saudies. it is all about the fallacy of dominance and control.

  45. Farntella Graham says:

    Ann Eds who are you calling pretentious? you don't know me. nothing I have said can be construed as pretentious. maybe it is you who is fake and phony.

  46. Farntella Graham says:

    we will never win.

  47. Farntella Graham says:

    yes, this female dog is using another group to rail against affirmative action

  48. Farntella Graham says:

    Lu Chang Wu Tang and the monopoly of the hair industry catering to Black people. we are tired of it, too.

  49. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Farntella Graham And your own comment just disproved your first post. What people are TAUGHT matters far more than their race. If these people of the same race can hate and want to kill each other because of what they're taught, then it's obvious that people of different races can be "taught" to get along.

  50. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Farntella Graham Also, most of the Bolshevkis were Russian, not Ukrainian. So I'm not sure why you brought that up. The Russians themselves overthrew their Tsar and embraced communism. They have nobody else to blame but themselves. Saudi Arabia has not tried to control or dominate Iran. Iran has historically been almost always more powerful than Saudi Arabia. The main reason is because one is Sunni, the other is Shiite, and they're both struggling for dominance.

  51. Ashley Amberg says:

    Farntella Graham they are lowering the standards for white people as well. I will be the last to argue that. I am not saying that it is right for schools to be flooded by only white kids. I think you may have misinterpreted my meaning. The Asian group that is suing is suing because they find it unfair that they are held to a higher standard than others and/or that there are different standards for different ethnic groups at all. I agree with them in that we are all supposed to be equal and thus have the same guidelines, rules, and regulations.

  52. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Gloria Zayas If it depends on where you live, then it really doesn't have to do with race. Almost everything really goes back to wealth, and affirmative action should be changed to reflect this reality. Affirmative action as it stands is broken.

  53. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Farntella Graham Huh?

  54. Farntella Graham says:

    Lu Chang Wu Tang pure russians did not overthrow their czar and are not responsible for the murder of the royal family.

  55. James Choi says:

    Please get your facts straight. Asians do not benefit from affirmative action. They get into elite schools through pure merit. In full disclosure, I am opposed to both race-based affirmative action as well as giving preferential treatment to legacies.

  56. James Choi says:

    I agree with this. Under the current system, wealthy blacks and hispanics benefit from preferential treatment while working-class whites and Asians don't. An income-based system is the only one that makes sense.

  57. Shim says:

    Misleading article! Edward Blum, the white conservative is behind all this– he is manipulating misguided Asian-Americans to serve his own political agenda (to deny people of color their right to education and to decrease campus diversity!) Please be careful and do not assume that any Asian-American is hellbent against rights for all– 74% of Asian-Americans polled in favor of Affirmative Action. EDWARD BLUM is responsible for these lawsuits. He's using Asian-Ams as a wedge between people of color and destroying our solidarity– and so is this article, which pits Asian-Americans against blacks and hispanics and gives readers the grossly incorrect impression of what's really going on. Please read this article for more information:


  58. Rolland Long says:

    Farntella GrahamYou're fucking racist. My parents came to this country with less than 100 dollars and a pair of pants and a goddamn shirt. Are you telling me they didn't earn their citizenship? Really? "Why didn't the ASIAN go after the whites…"
    Right. Our entire race, collectively, sued Harvard.
    Get your head out of your ass. It isn't white people that ruin the world. It isn't black people that ruin the world. Let me say this loud and clear. It is people with the tendency to over-generalize and think without a modicum of self-consciousness that cause people to suffer and die. You are among them.

  59. Ashley Amberg says:

    Rolland Long So it is known, in a platonic way, I love you 🙂 You stated that eloquently and I applaud you

  60. It's nt the white people it's all the asians

  61. @james choi do you know how many asians there are in the US? It's ridiculous the amount is soon going to overpass the latino and black community it's NOT fair that schools have to approve every asian and deny more latinos and blacks usually the asians that come from other countries are beyond rich and have so manh advantages already to 90% of the latino and black community. Every university would be 60% asian if not more if this came into affect. Just like Yale is like 50% asian, their medical school has like 50 asians out of 100 and only 4 blacks and 4 latinos. This is frustrating and unfair i dont see why not just go to school where you came from of you want to come into the US and take away these privelages from us

  62. They'd have a better chance of suing the school system than this. Everyone isn't required to take the SATs. It depends on the school district. If you are required to take the ACTs, then the SAT is optional. If you are required to take the SAT, then the ACT is optional. Not to mention every school doesn't teach the same material. Which is one of the reasons why the test scores are low. Not all black kids learn what white and Asians learn. Have a problem with it? Go after the school system. But that lawsuit will never happen

  63. You mad at the truth Jame Choi? Good stay mad.

  64. James Choi says:

    Giorgiana, I sympathize with your anger, but they are misguided for a number of reasons. First, the vast majority of Asians at Harvard (or any other top U.S. college) are Americans, not internationals. The % of Asian international students at Harvard is quite small. Second, Yale undergrad's Asian % is around 20. I can't speak for its medical school. Third, no one is saying that Harvard or any other school needs to accept every Asian. Where did you get this from? You fundamentally misunderstand the nature of this lawsuit. Edward Blum, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, is arguing that Harvard is violating Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by using race as a decisive factor in admissions and by using quotas. The Supreme Court has ruled that schools must first use race-neutral means to achieve diversity (economic affirmative action would fall under this category) and that race must be one of MANY factors when making admissions decisions. Now, a lot of you will say "wait but Asians are already overrepresented at Harvard, so how can there be quotas or discrimination?" Well, a quota is anytime an institution places a ceiling on the # of applicants they are willing to accept from a certain background. The % of Asians at Harvard has been in the 18-21% range over the past TWENTY years despite the fact that the # of Asian-Americans has doubled since then. The # of Asian-Americans applying has certainly increased, and the quality of its applicants is stronger than it was twenty years ago (the overall applicant pool keeps getting stronger). So the only logical explanation for this is that Harvard is using a system of soft quotas to limit the size of the Asian population. The statistical evidence that elite colleges discriminate against Asian-Americans is actually pretty overwhelming. If you wan to argue with data, then that's your right.

  65. James Choi says:

    Kimberly, why would I be mad? I just had to correct your erroneous assertion that Asian-Americans benefit from affirmative action, which is blatantly false.

  66. Actually no you didn't James Choi hate to break to you. But it's because of affirmation action that Asian's are allowed to go to these colleges. Whites didn't want you there to you came running to us. You are welcome. Btw if you guys were so smart why are you running over here to America instead of living it up in your own homeland? Even when you did score higher than the white students at Yale they still denied you. Which in turn brought Asians to seek out affirmative action. Look all of your history up not just the bits and pieces Jame Choi because if you do that then you are full of shit.

  67. Jealously at it's best. The Asians are the same way. They don't want everything to be truly equal because we'd come in and take over everything if left alone.

  68. James Choi says:

    Wrong. I'm an Asian-American and support this lawsuit because it's not about pitting us against blacks and hispanics. The primary purpose of this lawsuit is "discovery" based: by this, I mean that Blum wants Harvard to divulge enough data for the courts to decide whether it is in accordance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Asian-American plaintiff is NOT asking that Harvard reverse its admission decision and accept him. That is not on the table. This is primarily about figuring out from a legal standpoint where Harvard stands.

  69. James Choi says:

    Kimberly Moseberry why would I be mad? I am merely correcting your erroneous assertion that affirmative action benefits Asian-Americans.

  70. You didn't correct anything, just spit out what you already heard. LOL! But nice try.

  71. But the asians that come and apply to universities in the US are all rich and come from other countries so they pay even more than the average student. Not fair that they come from outside the US and now expect to erradicate any advantages to the more needed minority communities because to be honest almost all of them are not as advantageous as the wealthy whites and asians. I am latino and know many others so im sure. Imagine if this came into affect universities would basically be 70% asian and 30% white because each year more and more asians are coming to the US for schools.

  72. Tanya Hao says:

    georgiana, why is that 'unfair'? youre talking as if asians are infesting universities in the US. 'come into the US and take these privileges away from us?' US is an immigrant country. You make it sound as if we invaded the country, although a very large number of us were born here and identify as American, just like many African Americans and Hispanics.
    Why should you be complainig that this is unfair? Many of us work very hard to get where we are, just as those of your ethnicity may. Which is why our point is that we should all be evaluated equally and fairly, without gaining or losing points because of race.

  73. Tanya Hao you might want to run some grammar and spell check over your post.

  74. James Choi says:

    Kimberly Moseberry lol. I had responded to Giorgianna, but somehow the comment did not get posted. As for your comment, no, I'm not going to "correct" an ignorant racist statement that implies that Asians are somehow unworthy to be in this country. In sharp contrast, Giorgianna's post was serious and brought up points that actually had some merit. I will try to re-post later when I have some time.

  75. James Choi says:

    Giorgiana Ramirez this is wrong. I brought this up in my previous reply to you but for some reason it did not get posted. The % of Asian internationals at Harvard is quite small. The vast majority are Asian-Americans. You are correct that the internationals tend to be wealthy since they are not eligible for financial aid from Harvard or the federal government.

  76. James Choi says:

    Sonny, this is incorrect. The plaintiff here is an Asian-American student who was recently denied admission to Harvard. Moreover, what matters is the legal strength of the lawsuit, not the race of the lawyer. If the lawyer was Asian-American, would you feel better about this? Let's stick to the argument itself.

  77. James Choi says:

    Sonny, this is incorrect. The plaintiff here is an Asian-American student who was recently denied admission to Harvard. Moreover, what matters is the legal strength of the lawsuit, not the race of the lawyer. If the lawyer was Asian-American, would you feel better about this? Let's stick to the argument itself.

  78. Tanya Hao says:

    Kimberly, if you're going to try to prove you are worthy to go to an ivy league by complaining about capitalization and punctuation, then i'd have to break to you that your original post also has gramatical errors.
    your ignorance is disappointing. Thank you for attempting to correct my comment. (lol.)

  79. I've already been. Tanya Hao. Nothing special about these schools. Don't be upset, just do better next time. LMAO!

  80. Tanya Hao says:

    …. what are you talking about? Also, thanks for replying twice??

  81. James Choi says:

    Really? You're gonna cite an article that was published in 2000? By the way, after California got rid of affirmative action via popular ballot (prop 209), the % of asian students at the UC schools skyrocketed.

  82. James Choi says:

    Really hard to follow your line of "reasoning" since it's so incoherent, muddled, and filled with racist bromides. I laughed heartily at your assertion that Asians are somehow invading the country and taking what rightfully belongs to you. Lol. Asians did initially benefit from affirmative action when it was first introduced, but when Asian enrollment at elite colleges soared during the 80's, it stopped being applied to us.

  83. Carlito Juarez Manapsal says:

    Kimberly Moseberry you have literally NO idea what the fuck you're talking about.

  84. Carlito Juarez Manapsal says:

    Kimberly Moseberry "Actually no you didn't James Choi hate to break to you. But it's because of affirmation action that Asian's are allowed to go to these colleges. Whites didn't want you there to you came running to us. You are welcome. Btw if you guys were so smart why are you running over here to America instead of living it up in your own homeland? Even when you did score higher than the white students at Yale they still denied you. Which in turn brought Asians to seek out affirmative action. Look all of your history up not just the bits and pieces Jame Choi because if you do that then you are full of shit."
    How are you alive? Basically everything in this is completely asinine.
    Do you really want people to just break down this post point by point to destroy you?

  85. Farntella Graham says:

    Ann Eds affirmative action was intended for AA not immigrants, not white women, not gays, not transgenders.

  86. Farntella Graham says:

    Rolland Long tsk, tsk, tsk, I am glad I struck a nerve on you, rolland.

  87. Kimberly Moseberry Blacks are never going to take over anything. Stay butthurt, you crybaby.

  88. Giorgiana Ramirez No, it's whiney ass white people and crybaby white Latinos pretending to be a racial minority who are complaining about this.

  89. Farntella Graham Obama doesn't give a crap about Africa, just like the rest of the world.

  90. Miguel 'Sirreal' Broadwater says:

    Lu Chang Wu Tang absolutely not, affirmative action was designed specifically to address the systemic impediments put in place to prevent African Americans from receiving adequate educations, employment, access to voting and virtually every other advantage that was available to other Americans. It was meant to correct inequity to was knowing permitted for more than a 100 yrs after slavery.
    So no just because you're poor you don't get access because countless generations of African Americans were deliberately prohibited from having the tools to accumulate wealth.

  91. Miguel 'Sirreal' Broadwater says:

    James Choi absolutely not, affirmative action was designed specifically to address the systemic impediments put in place to prevent African Americans from receiving adequate educations, employment, access to voting and virtually every other advantage that was available to other Americans. It was meant to correct inequity to was knowingly permitted for more than a 100 yrs after slavery.
    So no just because you're poor you don't get access because countless generations of African Americans were deliberately prohibited from having the tools to accumulate wealth.

  92. Lu Chang Wu Tang says:

    Miguel 'Sirreal' Broadwater.
    1. African Americans weren't the only people who were systematically discriminated against. Women, the poor, Hispanics, Asians, etc have all historically been systematically discriminated against to varying degrees. All of these folks were in one way or another prevented from accumulating as much wealth as WASPs.
    2. Affirmative action wasn't created to correct slavery (it was created a century after slavery), it was created to correct systematic discrimination that still existed during the mid 20th century.
    3. Women have been discriminated against for thousands of years. So have poor folks. Are you going to say a poor Hispanic woman is better off than a rich African American man? Who are you to say one deserves affirmative action but the other doesn't? At least wealth is actually quantifiable.

  93. Giorgiana Ramirez That comment gave me cancer…

  94. Goffy Coffy says:

    Giorgiana Ramirez
    These Asian students are "American born" like you, Ramirez…They sacrificed a great deal so they have a shot at the future…What have do done to help yourself?
    "This is frustrating and unfair I don't see why not just go to school where you came from of you want to come into the US and take away these privelages from us".

  95. Goffy Coffy says:

    Farntella Graham
    You can win. But first, African Americans must change the vicious cycle of broken family, drug and gang infestation within inner cities. keep family together, focus on education and community service.
    Have faith in God, that he can guide out out of all challenges..

  96. Goffy Coffy says:

    If President Obama got into Harvard with his own merits, then why Harvard will not open the book, so light can be shied on this contentious matter, once for all.
    I believe Pres. Obama is very smart as student, private school and all. But is he the top 1% among all America's high schoolers? Why not. We will never know the answer to this question.

  97. Goffy Coffy says:

    Julio Rodriguez
    From Harvard to U. Wisconsin is like fall of the cliff…Maybe not that

  98. Asians are suing Harvard, and all of the butt hurt morons in the comments are whining about white people. LOL!

  99. This is true, but its not exactly easy.

  100. Goffy Coffy says:

    No, its never easy. It requires strength and personal sacrifice.
    But it could be done.

  101. Goffy Coffy says:

    I think black people are God's chosen people. God give black people superior athletic prowess. Gifted in art and music. Wonderful intellectual ability. The latter has not fulfilled to its promises for many complicated reasons. Don't ever give up, keep faith in God, who will lead the way.
    A friend from Asian American community.

  102. Lets go to china university and see how many blacks they let in.

  103. everyone that has ever been in school or collage with BO says he was a lazy bad student and his Law degree is a bunch of bullshit as well , Michelle got disbarred for un ethics , blacks and browns get gimmie dat diplomas with much lower test scores that's why they still sound ebonicly ghetto after graduating.

  104. Earl Brown says:

    Agreed… ONLY those with the best scores should be admitted. It's the ONLY FAIR way. Ethnicity shouldn't enter into it.

  105. Earl Brown says:

    Giorgiana Ramirez… Please, STOP… your making me choke from laughter! "GO back where you came from"? Muwahahahahahaaaaa….

  106. Earl Brown says:

    IF a person gets into a school because of their ethnicity and NOT because of scores, then it IS UNFAIR. Isn't that what "blacks" were complaining about when they wanted Affirmative action? NOW it's "unfair" for other non-blacks to ask for the same treatment? LOL! Ironic, don't ya think…

  107. James Choi says:

    Kimberly Moseberry your ignorance is so astounding that I did not even want to waste my time responding to it, but since I have some free time I will do so. Asian-Americans did receive affirmative action initially when the program was first implemented (early 1970's). They stopped receiving preferential treatment sometime in the mid-late 80's when they became "overrepresented" at the top colleges. Asian-Americans currently are not beneficiaries of affirmative action, pure and simple. Thanks though for your highly entertaining drivel. I needed a good laugh.

  108. Kimberly Moseberry Kimberly's posts are riddled with grammatical errors, which only serve to bolster the argument against affirmative action. If someone like Kimberly, who is only quasi-literate, gains admission over a far more qualified candidate, then the process is flawed and should be eliminated.

  109. Ann Eds If your statement is correct, Ann, why not remove affirmative action from the equation? If all applications are judged on merit alone, there won't be opportunities to whine about unfair treatment.

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