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9 thoughts on “Watch Nina Simone Make It Really Clear Who The Most Beautiful People On Earth Are, Inside And Out

  1. Milagros Garcia Villamil says:

    Teach! make it clear.

  2. Jay Contreras says:

    I LOVE this woman!

  3. Chris Ward says:

    Hell of a singer.

  4. I don't even call you "people" — you are gods and goddesses! You are immortal heavenly creatures!

  5. Carita Ahn says:

    This is why Zoe Zaldana should NEVER be cast in the biopic on the life of Nina Simone. Zoe doesn't have the acumen, and seriousness of an artist like Nina. This woman is the most dedicated "artist", in the sense that, as she says, it's the artists "responsibility to speak to the times…" Hence: "Old Jim Crow", and "Mississippi Goddammed". The "Nina Simone Anthology" is a priceless "gem", with interviews, and all NINA!

  6. Carita Ahn says:

    …GIVE the GIFT of the "Nina Simone Anthology" to some young people YOU value. Lot's of wisdom from an artist, and powerful Sister, Nina….and Lorraine Hansberry, Nina's BFF.

  7. Carita Ahn says:

    Hell of a singer, ACTIVIST,…and piano player!

  8. Bayindo Zibula Menso says:


  9. Nina would be very upset if they cast some racially questionable woman to play her Black self

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