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245 thoughts on “10 Horrifying Facts About the Sexual Exploitation of Enslaved Black Men You May Not Know

  1. Ernie Straker says:


  2. Tiana Marii Bey says:

    you'd think they'd learn to love their women by now….still running to caucasoids

  3. Evangelist Marvin Little says:

    It's at least 4 Black women to every Black man excluding mixed women. Every Black man should have a Black woman so Black people can build communities.

  4. Nice, truthful history lesson… HISTORY… so grown, free black men can stop acting the way they do now. No excuses.

  5. Bwire Vincent says:

    There's no such thing as 'master', Curtis Bunn.

  6. Aaron Piggue says:

    Every "man" should have a "woman". Not blacks should stick with blacks… that's still racism, just against whites. We all should be together in peace & unity. MLK wanted integration, not segregation…

  7. Our condition has been conditioned… But that's no excuse!

  8. Aaron Piggue says:

    We can love our women without being in love with them. We have freedom of choice for a reason. I married a white woman, & I know many interracial couples. There's nothing wrong with being a different race from your spouse.

  9. Aaron Piggue Not at all. But nine times out of ten, these black people( men and women) who date outside have serious mental health issues. It is the law of nature to to be attracted to your own. And, let me tell you, nature will take care of the problem of self hate. Black men who marry white women usually have really nasty things to say about their God given counterparts. Their sons hear this and, of course, want to marry a white woman just like daddy did. Well since only a black woman can give birth to a black man, two generations down the road, your strong and Beautiful Afrikan genes are gone. You are dead. That leaves the strong chosen few. And that sounds good to me.

  10. Tiana I feel ya, and I love my black queen!

  11. Evangelist Marvin Little says:

    Aaron Piggue That's not racism to only date your own people, but preference. Why do Asians buy all Asian productseven if you offer them the same product 50% less?
    MLK could not see everything pe rfectly. We have "The Illusion of Inclusion" and that's why even though Blacks have over 1 trillion a year in spending power, we own less than 1% of the US economy. Asians, Hispanics, Latinos and Whites have a much different story.

  12. Evangelist Marvin Little says:

    Aaron Piggue That's not racism to only date your own people, but preference. Why do Asians buy all Asian products even if you offer them the same product 50% less?
    MLK could not see everything perfectly. We have "The Illusion of Inclusion" and that's why even though Blacks have over 1 trillion a year in spending power, we own less than 1% of the US economy. Asians, Hispanics, Latinos and Whites have a much different story.

  13. Evangelist Marvin Little says:

    The so-called African American or Negro is really an Israelite who is either native to America or brought as a slave prophesied in Deuteronomy 28:68. The Most High God told them not to mix with the nations. Many people infiltrated us through family and ultimately oppressed us every way they could. They still do it today. Even if I didn't know this, the fact that I live in the South, I would never be in public with White women as I seen some Black guys did and they were treated worse. I'm already hated for the melanin in my skin and get dirty looks even though I'm well-dressed and well-mannered. It's worse when White men see Black men with a White woman historically, and even just as much today.

  14. Aaron Piggue says:

    Bruns Michelle So you're saying that dating outside of your race is a sign of a serious mental issue? That's extremely hateful, and if your son heard you say that, he would grow up thinking the same racist thoughts that caused some over-prideful whites of the past to create the KKK. The race of your spouse has nothing to do with your mental heath or self hate. If a white woman sees all the white men around her trying to be "black", then she is going to get tired of the pretenders and be more inclined to look for a authentic black guy.

    As for myself, I got tired of the egos and attitudes of the black girls I grew up with. So I started dating white women. While I have nothing but love for my African princesses, I could no longer deal with those few I were around so it caused me to look elsewhere. That doesn't make me a self hater, it just means I didn't know any respectful, non-egotistical, mature, nubian women that were also interested in me.

    As for the fact that my African genes will be gone down the line…This doesn't concern me at all, because I'm more focused on LIVING. Not trivial things like the lack of a certain race in my gene pool. I'm MIXED & I'm proud of it. And if that bothers you maybe you should start your own extremist group. Like the KKK because that's exactly how they started. "We shouldn't let those people be with our people." They had nonsensical reasons just like you do.

    Why cant we all just live peacefully without hate for others just because they're different?

  15. Only one word for interracial marriage and dating. DISGUSTING. The so called black men that date these Caucasians deserve every ounce of disrespect that they get.

  16. Aaron Piggue I knew I could get your ass to admit you can't stand "black womens attitudes". N—a you just proved my point. Talking about racism and lumping all women of one color in the same category. Please hurry up and breed yourself out. Boy, that didn't take long!

  17. Aaron Piggue As for that silly white woman you're married to, clearly no real white man wanted to be bothered with her if every white man she came in contact with 'acted black'. You two are quite a pair. And you let her know, she still does not have a black man.

  18. Tiana Marii Bey says:


  19. I say the same thing but many black men excuse for that is to teacher the Caucasoid a lesson…silly if you ask me

  20. Tiana Marii Bey says:


  21. Tiana Marii Bey says:

    It's as if they're more concerned these days with trophies than building a foundation. Which is totally idiotic KNOWING the investor's circumstances

  22. Devoné Austin says:

    Bruns Michelle, you sound like an idiot.

  23. Devoné Austin says:

    Aaron Piggue, someone has sense. Thank God.

  24. Devoné Austin says:

    Works cited?

  25. Tiana Marii Bey says:

    *ancestors circumstances

  26. Bruns Michelle my parents are two different colors. my mom is white, my dad is black. they are mentally healthy and did a terrific job of raising me to be the good man that i am today, so don't give me a bullshit statistic that you made up in your head, i ain't buying it. i don't think there's such a thing as "laws" in nature, because it's not a court-room, it's life!!! and in life, in my humble experience, opposites attract. my father is a black man who married a white woman and i've never heard one nasty thing come out of his mouth about his people. so since i never heard any hate speech come out of his mouth, i've been blessed to have relationships with Black girls, White girls, and Spanish girls, and i can only hope that list grows as i grow.

    BTW, my dad is Congolese, so I'm pretty sure that even though I'm only half-black, i got more "Afrikan genes" in my little pinky than you do in your entire body. Does that make me "the strong and chosen few"? Am I now better than you? That line of reasoning is immature, ignorant, and self-damaging. I think you base your self-worth on a social-construct that has been scientifically proven to be false. News-Flash: we all bleed red blood and have purple brains, we all feel joy and pain. We're all HUMAN. It's tragically comic how you feed into the very thing you say you're against, since there is no such thing as race. Your insecurities are so obvious I honestly feel bad for you.

    Oh, and I know I shouldn't involve myself in other people's arguments, but seriously, who the hell do you think you are looking down on someone because they love another human being? Or even worse, trying to emasculate this poor guy in the same way slave owners did back in the day. Shame on you. My advice to you is to humble yourself, because you come across as a pompous ass. Be blessed. PEACE.

  27. Aaron Piggue says:

    Bruns Michelle I never lumped any group together. I said I got tired of the women around me. I also never said I had a problem with "black women" Only the ones that I had experienced in my short lifetime. And when something doesn't work you are supposed to try something else. Right? That's how you get through the problem. And once again, I'm not saying black women are the problem. The attitude that many women have despite their race or background is what bothered me. The thought that just because they were pretty, they deserved special treatment. You don't deserve anything but respect. You earn how you are treated. Or in some cases people treat you a certain way because of their perception of you.

    As for your comments towards my wife, I have this to say to you. I am a proud black man who is married to a proud white woman & we have a proud mixed daughter who we will continue to teach how to love all people no matter their race.

  28. Devoné Austin says:

    People like you are disgusting.

  29. one word for your ignorant ass: RATCHET. Real people dating other real people will continue to do so, regardless of your whiny drivel. Drink bleach.

  30. Aaron Piggue says:

    How could you say such a hateful thing? Love is love no matter where you find it. The only marriage guidelines we should follow are the ones in the bible. Marry a person who fears & puts GOD first. Also we should fight the immoral things that Satan tries to temp us with. Such as homosexuality. As long as we find a GOD fearing person of the opposite sex, we can have the knowledge that GOD is on our side. What if one of your kids falls in love with someone that's white? Would you call them disgusting? All because they followed what Jesus told them to do – Love everyone.

  31. Aaron Piggue says:

    Evangelist Marvin Little Merriam-Webster dictionary defines racism as "a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race". By this very definition anyone who says we should stay within our own race because we need to keep our genes pure are just as twisted as the Nazis. Remember that's what Hitler believed as well. Whether we have equality or not, we still are supposed to love one another.

  32. Clinton McAtee says:

    Aaron Piggue The only problem is it often times stifles the content of conversations as it relates to racism. In many cases the black spouse will try and pacify the non-black spouse in an effort to not make them feel uncomfortable or upset. They do this by belittling the situation or deflecting the subject by incriminating the blacks in the issue being discussed and exonerating the non-blacks. This gives the non-blacks a false sense of security and a false sense of entitlement. This actually helps re-enforce racism/white supremacy as opposed to breaking it down.

  33. Aaron Piggue The only problem is it often times stifles the content of conversations as it relates to racism. In many cases the black spouse will try and pacify the non-black spouse in an effort to not make them feel uncomfortable or upset. They do this by belittling the situation or deflecting the subject by incriminating the blacks in the issue being discussed and exonerating the non-blacks. This gives the non-blacks a false sense of security and a false sense of entitlement. This actually helps re-enforce racism/white supremacy as opposed to breaking it down.

  34. Nora Dionne says:

    Aaron Piggue How could you say such a hateful thing? Love is love no matter where you find it. The only guidelines we should follow are the ones in our hearts. One need not even marry a person for any reason. . Also we should fight the immoral things that man tries to convince us of, such as things that make him uncomfortable and forcing others to believe exactly as he does with zero regard for others' beliefs. As long as we find a person of LOVE we can have the knowledge that LOVE is on our side. What if one of your kids falls in love with someone who's really a unicorn? Would you call them disgusting? All because they can pee rainbows?

  35. Nora Dionne says:

    Aaron Piggue You don't and can't "love everyone" if you set down some guidelines based on YOUR god .

  36. Aaron Piggue how can you say love is love no matter what, and then bash homosexuality in the same paragraph? SMH. you sir, are a hypocrite. youre just as hateful as she is.

  37. Chris Bowen says:

    What is being done about Slavery going on in Africa today? Approx. 10 million slaves there this very moment. Can't blame white men for it now. We killed our brothers, cousins, fathers, sons, more than all other wars combined, to end the practice of slavery on this continent.

  38. Because being an ignorant, racist piece of trash will make us love you more, right Tiana? Gtfo.

  39. Aaron Piggue Ignore Bruns Michelle & Tiana Marii Bey. They're both ignorant pieces of trash from the most unattractive breed who have to use the internet to vent their unhappiness with the Black Race since no smart man would give them any attention. You owe them NO explanation. They'll live with hatred and they'll die with hatred. Let God handle them.

  40. Nora Dionne You sound like an idiot. Make your point so I know whether to embarrass another closet racist or not.

  41. Nora Dionne says:

    Lorenzo Taylor II I'm an out in the open racist. I can't stand conservative white men and I'm not afraid to say it. Now what is YOUR point, little boy?

  42. Teran Henderson says:

    Aaron Piggue Right. Let the white man's dictionary define racism. Black genes are DOMINANT. That is a FACT. White Supremacy is alive and well as I type. That is a FACT. White Supremacy has been a desperate attempt by white people to STOP what is INEVITABLE. This is that their recessive genes will soon leave the history books. They are the minority, AND recessive. All you have done by marrying and loving a white woman is hasten White Genocide, and while I wouldn't do it, I guess osme black men had to make the sacrifice. You have your place in history. It's not in Africa, but it's somewhere. But Garvey DID say we couldn't take everyone with us.

    Do yourself a favor and don't spend your time defending your white wife here or anywhere else on the internet. You are wasting your time with revolutionaries in the cause. You will not be a revolutionary with a white wife. You are not part of the movement. That is not what it's about. You have your place in history, it's just not with those fighting the black cause. Don't argue with people about the black cause, therefore. It's not about you. Or your wife.

  43. What part of the south do you live in? No ones treated me different in Texas, and if they have I'm mature enough to ignore them.The fact that I open-carry probably shuts them up too lol…Anyways don't let people who think they're still in the 60's (white OR black) influence your happiness.

  44. Bruns Michelle "nine times out of ten, these black people who date outside have serious mental health issues." Where are you getting these statistics from? Your Ass-Crack? You certainly didn't find it on any reputable website…We know you're a tired old bat who has nothing left to do in life but vent and die, but leave the 2000's to our generation please.

  45. Aaron Piggue says:

    Teran Henderson I don't want to be a revolutionary. Nor do I want to be part of any racially motivated movement. I just want to live with my wife whom I love with all my heart. I'm not going to argue against black genes being dominant because we all know that's false. Or have you never seen an interracial couple make a light skinned baby? Or what about when two black people make an albino baby? Or what about when two white people have a black baby?

    All these scenarios are possible. And they all prove there is no dominant color or race. Only dominant people who abuse their abilities. I never have & never will believe in melanism movement. I don't agree with anyone that wants to permanently put themselves above others for any reason.

  46. Aaron Piggue says:

    Nora Dionne I really don't know how to respond to your comments. Unicorns? Seriously? That makes no sense. If my daughter fell in love with/wanted to marry one, I would probably ask her why she loves an animal enough to want to have it's kids. Also, I am guessing you are an atheist by your emphasis on MY God. The bible says there is only one true GOD. All others are false.

    Now back to the matter at hand. I don't bash or hate homosexuals. I don't have anything negative to say about ANY "group" of people. I don't discriminate against people. All I have to say is that there are certain things that are stated as wrong in the bible and I believe them. One of those things is homosexuality. The person isn't bad, the act is bad. I understand we can't control what excites us, but we can control our actions.

    Once again, I am not talking bad about gay/lesbian/bi/ or any group of people. I am just repeating what the bible says. So please don't be mad at me. I did not write the bible. Nor did I tell those who did write it what to put down on paper. So please don't start calling me hateful or homophobic.

  47. Brian Jones says:

    Chris Bowen actually the fight wasn't to end slavery because they cared so much about blacks. Slavery was ended to cripple the south through free slave labor which was vital to southern wealth. So yes slavery ending was for the the pity of blacks and because it was the right thing to do it was union strategy against the confederate. Lincoln said himself that at first he had no.intention of freeing the negro. Also what does the 10 million enslaved in Africa, which I'm sure is not factual but something Caucasians seem to try to use as a justification for slavery here, have to do with the racial issues in America? Nothing. If slavery would've ended and we would've been truly equal I'm sure we wouldnt have these discussions as much. After slavery there many things to ensure " niggers stayed in there place". We've had to fight to be on an equal playing field since slavery ended. So for a lot of racial issues in America which is what were talking about Mr. Bowen we can connect to the dots to the white man. So ask yourself why bring up slavery in Africa? Because I'm black? I can't control whats going in another country but we can talk American history.

  48. Brian Jones says:

    And that's no discredit to Caucasians who actually fought for my freedom.because they felt that it was wrong I greatly thank them. I just want to end this misconception that America was in a civil war for the negro's freedom. And also don't forgot not everyone was with the union so not all fought to end slavery in the U.S. not the continent. Portuguese,Spanish, the French owned african slaves all over south America and the Caribbean.

  49. Brian Jones says:

    Also there's various forms of slavery which all are wrong, but don't just focus on Africa it's in south america, Asia as well

  50. Akil Freeman says:

    Aaron Piggue lol you just confirmed the stereotype

  51. Akil Freeman says:

    Aaron Piggue I feel you are free to love who you love but Black genes being dominant is a scientific fact. Also, no white person has ever made a black child, but Black people have made "white" children. What do you think racism is based off of? Its genetic fear. Genetic survival is the goal.

  52. Juan Solo says:

    There are some seriously facile idiots on this comments section

    You just read an entire multiple generation of males for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS worth
    has been negatively conditioned tortured abused and denied humanity but all you fuckwits have to say is "that's no excuse" ???

    You see they're not the only ones conditioned..
    Until YOU BLACK WOMEN can see &realise your tearing down and subliminal almost genetic hatred of your fellow black men is a major contributing factor in an i going cycle and key byproduct of the very abuses you BOTH experienced throughout the centuries.. NOTHING WILL CHANGE

  53. Mark Puryear says:

    I love my queens too. But still beating a dead horse . Black folks dont want to move forward!

  54. Say that again it's very important they know they're history

  55. Aaron Piggue says:

    Akil Freeman What stereotype is that? The one where a 15 year old white girl was attracted to a 16 year old black boy & didn't act stuck-up & actually cared enough to help him through his depression? The only person his age that actually worked toward him NOT killing himself. When everyone else in his school including the teachers KNEW he was capable of making his school the next Columbine, but still didn't do anything about it? Where the father told the boy he was worthless and that he should just "deal with" the pain of waking up every day knowing no one wants to help but a "white girl"? That stereotype? I don't think I know that one….

    Or do you think that if he would've showed off with money & jewelry like the n***as do today, he would've found a nice "black woman" to take care of him? Now I'm not saying all black people do this. It's just an example taken from today's American society.

    Should he have ignored the one girl who stood out from the rest?
    What I do know is this: I was raised to love all people no matter their differences. I believe that Love Crosses Borders. I Love My Blackness but I am also Mixed and Happy. I believe there is no color line that should divide us for any reason other than health-wise.

    I can't wait to see how people will respond to this.

  56. Because Africa is a country, right?

  57. Drama Gabbana says:

    @terenhenderson thank you so much for your response. A black man victim of a white supremacy attitude will not understand the seriousness and deepness of the racist social construct we live in. He thinks by us being against interacial couples means were being racist against whites. Well news flash blacks cannot be racist because we do not have the economic power to carry out out prejudice attitudes. Racism equals prejudice + power . Only whites have the "power" to carry out their racist attitude which could inhibit us from livin free. Example. Whites have economic power to start slavery.. whites of economic power to end slavery. Whites of economic power and legislative power to cary out jim crow laws.. whites also have the power to end those laws. And what must black folks do? Abide those laws or run the risk of being jailed.. or murdered. So we clearly know who the racist ones are here whicis why we need as much conscious black individuals down for the cause as possible. And your opinions aaron piggue do nothing but bringus back 40 years in consciousness. Stop preaching mlk and start preaching some malcom. Equal but seperate. Where ever there is white people and another race there is power struggle . There is inhumane injustice acts. And there is racism. Every single point in history will show my statement is true. White people can not live peacefully in this world unlesst they r on top on the social ladder.

  58. Drama Gabbana says:

    Why do u find it hard to believe? If anything the article downplays how immoral some of those acts were. But please express your views on the articles

  59. Drama Gabbana says:

    Never mind judgin by your facebook I get why u said that. Usually the people with a lot of white friends find is hard to believe that most whites carried such inhumane acts but r "sooo" nice now.

  60. Jones Howard says:

    Aaron Piggue Emotionally immature arrested developed black men love to be accepted and validated by white women.. of course they gonna blame the black woman for driving them there..etc.etc..

  61. Katherine Silvera-Sunley says:

    Armand Muhigi Thanks for your eloquent response to the hateful woman, you were spot on with everything you said

  62. KaiLi Carson says:

    Michelle M. Williams Africa is a continent..not a country.

  63. KaiLi Carson says:

    I LOVE the history that you just broke down. Everyone Black man, woman and child must know their history whether it hurts or not. It's all apart of us regardless of any marital circumstance or because we are in the 21st century. NEVER forget where your ancestors came from or how you came into existence.

  64. Drama Gabbana You had to creep through his FaceBook page to try and validate your point? LOL how desperate… Go on and die with the oldies. Our generation will take things from here.

  65. Aaron piggue defenfing white women mighty hard….. hilarious. I agree tiana marii bey

  66. Jonathan Gardner says:

    THIS. Someone who gets it!!!

  67. Ramal Davis says:

    Every negro bed wench and buck male traitor should read this and think about the pain and humiliation of our ancestors as they crawl in to bed with their white counterpart.

  68. Ramal Davis says:

    Right on sister. The only suitable partner for the black man is the black woman and the other suitable partner for the black woman is the black man. Race mixing is black genocide and every single mulatto or half breed raised in a home with a non-black parent always harbors feeling of sympathy for enemy races. Thus why they always compromise us from within.

  69. Danielle Storey Carson says:

    I think people don't understand the meaning of racism. It means that you think your race is superior, better than other races.

  70. Aaron Piggue says:

    Drama Gabbana I do not have a white supremacist attitude. I have a religious attitude because I believe that GOD will end all of our problems.
    Racism doesn't require the power to act on your thoughts. Anyone can be racist because racism is the BELIEF that your race is better than another's. It's that simple. No one is better than anyone else though. We are all HUMANS. Race is just a trivial word used to describe different people. I am a black man, but that is only because my ancestors were born in Africa. Not because the country of origin is the most important thing about me. It is only a description. I'm also an American & a HUMAN.
    People in general can't live in peace because we are all imperfect living in a wicked world. But the bible says we will have a second chance to live in a perfect, peaceful world, free from all the pain and hate of this system. Or do you disagree with the bible?

    Teran Henderson
    On the topic of white supremacy: I can't deny the fact that some whites still use their skin color to further the racism in the world. Key word – SOME. Not all white people are racist or even bad. Only the ones that use the same racial motivators that you are using right now. Also, while I don't support total extermination of any group, I DO support the extermination of a group's supremacy.

  71. Aaron Piggue says:

    Akil Freeman White couples can & do sometimes have black babies. Its the same type of genetic mutation that causes Blacks to have albino babies Or haven't you ever heard of the movie Skin starring Sophie Okonedo? It's about a white couple who had a black baby because -surprise- they didn't realize they had black ancestors. They were white people with a black baby.

  72. Aaron Piggue says:

    Ramal Davis No race is our enemy. Hate is our enemy. Jealousy is our enemy. Death is our enemy. But love is our friend.

  73. KaiLi Carson I know, I was being facestious. but people like the OP like referencing "Africa" as one great big monolith. They act like they know so much about "Africa" but saying any countries is too hard.

  74. Ramal Davis says:

    Aaron Piggue, you obviously do not understand what white supremacy is, nor how it works nor will you survive it. It is because of my people following cowards like you, that we are the poorest most oppressed people in the world. You evoke a white supremacist religion that was FORCED on my people solely for the purpose or assuring generational oppression and self hate. Non-black supremacy is the enemy and only fools and cowards love their enemies and are subsequently exterminated by them. NOTHING good has EVER come for us LOVING our enemy, only from loving ourselves. Your white supremacist god and the bullsh-t religion that is based on him has caused more black suffering and oppression than anything else and I work diligently to purge it from our race forever. However, when things go down and it's time to fight back, I'm taking out any and everyone who stands between me and my enemies, in my quest for my people's continuous empowerment. So with that being said go finish praying to that white boy nailed to a plank of wood and hope that things change as if your prayers ever achieved anything to begin with.

  75. Aaron Piggue says:

    Tiana Marii Bey My wife is not a trophy to me. She is the love of my life. I only show her off to those that hate-either because of jealousy, fear, envy or racism.

  76. What the what to these comments?! People are up in arms about interracial dating as a threat to our communities. Because it's so much more serious than mass incarceration, police brutality, globalization, impoverishment, violence against women, or sexual abuse. And clearly the only way for us to come together as a community is by having sex with each other. How boring.

  77. Michael Hopkins says:

    Lol! I find it amusing that everyone speaks as if they know "the answer" to all black problems and some even imply that that interracial couple are somehow the root of all problems in the black community. If you really feel some kinda way then do something about it. Volunteer, be a big brother or sister to a child that needs direction, get off your ass and actually act as opposed to typing away. You can get down and sling on a keyboard, or talk about how weak someone else is because of who they're with, or hell lets even make references to "The Revolution" and what we'll do when it comes. Forget actively doing something to promote the ideals that you hold to be true, whether I agree with them or not, but in my eyes (and this is just me personally) if you're all talk and you have all these illusions of grandeur while doing nothing to progress or achieve them then you're just part of the problem. At the end of the day most of the people talking here are just on a bandwagon or in some twisted way in their own minds a revolutionary waiting for their time to shine…keep on waiting. You weren't up to the task anyway.

    Side note:
    BS statistics make for a strong argument. I see many of you didn't need a reminder…

  78. Ama Nwaifejokwu says:

    Knowing how deviant westerners are sexually, I have always known that black males and female alike were sexually tortured as well as exposed to abnormal sexual appetites. I am sure these individuals were too traumatized and humiliated to ever speak of these acts.

  79. The world will move on with or without your approval. Fact is nobody really cares for your opinion and you're only hurting yourself by making us your "enemy", especially for such an absurd reason. Either Co-exist, or die in loneliness. This changing world has no place for your hatred.

  80. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Aaron Piggue it's not racism against white people to want to be with someone of the same race. That's silly. He wanted integration as far as economics and rights were concerned. Dr. King didn't talk about interracial relationships….???? Not admitting that we have a historical 'love' issue is sad. We do, you can love who you choose to, but be sure its not some hate rolling around in your psyche.

  81. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    so true

  82. Yuri Koller says:

    Its crazy how most of the women in the comment section are calling out black men for being with white women, yet thse same women prolly watch and love the show "scandal", which displays a black woman as the side piece of a white man

  83. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Lorenzo Taylor II It's not about the 60's. It's about the consistent and prevalent burden of racism. it is most definitely a burden.

  84. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Yep Juan. Its sad

  85. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Lorenzo Taylor II again another little kid with no solid historical background. Why is it so hard to believe that this has had an impact on our lives in this country. It's not old. It didn't go away, it just changed form. You CAN love who you choose, but do not forget what has happened here. That would be irresponsible.

  86. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Why wouldn't you be able to do the research yourself. The thing about uncomfortable information, at least of this type, is that it is all proven and documented. It's not made up. It's ok to be uncomfortable. It sucks. but it happened.

  87. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Yeah i see that

  88. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    That is the TRUTH!!!!!! Ama! Thank you for saying that. It is hard and disgusting and very sordid. People would rather deny what happened then come to terms with the perversion and mental illness of the captors. They run from the truth at every opportunity. It is sad.

  89. Aaron Piggue My man, don't waste your time arguing with these classless savages. They're all 40+ which means they were exposed to America at it's worst, so sadly, anger,ignorance, and "traditionalism" is all they know. It's seared in their brain and can't be fixed. The world will move on and leave them behind anyway.

  90. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Aaron Piggue show her off…wow. But you can't come to terms with the fact that your folks…your ancestors had to live like that. ok

  91. Tamara Digginditches Graham No historical background? Please…Mam, I went to college, and I've read numerous books. I understand the past. But the black community will NEVER progress if we constantly burn our energy crying about the past. Why not use that passion to improve the future instead of tearing us down for marrying someone with a different skin color? It's absurd, and sad, and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for teaching hatred to your kids instead of love. Anyways, this world is moving on so your opinion is invalid. Either co-exist, or get left behind.

  92. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Lorenzo Taylor II going to college and reading books doesn't suggest in anyway that you have a historically rich background when it comes to black people. Sorry. And who said anything about teaching hatred to kids. Consider that you may be a living example of hatred for our race, by your life choices. I"m not saying that's the case, but it could be. You have fallen into that media hype. That 'just get over it' mental circumstance that is perpetuating the absence of identity that too many black kids face. I"m not tearing you down. I don't know you. Your statements out you as a black person uncomfortable with managing a 'real' on going situation in our communities.

  93. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Fair Chris Bowen. In no way can we discount the support we received from Quakers and other non-black people who felt the angst and saw the injustice. But it hasn't ended. Sadly

  94. Tamara Digginditches Graham Hatred for my race? Nahh. Hatred for you women who STILL have a problem with blacks DARING to love someone who's not you(since that's how this long thread started yesterday)? Those are the people I can't stand and YES It's mostly black women. Maybe you personally haven't done it but read all the comments from Bruns, Tiana, and the wannabe Black Panther and you'll see my point. And I'm not saying "get over it", I'm saying spend that energy on improving the community instead of whining about things you can't change.We haven't forgotten the past, but my generation is moving forward and yours filled with intolerance is being left behind . I'm done arguing with old dregs who should know better. We can't change your mindset and you can't change ours, but YOURS is the one that will die out 1st.

  95. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Lorenzo Taylor II I don't have a problem with interracial dating. Your comments alone speak to the fact that you may be much more close minded then you'd like to believe. It's not mostly black women who have the issue. it's actually white men. And I do the community work daily. Its my job. It's not about whining either. Never about whining or making excuses. It's about a harsh reality. You can ignore it if you choose to. That's fine, but wrong just the same. Nobody is being left behind. Not sure why you keep saying that. What mindset of mine needs to be changed? You're hurt by this conversation and the conversations of others. I see you holding on as tight as you can. No sweat. Because the pervasive mindset of racism is the full on foundation of the very country we live in, i doubt very seriously if that flame will ever die out. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not real and active.

  96. Drama Gabbana says:

    Tamara it is a waste of time. You cant open the minds of others if they are choosing to keep it closed.

    Lorenzo you damn straight I clicked his or her fb . I did a little research its in my nature to research something you should try doing. Unfortunately we seem to be in the same generation some of us realize were in the information age and use that to our advantage to educate ourselves on past mistakes and move forward . Building self love . And love for our skin. Ancestors nd the worlds birthplace. However some people in my generation like you lorenzo are choosin the route of blind intergration physically . Thinking if we can all go to the same schools n live in the same neighborhood were making progress. Sadly why you sit there loving your oppressor … your oppressor is plotting against you and finding another way to enslave you while giving you the illusion you are free. Maybe you should focus on the intergration of the world economy andhow the rich continue to benefit at the expense of the poor. Stop worrying about how much white vagina you can penetrate anf start penetrating some knowlege . History and self love into your brain

  97. Drama Gabbana says:

    Hm maybe your right but I can speak formyself and say I dont support black women playing the jezebel role. And neither should these women it is hypocritical

  98. Drama Gabbana says:

    Always the"black rejects" who talk all this nonesense

  99. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    Drama Gabbana He is young an so are you. I see that he is surrounded by white folks, but so are my boys. I don't choose the they like, but they are clear on their history and the expectation I carry for their lives as responsible, decent, human beings. I saw Lorenzo's Facebook page. Yeah he hasn't been taught. It's clear from his posts. He is taking the fact that he is uncomfortable to the nth degree to a whole other level. I have friends from every background. We need to be clear who we are, where we came from, and how to proceed going forward. No matter how he feels it matters and as he grows older it will most certainly be an ugly awakening for him.

  100. JG Muller says:

    Perfectly valid question! Of course this is likely something that would only said, not written. The kinds of people who would have done these things and who had the power to record it would likely not have recorded it accurately in historical record for all the world to know the filth they were.

  101. JG Muller says:

    I would not categorize this as an empowering narrative.

  102. Drama Gabbana "Stop worrying about how much white vagina you can penetrate" ,"black rejects", You just proved Lorenzo's point. Congratulations.

  103. Tamara Digginditches Graham says:

    JG Muller of course they would. They were shameless in all their undertakings. They BELIEVED it was ok. Why hide it. Not to mention those that lived long enough to tell the tales. The breeding farms, the raping of women and children regardless of gender, selling people in general, logs and ledgers of humans listed as chattel…why is it so hard to believe. Human depravity knows no bounds.

  104. Aaron Piggue says:

    Jones Howard If I am emotionally immature or have arrested developement, it is only because of the way I was raised. Which was by a man that almost always dated black women. He taught me that you should use your authority on your woman whenever possible, and when she got out of line you can beat her into submission. My dad beat me as well. So it's a very good thing that I found that white woman to validate and accept me & help me become better or I would've turned out exactly like him.

    And once again I never said black women drove me to seek out white women. I said the attitudes of the ones that I was attracted to turned me off. Not to mention I had a VERY bad experience with an immature, crazy black girl. I never sought out to date any specific race or color of woman. I just wanted a woman who could see my flaws & love me enough to help me through them. Any woman as long as she could fit my pretty average standards would have been ok for me to date. It just happened to be a white woman who was the only one nice enough to want to help me with the problems I had. So I stuck with her just like she stuck with me.

  105. Dennis Spurling says:

    Don't forget buck breaking. The biggest black men on the plantation were stripped and then beaten within an inch of their lives and then raped by the white masters and their friends in front of all the slaves and children to teach them a lesson and instil fear.

  106. Drama Gabbana So doing "research" on me is educating us on the past HOW? Please tell me. All I see is a scared little girl living in fear of the "big bad" white man coming to "get her". An uneducated piece of garbage who can't use proper grammar,punctuation, or spell "and" properly isn't allowed to lecture me or mention knowledge. Go back to college. And yes, Tamara I have friends of every race, religion, & creed. I'm not close-minded enough to limit the race of who I talk to. Not really sure what "evidence" you both found on my FaceBook especially since nearly everything is set to private, but my parents have made me well aware of how things are in the world. It doesn't mean I have to let the ignorance of a few influence my happiness. Drama can kiss my ass though. I don't converse with her type.

  107. Aaron Piggue says:

    Clinton McAtee I can see how this could happen. Although the same could be said for people of different political views, could it not? A democrat could be angry that republicans have voted against installing a sliding scale for income tax. But because the spouse is a republican, they might try to downplay their anger so as not to cause problems in the relationship. Maybe the democrat would say, "Well I guess It doesn't affect us because we are poor." Or "Maybe the republicans are right. Why should people be punished just because they worked harder?"
    See what I mean? Any couple that weren't both raised by equal-minded parents, who taught them equal-minded lessons & went through the same experiences with equal-minded outcomes will have this same problem to a certain degree. The only difference is that it isn't always about race.
    We don't have to be discussing how interracial relationships are good/bad. We should be discussing the article. Which is teaching us the horrible, disturbing things that racist whites did to black slaves. We don't have legal slavery here in the U.S. So we don't have these things happening anymore. We still have racism sure but that's only because there are still so many who believe they are better simply because of their skin color.

  108. Aaron Piggue says:

    Yes it is extremely important to remember these horrible thing that were done in the past, just as it's important to remember the Holocaust. Because if we remember how horrible these things were, maybe just maybe they wont happen again.

  109. Lorenzo Taylor II I also have friends from all walks of life. I said you have a similar background to my children. The characters you posted. Your friends. It takes all types.

  110. The article talked about how white women beat black men and forced them to have sex with them. This went on for hundreds of years and some of you are trying to defend your relationship with white women to everyone??? Please.

  111. Aaron Piggue says:

    Ramal Davis Ok then. what GOD do YOU worship then? Because I don't pray to anyone that died. Jesus is the one that died. Not GOD. GOD can't die. He is ALL-POWERFUL. The religion I practice was never forced upon any people. I worship the one TRUE God-Jehovah. And there hasn't been a time in history when people have killed in his name except where the enemies of HIS chosen people-who were not white-were being threatened.
    And I do understand what white supremacy is & how it works. If whites wanted to rule over blacks, why would they willingly have sex with us? This isn't the slave days when the master would kill a black guy for sleeping with a white woman. Therefore black genocide doesn't involve mixing races. Because last time I checked "black" is not a race. Neither is "white". They are colors of our skin. So how can black people be exterminated? As long as black people have children, there will continue to be black people. Regardless of whether both parents are black or not. Not that the color of your skin matters at all. MAN was created in GOD's image. So he loves everyone. Not just one people that have a certain skin color.

  112. Yahudah Child says:

    Lorenzo Taylor II I'm in North Carolina with mother's family in South Carolina. Fossils were found in South Carolina that date back to 56,000 years ago (50,000 years before so-called Native Americans) with melanin which mean it was a Black person. Those places were the first places of slavery. Racism started in the late 1500's. Spaniards try to come to North and South Carolina but were defeated until the 1600's.

  113. Ezra Taylor says:

    We do love you. 90% of black men marry and date black women. The media and a few losers tell you that we don't appreciate you.

  114. Ezra Taylor says:

    @Juan Solo, you are right. Unfortunately, black men are doing the same thing. This is fucking horrible.

  115. Ezra Taylor says:

    Lorenzo Taylor II Your generation will do no such thing. If you think that your white friends will protect you from white supremacy you are sadly mistaken.

  116. Ezra Taylor You're an old timer so I don't expect you to agree. You're mind is already set to permanent ignorance. And there's nothing to "protect" me from you conspiracy theorist. I don't think you even know what were discussing. You have no say so in what we do. -Next –

  117. Ezra Taylor says:

    Lorenzo Taylor II Far from it little boy. My mind set is progressive and entrepreneurial. I do agree the black community have to learn the past as well be prepared for the future. A future that encourages education, intellectualism and hardwork(we have always done this). I also understand that a lot of African American's will disassociate themselves from their history and people to get trinkets from the dominate society.

  118. Ezra Taylor And that future can be achieved if we don't have blacks trying to tear other blacks down for absurd reasons like who we marry. That's how all of this idiocy started on this thread. No one's disassociating themselves with the past, that's just the easiest argument for traditionalists to use. You say your mind is set to progression, yet when I mentioned my generation moving forward, you said "your generation will do no such thing." So are you for progression or aren't you? And I don't see why you bothered trying to taunt me in your 1st comment. It was pointless.

  119. KaiLi Carson says:

    @ Michelle M. Williams…Oh ok…lol…I got

  120. Janine Grant says:

    These comments are indicative of what is wrong with this country. I am a black woman who has never dated inside my race. Why? Because I've found where I'm from where less than 2% of the population is Black, that the vast majority of "my people" are rude, uncouth, have no idea how to approach a Nubian goddess such as myself (let alone how to treat one), and too busy hustling to buy the newest shoes to be an option as a suitable partner for a woman of my caliber. Ignorance runs deep on all sides of the color spectrum, and any Black person who utters this tripe about running to White people instead of loving someone from their own race has either a.) never really been in love, because true love is unconditional, or b.) succumbed to the very same racist beliefs which we've been struggling to fight for centuries. White, Black, Purple and Green, we all bleed when cut. Perhaps it would be more conducive to see one another's similarities instead of our differences. Skin is just skin, but purity of heart is what truly defines us all.

  121. Author Wells says:

    Aaron Piggue sell outs to your own race!

  122. JG Muller says:

    It's not about what I believe @Tamara Digginditches Graham regarding the limitations of people's behavior. People still do these types of things! There is an active sex slave trade. People are still raped regularly and often in wars in many to demean and subdue. Somewhere right now there is likely a child being tortured to emotional and or physical death.

    However there is a difference between keeping breeding records of what you consider lower animals as proof of the value of your property and keeping records of your escapades with your husband's property or keeping record of the rapes you personally committed with what many referred to as beasts.

    Furthermore, history and stories (the two really being one in the same) are often altered, rewritten, and filled in typically to work to the advantage of whoever is writing it.

  123. And these acts were committed on children too. Our transformation from proud people to a slave has never been properly dealt with. And the perpetrator of this massive crime against humanity hasn't been dealt with either.

  124. @aaron pig you've made your point. You love white women. You don't need to comment on everything everyone says because no matter how many likes you get or how many comments you make you are still ignorant to me. Let's see how many comments you make when that same white woman you love so much is quick to call massa on you to have to thrown in jail cause you did something wrong to her.

  125. Bruns Michelle, where exactly are you obtaining your statistics from? Or could this be opinion? I'm a product of a very healthy interracial marriage. My parents were married for 40 years and respected each other. In my family there are numerous interracial marriages and none of these people exhibit mental health issues. You spew ignorance.

  126. truth is Aaron piggue,,you are struggling with your own identity,,you have no sense of loyalty to no 'one race' because you are a product of 'race mixing',,you are either white nor black,,,your kind has made it easier to ilfiltrate black so called organisations,,,this is my take on the subject,,peace

  127. …Ha…Ahkeyah….you seem to be livin in the time that we have past….any person who is racist …is not of human orgin…..Black people are to racist against them own….how can you wanta disrespect a blackman bcause he married a white woman..???..I am a RasTafari…an the most disrespect i have ever gotten was from my own race… cant only blame the whites for the down fallof the blacks …most of the time it is the blacks who are makin it difficult for the blacks…..

  128. Brian Trickett I'm going to stand on people loving who they choose. The fact that folks don't know how mixed marriages and relationships went down before the legal sanctioning of slavery is crazy. Our race relationships didn't always look like they do now. When indentured servitude was let go as a societal norm, all the trouble started.

  129. Aaron Piggue says:

    I don't love white women. I love MY white wife. I chose her. As Janine Grant said, "any Black person who utters this tripe about running to White people instead of loving someone from their own race has either a.) never really been in love, because true love is unconditional, or b.) succumbed to the very same racist beliefs which we've been struggling to fight for centuries." I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Now on to my "white" wife calling the police on me. Do "black" women not call the police on their "black" men when the man hurts them? Oh yea, you're right. They don't. That's why there is so much black on black crime. When our families let us get away with violence, we learn it's ok to be violent. So we continue to use violence against those around us. And who live in black neighborhoods? Black people. Black people have a history of keeping abuse a secret. I understand people who get hurt are embarrassed to admit the abuse. But If it's a choice between getting justice for the abused or letting the abuser get away with the crime, I will ALWAYS choose justice.

  130. @aaron pig I was speaking about your white woman not black on black crime! You've said more than enough already to defend your love for white woman and your distaste for the black women who drove you there. Whatever!

  131. I'll marry at least one, in sha Allah.

  132. JG Muller are you suggesting these things did not happen? Why would that even be a question considering the people who have given their accounts of the very practices the article speaks of?

  133. Marcus Wood says:

    The people who have issues with self-preservation are "mixed". I didn't want confused children so I stayed within my race. I couldn't create two beautiful black boys w/o a black woman. They are and will grow up understanding that the mate nature has intended/designed for them is the black woman. I was so blessed to have two black parents and wanted the same for my children. They will naturally want the same for theirs.

  134. JG Muller says:

    No, Tamara Digginditches Graham, what I think is that many things are possible. What I suggested was that it might be challenging to find works cited. Keep in mind I haven't looked for references myself. However, I suspect much of this type of information would have been passed along as oral history since slaves were not educated to read or write. People who committed the acts themselves might have bragged to friends or written to girlfriends but no formal record of individual acts done for personal pleasure was needed. There might be some formal document however that generally outlines the use of sexual abuse as a means to control.

    I would also like to note that I question almost everything and I recommend that everyone else do the same. The truth will hold up to questioning. To accept things blindly is dangerous.

  135. Red Williams says:

    I am a product of that "disgusting" love you speak of. I primarily identify with my African Ancestory as I have been taught since a child about my heritage and history as well as how precious I am to be here on this planet to produce something great for the progression of humanity. My mother is "black" and my father "white" the disgusting disrespect you speak of, is what my Mother endured as a black woman with a white man, also getting the ignorance from his family towards my mother. I am a product of love and I come from a good family- every single person in my family is a good person, I don't deserve any disrespect because of my heritage, I cannot help what I am. However, I am proud to be a black woman, I am a daughter, mother, and friend!

  136. Red Williams says:

    HAND CLAPS TO YALL! We are the change! We are stronger than what we have accepted!

  137. Aaron Piggue says:

    Sharon Williamz I am loyal to whoever is loyal to me. I don't blindly follow anyone. That's how the Nazi party got so bad. Soldiers were blindly following their orders without regard for right or wrong. I will have NO part in hate of ANY kind simply because the other person is different. I have no identity struggles. I know who I am & am comfortable with my "race mixing" because I know I promote love & peace just by living. If that means I can't call myself a certain color all because I don't blindly support that color, I guess I'm not black or white. From now on, I'm HUMAN.

  138. The definition of ignorance right here. Comments like that keep the human race from moving forward.

  139. A book written in a different language with different social and economic observances as today can be interpreted many different ways. It's sad that you actually think black should not mix. What is rather ironic and humorus is that you actually think that someone with dark skin isn't mixed. Go back several generations and it is likely that you will find forefathers from different races. Very very few people in this world have genes which haven't seen mixing through hundred of years. And that's a fact. Enlighten yourself as to not sound so embarrassingly delusional.

  140. I am a multi-cultural female who embraces all ethnicities that run through my veins. Even though I am also white, I can relate to the hurt black women feel when black men choose white women or the hurt black men feel when black women choose white men. It kind of sends the message “I am not god enough” or raises the question “what is wrong with me”? I know many cross-racial relationships can be founded upon love, but there are many that are not. Often these relationships are based on status and how one is received or can use the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. Whether it is money, fame or trying to deny what you hate about yourself. I do think that it is important to focus on rebuilding the relationship between black men and black women, because it is broken. Although I believe we all suffer from some amount of posttraumatic slave syndrome, we have to stop blaming one another. I will never understand what my darker skinned sistas go through when it comes to racism. I can only imagine what our black men have gone through and still do. Suggesting that there are no excuses is that “pull yourself up by your boot strap” mentality which is another white systems mentality that we put on ourselves. We have all been conditioned by the system of whiteness in our society and so have white people. We need to continue to talk, study our histories, teach our children the truth and love one another. White people have not always accepted me, nor have black people always accepted me. It is not our fault, but when you know better you should try to do better. Before you judge others who post, you have to consider all the things you don’t know about them through the responses you read here.

  141. I wish people would stop using the bible as a means to explain modern times. And yes it is racist to say that we need to date our own race and ignorant at that. What is our own race exactly? Do you know how many various tribes and cultures exist in Africa, that for the most part hate one another. EVERYONE is African, life was seeded in Africa so its time to advance your thinking about this interracial topic. Culture is different, but we are all the same. Culture is learned, and divides in some cases when not understood.

  142. Aaron Piggue says:

    Author Wells How does choosing to be open my love to all races make me a sell out? By your logic, choosing to shop at Walmart or any store not black-owned is also selling out right?

  143. Aaron Piggue says:

    But you claimed my wife would end up locking me up because of a disagreement. So I explained how that problem isn't just an interracial problem. It should be a normal solution to any violent disagreement. That lead to me saying that most black people in violent relationships keep it a secret and that's wrong.That causes the violence to continue & get worse.

  144. Kene' Glass says:

    Drama Gabbana yass gurl yaaas

  145. Aaron Piggue says:

    I'm sorry if I offended you by using the bible to defend my views. I was only using it to show that the views I described were not mine. They are specifically stated in the bible. I just didn't want anyone to be mad at me for what I said. No disrespect towards you or anyone else.

  146. Aaron Piggue, not mad at anyone.. Charles Manson quotes the bible, are his views valid because of his ability to see similarities in human behavior from our past? Using the Bible as a tool of enlightenment in modern times is a dangerous game. Im all for interracial living, heck humans have been doing it since the beginning of humanity. Im laughing how some are toting this old propaganda of sticking with your own race. One guy went from dating to spending habits as if they are related. lol I would like to ask Evangelist Marvin Little, what products as a "black" man is he offering for sale in the "black" community? What jobs and so on. Mental slavery comes in all forms, breaking the chains of bad habits made culture is going to take some time.

  147. Three things:

    1. A good person is hard to find.
    2. Everyone should be free to date whomever they want regardless of their background.
    3. Don't limit yourselves. There is nothing wrong with having options in life.

  148. Ezra Taylor says:

    Lorenzo Taylor II Correction, I meant to say that your generation can't escape racism. That's my fault for not being clear. Also, your generation will accomplish many things in the near and distant future. Those accomplishments will be possible because of the people that came before you. Those of us that fought racism in the workplace by being hard and intelligent workers. We had to prove ourselves even though we were not recognize for our successes. My success came from the men and women that came before me. Believe me, African American's that care about their race do not want to see you fail. I doubt anyone on this thread wants you to fail. In fact, we all hope you succeed and then help other African American's. With that said, I've helped a few young African American men get into the technology. One I know for sure, landed a good paying job in NYC.

  149. Gerald West says:

    I grow tired of the same arguments and pointless points made. I think more people need to understand the word dynamic and the depth in which this word can go. You can apply that word to a vast amount of subjects, topics, abilities, etc. For those folks still stuck in the past. Use the past to understand the fight and power we have in ourselves, but you also understand the present dynamic of the conflict in order to build a better future. With that being said, I grow tired of hearing folks constantly try to look down on someone with the same shallow ass ideals that the media or "black professors" have said about certain topics. When i hear that someone must have mental health issues, and or self hate, because they are doing things that aren't in the immediate favor for a large group of people, it saddens me to know that this is how shallow some of us have become. In my personal opinion this is why i feel that us as a group can't build to the level we want to all get at. A lot of our minds are still closed and until we understand how to channel through the bullshit, and accept new ideals, ideologies, lifestyles, etc. We will never be able to evolve past our current struggle (what ever that might be right now). Being black shouldn't have a meaning, it has behavioral traits that have been created by our peers which dictate how we should be. Unfortunately our brains are a bit more Dynamic than that of what they want us to be, and until we can get our youth and others in our community to understand this, we will never break ground onto the platform where we feel we should be.

  150. Man Vs Bible says:

    Deuteronomy 28 15-68…15 But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee: We are the Israelites wake up

  151. Wow, the comment section has completely veered off the story. With the sexual exploitation of black women during slavery thread, I noticed a few commenters tried to veer off from the topic and turn it into a black male bashing session. Looks as if we were more disciplined on that other thread. Sad.

    However, the conflicting comments I see on this thread are not new, this has been on going for a couple of hundred years or more ever since white supremacy. There has always been two camps of black folks, the integrationist (swirling) verses black folks who do not want to acquiesce to white supremacy. You see, Interracial relationships aren't bad in of themselves, but within a system of white supremacy those classified as non-whites are the ones exploited in these relationships. And the non-whites in these interracial relationships often times take on the same talking points as their white partners, which usually means they deflect from white supremacy. For instance, you'll see incorrect definitions of racism, or a definition that doesn't speak to the reality, quotes from a integrationist Martin luther king, but ignoring the King that talked about avoiding integrating into a burning house. You'll see the integrationist talking about how we are all "mixed"and how they are "mixed"and that one day we all will be "mixed" and the problem of white supremacy will go away. What the integrationist don't get is that the goal is to breed out black folks, not white folks. Don't believe me? Checkout a program in Australia called rabbit proof fence that went on for many years and ended around the late 1970's.

  152. Aaron Piggue says:

    David Hamilton Ok I understand what you mean. Thank you for clarifying your point. I agree that the bible can be used in a negative way as well as a positive way.

  153. Bruns Michelle I never heard so much bullshit in my life who are you, Gods little helper you have mental problems as well as issues I believe your full of ignorance and you sound like you need help if someone is attracted to someone and they are black and the other is say Mexican what is your sick theory then, It comes down to your choice your invierment your bringing up who is around you and so on where did you get your statistics from, you sound like some of these white Ignoramuses that try to make up all kinds of theories to please what they want and think, a lot of black people African Americans are mixed and what is your heritage, Pure what no one is pure anyway and God made the human race the same way we all have different things to give and offer through our experiences black white red yellow and brown and until you have Gods Gift to create you need to take your ignorant theory and hide it some where were no one but you can see it, you have a problem it's call being over opinionated with plenty of ignorance to go with your foolish opinion

  154. The Theory (Based on popular opinions below):

    As a black man; if I can't find me a 'Clair Huxtable' (the ideal black woman), I have no choice but to pursue the opposite (hood rat) in order to avoid being labeled as a sellout. All for the sake of social survival. SMH. Damn…now that's real. Haven't heard of a sacrifice this deep since the Passion of the Christ. I'm not leaving NYC (the rudest city) anytime soon so I'm going to be single for a very long time lol.

  155. I hate slavery and the post trauma it did to any one nation of peoples , in this case the negro. however there was once the option given by white people to the freed slaves of America , i.e. to return back to Africa and some did choose to return mainly to Liberia. upon their arrival the ex-slaves pooled together now that they thought that they had better understanding and a new found strategy they learned from the white Christian slave masters of America , i.e. to enslave the native blacks which they did up until the 1970s, a returning slave took office and tried to turn the situation since he thought it was not the right thing to do, he was met with great opposition by the returning slaved community, because they wanted to continue enslaving the natives , however they were met with resistance that erupted into civil war lasting throughout the 1990s. so for my pro black friends here's a question, does the color of a person skin really makes him evil or it's the content of his character? evil and good are two obvious and distinctly opposite character , hence should we judge anyone it should served as being just not personal bias. however I said all this to say this that, slavery would have never been a bad thing if it were not for the treatment of the slaves by the master. the treatment of black slaves by their master was due to ignorance and not every master was harsh towards his slaves and there were differing factions amongst whites , some for and some opposing slavery mainly the north against the south and I am certain that most of us would prefer it in the white western world regardless of how it was achieved , rather than returning to Africa and having to adjust to the customs there. funny how black women talk down at black men for dating/marrying white women yet they do everything to have a white woman`s image , from the long flowing hair , to bleaching their skin. well let`s just say that the black man is just making it easy on black women , choosing an image she so longed for. lols. if black women deserves any respect , she owed it to herself first, and this doesn't apply to those other respectable , black women. respect is earned.

  156. I think mr aaron piggue is right. hence ,if it were that we were all created black or all white , we would still discriminate or find reasons to differ . if you're a person that believes in GOD then, GOD`s command is and based mainly on justice. justice can be fought for and is worth dying for .so don't let us be mislead by racism thus it causes us to become like those we thought to be unjust. so will you hate GOD for creating a race different from us, or for creating the opposite sex which we often find in conflict ,female black women calling black male dogs and males referring to females as bitches . however the topic of racism should be limited to the racist not everyone beings paint with the same brush. let jack be jack until he made an ass of himself earning the full name jack ass. if you're going to replace hate with what's best then there's no need to use what your foes uses ,obviously they only act on what they knew best.

  157. I was strolling through facebook last night and someone had posted a graphic video of a white woman having sex with her DOG! I couldn't believe it…in 2014! Who are the civilized ones? Integration has done severe damage on our BRAINS. We have really been "conditioned" into believing that our lowly oppressive position in this society is acceptable. Comfortable in our own ignorance. We defend white supremacy…its sad the level of mis-education my people suffer under. Wake up those who want the truth, and the rest…let em continue to sleep with the dog screwing caucazoids!

  158. or you're a person of influence and held a position of power that hinders someone else from meaningful opportunity merely because he is black or white or another race unlike yours .

  159. hahaha I'm like damn ,you nailed the Dracula before the sun went down.

  160. "I know many of these relationships are based on status and how one is received or can use the opportunity to be a part of something bigger," isn't there a status quote placed upon black males by black females as well? otherwise the situation would have been different .

  161. And that is why we have to stop this shit of blaming each other NOW. Let the ones like Aaron Pique go. The law of nature will take care of them. We need to focus on healing ours.

  162. Anthon Christopher I am not quite sure what you mean by the status quo black females put upon black males. Maybe you can break that down for me a little bit so I have a better understanding for where you are coming from. In my personal experience and of others I know well. Many black women have an expectation for black men that they don’t always fulfill. (I’m sure black men also have an expectation as well) Yet when they choose to be in a relationship with white women the expectation is in some cases different, or the Black man fulfills a responsibility to his white partner he did not fulfill with the black women he was with previously. Once again this is my personal experience and every one’s is different. The conversations that I have had with black women. They feel that many black men they have been in relationships with, don’t fulfill their obligations for being monogamous lovers, providers, fathers etc.. Many Black men that I have had conversations with admit that being with a white women has been easier and that they get away with more and are expected to do less. Which makes me feel like many white women may suffer from “White Night Syndrome” (not all). But I live in a very white city and state. I personally am not against race mixing. I just feel like with any relationship you should consider many factors. Why have you chosen that person and what is your intention in the relationship? It is important to know your partners family and if you’re people of color, where you both come from and what are your beliefs and traditions? The US is a white dominated society based on systemic racism and white privilege. Therefore we see representations of white culture everywhere. So hopefully whom ever you choose to be with you can blend cultures love with your whole heart and both be givers. I now I went left field a bit, I am just very passionate about race and the impact of racism especially on the relationships of black people whether it is friendship, family or lovers. Honestly relationships and why people get married these days is a topic all in itself.

  163. Doshon Farad says:

    Can you please site your sources?

  164. Thats a lot of sex.

  165. Tamara Digginditches Graham I'm not sure how people DON'T know. There are not only examples of white people marrying black people, but WAAAAY more examples of white people going to all-out-extremes just to feel wanted sexually by a black person.

    White women especially knew how tempting black women were–in Louisiana and a few other southern states it used to be a law that black women had to wear head-coverings because they wore their hair too "extravagantly" and looked so good they "must" have been stealing!

  166. Racism is not ONLY a thought process. It requires action. Prejudice, bigotry, these things are thought. Racism requires Movement.

  167. Yes yes, many (like the "beloved" Christopher Columbus) wrote in their journals about raping and molesting native boy children (under 12, mostly around 5yrs)

    Aboriginal people's have some disgusting stories to tell, too, but that is what happens when a countries prisoners, pedophiles, molesters, murderers, and thieves are sent to go "civilize" the "barbarians".

    Half the reason this isn't talked about ISN'T because BLACK people are too embarrassed… White people just want to keep pretending it's the black man who is scary/ a threat.

  168. Aaron Piggue Boy do you sound stupid. It's funny that nature made all these different races and separated them. Then along comes man and his damn boats. Just food for thought; Has anyone ever said to a white person who says "I love blonde hair and blue eyes!" that they were racist for preferring to date their own? HELL NO. But the minute black people show each other some love, all hell breaks lose. That 'reverse racism' bull shit pops up. Even at the work place, ESPECIALLY the corporate level, white people get nervous as hell when black people have, what we call, cooler talk. Did you know that the majority of professional athletes are married to black women? You wouldn't know that by the way the white media portrays it. And every damn time you turn on the TV or go to the movies, if it's not a black woman laid up with that devil, it's something about slavery or black people being subservient. Wake the hell up.

  169. Brian Trickett Forbidding an Israelite (so-called Negro) to marry a non-Israelite is not the aim, but rather to do what God commanded us is the aim. It's so many intelligent. beautiful, resourceful Israelite (so-called Negro) women, an Israelite man has too many options and he can be as careful choosing a woman as he desires. Our women don't have like that though.

  170. Aaron Piggue My knowledge is based off of years of cross-studying multiple sources. The people who created 96% of dictionaries are of the people who created racism. Terms like Negro, N**a, N**r, African-American, Afro-American and other by-words didn't exist until the late 1500's. All dictionaries since the 1900's are evasive definitions.

  171. Jem Loften says:

    Finally, a comment I agree with 100%

  172. Ok, so tell me how 'racism' has hurt whites. Other than knocking them off the 'I am surperior" pedestal?

  173. Bruns Michelle It puts a sour taste in their mouth when we bring up great-grandpappys pedophilia and lust for inflicting pain, and they don't like it at all!

  174. Aaron Mavins says:

    I think a lot of them just want to have their cake and eat it too

  175. Uno Garrison says:

    less than 10% of black men get with white woman..please stop saying we are running to white women…many of these men met their woman in school…and we all know a few black women in school who have their heads too far up their own ass to accept any black man that isn't "ballin'" or "fine" or any shallow thing she bases her relationships on.

  176. Janine Grant you first said something that made sense when you said that were you are from there are less than 2% black and I can understand that all the way and then you blew me away when you generalized and put us all in the same box when you said the vast majority of your people are rude and uncouth and have no idea how to approach a Nubian goddess Bitch, such as yourself and I said that because of your remark, that was just as rude as you say the majority of less than 2% you are yourself rude and uncouth to say such a thing when you haven't been around enough of your people to even make a prejudgment like that, maybe it 's you yourself that needs to look in the mirror and realize that with that attitude you never ever gave it a chance and believe me I understood you when you said less than 2% because I went from being around 90% black to being around 90% white but I hear also you and your misunderstood feelings from not being around many blacks and yes love is unconditional and I don't care or worry about who anybody is with I believe in the human race and that's it but the way you said that the vast majority are rude and uncouth tells me that just like a lot of white people most of your black experiences have been from you seeing black people on TV or on the news or from a far because white people also can be rude and uncouth in they're ways also, and sounds like you have a lot of self hatred towards being black and your love for white people is because of your invierment and that is fine but to say that the vast majority of the 2% are rude and uncouth makes me wonder about you and your feelings about black people who you really don't seem to actually know at all, not all black men worry about buying shoes and maybe you don't with the attitude you carry know how to approach or be approached because of your hate for your people and yes you sound like a white person that has never been around black people so do yourself a favor and remember you've got to give respect in order to get respected and you don't respect black people or should I say the vast 2% that you think you know of, and you don't even realize your a big contradiction when you mention purity of heart when it is about color with you more than you realize because of what you said not all black men are hustlers or hustling just like not all black woman are lovers of hustlers think about what your saying learn more than you think you know about the black man because he is one of the greatest men on this planet and we have proven it many many times over and yes we have a lot of problems in this country but you as a black woman don't understand or respect us like you might think you do with those rude uncouth prejudgments about us black men and good luck to you and your white king of perfection you self proclaimed Nubian goddess I know you love so much and that to me is fine but don't put us down until you know who we are because we're more than 2% of the vast majority you think you know, maybe even grab a history book about what we as black men and people have been though dealing with the hell that some white men have put us through you need to learn a lot more than you say you know and until then

  177. seems like you understand the status quote very well. however like you`ve said,"yet when they choose to be in a relationship with white women the expectations is in some cases different, the black man fulfill his obligations to his white partner". isn't that ironic ,seems fair to say that there's a difference when a woman plays her part as a woman and not like a mother, scolding, belittling ,looking down at her partner kind of attitude. maybe the black woman should learn a thing or two from the white woman about attitudes . no man likes it when he`s being pestered especially when it's coming from someone he thought that he is supposed to trust especially in his times of need. a second mom in a relationship is as if your mother`s role is being discredited for how she raised you. and black women are often disrespectful to other black women except when they need a consensus to form an opinion against black men ,in cases like these.

  178. if choosing a white woman makes him ignorant ,,,,,,,,tells me you don't worth a second look and I am certain you're not even married and if you are that would be short lived.

  179. Bruns Michelle, racism comes from every race. And every race experiences it. Whites deal with racism also – I have seen this with my own eyes. Especially with a white father and black mother. It is not just common for minorities to be subjected to racial discrimination and intolerance. It can happen to anyone, from anyone. So has racism hurt the majority of white westerners? Perhaps not. But what about the minority of that population who it HAS happened to?

  180. Finally! Someone who gets it.

  181. Danielle racism has more to do with ignorance and fear of the unknown fear and hate misunderstanding and it is hear because of the hate for a people they still don't know some because of color some because of hate of other people not like themselves and also people choose it to be on top of other people but they don't realize God made us all and for what reason to all live together on this earth we still are all the same inside and I believe it is a test and a lot of people are failing the test do to hate and ignorance

  182. The reason why I said what I said was because someone made a comment that every black man needs to be with a black woman. Someone then responded that the comment that was made was racist….. that is why I made my comment. I must also agree with most of the replies to my comments. Thanks guys, I love having intellectual condos with intelligent people. Be blessed

  183. Whoever thinks for a minute that they are pure black or pure white is out of their minds we are all mixed in this country and there is nothing that we can do about it, my problem with the whole black white coming together is if you really believe in GOD up above there is nothing wrong with being with the one you love to all the black woman that feel they are losing their black men your wrong, no one is yours unless they want to be with you and vise versa that is the way of the world nobody belongs to anyone unless they want to be with that person you don't own the rights to me and I don't own the rights to you unless we have a mutual feeling toward each other, this is the problem when people think they are supposed to be with you because of color that isn't the truth for one minute we all have our own minds and we all like what we like that's it if I like the color blue you can't change my feelings if you like red I can't change your feelings when we realize that we all have different brains and preferences and that is it I myself like all different types of woman, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you can't change my feelings of who I like and you never will put 10 different black woman in a room and I might pick all 10 or I might pick 5 out of the ten that is my brain working the way I feel put 10 white women and the same thing might happen and it goes the same way with anyone, my preference is in my head who I like and nobody can change that thank God for that and if you believe you have some right over another person because of color you are wrong and if someone is Gay and they prefer a gay person that is their own preference it is plain and simple I've seen women that I liked but they didn't like me that way and I have to except the fact that they want someone different than me no one has dibs on me and I have none on anybody unless we feel the same way that's it in a nut shell, look Malcom X was a mixed man what would you say to that nothing you can't change what happen to his family but you can see that it didn't take away his blackness all these people black and white that think because of your color it will make you think a certain way this is what is wrong with our world today hate for what other people think and I hear a lot of hate when it comes to people and color we I believe were Gods creation and that is it I think he has more for us than that, take the story of Job for instance didn't he have a mix of children if a black has a baby with a white person you get whatever comes from your gene pool and that is it why are we so worried about something we can't change like our color and when we do we are no better than the people that are haters of Mexican and Chinese, every since the beginning of man people have been mixing and like I said before are you going to tell me that brother Malcom X had any problem being black just because he was mixed no and the blackest man in the world wasn't as black as Malcom X was it's about your mind what is in your mind hate or love for your fellow man native American are mixed with black blood we are all mixed from war and slavery and that is it I believe in God and I don't think he wants us to think the way some are thinking he wants us to love no matter what someone else thinks, love is the key love not hate and resentment toward other people that don't have the same skin color as yourself and we as black people have so many colors and have been mixing for many years

  184. Akil Freeman Absolutely. The so-called minorities are expected to make up nearly 70% of US population by 2019 so White people are fearful. The people they call minorities are actually the majority in population.

  185. the article made reference to white slave owners, not just white women. not ever white person had slaves and believed in the acquisition of slaves.

  186. but don't you have to show some cooperating testimony from enslaved individuals to make these assertions I mean come on

  187. Anthony West says:

    Ignorance runs deep! I am a black jamaican man with a beautiful jamaican wife. But marrying another woman of a different colour or race is just as beautiful once the love is real. Persons here hating on interracial couples are persons who will never be happy. Secondly race is distinction, cause your saying mixed should also find mixed, black ames zricans should find black Americans, native american should find native americans? It sounds stupid and it is also. LOVE has no colour, please grow up. Racism is just ignorance. It really is.

  188. Replace "had sex with" with RAPE.

  189. Don Ima Drip says:

    Defending sum CracKa Hoe who's Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents Killed, Raped, and enslaved Your Ancestors So deep Down inside Her Mind wether she admits it Or Not She'll Never See You as Equal to Her No white Person on this Planet See any African as Equal to them Because of How they've been Raised and Brain Washed by Movies and the Media So all You Hoe ass Niccas and Half Breed Confused Niccas on Here Defending these White Ho3s Just Know that B1tch will See You as her Equal She'll Always Feel As if She and Her Family are Superior thats Just how it is Period.

  190. Teah Chanel says:

    I don't think people really understand how UGLY American slavery was. It was u hateful institution filled with ALL kinds of unimaginable evils. I think if more Blacks of my generation cared to research and dialogued about this and other things our ancestors went through, they'd strive even harder to get back to post Civil Rights Movement to early 70s years… before more inconspicuous devices/stumbling blocks were put before us and we fumbled our new found power.

  191. Teah Chaenel says:

    Willie Lynch… but exactly, many of us haven't sought a healing! It's amazing how psychological enslavement can hold a people.

  192. Ibro Djama says:

    This explains how far below human being racism could bring you. There are no excuse or legitimacy to rape or abuse anyone sexually. The white man is just a scum!

  193. Iris Vargas says:

    Please list the sources used for this list. I'd like research this topic. Thank you.

  194. White ppl have created the worst crimes in humanity but blks are viewed as criminals, every other race has recieved reparations besides blacks smdh

  195. It saddens me to see how a majority of these comments have completely derailed from main idea of this article.

  196. wait now lol when black women date white men black women don't pull they sisters aside and say here goes yo daddy black you must hate your black father sell out a lot of black women basically want to be a whore for the otherside (coughs) white men but have the black man as a back up lol no can do though just like white guys tell white women once you go black we don't want you back well once you go white take a hike lmao…….

  197. Aaron piggue you suck

  198. I'm a black man and I see that a lot of black men tend to glorify and worship white women. Same with black women who glorify white men. You don't want a dude like me telling you what you really look like when you try to justify your own self-hate. Miss me with that non-sense. I love my black women, even though many of them are screwed up in the head. That doesn't mean I have to go and bash every black woman.

  199. It's sad to me how so many so called "black people" always play that "We Are The World" card. I really don't believe other races speak amongst each other about how they should forget who they are and go join everyone else. It sounds to me like most of the black people commenting on here are either ashamed to be black and want to be something else, or they just have that self hate where they have to speak on behalf of others who don't care nothing about blacks. How can we build a black community when all we do is run to whites and Asians and every other race for acceptance? I have nothing but Love for blacks, even the ones who don't know themselves. On a serious note, blacks or African Americans get no love and no respect from other races because they see how weak and soft we are when it comes to standing up for ourselves. I can never say I hate black women or that I would rather marry a white woman because the world says we're all equal. Many of you on here speak out of false belief and just being completely miseducated on who you really are. Have fun bowing down to White Supremacy and making a joke out of yourselves. I'd rather die like this and be hated for the rest of my life. At least I can admit that……..Silly Negroes.

  200. Xaolex Joson says:

    Fact.. these things happened. Learn from them and move on. Black mentality is conditioned by white supremacists. but I digress… NOBODY in history was perfect I wish we as the human race could wake up and perpetuate love. Also If you want a interracial relationship whos to tell you no?

  201. Dee Dizzy says:

    are women love white men and hate and mock there own visa versa.

  202. @Aaron piggue , I just read a ton of comments where a man had to literally defend his decision to marry the woman he loves from a bunch of people that just read an article about the horrors of racism in America. Wow people, just Wow. Keep doing your thing young man and be happy.

  203. There isn't anything wrong with black women, white women, Asian women, etc. If you can't find a black woman or man it doesn't make you weak. Marry who you love. This sort of racism has no place in the world. We must work to eliminate such bigotry in ourselves before we can ever expect fair treatment from others. Heck we can't even stop hating darker people from lighter one's. All this is truly disgusting and turns my stomach

  204. There is not a pure blooded black person in America. You love who you love …. Why not try to uplift one another. Interracial dating is not the problem. The problem comes when the person who dates the one outside their race decides to put down the women and men of their race.

  205. this will struck a nerve…lets start some house cleaning and cooking classes for our non-cooking , don't know how to clean our house, women. blk men like home cooked meals, when was the last time besides Christmas you (blk) had a nice home cooked meal , not including microwaved stuff?

  206. These are the same women who collect welfare from who" Take their bastard baby makers to court which is run by who? Go on youtube and make books on how to get a man and he sure isn't black but nag, bitch and moan that blacks should accept them. But bend over backwards to get non black men.

  207. Martha Hodes says:

    From my 1997 book, *White Women, Black Men: Illicit Sex in the Nineteenth-Century South* (Yale University Press): "'I have never yet found a bright looking colored man, whose confidence I have won,' Hinton testified, 'who has not told me of instances where he has been compelled, either by his mistress, or by white women of the same class, to have connection with them.' Hinton also recounted a conversation with a white Kansas doctor who knew 'from his experience in Virginia and Missouri, that a very large number of white women, especially the daughters of the smaller planters, who were brought into more direct relations with the negro, had compelled some one of the men to have something to do with them.' A former slave likewise told Hinton about his experience with his forty-year-old widowed mistress. The man, who had been 'brought up in the family,' said that he had 'never had anything to do with his mistress until after her husband died' but that almost a year into her widowhood, the woman 'ordered him to sleep with her, and he did regularly.'" (pp. 130-31, from the testimony of Captain Richard Hinton to the American Freedmen's Inquiry Commission, 1863).

  208. May everyone know and remember that this article is geared to educate melanous people. If non-melanous people (i.e European) post negative comments here, they should question themselves why did they visited this post in the first place. I never had to search, hunt, or dig up European history because grade school required it; but true Alkebulan history AKA African history has been locked away for hundreds of years.
    My history book in elementary school only mentioned African-American slavery and with 3 sentences about them in the entire book. Today I see pyramids in America, Hebrew / African hieroglyphs in the Grand Canyon and other places. That was not taught to me in school, but I searched and traveled to see remarkable discoveries of a royal heritage lost to the indigenous and betrayed by people who oppress them. After all these years, can't we study our history that was hidden without being attacked?

  209. People don't won't the truth and it's evident when you read American history and find authentic artifacts and findings in museums that prove the opposite, but some will still deny the truth when it's staring them in the face. I like to be optimistic about ethnicity, but race is a social construct created by the powers that be. Ethnicity is based on genetics while race is based on complexion. All Alkebulan or Africa always had light, medium and dark skin people and don't have to be mixed to have light skin. Two jet Black people can produce Albino or White people and that's the history of genetics.
    Prejudice is judging before or preconceived thoughts without understanding, but racism is the act of exercising unfair power over another ethnic group. The only people who can be racist in America are White people as they decide what other races or ethnic groups can and cannot do.
    Example: Bill Cosby a billionaire couldn't exercise racism if he tried. People are trying to bring him down and strip his wealth already for trying to buy NBC even after his son Ennis Cosby was murdered. I love everybody, but we must except the truth in order to understand one another.

  210. Rampant bastard babies, no marriages, abortion like birth control, black on black crime, no businesses, and you cry like bitches because someone doesn't want you. Like all people if someone doesn't want you on a large scale it's you.

  211. All black people have a moral duty of love toward build a successful black community. To those who date accross the colour line- I say, It will take a strong black man and a strong black woman to undo/fix/reverse all the cruelty and indignity that is being visited, even to this day, upon the African( american) people by the white man.

  212. Young Harden says:

    Nature knows no good or evil. Nature Knows balance. Let's hope every one is becoming more balenced.

  213. What fool in his right mind would date a black woman?.. I've been a hairstylist for 25yrs, and avoid black women like the plague.

  214. This is utterly sickening. The evilness of human nature knows no bounds. The people who orchestrated and partook in these cruel acts are burning in hell for eternity as Satan and his demons are doing even worst to them.

  215. its mockery for a slave to say he has a wife and family, when they can be sold, made to have sex with anyone.

  216. Tee Lowry says:

    The big picture. Everything is everything. Our human minds reflect the universe above us and our bodies reflect the ground below. It is all connected. We are all connected. Divide and conquer is applied against the human race just as it is in the black community. It's all a manipulation. Why do you think they label it "race" the black race the white race, they want us to feel we're competing. In this day in age with access to all the information the web brings, you'd have to be a sociopath not to acknowledge we all experience love hurt joy ppain and struggle and triumph. That there is good and bad in all forms and colors. Its part of the human condition, and the most beautiful experience is love. If love provokes that much anger in you, you have something inside you need to deal with that only you can heal. Love it or not but we are all in it together. There's nothing new under the sun and "interracial" love is not going anywhere, love is to powerful. So maybe you might want to stop banging your head against the wall and focus more on what you love and who loves you instead of tearing someone else's down. Love & blessings to all of you Shalom.

  217. Josh Hicks says:

    Lmao a black guy made this ..just saying

  218. Cyndy Miller says:

    The evils of slavery are without number. Saying the word without the understanding of the inhumanity that it embodies is to perpetrated injustice.

  219. Cyndy Miller says:

    This History has no Winners. Everyone whether victim or villain all are damaged. Stained by the depravity of it all. As Malcolm X stated "if I grab you by your neck and threw you to the floor….where would I be the entire time I'm holding you down?" You can't do wrong and be right no more than you can be harmed and not be wounded.

  220. Caliph Ali says:

    I do date white women, but have always had a preference for women of color; and far more attracted to black women than white women in general. Before being married considered it ideal to marry someone of jamaican-american heritage as myself. however. as an atheist, socialist, pothead, black man that prefers baroque and be-bop, and living in the suburbs.. I can tell you anecdotally from some several dating sites I've been on.. white women attracted to such black men compared to black women are going to be around some hundreds to one.. if you're an black man that's average looking, sex positive, an atheist, and not into sports, you're pretty much entirely of no interest to some 99%+ of black women… it's unfortunate..

  221. Some of these comments are irrelevant to the truth!!!!

  222. You know. When the WORLD population is actually split up, the ESTIMATE is roughly 50/50 if you're going to be gullible and stupid just kill yourself and get it over with. There's an EQUAL number of Black Men and Women . I've lived everywhere and that 4 to 1 Propoganda is all lies for the simple minded rubes to follow

  223. If we don't know… why do we need to? I don't feel this article aids in rebuilding the social image of strong black men. This article is sensationalism and hurtful… unnecessarily so. This is disgusting, it hurts me and it does not help our community.

  224. Steven Green says:

    More reason why I hate the white man

  225. Yes! What he said! ✊❤️

  226. Sorry what 'She' said. Thankyou for putting it so well, so eloquently.

  227. Gerald Agee says:

    This article is Diapraxing

  228. These are some of the craziest most idiotic comments I have ever read. There are some truly bitter black women on this thread! Some of these black fuys are nuts too. It's hard enough trying to find true love without limiting youself to your own race! Hell it's hard loving some of these baggage toting nuts. Some of you need to listen to that Erykah Badu song "Bag Lady". Before you nuts dive off into other grown folks personal lives how about stop littering and teach your kids to stop littering.

  229. Aaron Piggue the master taught you well…

  230. can't you get 100 lashes for marrying a white women….lol.

  231. Just to be clear people, there are a lot of married white women having outside sex.

  232. Terry Moore says:

    Aaron, you just prove his point. You are more than likely going to pass on the "As for myself….." attitude to your sons. So, white women don't have egos and attitude? What kind if sane thinking is that? But, I agree, thank God you bloodline will be gone, good riddance to bad rubbish!

  233. Terry Moore says:

    So, Aaron you decided at "16" that Black women had too much ego and attitude for you, wow! You don't have to put us down or try and make us look bad just because you like white women! Just be with your white woman and leave us the hell alone and out of your filthy mouth!

  234. Terry Moore says:

    Randy hisownman, your momma must have been one mean ass bitch. Your hate toward Black women just screams my momma was a mean ass black bitch! Calm down, get over it already! Lol

  235. Terry Moore says:

    I don't like nor do I watch Scandal, nor do I have fake breast, butt, lips, and color!

  236. Terry Moore says:

    Randy hisownman, your momma must have been one mean ass bitch. Your hate toward Black women just screams my momma was a mean ass black bitch! Calm down, get over it already! Just be with your white woman and leave us the hell alone. Why do you feel the need to tear us down, because want to be with white women, does it make you feel better about your momma?

  237. Jimmy says:

    True.My Black Rasta mentor told me to keep your tribe pure Black for Black White for White. I heard horror stories of how in Jamaica drunk plantation owners would make bets on wether the pregnant black slave woman was going to have a boy or girl and would cut the woman’s belly open to settle the bets.I was in shock at such savagery. We are in the lSat days of Babylon. Marcus Garvey said “Black and White Unite for the Rules of Right”.That is what the Beast fears most, that Black and White would unite. I am watching News right now of a White supremacist group in a clash with people about the tearing down of a statue of Robert E.Lee. They want us to hate each other. I know the true Israelite of the scripture are the Black race. Black man wrote the Bible. I am a 70 year old white man that was Baptised into the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church in Jamaica in 1971 and all that my teachers taught me is coming to pass. My mentor told me in 1972 that Korea is going to start WW3 and that it is all in the Book of Revelations. The Red White and Blue the cruel old Brute has shed all our Blood in the Earth and they take it a joke to provoke our yoke and tempt Rastafari in his eye. They want black man to rise up in a race war. Do not buy into their hatred. The wicked will slay the evil and those that hate the Righteous will be desolate. Trump,Obama, Bush’s Clinton’s are just talking heads for this secret society yet they are not going to win. Jah is the victor .The truth is God. There is nothing that has been hidden that will not be revealed. Selah.

  238. Jimmy says:

    True my Brother. Marcus Garvey told his people stop straitening your hair and lightening your skin. He also said ” Black and White unite for the rules of right”. Keep your tribes pure. Black man for Black woman. White man for White woman. Some of my unlearned friends call me a bigot and racist because I tell them it is an abomination to cast your seed to Molech. Also this Homosexual thing is an abomination. Rastafari is God and God alone. True Rastaman does not mix his race whether he be black,White or Asian.

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