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10 Reasons Why Black Women Are Insanely In Love With Black Men

10 reasons to date a Black man

Black Men Walk Like Kings … and Indeed They Are

There is nothing quite as sexy as when a Black man walks like the king that he is. It’s something that makes women just melt at the very sight of it. From the way President Barack Obama makes his way to the podium to the long, confident strides of actor Boris Kodjoe through LAX, there is no denying the fact that there is a certain thing about the way Black men move that truly captures a woman’s eye.


10 reasons to date a black man

Street Smarts + Book Smarts = a Powerful, Sexy Dialect

Nobody does this better than a well-educated Black man. There is something about the combination of the type of casual lingo that every Black man tosses around with his homeboys with the sophisticated vocabulary that sounds like it was ripped straight from a page of the New York Times that combines to create an entirely new language that Black women just can’t resist.

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