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Never Too Rich for Racism: 10 Ways Racism Still Impacts Wealthy Blacks


The Belief That Blacks Never Really Earn Their Wealth

Whether it’s affirmative action or a “lucky break,” many racist white people find it hard to admit that wealthy Blacks obtain their wealth through hard work and strategic decision-making.



The Idea That Black Businesses Provide Poor Service or Low-Quality Products

It’s an idea that has plagued Black business owners for far too long. Many racist people will assume that Black businesses will provide cheap products or offer poor customer service. In fact, the belief has become so prominent that even members of the Black community have been known to avoid Black-owned-and-operated businesses.

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6 thoughts on “Never Too Rich for Racism: 10 Ways Racism Still Impacts Wealthy Blacks

  1. Errol Cooper says:

    It's true , but isn't it ashame that we spent trillion of our dollars to our oppressors?

  2. Errol Cooper says:

    It's because they been gullible enough to believe that they're raist oppressor will accept them!

  3. Errol Cooper says:

    Racism is a decease that is an obsession with power, that's a myth! How many white people do you know that could' have endured the torment of slavery , and the oppressive heat and condition to live under?

  4. Errol Cooper says:

    In the mean trying to benefit off your ideas!

  5. Errol Cooper says:

    It is written for us to beware of those calling themselves Jews, Donald Sterling outing was the opening of the truth! For any sane and reasonable think human to believe that he only in Corporate America don't harbor the exact sentiment have to be totally ignorant!

  6. The Commodification of Black Culture is one we all know is true.

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