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Cuba Launches Trade Fair of Medical Products

HAVANA, Cuba — The marketing agency of Cuban Medical Services launched its portfolio of products at the 32nd International Trade Fair, currently underway in Havana.

The portfolio aligns with clients’ demands and mirrors the strengths and specialties of the Cuban health system, with competitive programs in comparison to other services being offered in other markets, said Dr Yilian Jimenez, who heads the Cuban Medical Services marketing agency.

The entity, which was set up to foster cooperation relations between Cuba and the rest of the world, counts on a 54-hospital network where professionals implement modern and early diagnostic techniques, as well as 150 therapeutic procedures with a 95 percent effectiveness, said the doctor.

According to Jimenez, over 35 agencies from 101 countries, including Canada, Russia, China, Colombia, Japan, Angola and Costa Rica, are currently requesting services to solve local health problems.

Cuban Medical Services offers treatment in 16 specialties or medical programs of high demand, including hemodialysis, stem-cell therapy, comprehensive attention of diabetic patients, cardiovascular disease treatment, and other programs on different health conditions.

The portfolio offers alliances with the tourist sector and its companies, including medical services and health services at airports and other terminals, as well as optical, pharmaceutical and natural medicine products.

Also on the portfolio is the hiring of personnel, advice, human capital training, and other programs such as services for scientific forums.

The Cuban agency has operations in over 40 countries, while over 50,700 health professionals from the island are working in 66 nations.


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