Jamaica Nears A Multi-Destination Deal With Cuba, Mexico and Dominican Republic


Minister of tourism, Edmund Bartlett, says Jamaica is close to finalizing a multi-destination marketing arrangement with Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Speaking in a recent interview, the minister said that an agreement has already been signed with Cuba and he expects to conclude a deal with Mexico before the end of July. Discussions are under way with the Dominican Republic.

“We have talked about this at length, but I can safely tell you that the multi-destination marketing and tourism strategy is picking up steam in the region,” Bartlett said.

“The moment this happens, it would mean that the four major tourism destinations of the Caribbean would have signed multi-destination agreements, certainly by December (2016), which will bring a new opportunity into the region for collaboration,” he pointed out.

He said the collaboration “will be at a level that has never been seen before” and will include joint marketing and joint airlift arrangements.

“We will also be looking at the critical implications in terms of harmonizing key policies to enable greater access to the region and greater access to each other’s destinations,” he informed further.

Source: Caribbean News Now

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