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7 Characteristics of Neocolonialism Black People Should Be Extremely Concerned About

Neocolonialism, as defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, is “the economic and political policies by which a great power indirectly maintains or extends its influence over other areas or people.” It has several different faces, and these are seven characteristics of neocolonialism that Black people need to be aware of.


african exploitationPredatory Economic Relations

The economic relationship imposed during the colonial era continues. As before, the conquering nation extracts the conquered nation’s resources, exports the raw materials back to its homeland and then forces the importation of its finished goods back into the developing nation. Before it was done under the guise of the “White Man’s Burden,” but today it’s done under the veil of economic development and aid.

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13 thoughts on “7 Characteristics of Neocolonialism Black People Should Be Extremely Concerned About

  1. Ricky Lewis says:

    People simply will not take the time to read thimgs like this, it takes away from their American Idol or So you think you can dance time.

  2. The day will come when Afuraka will be free of foreigners, continuing to colonize Afuraka, people living in fear in their own country. First the puppets (leaders) must go, as well as many of it's everyday people, as they work for the colonizers and puppets for pennies a day. Whites have no intention of giving up their position in Afuraka, and stand ready to defend their criminal position, as they always have. I believe there is a solution waiting on the horizon, to come rescue black people, not even their best think tanks will be of no use to them, when the savior of blacks come on the scene. That will be none other than black people themselves.

  3. Jay Contreras says:

    I agree. There is only 1 issue I have with this article or the imagery–is that one of those cartoons seem to equate colonialism with afrocentrism & I think it should equate neo-colonialism with neo-liberalism. I don't believe that most of these modern day sambos are anything near afrocentrists..they basically believe in the tenets of imperialism and don't mind taking the white man's place as chief but I believe people like Lumumba & even Gaddafi were about full autonomy and African self-determination.

  4. I remember watching the movie of the flood of the bible, and the people had been given warnings, and the people many times were out partying, having a jolly good time, and this was the mood of the people all the time, they just were not hearing something was coming to destroy them if they did not change their ways. Finally one day it happened, people running around in a panic, trying to save themselves. I often think about something similar will happen to blacks if we do not change our ways, and be about what we are suppose to be on the planet, and it is not being comfortable living among a people who came from the same ones who held us in slavery, and today many blacks feel these people are their friends, if they are friends it is not the kind of friendship that is real, even if it is real these white friends do not see blacks as equals, and if push comes to shove, their behinds will get shove right out the door. Blacks need to be about the same thing other groups are. Loving other people and wanting them to accept you, is not going to save you. Jay if you are reading this, Leopold and those pigs, including the US president killed Lumumba, they over killed him, the finally nail in the coffin was when they exhumed his body and put it in acid, when it was all said and done there was nothing left of our brother except his belt buckle. They will pay for what they did to Partice Lumumba, Congo people has beeen fighting agong themselves every since they killed Lumumba, the west have had them fighting and killing every since they gave up colonialism, but clearly all the fighting is because they have neocolonialism in place, and will keep the people fighting among each other as long as they have something they want, that is why they had to kill Lumumba, because he was going to put all that to rest, he told them from day one the Congolese people were about Self Determination, and his idealogy were the same as Robert Mugabe, Mugabe maybe a little nicer, because when he took over his country, they did not put in place land reform right then, they stipulated it would happen later, Lumumba was going to start putting them out from day one, if he could have gotten some help, coming to the US asking for help, from the very ones who wanted him dead as well. He misread those devils, by not protecting himself better, and should have move on putting them out later after he had better position himself to protect himself, like Mugabe.

  5. Jay Contreras says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Yes, Lumumba, like a lot of Africans now, believe the LIES & mythology of white supremacy and their christian indoctrination & trauma based programming. I know a lot of people will be offended by that characterization of christianity but I call em as I see em: their conversion/perversion of ancient kemetic mythology of a resurrected christ figure into a deified white male has been the biggest psy ops victory in the modern world. but if you watch this video about the Jim Jones/Guyana Tragedy, you will see how they have historically used religion/cult programming to control us, the part about Jim Jones starts at about the 48 minute mark:

  6. Bwire Vincent says:

    Nzingha Shabaka And now they have the military (instead of doctors), in diamond rich West Africa, under the guise of combating the dreaded Ebola disease …

  7. Bwire Vincent says:

    The book, 'Animal Farm', had been banned by these puppet governments. Like weed, the more illegal the book was, the more curious, some of us became…

    Another book, 'Mashetani', (Swahili, meaning, 'Ghosts'), bears the same, but hidden message. It managed to survive. The messaqe is simple; the African, drove the evil European out of his land, but kept evil European's ghost i.e, rates his intelligence by his mastery of the white man language, sends his kids to european schools, insists on using knife and fork, judges wear those stupid wigs that make them look like the Black versions in one of those declaration of independence art scenes, and bans traditional attire in parliament.

    These Afropean morons are so corrupt, that Africa is worse off than it was when white man left.

  8. Africa will be free from economic dependency, when we are able to juxtapose who our friend is between the white and the devil himself.

  9. I disagree with the 'colony' and 'afrocentrism' cartoon…it completely misreads & falsifies Afrocentric thought. The 'afrocentrism' should be replaced by 'black bourgeoisie'.

  10. America was, is and always will be a Neocolonialism state. That's the reason behind its Institutional Racism. Until people who are classified as: Minorities or the Others, come to the realization that racial discrimination is a machination of Social Control for Economic Control rather than the other way around, they will never liberate themselves. Your labor is your greatest asset. Only a man who's mind is being controlled, will work for another and give away the fruits of his labor.

  11. Baba Dele says:

    It is always easier for the neo-colonialist to install a foolish leader than a smart leader knowing fully well the foolish ones will be calling for advice at all time and making sure that no information passes them to rearrange solutions that favors colonialists. I just dont understand why a country will get its independence and the resources of the country still belongs to colonial masters country. You are damned if you are free and damned if you are not. Africans sign contracts for technology transfer day in day out but will never get it untill they stop sacrifising their youths and let education reign and start developing a new ways to produce. If we cant afford farming machineries we still have cows, donkeys and horses to aid farming until we can develop and increase the speed of production, but old bend down and be the mule habit is hard to break. How long will it take for the leaders to realize that their generation in power will not last more tha two or three before they fall out of grace and become regular people?

  12. Davis Emille says:

    Not forgetting the Arabization/Islamization of Africans and the acceptance and practise of foreign Religious belief systems.

  13. Noah Kimirey says:

    Totaly not good at all

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