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“Go Back to Africa!” Confederate Flag Supporters Scream When Challenged in Danville, VA

Confederate flag

Controversy raged at a news conference outside of a Virginia museum yesterday when the director of the Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History asked the City Council to remove a confederate flag from a monument outside the museum and move it indoors as part of an exhibit.

Supporters of the flag claimed that it is a part of their heritage and they have a right to be proud of it.

“You need to go back to Africa!” screamed Ed Clark, second lieutenant commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans on Monday in response to the request for the seven-foot flagpole to be moved. “It’s the right thing to do, to keep it up. It’s a piece of history. A lot of things offend me and I don’t sit there and say you need to stop that and take it down and be done with it.”

Rev. Avon Keen, president of the Danville/Pittsylvania County chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference tried to sway supporters of the flag at the conference, saying “the confederate flag has been used by many in acts of hate in the process of hate crimes.”

He then went on to cite the beliefs behind the confederate flag, which were expressed in the 1861 “Cornerstone Speech” by Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens: “Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”

“The African- American community has patiently stood by this flying flag here, and now it’s time for it to come down,” Keen said.

Despite Keen’s best efforts there are still people who stand very firmly on both sides of the issue. It is unclear what the city will decide to do with the flag. 

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138 thoughts on ““Go Back to Africa!” Confederate Flag Supporters Scream When Challenged in Danville, VA

  1. Janet Holmes says:

    SO this wanna be human scream the same old quote..Go back to Africa, Well lets all leave in the order in which we came to this land.

  2. you know, arrogance is a terrible sin especially when it deals with prejudice the likes of the white supremacist .but the question that plagued my mind from this picture is, how comes they can find the time to protest on a usual working day and don`t they have jobs to go to? yet they would blame blacks for crowding the welfare system which I differ

  3. once again another episode of inferior complexity. I would like to quote a few words from Michael Jackson`s song;" I`m talking to the man in the mirror , I`m asking if he had ever changed his ways….." the question is ; will he ever? and then what came to mind is martin luther king , and his campaign for equality, and looking at the overall picture of his entire so called peaceful marches , got me now asking this question ; did he really meant equal rights or he meant assimilation of the black race into white? hence I ponder on the thought of what and how assimilation benefit a person of color trying to act white. my finding is that he or she might be perceived as gay. however , I conclude by saying this that , the supremacist whites thought that blacks ows them a big thank you and praise for bringing us to what he calls the civilized world without regards for the toll it took upon the black slaves in building his dynasty. in closing I`d like to add that the white supremacist only understands the language by which he usurped power and control i.e force. hence the error of martin luther king is that he miss judged the slave master thus malcom x`s method should have been the solution , force.

  4. It is at this junction in oir lives that we as a people,most importantly the people of God need to move forward so removing hate and the things that was done to us as a people understanding that we have a forgiving heart as we have been forgiven understanding that we have our Vindicator his name is Jesus if we believe that we believe that he is author and finisher of our faith , life on this earth is but a moment, but we have hope that never fails, and one day very soon, this old life will not even be a memory

  5. Khalil Kane says:

    uh, the whole idea of jesus / christianity was given to us by our slave masters…how can something created by them and used as a tool to keep us in bondage be our vindicator?…

  6. Khalil Kane says:

    ok, fine…give us ALL of our shit back…every invention, every find, every discovery…and when we get back to africa, yall get the fuck out of africa…leave her natural resources alone…just for being the assholes that yall are, in order to use any of those resources, you will have to pay us! dumb muhfuckas, it was yall who brought us here, against our will, in the first place…

  7. Khalil Kane says:

    and before anybody answers, what i speak is TRUTH…christianity was a " gift " from those who enslaved us…if you are not willing to deal with that truth in your answer, save it…

  8. Bright Chike says:

    If we start going back to where we came from, I wonder who this will hurt the most…

  9. His comment was NOT "Go Back to Africa"……..His comment, when confronted about Slavery and being accused of participating in this "crime", was "Go back to Africa and tell them to STOP!" Referring to the fact that people in Africa still participate in slavery to this day. I am so sick and tired of hearing about this crap in my town! This isn't hate, heritage, or anything else you want to call it. Plain and simple….ITS HISTORY……we can not change it, we can not erase it, get over it, let it go and move on!

  10. Back to Africa? How ironic that the children of Terrorists, who ancestors came to this country as terrorists and committed genocide and enslaved the rest of the dark skinned copper tone aboriginals labeling them "Negroes," has the audacity to tell anyone to go back home. As an aboriginal of this land, it is of my firm resolve to tell these European hate mongers, "it is you who needs to go back to the caves of the Caucus Mountains, from which you originated, Amerrique (America) has never been and will never be your Home, this is our HOME, that was taken, stolen, from us by Force of Arms, as such this will never be your land!

  11. David Massey says:

    Then we should ban bed sheets bcause the clan wore them..and rode horese,i guess get rid of them too.

  12. Sidney Hemphill says:

    Can they go back to Europe?

  13. Before I go to Africa… I will do my best to send you to hell first…

  14. Kathy Brown says:

    How old is the fools that said "Go back to Africa" in order to go back you first have to have been there and thanks to the racists that hatched their stupid asses none of us came from Africa and the majority of us haven't even been there. We are AMERICANS yes our roots are in Africa. But, why should we go anywhere America was built on the back of our forefathers that you racist stole from Africa we have more right to be here than any of you rednecks.

  15. Steve Adkins says:

    Bad article…total misquote…the man was explaining that Africans sold slaves to Americans and Europeans and that both those who sold slaves and those who bought them were equally wrong. He had just said "slaves are still being sold in Africa" and when the gentleman arguing with him agreed he replied "then you need to go back to Africa and tell them it's wrong" so you see half a quote is WRONG and POOR reporting. The argument was that the particular flag in question (3rd National flag) is historically accurate AT THE LAST CAPITAL OF THE CONFEDERACY an historic home and site. This is not the confederate battle flag that has been hijacked by hate groups to illicit anger. The flag in this controversy is flying on a war memorial and not on some public

  16. Josephine Bass says:

    Well said Mr. Adkins, and all true. It makes no difference whether it is the Battle Flag or the 3rd National to them; they just hate us and want everything white people have ever worked for since coming to these shores in the 1600s. Most of us do wish they were still in Africa maybe then they would contribute something worth while to their communities instead of whining and bellyaching about other people.
    The preacher is a Muslim convert posing as Christian, and teaching hate and using victimization to destroy our country. Don't be played for the fool, No Christian would be out protesting a Flag Flying in the Air, he would be taking care of ebola patients and their grief stricken families.

  17. Josephine Bass says:

    Don't be played the fool! No Christian Preacher would be protesting a Flag flying in the Air he would be out taking care of Ebola patients and their families.

  18. Josephine Bass says:

    Wrong Flag stupid, the picture should be of the 3rd National Flag of the Confederate States of America. The location is in front of the last stop and the last legal office of the President, Jefferson F. Davis, and the Confederate States of America. This preacher would do himself and others a favor by throwing down his muslim books and take up American history. He wants to start another Ferguson.

  19. Elivin Gueston II says:

    Josephine Bass Im sure some of "us" would like it if "they" went back to Europe … so "we" could contribute to our communities with the absence of an institutionalized system that was BUILT on injustices of other men.

  20. Crystal Gillespie says:

    Josephine Bass… Bitch please!!! Who worked hard for what??!! Wasn't you or yours, so don't get it twisted you knuckle walker…

  21. Steve Adkins says:

    Look I was just defended the misquoted man who was being slammed for what he didn't say. I realize two sides to every issue….really, on a war monument this shouldn't be an issue. On a taxpayers building would be a different story. Sadly both sides could look at this site as a place to celebrate instead of fight. Those with ancestors who fought in the war could look at it as the place the conflict ended. Those who feel the south was unjust could look at it as the place the confederacy was dissolved.

  22. Very good question khalil, however please understand its never about slavery its about superiority, and we own it every facet of life we are a better people more humble more talented more smarter even more innovated it is when we understand our contribute to this nation and this planet , its fear and insecurity to degrade and to put up flags statues idols things that makes them feel better about themselves because they don't know themselves but we do know who we are, we are the righteous of God period .

  23. Steve Adkins says:

    Unfortunately the SCLC has chosen to play political vs. being an educator. Though it is wrong, IF someone chose to believe the conflict was over nothing but slavery, this place should be celebrated as the place that ended. I guess being offended is easier and worth more $ than being educated and proud of having overcome?

  24. Nyansapo Dickson says:

    Whites like to bring up African complicity in the maafa(of course they exclude their manipulations, force/threat tactics and colonization) to try and somehow lay the blame on Africans for what happened after we landed. This helps to assuage their guilt. Nonetheless, africans were the original ppl in this land in the first place.

  25. NO my grandparents and great grandparents worked that very land HA!

  26. Iam Luz's Daughter says:

    Go back to Africa! Certainly. Just know the cheap cost of bringing us here will NOT be the case for us going back! No Mayflower this time.

    (1) We'll take 1st class, DISEASE free Flights or cruise ships, thank you very much. This time, keep your chickenpox, measles and whatever else killed the Africans & Native Indians on the spot as soon as you made contact with us.

    (2) We demand life time "Workers Compensation" benefits that extends a period of 500 years for every field we slaved, every creation WE Invented (Air conditioners, Almanac, Elevator, Cell Phone, fire Extinguisher, Fountain pen, Gas Mask, Guitar, Horse Shoe, Motor, Lantern, Lawn mower, Refrigerator, Stethoscope, Thermostat, Stove, Bicycle Frame, Tricycle, Traffic Light, Typewriter – Just to name few!) every child of YOURS we raised, every child we conceived by RAPE, every house we kept, yada, yada, yada – I'm sure you get the point. The modern day name for it is, Human Trafficking & Sex Trafficking!

    (3) Last but NOT least, we're going to need OUR lands, diamonds, oil, kinships, natural resources and animals back!

    Ain't no brain-washed niggas here. Who the HELL do Ya'll think You're talking to? We KNOW who we are, where we came from, and our Royal status on this Earth. You know it too & that's why you stole it, enslaved it & erased proof of it.

    So, we're ready when you are. This time, try to act Civilized instead of like Classless animals stealing, pillaging, tearing, raping and ripping everything down & apart cause you are unfamiliar with the goods and resources of the African & Native people.

    Ha! Run tell that~.

  27. Kia Samuel says:

    Josephine Bass What you worked for? Ms. Bass with all due respect; don't you meant what you stole? Our ancestors were brought here to build this country for FREE! The labor of our ancestors is why America became a superpower so quickly. As for bellyaching & whining, I am from a family of educated people. I'm an NCO in the US Army and twice deployed OIF/OEF Veteran. What you don't know or care to acknowledge about America is ridiculous. With all that said respect my ancestors I respect you and yours. No one is going anywhere. Good evening.

  28. Bruce Hudson says:

    The photograph in the above story was not taken in Danville, and is included only to inflame your readers. The quote is not what he said either. He was saying that slavery was in fact practiced today, at this very moment, and nobody seems to care because the black slaves are owned by other blacks.

  29. You took what Mr. Adkins stated and ran with the meaning the way you wanted, go back and read what he had to say and by the way there is a lot of Blacks there in Virginia fights as hard as the whites to hold on to that flag, and go back to Africa, those people are just as much an American as you, and this country was build on the backs of Africans, oh and read your history, the mixed race, your ancestors raped the women and used and their children sent to the fields to do the white man job Ms. Bass. Oh by the way maybe you should go back to Europe.

  30. Trilla King says:

    We are all people under God…why is there so much hatred…

  31. Connie Chastain says:

    Putting an exclamation point and end quote mark after the word Africa is false, nay, fraudulent reporting. That wasn't the speaker's entire statement.

  32. Connie Chastain says:

    Putting an exclamation point and end quote mark after the word Africa is false, nay, fraudulent reporting. That wasn't the speaker's entire statement.

  33. Connie Chastain says:

    Omena Queeman Mathis The point is that the reporters didn't report the entire statement, and when you see what he actually said, you see it has a completely different meaning than this article — and you — are claiming.

  34. Connie Chastain says:

    Not the point of what the guys said.

  35. Connie Chastain says:

    It would help if you read the actual quote, not some misquote by a dishonest reporter. The word Africa didn't end the sentence, did you notice that? And the whole sentence says something completely different.

  36. Connie Chastain says:

    You wouldn't be willing to travel to Africa to stop slavery today? To stop all the children sold to work in the chocolate industry in the Ivory Coast? That's what the speaker was referring to — go back to Africa to stop slavery that continues to this day. . People going off half-cocked, not verifying the actual quote, swallowing the report's false claim, doesn't make them look very level-headed.

  37. Connie Chastain says:

    He didn't say "Go back to Africa" — there was more to it that changes the entire meaning. Did you know that?

  38. James Brown says:

    Thing is, we know in the beginning there was a trade, and not knowing what being done to those sold in bondage. But, that trade was slowed. Arabs, Europeans, and those of the West stole human flesh and savagely brought them back to the America's and around the world. I get a little upset when people try to paint this picture of the African saling their people, when it's much deeper then that. We also fail to mention that were documenting the disgusting historic facts….whom objective were to paint a picture of a savage people, with no history, devil worshiper, yet, we constantly discover all things originated in "Africa." The distortion is so deep, that they went as far as to claim the Egytians were not African, really! Till this day, they still try to paint a picture of Egypt as some non-African history….woow. What was Egypt before the Persian and Greek invasion….

  39. James Brown says:

    Josephine….you're an old bigot. Your ideologies is viewed through tainted lenses. You tell lies, and spin it to make it sound true. The thing about White people is that they never own up to their disgusting ways, but will point out everybody else's flaws. Tactics are becoming boring, played out. White people never worked for nothing in the America's, others did the work, and here's the funny thing, people of color are catching up, and fast. Look at the time span of those rising, education. People are under the Impression all white people are rich, when that is far from the truth. Many of them are poor, living check to check, drug abusers. When the "Great Recession" hit, it exposed the white race of America. Most couldn't pay their bills for one month without being totally broke. Had a truck load of debt. Yep, but hear you tell it, they're the envy of the human race. Yet, they take the talent of all other countries and absorb them into the American culture. Did you hear, in 30 years the Caucasians will become a minority. They're reproducing with other races, and they're population is declining, but you don't have to take my word for it, it's documented….enjoy your hate-full life

  40. Susan Frise Hathaway says:

    PUNCTUATION MATTERS, PEOPLE. This quote is completely inaccurate and obviously designed to incite. In fact, the SCV member says, "Then you need to go back to Africa and tell them to stop." The SCV member was referring to the fact that Africans were (and still are) responsible for selling other Africans into slavery. He NEVER told anyone at the press conference "You need to go back to Africa" This post needs to be removed, a correction posted, and an apology offered to the gentleman who has been misquoted.

    Actual transcript from video, from WSET:
    "Your own ancestors sold you into slavery. Yes they did," Clark said.
    "It doesn't make right. It doesn't mean you're right to take people," Danville resident Kevin Moore said.
    "Well then you need to go back to Africa and tell them to stop," Clark said.
    "Well I'm confronting you. You're involved in the crime too," Moore replied.
    "Oh I'm not involved in anything," Clark said.

  41. No… to your question… Connie Chastain.

  42. Pam A Jack says:

    I agree, this is America history. Keep that flag up; remind the world how white America torture humans for money. America whites at that time were too lazy to work out in the field for them self to support their family, and builds their wealth off the suffering of blacks people. America economic depend on slavery, and without black American this country would have failed. I call it America first welfare system. The slaves build this country, and Confederate Flag is black America proof that some white is still mad that they got to support them self.
    Here the flag that lost; the red in that flag is the blood of the toddler slave's boys and girls that they killed and torture. The south care more for money; than the life of their sons. Their men died to keep free labor; our men die for freedom!
    The south lost and we are free, and we are not going anywhere.

  43. Alton Ramage says:

    The man was misquoted. The SCV is NOT a racist organization. They have members of all races. The Jewish inspired Confederate Battle Flag was high jacked by racists groups. Next time people see a rally of hooded clowns, let them know that one. We fly that flag in honor of our family's Military Veterans, not for hate of a race. If some are found to associate with a racist group, they will get the boot from the SCV. It was hijacked shortly after the 40's and we strive to promote it's original purpose. To honor our Southern American Veterans. If you have 20 mins to spare, here is some real history on the Confederate Battle Flag. Believe it or not , most that display the Confederate flag today aren't racist.

  44. Charlene White says:

    Josephine Bass you are a SICK WOMAN…I Pray for Mercy on your lost soul!!!!

  45. Josephine, as a proud descendant of men and women who fought and died for the Confederate States of America I can emphatically and with certainty say that you are the worst type of ill-educated idiot and you don't deserve the freedom that my (and most people here) ancestors fought to give you. Your undeserved self-righteousness and sense of accomplishment are examples of the worst kind of entitlement mentality, wherein you feel you have done something just because someone genetically similar to you has. You are a leech and a detriment to the spirit of this country- don't bother to think that you are doing any of us a favor with your clueless dumbassery. Most other SCV members may have been too polite to call you on your b.s. but I don't get down like that. Time for you to go. Maybe something nice will grow on your grave when you go and so give you that last chance to be useful to the rest of us.

  46. Josh Benson says:

    Totally misquoted by an obvious race-baiting journalist.

  47. Does anyone else find fault with the reasoning that because a symbol is coopted by an enemy that it then becomes evil and must be eliminated? And this by a Christian REVEREND? Because the BIBLE has never been used by anyone to justify atrocities or anything….

  48. I certainly find fault with that "reasoning"….because acceptance of it means that those same racists who co-opted it without the permission of those who honor it would win.
    Face it, support of the view that flag is a racist symbols is just as much support for the very racists who wrongly misuse it in the first place.

  49. Susan Murphy says:

    Josephine Bass You need to read up on history. You people are on top because you are nothing but the spawn of murderers, rapists, and thieves. All you have ever done was steal from others. You people DID NOT build the us, the African Americans did you foolish old woman! united states was built on the murder of the natives, then they had slaves to work for free! That was how you got your wealth, not from honest work. You terrorist people raped and terrorized the African Americans. Check the history books and even if you can't read, I assume you have eyes and can look at the pictures of the hangings and other sick abuses YOU inflicted on people. White people should be tried for crimes against humanity . You people, and I use the term loosely, are barbaric, and want to sit in judgement of the people you terrorized and are continuing to do as we speak? white people are the BIGGEST TERRORISTS around! African Americans should be running from you! African people need to go after you people and make you pay reparations. The day will come when all the non whites wake up and realize who the real troublemakers are and will deal with them accordingly.

  50. Susan Murphy says:

    Of course you white people always have a flimsy excuse to justify your twisted behavior! Yes slavery is still going on, by arabs which are just suntanned whites. That is why their behavior is like yours. Rape, murder, theft, and phony religion. The non white people of the world need to wake up and realize who the real terrorists are.

  51. Iam Luz's Daughter says:

    Sure, I read it. However its not the 1st nor last time the back to Africa statement has been made under several contexts. Figure I'd plug in the facts each and every time I see it. Since its all truth, I figured no one would be offended. 🙂

  52. Susan Murphy – you are just as ridiculous as that Josephine character. A racist is a racist. Maybe you two could form a club or something.

  53. Susan Murphy says:

    You're an idiot! That flag is offensive to African Americans because of the murderous history of and present day terrorizing of Afrcan Americans by euro americans like yourself. And the way to start another Ferguson is by one of YOUR kind doing business as usual by murdering African Americans in cold blood.

  54. Bright Chike says:

    My comment wasn't solely based on this. We all know that, we are not infrequently told to go back Africa. So don't make it sound like this is a new sentiment #Connie Chastain

  55. A whole lot of ignorance has been posted by the most uneducated of people that will ever be in mankind. They really only want to continue to use the Ace card that is kept up their sleeves. This is their biggest ticket they have and they play it very well. How we all have failed is by the allowance of Those Peoples from Yankee land encroaching upon our communities and homes by moving here in the first place. To those that do not like our ways and lifestyles, the best answer for you is to proceed towards 85/95 interstate, take the on ramp towards NY city or anywhere in that direction. And never step foot into this land again if you do not like our way of life. Oh and when arriving at your destination, unload your food stamp carts and all the other amnesties that we bought for you. Then go to the nearest public library and get an education.

  56. Connie Chastain says:

    Susan Murphy, less than 2% of Americans and 15% of Southerners owned slaves. Most slaves were not raped, most slave families were not broken up. Slaves were by no means the only people who worked.

    Between 1882-1968, over 3,400 blacks were lynched in the USA. Today, roughly 7,000 blacks are murdered EVERY YEAR; ninety-four percent of the time, the murderer is another black person. So basically, every seven or eight months or so, blacks murder as many blacks as were lynched in almost EIGHTY years. Be careful who you call terrorist and troublemakers….

  57. Karen Boyd-Udenze says:

    Why fly a flag from a civil war in which you were losers? The Confederates lost the war and now their flag belongs to the Union. It is an obsolete flag that represents oppression. Discard it!!

  58. Taylor Hyll says:

    and how do you know this Steve were you there, was it recorded and the rest of us are missing something….do tell, no pun intended, just wanna know.

  59. Taylor Hyll says:

    Connie Chastain ok Connie I will make it a point to read the entire piece.

  60. CeCe Carter says:

    This is just what the politically controlled media wants us to do, be at each others throats by putting stories like this out there. Keep us divided as a nation while they continue to screw us. I could care less about this article but some of the remarks that are being made by some remedial uneducated people are out of cotrol. This country was built on lies and greed by people who are now paying their dues in hell. As for hearing how tired some are of hearing about the race card people of color play, if you're tired of hearing it, imagine how exhausted we are of living it. You may not be one of the people doing it and it doesn't affect you but that doesn't mean it isn't going on each ad every day cause it is. I actually envy you because you don't have to live it. As for the remark about welfare and people of color draining the country from it, I take pleasure in educating you. 11% of the American population are receiving some type of benefit. 62% of that population are people of non color. Who are those people you ask? Whites of non Hispanic, that mean white people or the largest benefactors of Welfare. As for the remark of Democrats created welfare for black people and to keep our vote, once again I take pleasure in correcting that uneducated remark with fact. Welfare has been in place since the government started welfare for people of non color during the great depression. White folks have always been the largest population to us this system as they should after all isn't been a way of life for some since the Roman Empire where the fist for of welfare was started. Dour yourself a favor, do some research before making uneducated statements, the media lies but the numbers don't. As for people who seem to think the system does work for people of color, you're wrong. The Constitution was written for people of non color, how do I know this, well it's simple. When the construction was written, people of color were not seen as people or even human, we were property. Therefore the system was not set up to include us, that's exactly why unarmed people of color can be gunned down by law enforcement and not face charges as well as stopped for no reason to be searched. Bottom line is things need to change and we need to come together as Americans not Black vs Whites vs Hispanics we are all the same race, Human.

  61. Taylor Hyll says:

    yes Africans sold other Africans into slavery but it was among the people and they only served for 7 years. Nothing even remotely close to what the Europeans did to the Africans when they heartlessly pile them on ships in unthinkable conditions to make the voyage to America to sell them to racist white settlers, that mind you had committed genocide on the second people of the continent the Indian. Yes I said second people because the first people that came to the Americas, if you do your research were Africans

  62. Anthony Phillips says:

    Try to not be a racist idiot. The article got it wrong, Snapperhead.

    Actual transcript from video, from WSET:
    "Your own ancestors sold you into slavery. Yes they did," Clark said.
    "It doesn't make right. It doesn't mean you're right to take people," Danville resident Kevin Moore said.
    "Well then you need to go back to Africa and tell them to stop," Clark said.
    "Well I'm confronting you. You're involved in the crime too," Moore replied.
    "Oh I'm not involved in anything," Clark said.

  63. Anthony Phillips says:

    Susan Murphy and of course, you black people continue to throw up reasons to continue to hate white people for any reason you can find. The largest slave trad is still in Africa…AFRICA. You really should try to not be a racist jackass.

  64. Pink man. The ones who are racists are the ones who creates laws to keep other people away from its social equality. Hence forth the only racist here is you, a pink mutated recessive gene, who has no roots to my land or my clan. Go back to Europe, we didn't invite none of you Pink people over here!

  65. Anthony Phillips says:

    The article is a blatant lie. What is being reported was not said. Grow up

  66. Taylor Hyll says:

    Anthony Phillips aerate sir your not exactly right , it was an african tradition and it figure you would want to be right….please do not bother me with white wash Mr. Phillips. And you still didn't get the gist to what I was saying, but again I'm sure you gotta be right…no bubble burst….find someone else , who doesn't know, I'm a history major fool….find a reason for being racist, dude please.

  67. Anthony Phillips says:

    Susan Murphy Really? What about that flag is offensive? Do you know that there were many black men who fought for that flag along side their fellow white confederates? You're an idiot.

    Ferguson wasn't murder, it was a thug who had just robbed a store jumping on a police officer doing his job and getting shot for it.

    You are a perfect example of how you can't fix stupid.

  68. Anthony Phillips says:

    Go try to get an education about what really happened in the civil war and why the war was fought, you might be surprised to find out it wasn't all about slavery.

    It is funny to me how black people keep crying racism then blame the white men for it, all the while throwing hate out every breath. You're an idiot.

  69. Please do tell what tribe(s) or person(s) in Africa that sold other Africans into slavery? I hate when white people say that! They use that to cover up their actions of invading Africa and taking slaves. The confederate flag stands for a bunch of less than human white people fighting for the destruction of black people for capital. It doesn't matter where it's hanging or flying. If you had a relative that fought for the south you should be ashamed! It is nothing to be proud of! As for what's going on over there now isn't what has always being on. Its the product of what was forced on them and that's horrible! Common sense should tell them don't do what white people did to you to make money. What's really crazy is how white people down grade their actions. The confederate flag represents another blood stain in white history. I will never understand how white people with such a bloody, murderous, inhumane history. Would allow anything to remind people of who they are! This flag shit runs deep! It cuts real deep in the eyes of black people. That guy go back to Africa. I say give the Indian's back there land and way of life. Then pack it up and go back to the Queen! Don't forget if we move back get the white the fuck out of Africa and give us back the middle east. That North East Africa!

  70. Anthony Phillips says:

    Whatever, you Moron.

  71. Anthony Phillips Is that the best you got Pink man? The only moron here is you, the Pink dummy who came on my post with his delusional self righteous antics. Go Have a nice day Pink Man, I didn't invite you here.

  72. Anthony Phillips says:

    Taylor Hyll Sure it was. Check the book of Leviticus.

    The only thing that is white washed is the revisionist history you are studying. Good luck with that. I posted the articles, choose to be dumb if you want.

  73. Its race baiting that black people said move the flag indoors? Its race baiting that someone said go back to Africa. So all that was a lie and no one is offended by that flag? If you support that flag and what it stands for. You are one of the many american terrorist living over here.

  74. Susan Frise Hathaway says:

    Personally, I am not arguing the validity of his actual statement, I am only pointing out that his statement was INTENTIONALLY misrepresented to make it appear that he "screamed Go back to Africa" to the man, WHICH HE DID NOT. This kind of cutting and pasting is worse than lying, IMHO, in its attempt to manufacture hate and "racism", which was not there. SHAME on this site, and the few others who have not taken this article down and printed a retraction!

  75. Don't say start another Ferguson! The next time it wont be any marching. The real thugs will be out next time!

  76. Dude why? That flag flew and still flies in the south where black people were slaves! It represents war veterans that fought to keep black people slaves and the south separate from the north! It gives no respect to the union! Real history shows where white people go lies and death follows! As a white person how can you stand proud of your history? White people won't even be honest about Black people's real history! Go back to Africa you say! First, give it back to us and that includes the Middle East and North Africa. Then restore our land. See we want to own our resources white people have stolen. Then get the fuck out of Africa! To even mention Jewish in a way that it repersents white people. Shows you really don't know your own history. Those hooded clowns represents apart of your history. You are one of the millions of white people that are apart of the problem. You clearly support a racist cause no matter how you sweeten it up!

  77. Smh so sad …. I love white black pink red blue green ..we all bleed the same damn color

  78. Trilla King says:

    People please just stop thinking of the color of your skin…and try to work together ..!

  79. Trilla King says:

    or the Caucasus mountains white people..

  80. Roy Coleman says:

    Are you saying that it's ok to display the Swastika on public property? It's origin has nothing to do with the Nazis. The Jewish people are right to be offended by it just like the victims of Southern Terrorists are offended by the Stars and Bars.

  81. Josh Benson says:

    Darrick, the quote "Go back to Africa" was taken out of context. The entire quote was"Go back to Africa and tell them that". It was referring to Africans seeking their own into slavery. I sorry the flag and what it stands for, as it stands for standing up to an overreaching federal government. Do done research before you believe everything you read as truth.

  82. Josh Benson says:

    The entire quote was "Go back to Africa and tell them that". It was referring to Africans selling their own as slaves. This is what happens when race – baiters write articles. Don't believe everything that you read.

  83. Arin Malice Valencee says:

    Wow honestly people really need to read up on history second let the hate go I'm not saying forget but let the hate go.. many different races help build this country African Americans were not the only race tortured don't forget about the Asians don't forget about the native Americans if you want to talk about torture and back breaking talk about every race not just African Americans

  84. Tamara Felix says:

    Go bk to Europe…. damn cavemen

  85. Anthony Phillips says:

    Taylor Hyll , Africans sold other Africans to the dutch, who then sold them to the rest of the world. The seven years you refer to was Jewish tradition, in the old testament, not an African tradition. You should also know there were plenty of black slave owners in America. One of the largest slave owners in South Carolina was a black man.

    Maybe you should stop trying to find a reason for being racist for things that happened over a hundred years ago and before anyone alive today was born. No one in America can claim they have a hard life based on the color of their skin, and they are lying if they do. We are all Americans, and we need to start acting like it.

    Actually, there is research now that the first people to come to America were in fact, Europeans, not that it matters now. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  86. Trilla King Please confer your message to those who uphold and defend White Supremacy, they are the ones who need to hear it the most.

  87. Roy Coleman
    Well I would respectfully point out having done research on that subject that in non-Western countries the display of the swastika is not considered offensive, so its not a universal view that the symbol is racist.
    Its even less so with the battle flag, considering that the number of people who use it as a racist symbol are outnumbered 100-1 by people who do not use it for any such reason.
    Are those offended right to be offended….they are right to be offended by the hatred of human beings, but not right to pass that hatred off on a symbol other honor, especially when they choose to label many of those same people "terrorists". The moment you begin using labels, you lose whatever moral high ground you think you had in the first place, and you yourself become the bigot.

  88. Darrick Murphy
    Its what you can expect from the sort of reactionary thinking that most who practice the sin of political correctness fascism love to throw out.
    Also she fails to point out how honoring a war memorial to dead soldiers constitutes "doing business as usual" or murdering anyone. I mean paranoid much?

  89. Oh well I suppose we should do away with that huge "second place trophy" in Washington DC…you know that huge wall with all those name on it that also represents a bunch of "losers" (I mean they did lose that particular war too right?)

  90. Anthony Phillips Recessive gene mutant, you have a really nasty mouth, which only proves your true nasty spirit. You are full of hate, and so was your ancestors. The apple does not fall far from the tree, and people like you cannot be reformed. Like i previously mentioned I didn't invite you to my post, and my ancestors didn't invite your terrorist ancestors to this land. the truth hurts, its only a feeling get over it!

  91. The irony and hypocrisy of these Pink Devils, never ceases to amaze me.-lol

  92. Anthony Phillips Ignore this pink devil with his covert white supremacist views!

  93. Trilla King says:

    Anthony Phillips 7 The white race is not equal with darker people because the white race was not created by the God of Righteousness. The white race is not a created people; they are a made people. They were made by Yakub, an original Black Man — who is from the Creator.

  94. Lois Marie Edwards Foster says:

    Truth be told, most of you crossed those seas, last time I remembered I was borned, raised and bred in this good old united states? Entitlement! NOT!

  95. Lois Marie Edwards Foster says:

    This is what happens when the repubs are in control.. They come out of the closets!

  96. Anthony Phillips says:

    Good God you are some stupid people on here. I'm sorry I wasted my time posting on this site.

  97. Steven Schexnayder says:

    Born Mutha'Fkn Ready i love how you're ranting on about "whites being racist" and all that shit, yet you sit here and call the guy "pink man" and "white militant devil". and you wonder why white people are racist towards african americans, especially when they hear racial slurs come out of their mouths against people of other color. race is only an issue if you MAKE it an issue.

  98. I say leave them alone about thier flag. That's their flag, so what. We have some important issues to discuss and that is not one of them. Leave them alone and let's get down to business.

  99. Karen Boyd-Udenze says:

    Treason for the purposes is slavery. The Confederates lost their attempt, flag surrendered and now serves no purpose, as it represents embarrassment. Nothing patriotic! Carl W. Roden.

  100. Ritchie Holliman says:

    The true question if folks are honest they aren't racist is what would a human with do with such a situation? It should be to place oneself in the other man's shoes.

  101. Shouldn't have been a bunch of pussies then we couldn't have took nothing from you huh

  102. What the fuck are you saying ours for you didn't invent shit and as far as your land goes the white government owns your fuckin getto bitch

  103. So I guess the black folks took a page out of their white masters book and didn't want to work for shit either

  104. Michelle Antoinette says:

    Josephine Bass It's sad that in your old age you are harboring all this hatred. You and your racists friends want black people to stay quiet in the face of injustice.

  105. Greg Angus says:

    Josephine Bass perhaps you can cite a link showing the evidence of what you say about the preacher. I'm sure that, with the certainly of your assertion, you have at your fingertips unassailable facts demonstrating your statement to be true.

    :Worked for since coming to these shores? Um, by annihilating Native Americans and stealing their land. You are referring to that?

    Have you seen the color of the nurses in Dallas who contracted Ebola while caring for those afflicted with it? They are not white. Of course there are whites helping, but your point just became ridiculous.

  106. Charles Van De Mark says:

    I’ll take a nice Irish Stew or Dutch stew anytime for dinner over a monkey a bat or some other “bush meat”. Can you imagine?

  107. you're just a another Christian twister to the truth, bible thumping habitual lie. where and when did it mention this man was a muslim? no need for ur response hence your comment says a lot about you

  108. first of all, I don`t really think it mattered who sold who. what's messed up about white Christian slave masters was their treatment of their slaves that leaves the emotional and mental scars ,backed by the continued oppression ,stigmatized etc of the later generation of once slaves by the generation of the white slaves. regardless of how you`d like to twist this fact , there's always the culprit that repeats himself .

  109. Bright Chike says:

    I would rather eat bats and bush meat, rather than the "Irish and Dutch stew", which you love so much yet left to go on a killing spree in "you-know-what-places"#Charles

  110. Pam A Jack says:

    Gary Mercer Jr. WTF;you think white people are the only one who pay taxes and support this country. Wow, what kind of soup are you sipping on.

  111. It doesn't matter how many twist and turns you place on the flag, it still symbolizes hatred. The confederate fighters fought to continue slavery. That, in itself, is enough for me to stop flying the flag. Place it inside the museum, but flying the flag is degrading.

  112. Foolish and ignorant if black people leave America would be bankrupt tomorrow aside from working and all forms of entertainment we spend more than any race

  113. Susan Murphy Get a life you probably have no idea who your ancestors are or were they came from.

  114. Darrick Murphy Get a life and learn the true history of the War of Northern aggression.

  115. John L Spencer II You sir are welcome to try, do you know the way to Florida? Come on down!

  116. Trilla King I will not be going anywhere, my ancestors met each and everyone of you when you landed here. If they had only known what shit you have wrought they would have killed all of you in the water.

  117. Really please educate me since I only spent 15 years studying this subject?

  118. Bruce Hudson says:

    Susan Murphy Slavery is going on in Africa by Africans. In Sudan, Mauritania, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Pogo, Cameroon, Ghana among others. These are black Africa countries The people of those countries are not Arabs, although, some Arabs indeed practice slavery. In the 17th century, when slavery was brought to the North America, , the first slaves were sold to Dutch slaver ships by Africans. read that again. The first slaves brought to Jamestown in 1619 were brought by a Dutch ship and were acquired by the Dutch from other black Africans in West Africa.

  119. George Payne III the next time I come to FL… I will surely look you up!

  120. Trilla King says:

    George Payne…we are here to stay so deal with it ..God is in control

  121. Josephine Bass ,Hmm! Are you "taking care of Ebola patients and their grief stricken families "? Christian lady, I think not.

  122. Josephine Bass is not a racist…Yeah, right…

  123. Janet, please read history and you will see the FIRST slaveowner was a black plantation owner. Yes, I said a black plantation owner and that in the North there are still slave owners. Go back in history and you will see Gen Robert E. Lee did not own slaves but started a school to educate the free slaves. Gen U.S. Grant owned and traveled with slaves after the war was over with. Please read an accurate history of this time period.

  124. I was just thinking if Blacks or African Americans would leave and take all the inventions and accomplishments with them… America wouldn't be at its present level of development as you know today… So the next time you pass through the traffic signal or open your home refrigerator… Give props to a black inventor…

  125. Ressie Luck says:

    Josephine Bass you just made me cringe….not from looking at your face but we know God doesn't like ugly but from your blatant racism. This is what you are teaching your children and grandchildren… are the reason why we will never get over race relations in this country. What makes you think you are so inferior? Everytime someone opposes racism they are accused of being a muslim. You just like your ancestors still use the bible today to spew lies and hatred. What is up with this confederate flag??? We have a flag…the United States of America flag. I live in Danville, Virginia and you have no idea what this flag represents, what it represents to people of color anyway. You wanting to preserve this flag only says one thing… want to preserve your evil way of life and keep racism alive. You got some nerve…talking about EVERYTHING WE"VE WORKED FOR. You need a history lesson. This country was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of my ancestors. Without our inventions there are quite a few luxuries you wouldn't have today.

  126. @Johnnie Parker… I am more supportive and loyal to these USA than you can imagined… I served in its Navy for most of my life and still get treated as a 3rd class citizen. I realized that no matter what you do in this country… It is the most racist country in the world. Look at how people are treating the President… It would not happen if he was non African-American… I consider myself as an Independent in political parties… and I can honestly say that this nation needs to grow up. Terrorists… You just don't know how this country pushes people to the other side don't you? Terrorists comes in many forms… Which are you? i think that one day the real terrorist will take over and most of them are here already…

  127. the phrase doesn't matter, the question here on now is as Michael Jackson asked,'i'm talking with man in the mirror and I'm asking if he changed his ways". the word slavery struck a nerve for those whose ancestors were under the whip on plantations, laboring in hot sun and suffered horrendous abuses by mostly white slave masters. is slavery wrong? not all together since it is merely the owners (of slaves) regards for life hence; is he a person of integrity, kind, and just to his slaves? what am I relating to? i.e. there is throughout history of mankind, there is slavery but let us not forget that slavery has many aspects mainly one being negative and one positive. as we speak, and should we understand the true meaning of slavery , we would realize that we`re all enslave to something or to someone , that could mean willingly by our own consent or by force of someone directly or indirectly i.e. if you're a lover of BRAND names , then you're one that can be looked at as being enslaved indirectly to someone or to a brand. I had highlighted BRAND to make a point i.e. branding was a method used in showing ownership. the aspect of forceful enslave is more like cohesive bullying strategized around the needs of the human race, those needs being thee essentials like food, clothing, water, shelter(housing ) and now electricity. for these needs t be met one would have to labor(work) in some form thus one can be disadvantaged by his/her employee e.g. working for wages below that amount that covers the essential needs. however people did paid off debts to a debtor by way of service , which I see a form of slavery. now in my humble opinion , slavery is being misconcepted by many as to being oppression. oppression has nothing to do with slavery which method was used to control, discriminate and belittle the black plantation slaves. once we begin to understand the methods of which were used by most white Christian slave masters , you would recognized that something is definitely wrong with those individuals. hence, I can't imagine how could anyone claiming to be of good nature/ will and clear sanity , would treat another human being that way unless he sees not flesh , blood and bones but a rock or a tree, not even an animal.

  128. Ant Devine says:


  129. If we can't put up the American flag then they need to take their flag down!! It's just that sample.

  130. Charlie Palmer your bigotry is egregiously ignorant and most of least educated people are more enlighten than the narrowness of your small , drunkened mind. I saw on your Facebook page where you participate in reinacting the Civil War as Confederates. You have to be on the brink of idiotic stupidity to want to relive your demise!! You have the nerves Mr. Backwoods!!

  131. I would love to leave here. pay be for the free labor my ancestors did and I am gone. you will not have to ask me twice. I will make all the arrangements. I will give up my american citizenship. you can have your passport back. reparations and a one-way ticket back to africa is all I ask.

  132. who cares. we should not be making money for them. they are presently trying to steal our personae and insert themselves into our identity.

  133. God has already restricted them but it is stupid people who still believe in white supremacy and continue to prop them up.

  134. Taylor Hyll I wish they would stop with this lame line about other africans sold us into slavery. It was the white race who MADE US SLAVES.

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