‘There’s No Place for It’: Neighbors Furious Over Arkansas Woman Hanging Mannequin From Tree Near a Confederate Flag

Neighbors of a woman who hung a mannequin across from a Confederate flag are in an uproar over the display she says is an old Halloween decoration.

A video posted to Facebook Wednesday morning shows the mannequin swinging from a tree in a home at a subdivision in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“This day of time, there’s no place for it,” says nearby resident Ricky Allen to Fox 16 on May 29. Allen drove by the home after seeing the Facebook video. “I saw a video of a noose, of a person of color hanging from it. It’s kind of disturbing. It’s heartbreaking to know neighbors in the neighborhood is like that.”

Another woman, Tracy Sims, lives a few blocks away from the Greenwood Acres subdivision home. She described the display as disheartening.

“I saw that Rebel Flag and I found out it [was] someone near my home — it’s very disturbing,” Sims says. “It is a free country, but it’s very offensive.”

The owner of the home with the mannequin in question insisted it was an old Halloween decoration that has not been taken down. However, no other Halloween decorations were in sight, according to the reporter on the scene. The homeowner said the mannequin was not race related.

“Well, hell, I’ll take it down. This is a Halloween decoration — a Creeper. You know the movie Jeepers Creepers,” the woman, whose face was not shown on camera, tells the news outlet. She added that no one has come by to tell her in person that the mannequin is insulting.

“They could have knocked on the door and asked instead of calling the news out,” she says.

Asked if she would remove the display on camera, the woman refused. News crews left the area and returned 20 minutes later. When they came back, they discovered the mannequin was pulled down. The Confederate flag, however, remained raised.

“She knows what it means and so does everyone else around here and everyone else too,” Sims tells the news station of the mannequin.

Allen said regardless of the mannequin’s removal, the damage has already been done. He believes the homeowner only took it down because of the cameras.

“Cause you guys are out here. Somebody called and told you all about it, I think that’s why they took it down,” Allen says.

Meanwhile, skeptical viewers let their feelings fly about the homeowner’s claim that the mannequin was decor left over from a holiday that ended six months ago.

“Girl… it’s May. Halloween has BEEN over.”

“A Halloween decoration? Honey it’s May… you know you’re just being hateful so stop trying to pass it off as something else. 🙄”

“Halloween decorations….in may. 🤔”

“Right–left over from Halloween. Didn’t think it was offensive-no one told her it was offensive and didn’t ask her to take it down. She knew exactly what it was and what it represents! She is offensive and should be removed!!!”

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