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Beyonce’s New Album Proves She Is At the Top of the Game

Beyoncé fans are in for another treat, as the queen of all things musical is adding a second installment to her self-titled album later this month.

Earlier this morning Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia, Beyonce’s record company, announced that “Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set,” a two-CD, two-DVD deluxe version of her latest album, is set to release on November 24th.  The album will include all of the original videos and songs and a whole new CD called “More” containing six songs and a live DVD from her most recent tour. “More” has new songs featuring such big names as Nicki Minaj, her hubby Jay-Z, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

The six song CD is a far cry from the rumors of an entirely new album that had been going around the internet after an image appeared on Twitter on Saturday supposedly releasing confirmation from Parkwood and Columbia for “Beyonce- Self Titled – Volume 2.”

This CD comes after the original release of “Beyoncé” sprang up on an unsuspecting public one night in December 2013 and completely blindsided fans with 14 new songs and accompanying videos. The only advertisement of the album was an Instagram post from the queen saying “Surprise!”

This album release was the first of its kind. Never before had an artist of her stature produced an entire album and video project with no word leaking to the public and absolutely no advertising. This kind of surprise marketing tactic cemented Beyonce’s status on her throne and even caused Harvard Business School to take notice and turn her album release into a case study.

With so much buzz surrounding the musical mogul, it’s a wonder that anyone is doubting her crown. But on October 31st Vh1 tweeted a picture of young pop stars Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Lorde with the caption “Bey… you should watch the throne”—to which fans responded with a round of “lol’s” and “uhh no’s.”

Vh1 shows no sign of stopping the blatant Beyoncé blasphemy as the network now has her running in the Vh1 Pop Queen Faceoff against Janet Jackson. At least that’s better than the teeny boppers they originally compared her to.



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