Signs of Racism Ruin Halloween … Again: Woman Ordered to take Down ‘Lynching’ Display

It seems as if Halloween is continuing to undergo its transformation into the racist man’s holiday.

What started as an ancient pagan festival for the dead eventually became a day for kids to dress up and get free candy and then eventually became a day for people to do racist things only to claim they had no idea they were offensive.

The latest incident involves a woman who put up a lynching display outside her home on the Fort Campbell U.S. Army base, which lies on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee.

The display is as disturbing as it gets.

Three Black figures were hanging from the tree outside the woman’s home with a small Black child holding on to the legs of a lynched man.

There is a sign around what is assumed to be the father figure’s neck. The first line reads “Do Not Touch” with more illegible writing underneath.

Faux blood can be seen dripping from around the figures’ necks.

The only silver lining is that the display has been removed after many residents in the neighborhood found it to be extremely offensive.

According to ClarksvilleNow, the authorities were contacted after neighbors caught a glimpse of the cringe-worthy display.

While the woman claimed she didn’t intend for the display to be offensive at all, Brendalyn Carpenter with Fort Campbell Public Affairs saw otherwise.

“Displays of an offensive nature are not reflective of Army values and the family-friendly environment provided for employees and residents of the Fort Campbell community,” Carpenter told ClarksvilleNow.

Unfortunately, it has become a trend for racist costumes and displays to pop up around Halloween every year.

In addition to the many blackface costumes that pop up around this time of year, there are even more offensive getups like the white man who decided to dress up as Trayvon Martin last year.

Martin is the unarmed Black teen who was fatally shot by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman back in 2012.

There have also been a variety of different offensive takes on Ray Rice costumes this year.

One man seemed to take the prize for offensive costumes by completing his ensemble with a Black blowup doll passed out on the floor with her dress pulled up.

The costumes have all emerged after elevator footage of suspended NFL player Ray Rice beating his then-fiancee in an elevator was released to the public.


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