15 of the Top US Neighborhoods with the Most Black Residents

The Higley 1000 list calculates the top neighborhoods in America based on U.S. census data and other surveys. According to the site: “[The] methodology consisted of aggregating contiguous block groups with a mean income over $200,000. Block groups are subdivisions of Census tracts.”

Also noted by the list aggregators is that Black people continue to lag behind other ethnic groups, making up just 1.7 percent of the population of the top 1,000 neighborhoods.

Here are the top neighborhoods, according to the Higley 1000 list, with the highest percentage of Black people.


West Mount Airy - Philadelphia, Philadelphia

West Mount Airy — Philadelphia

41.2 percent of the households are Black.

Newstead — South Orange Village, New Jersey

26.5 percent of the households are Black.

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