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10 African Kingdoms No One Talks About But Should

Bornu Empire

Bornu Empire (1380–1893)  
The Bornu Empire was a state in what is now northeastern Nigeria. It was a continuation of the great Kanem Empire founded centuries earlier by the Sayfawa Dynasty. In time, it would become even larger than Kanem, incorporating areas that are today parts of Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

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82 thoughts on “10 African Kingdoms No One Talks About But Should

  1. We've all been taught of the Great African Kingdoms of Kush, Nubia, Ghana, Mali, Songhay…but seems there could be more African Kingdoms we all could learn about.

  2. hisory is taught to relate what the teacher thinks important not what the scholar needs to know.

  3. There are a lot more than this. African history is rich! The Europeans and Islamists really did us a real disservice by there greedy ways!

  4. Deeqa Yousef says:

    It's the Arab not the Islam there is great between arab race and Islam religion

  5. Thanks for the correction but are Arabs not Islamists or muslim. Where Arabs not part of the hordes that sacked Africa for all it glory then replace it with so called religion. How are Arabs different from Islam religion please. All Arab countries treat us black people the same. With disdain and tolerance rather than brotherliness…
    To me they are one and the same. please educate me…

  6. Deeqa Yousef says:

    Arab are racist that is fact, but Arabs are chistians Jews muslim and some small other religion on the contrary Muslim could be chinese Russian which I heard they have 20 millions or 250 millions in India or Europe or South America I hope you get my idea

  7. Deeqa Yousef says:

    Whole world hate us black even we hate and kill each other Rwanda…..southAfrica killing of somalis there

  8. I love it! Will share everywhere I go!

  9. Thomas Tobin Jr. says:

    Deeqa Yousef The perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide have killed another 10 million in the DR Congo. Rwanda was 1 million. Why aren't we talking about Congo?

  10. Deeqa Yousef says:

    Thomas Tobin Jr. sorry I know how congo people suffer at the hands of the Beligum

  11. Med Meddy says:

    Peter Osunbade Hey brother, Islam actually teaches that their is no difference between the black and white and that we are all one and that our deeds only differ how the creator looks at us. If people are racist it has nothing to do with the religion. Islam is perfect people are not. let us put the blame where it belongs. look at prophet mohammed's final's speech about race. just because people call themselves muslims. doesn't mean that they are. it brings up the question are their actions in accordance to the teachings of the Quran?

  12. What Islam teaches and what all the practitioners do to Non Muslims and especially Africans is another thing. Its terrible. Im more scared of going to any Islamic country than anything. Even the Quran says im an infidel so in essence even the scripture tells you to see me as less than your selves. Please stop trying to convince me about what Islam is or isn't. It is all of the above including intolerant. Show me one place in Africa where Islam came with love and not blood. Look at what happened to Black Africans in Lybya, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt recently. Palestine once had a huge black population. Theve been killed off. Please don't tell me about peaceful Islam because all I see is the peaceful ones standing by while the warlike ones take up territory and terrorise everyone else… I prefer a constitution to all these so called religions of peace with war as the alma matter…

  13. Med Meddy says:

    Peter Osunbade just an fyi there is like no islamic countries I think maybe just Malaysia or something that "could be" considered that. Hmm I don't think Islam calls you an Infidel I have read it many times. Can you please let me know what part you are speaking about? because I hate that you misquote a faith that I practice. Thank you! I am not trying to convince you, believe what you wish, but don't go spreading misinformation about my faith, thank you for understanding. You need to show me proof of what you speak, the Islam I know gave freedom to blacks who were slaves during the pagan times of the Arabs, telling them that People are all equal. Like I said I am not sure of what Islam you are talking about or history but the Islamic history that I know doesn't show that. I think there is a lot of misinformation around there. there is A LOT OF blacks in the middle east even Egypt so I honestly don't know what you are talking about, and we don't look down on them I speak from Experience. Education is power my brother, its best to go to the source and read. I am still waiting for the verse 🙂 maybe we can share some enlightenment.

  14. Im not spreading anything about your faith. Im just pointing out to you that your faith says one thing and practices another when it comes to Africans… Period. The semantics and correct tenses are another story… If i say arab nation you will say Persian, If i say islamic you will say Muslim. i guess i will leave it up to comprehension for you to understand. BTW half of my family is Muslim… Islam and Christianity are the worst things to hit my continent!!! foreign arrogant religions!!!

  15. Med Meddy says:

    Peter Osunbade my faith is the quran, what people choose to do is up to them. I don't label all black people in the same as those who choose to do wrong. like I said brother, let's not let hate blind us. so you have not provided me with any verses that proves this hate. I will judge the Quran which is what I know to be the word of the creator. I will judge myself because that is all that I can control but I am not perfect either. I use to think the same 🙂 i was an an athiest. I think it comes down to self education and reflection on the self. why do you have so much hatred against you and who are you really? and what is this world around you and the purpose of All. I hope you find a peace in life. and enlightment in sha Allah. best of luck brother. take care. Don't let hatred consume you, because than you are no different than those you hate upon.

  16. Thanks so much for this.

  17. Med Meddy Please excuse me brother but you seem to confuse hatred for reality. Im saying what my people and I face every day from Quranic people. can you deny that Africans are treated very badly in most Muslim, Islamic, Quoran countries? Why? That is the reality I face. As far as hatred is concerned. Nothing I have said should hve suggested it. Im asking WHY do these people read such a a beautiful book and exude so much violence and hatred towards themselves, others and especially black people.

  18. I will share our story to my friends and family and not his-story.

  19. can anyone recommend any further reading on pre-colonial Africa? Very interested in the parallels between pre-colonial Africa and the pre-colonial Americas.

  20. Check out this blog for additional information about the contributions of the Moors.

  21. Where is Oyo Empire , which is the home of the Yoruba people , whose language is the 5th most popular all over the world? This author is not so brilliant.

  22. Bryan Art says:

    Peter Osunbade this is debatable since the original muslims were Arabs

  23. Ricki my beloved sister, the Europeans only lets out what they want you to know. African heritage is vast

  24. Marcia Edwards says:

    My sister you have friends and family all over the world. Sharing your story give us all a voice, knowledge and wisdom. " Hide a candle under a bushel its light soon goes out, share the light so that all my see and enjoy it's beauty"

  25. Charles Curly Eason says:

    Deeqa Yousef When you have time listen and watch this vid….I hope you get the historical truth not your idea…..

  26. Charles Curly Eason says:


  27. Charles Curly Eason says:


  28. Cyril Karwa says:

    Just been informed about UNESCO's General History of Africa. They have downloadable volumes of different time periods. I believe you can find your answer there.

  29. History is indeed written by the victors. The white people nevertalk abiut these back empires when people in Europe were still living in caves. Thanks for pubishing. The article is a big boost to other colored colonized people of the world. Reynaldo Lopez, ChrisitianPeacemaker team Philippines [email protected] Manila, Phil.

  30. George Victor Johnson Jr. says:

    Dr John Henrik Clarke spoke indept about this subject.

  31. Oyo's imperial success made Yoruba a lingua franca almost to the shores of the Volta Toward the end of the 18th century, the Oyo army was neglected as there was less need to conquer Instead, Oyo directed more effort towards trading and acted as middlemen for both the Trans-Saharan and Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

  32. What ab0ut the great Biafara {Biafra} Kingd0m.

  33. we aren't talking about the modern day version of Arab… because there are Black Arabs too…Arab is a culture… not a skin tone.. something even the modern day ones have forgotten…

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  34. Cyril Karwa The UN Open Educational Resource initiative has put General History of Africa volumes online, they are huge and I couldn't afford them back in the day. Their website is a big mess, so try this direct link to see the volumes:

    while there, you may want to check how the UN defines Genocide, in light of the stealing/hiding/bastardizing a peoples history.

  35. Ray Benitez says:

    Naturally, history is written by the winners. The colonial empires took the land of Africa for resources and slaves. I find it enlightening to read of these great empires which reigned the Cradle of Civilization prior to their conquests.

  36. Check: Kanem Borno Empire 1000 years of Splendor by Philip Koslow
    and learn about the great KANURI people of Borno state, Nigeria

  37. Turned out pretty well now! These were amazing kingdoms, thanks for the share. I teach African Studies at a South Dallas Church to an unfortunate set of "youths" and I hope this inspires them to learn more about their roots.

  38. Mamaj Tip says:

    No, all arabs are not muslim or islamist…. many arabs are christians

  39. The disservice is that you're ignorant. Most of the empires mentioned above were Islamic. And it was Islamic structure that allowed them to become great. African has always been a tribal society. And inter-tribal warfare has wreak more havoc on the African people than any other force, race, ideology, or religion. In recent history, look what the Hutu did to the Tutsi. 800,000 Africans butchered and murdered by fellow Black Africans. You can't blame that on Arabs, and Islam. You need to get an education my friend. This the truth of Islam in Africa.

  40. Where is Axumite kingdom?

  41. It is understandable that we people who are of African descent look to the past for an identity, considering the denigration, and defacement done to that identity since our enslavement, and colonization by the White West. This is important to our self-esteem, and to instill self-confidence in ourselves, and our people. However, we can't live in that past. We must now strive for excellence in science, technology, and economics, because it is these three fields above all others that have given the White West their vast advantage over us, and has allow them to dominate us so thoroughly. We should be seeking to not only equal the White West in these fields, but to excel them, such that we eventually become the leaders in all these aspects.

  42. axum has been well discussed..these are lesser known kingdoms.

  43. Dude I know you are wrong. I have done studies too. Many of the African inter wars were isolated, they didn't affect the whole Africa and the way people were treated after those wars was more integration than outright genocide. When the Arabs and Caucasians came they changed everything. Islamists wanted control of everything and killed everything, people, culture, traditions etc. All by the sword. Arabs are hateful towards themselves so a common victim suits them fine. Whites wanted control too. They wrote the history you so freely espouse about inter tribal wars causing more damage to us Africans. Dear sir that is erroneous.

  44. Biafra Kingdom has never been great and is relatively new as a self identity. For sake of argument what makes Biafra a great kingdom?

  45. Poxy Walker says:

    The truth can set the minds of the captives free!!

  46. John I. Jones The article is about Ancient African Kingdoms. Now I think you need to take your white privilege and go somewhere else because we do not need you coming along to give us any advice on seizing the moment or opportunity. Go talk to the over 100 million poor white trash that collect welfare and need to get up off their asses and do something. Now hurry along white boy.

  47. Gibson Ampaw says:

    The problem is African Americans are not interested in African culture. They are more interested in Western materialism such as Jay Z and Beyonce. Sorry but the truth hurts.

  48. Gibson Ampaw says:

    No point in talking about it, because African Americans are not interested, so why should anybody else.

  49. Gibson Ampaw says:

    Peter Osunbade – You forgot to mention Rwanda, where blacks killed 800000 of each other only in 1994. Every race has its murderous elements.

  50. Paul Cooley says:

    Gibson Ampaw If that were true why did an African American write this article? Why are the majority of the commenters African American? You do understand this website is owned and operated by african americans right?

  51. John I. Jones You say Black people are polarizing the poulous to create an atmosphere of animosity and down right hatred? Sweetie, your folks started it first, we asked you to kindly leave us alone, but every time we turn around, we have a lynch mob at our doorstep like our folks in Tulsa, Rosewood, Slocum, or crooked cops planting false evidence, or killing unarmed black citizens, or bombing and burning our churches. Please go speak to your folks about the hatred and animosity because my folks have always accomodated you white folks, unfortunately it cost 9 of our lives the last time we welcomed you in. Peace

  52. Sorry, John I. Jones, but your opinion does not align with the reality. Yes there are far more opportunities today for African Americans, than ever before, but still far less than there are for Whites, and hardly "every". As long as there are racist Whites in positions of control, they will exercise their racist attitudes in those positions. This means that Blacks who have to go before such individuals to access the opportunities you speak of, will be denied those opportunities. This is how racism is exercised today.

  53. Gibson Ampaw sit cho negative ass down somewhere! Always got somethin negative to say.

  54. You missed the Kindom of Lesotho….

  55. I finished just asking a friend if there were any universities in Africa before European invasion…

  56. this is wonderful !!!

    is there any way you can add it to this page ?

  57. Fascinating! Did not know most of these.

  58. Leif Ryman says:

    A book called: Pre-colonial history of West Africa
    From the oral tradition the full history of the Bantu: Indaba My Children

  59. Cheryle Munroe Hunter you better say it!!!!

  60. Leif Ryman says:

    Notice how all of those empires in DR Congo came to an end at 1887 that was at the height of King Leopold II rain of terror in his private Congo colony. Was no coincidence that these empires fell at that time.

  61. No you black people just never had civilization, the proof of that is because white people don't say you did and whenever white people showed up your nations mysteriously fall apart.

    Then they call me a racist when I say throw out all the white people.

  62. No mention of #KingMenes & Egypts 1st Dynasty or #MalikAmbar & #Arungabad, great list tho

  63. Sipho Dube says:

    Why is there no mention of the Swazi kingdom still in existence till this very day??

  64. T truth to this issue is simple. There is but one race on this planet. That is the Human Race. Of that race there are two genders, Male and Female. Now come the truth of reality. Both those genders were Black. So case in point: ALL HUMANS ARE BLACK. We are all descendences from an African woman. Her DNA is in us all, this is 99.9999% acurate. This is not my saying. It is the research of White genogologists, who were trying to install White beginnings for the Human Race. The truth is coming out that, Black history is human history and the only history. There is nothing any human can do to change the truth. They can only corrupt history into their story. While, it is hard to live in reality for some. that is all that we have in the end. Regardless how hard you choose not to believe it. The truth is the truth and no lie can change it. Before you respond to this. Remember Now!!! The TRUTH IS THE TRUTH AND YOU CAN NOT CHANGE IT INTO A LIE!!!!

  65. Andrew Tay says:

    Typical European… obsessed with the slave trade

    FOH we're over the faux African history = slavery fallacy

    Has no basis and its a boring myth

  66. Jan Holmes says:

    Andrew Tay ……I do not read or study anything the white man teach regarding African history as it is base on lies and misinformation.

  67. omg thats why black people and african continent will never rise because of small shackeled mind like osunbade

  68. osunbade you do know that arabs and europeans treat blacks with disdain and intolerance but you treat biafra with disdain in intolerance with your negative comments about biafra

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