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5 Trinidad and Tobago Heroes Whose Stories Must Be Told on Film



Sandy was an enslaved African who led the first major slave revolt in Tobago in 1770. Sandy, from all indications, was a perfectly built enslaved African who despised the cruel system where his people suffered all unimaginable forms of brutality.

He killed his slave master and organized a number of meetings with fellow enslaved Black people to plan the revolt before leading his fighters in launching an attack on the British at Fort James in Plymouth to capture arms and ammunition. He then moved his fighters to the great house on Mount Irvine’s sugar plantation.

The revolt spread to different parts of Tobago and forced the British authorities on the island to call in battleships from Grenada to quell the revolt. Sandy and some of his followers were never captured but escaped to the Toco/Matelot area of Trinidad from what is now called Sandy Point at Crown Point.

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