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14 thoughts on “It Will Shock You When You See What European and Japanese Ships Have Been Doing To African Waters

  1. Hudie Evans says:

    So what else is new. The richer nations continue to view Africa as a place where they can dump their waste Africa must become united! The citizens will need to take matters in their own hands just like Mohamed Abshir Waldo explained in the latest incident. There is no justice in this world. Humanity need to awaken and remove the shackles from their "Masters".

  2. Have they filed their complaint with WHO? If so they need to expose WHO for not doing anything about this serious problem. Dumping nuclear dumping and other toxic into their water is attempt murder. The world need to know what these evil powers are doing to African people. Not only that but this water could eventual drift into other countries water. The other problem WHO just like the UN is control by those nations who control the UN, the UN is about looking out for white people. Who give them permission to do this nobody, they just run all over African people. We as African people all over the world should stand up and support out people, and protest, there is so much African people need to be doing, we only see other people of the world standing up protesting, what exactly are we doing? Things are very bad for African, and we sit and allow Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to speak for us, not all of us, because these fellows are jokes.

  3. Rob Irving says:

    The problem with this article is that it's bullshit and so is the video. This guy is trying to make excuses for the Somali Pirates who have been attacking ships off the coast of Somalia as far as 200-300 miles out. And not just container ships but private yachts, cruise ships….etc. Just think about it. It would be easier for these countries to simply dump whatever waste in the international waters where there is absolutely no regulation and no law against it.

  4. I just read Soro and Bill Gates controls the WHO. Rich white men with power, they have been doing this for a long time. People really don't need to vote. There time should be up soon, enough of this.

  5. This a Problem..Has Been , Water pollution, is Everywhere more so in some Places than Others. Toxic Waste also Is a Problem ,, Who Do We go To Is the Question..Pollution Toxic Waste It Needs to Stop…AS Fare as the WAter Pirates, I Thought That Problem was Taken care of And they Had Been Stopped , Altogether, PEOPLE COME TOGETHER…..

  6. Junius Markey says:

    Rob Irving is white supremacist sympathizer, who white folks to love him.

  7. Sundiata Keita says:

    ^^this nigga is a cop and cops are very dumb on international politics, so what is he doing on this article i dont know, so this bastard probably an agent too

  8. Sundiata Keita says:

    had no idea about WHO. i found this other stuff out when that somali movie came out last year. they got a US puppet govt and just had rigged elections and the US keeps different factions propped up to destabilize them every few months. its deep stuff

  9. Rob Irving says:

    And you're a fuckin idiot who should learn how to form a sentence. When was the last time you were in Somalia? I spent 9 months over there. You talkin shit and wearin' a Indianapolis Colts hat. A team that's from the same state where the KKK first started.

  10. you sir are a FOOL these countries are dumping waste off these coast because i was in the US Navy and we dump waste every day fool.

  11. rob Irvin, this problem isn't one that just popped up. this stuff was happening for a long time. I had seen a documentary prior to 1999 whereby the French were caught dumping nuclear waste just off the beaches of Somalia and few barrels made their was on to the beaches and the locals not knowing what it was at the time didn't had any qualms about it until their children are found to be developed deformed, cleft lips, etc. the French tried to negotiate with the al shabab leaders and the government to grant permission to store the waste inland and it was rejected by al shabab but accepted by the government. , which brought about the conflict. there's one other incident that I saw in Angola , the French were trading used arms with rebels for fish that aid in fueling the Angolan war. the same give arms to spark the arab spring and now Syria war. speaking of pirate , the so called pirates are paid to ward of suspecting sips with nuclear waste aboard. there were no incident whereby any ship captain claiming they were robbed. also there is a lucrative drug trade out of Africa , with drugs being flown from Colombia and other South American countries and from Africa to Europe by go fast speed boats.

  12. shabaka, I'm not sure where you're from but it seems like you're totally out of touch with reality. first try to leave out the conditioned mindset and try hard at not being bias. what kind of protest can you , and against who, knowing you're programmed to think in hay-wired fashion. stop reading the bible except for what it is.

  13. Africa need to invest some damn money into a MILITARY. You CAN NOT defend yourselves if you CONTINUE to allow others to dictate your military. They continue to treat Africa and African countries like $hit because they KNOW you have absolutely NO WAY to defend yourselves AGAINST it.

  14. let the sommalies patrol those waters. they won't let them dump nothing.

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