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You Been Lied To: 7 Things You May Not Know About Somali ‘Pirates’

 (AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh)

(AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh)

Somali ‘pirates’ are actually defending Somali waters from foreign invaders

In 1991, the government of Somalia collapsed. It’s nine million people who have been battling widespread starvation ever since. America and other European nations saw this as a great opportunity to rob the country of its food supply and dump their nuclear waste in Somalia’s now unprotected seas.

According to the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, approximately 12 miles into the ocean from the coast is sovereign territory of the state.

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154 thoughts on “You Been Lied To: 7 Things You May Not Know About Somali ‘Pirates’

  1. Leah Ashton says:


  2. Not many are aware that the the UN through UNCLOS (United Nations Law of the Sea) passed 6 resolutions over the course of nine months redefining where territorial waters begin and end all because of Somalia. The Congress of the US doesn't work that fast in executing new law,

  3. It had a government again but was later collapsed due to UN interventions. They figured a Islamic ruled government would be a "Breeding ground" for terrorists. Smfh Fucking Hypocrites at the UN

  4. Reese Love says:

    The untold story. .

  5. Sundiata Keita says:

    this is a good article i found learning about the truth behind Somali 'pirates' and captain Phillips last year.
    http://africasacountry dot com/tom-hanks-captain-phillips-and-the-true-story-of-somali-piracy/

  6. They should keep standing and fighting for what they believed in,for their lives,the

  7. They should keep standing and fighting for what they believed in,for their lives,the western and their organizations dont care.

  8. Cheikh Diop says:

    Fuck the Vatican, United Snakes, the UN, the IMF and the World Bank! All crooks, liars and murderers!

  9. This kind of crap is why they killed off Kadafi. The US, EU, and the banks seek to rape Africa of their resources and fail to recognize the African countries rights to govern themselves as they see fit.

  10. Abbas Ali says:

    Selfish white ppl. soon they get their chance they will rape evrything from you.

  11. Osei Kufuor says:

    We keep saying "they " and "them" and how "they" are pillaging Africa to "their" advantage. "We" have known this for some time now, but what are "we" doing about it ? Bob Marley sang it, Nkrumah said it………"Africa must Unite!"

  12. Warren Brooks says:

    Number 3 doesn't make sense. Why would other countries fish in the same water where they have dumped nuclear waste?

  13. Kennedid Gabriel says:

    If western ships violate the Somali territorial waters, there's a HEFTY PRICE to pay!!! When they break into someone else property & get shot at, they get the nerves to call the property's owners "pirates" or "terrorists"!!! Gimme a f#$%ing break!!!!!! Somalis may be poor people BUT THEY NEVER SHY AWAY FROM ANY FIGHT ANY DAY!!! Gunbattles? Hakuna Matata!!!!!!

  14. Quincy W. Dowdy-El says:

    @cheikh, I agree with you whole-heartedly…

  15. Leigh Rivers says:

    I think the fishing came first.

  16. Ismael Ortiz says:

    They sell it to other countries…export. Also, these are individual corporations. While one is polluting, the other is commercial fishing, not knowing about the other's actions…

  17. Bwire Vincent says:

    As an African, I am deeply disappointed in Obama.

  18. They say that nuclear waste was dumped in djibouti as well, I'm black eritrean and all but africans are easily bought, Always been a problem, sorry

  19. Tom Dunn says:

    Defending Somali waters my ass! There are less violent ways to do that. Those creeps are maritime thugs…no different than those that rape and pillage the streets. You communists on this site may call them brothers. I don't.

  20. Dylan Wexler says:

    1. The journal, the Atlanta Black Star, might be biased. It concerns itself chiefly with the "black" community in the United States and abroad, as can be found in its mission statement. To begin, we should be a little skeptical. The paper might be coming in with the slant that it wants to prove the dominant, „White” view wrong, before even looking at available evidence. im not saying this is what the black star has done, however if they have done so, this paper is not academic, historical, etc. etc. and is no better than a gossip tabloid. its important to read multiple viewpoints, and not affiliate yourself with only one. That's not good journalism.

    2. This isn't an article so much as, it's an image reel, like those Top 10 celebrity things that AOL News run, or „7 hot vacation getaways this summer” where you have to click next each time to see the next image. I don't like this format, not because its annoying as hell and breaks up any argument or flow of any message, but also because its a way for the journal to cleverly make exponentially more money off advertising. (Think, the ads at the bottom load seven times instead of once). If the Black Star really wanted to be influential, it should construct a complete argument instead of emulating this form of entertainment.

    3. I dont disagree with that european ships have been polluting the waters of somalia, or taking fisherman’s fish. I understand why someone would decide to become a pirate. i don’t hate the people who decide to do that, as misguided they may be. However, its ridiculous to say that Pirates are actually just fishermen. Fishermen don’t take people hostage, and hold them at gunpoint for ransom with assault rifles for weeks on end. at that point, you are a kidnapper, an aggressor, a pirate. im not condemning the individuals for becoming pirates, but still, its fallacious to imagine these pirates are simply fishermen. Fishermen traditionally speaking, catch fish. Not hold people hostage at gunpoint.

    4. I understand that piracy is the largest source of income in somalia. Still, thats no excuse for potentially killing people. Even if they follow the „Somalia Pirate” „Code”, if such a code exists, there is no guarantee that a person, upon being abducted or held hostage, wont have a heart attack or suffer from a psychological disorder. in a court of law, if one breaks into one’s house and the resulting person has a heart attack, the offender is held liable for this injury. It might be homicide or even murder. I might understand the frustration of many at being residents of perhaps the most ineffective government in the world in one of the poorest regions on earth. That still doesn't gain my sympathy for risking innocent people's lives.

    If you agree or disagree, please let me know. Im interested to hear what you think.

  21. Albertreal McCall Sr says:


  22. No I'm not, sorry, gotta love these guys for fighting though

  23. Andrew Dodd says:

    Do you honestly think they have any other way of defending what should rightfully be theirs? You should educate yourself and read up on the way 'developed' countries take advantage of poor countries, in particular the ruthless policy the US has pursued since WW2 in expanding its global influence. Then come back and come up with an alternative realistic solution to the problems these fishermen face.

  24. Jason Moore says:

    Just check out the east coast of Africa. The sea cover a large area, to me, it's obvious that they're dumping in a different part of ocean.

  25. Justin Dixon says:

    Andrew Dodd Yes. Form tribal governing bodies and open a dialog with the UN for sovereign rights from foreign trade. They can do it, they simply do not.

  26. Anyone that believes this level of bullshit needs to grow up and quite the conspiracy theories.

    The vast majority of Somali piracy takes place hundreds of miles outside of Somali territorial waters for a start. If it was a case of shipping avoiding Somali waters, I assure you they would. The only reason to enter their waters is if they are porting in Somalia, their waters aren't on the shipping lanes.

  27. If you think there is any truth in this half baked misinformation, you know nothing of the sea, and are looking for a weak conspiracy theory to hold onto that chip on your shoulder. However, if you were to rationally consider the piece, you may conclude that the vast majority of hijacking takes place hundreds of miles from the Somali coast where the sea lanes are.

    I found myself as former Royal Navy personnel in stitches at this rubbish, but am utterly bemused there are so many willing to believe it without any level of scrutiny. This is Alex Jones level make believe I'm afraid.

  28. Keeks Murray says:

    Obama? Lol did you really think he would have done something for you or his people. Sweety obama has his own agenda and Africa sure isnt one of them.

  29. Unless you're actually from Africa, you're not an African. juuuust saying

  30. Sundiata Keita says:

    Baron John Arbuthnot Fisher no black person in the world cares what powerless white people think. if you were anything but white trash, you would have more power than to just follow us around the internet.
    i wont be reading your reply

  31. I can guarantee, in the same breath you would say support the troops. Hippocratical Americans, fighting for freedom, but call those that protect their industry and land. Pirates? Come on ?!

  32. Adam Groszkiewicz says:

    What a disgusting comment.

  33. Adam Groszkiewicz says:

    While the bias of the article and website are quite obvious, it doesn't mean some of the issues raised aren't very real. Here's a link to the wiki regarding one of the incidents mentioned. Please note the very reputable sources linked in the works cited portion.

  34. Sundiata Keita says:

    Adam Groszkiewicz yep, youre right. its disgusting to deny your oppressor the right to tell you what to think. how dare black people think what they want to think based on facts and not europeans feelings.
    ^^^ sock puppets

  35. Adam Groszkiewicz says:

    Doesn't the article highlight that the purported dumping, illegal fishing, etc started occurring when the Somali government and defense ministry collapsed?

    Doesn't that highlight that it is the lack of governance that allowed the abuse and the repercussions thereof?

  36. Ian Wintermyer says:

    Sundiata, regardless of the merits of debate and whether you agree with someone's reasoning or not, is no reason to belittle someone that presents a strong argument against your assumptions.

    But by your hurtful and racist comments about a person you don't even know, only shows how ignorant you are toward your fellow human beings. I am disgusted by your lack of ethics and professionalism.

    Just because you're on the internet doesn't mean civility and respect disappears.

  37. Sundiata Keita says:

    Ian Wintermyer im not even reading these crackahs comments. i blocked one, and another one popped up, then blocked that one and another one popped up.
    these are sock puppets black people. sock puppets, look it up.

  38. Jamela Khan says:

    Graph here does not fit the 12 ml limit as suggested.

  39. Josh Sarver says:

    Justin Dixon they don't really have a government body. Maybe they don't want rulers and would rather live independent lives in peace.

    Why should they conform to Western ideas? Ideas that have led to all sorts of horrific things in the name of power.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Adam Groszkiewicz

    So, a lack of local governance gives an excuse to so-called "civilized 1st world nations" to do these illegal things without stepping in themselves?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Darryn VanWinkle

    David, don't say retarded things with your name and picture right next to it. Doesn't look good.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Darryn VannTinkle I meant.

  43. Anonymous says:


    This is no different than the 1,000 other white owned news sites that do the same thing and tell every story from the white viewpoint. There are even white news outlets in black countries like South Africa that do it even worse.

    Also, in case you haven't noticed, at least this site includes source links to everything they post. If you don't like it, take your *** over to FOX, CNN, any local news site, or wherever. You don't need to be here.

  44. Danny Page says:

    As an american, I am also deeply disappointed in Obama.

  45. Esther Marta Sch says:

    Meaning it's less than 12 miles now?

  46. Esther Marta Sch says:

    @ Warren Brooks To sell the fish, but not eat it themselves. after all, we are still getting f and seaweed from Japan after Fukushima.
    Furthermore, we eat GMO food, while the rich eat Organic, etc.

  47. Joe Schuldiner Michaud says:

    Wikipedia ? a total proof of that you are minded

  48. What a crock of sh&t!!! Nuclear waste dumping and at the same time fishing in their waters??? Come on this report is so biased and inaccurate it isn't funny. It just shows how issues like this divide people according to their skin colour. Oh and the photo of the guy with the huge grouper on his shoulder standing in the water is a photoshop fake. Get real!!!

  49. Neil Bell says:

    have a look at my film on somali pirates here it includes the mother of the somali pirate featured in 'captain phillips'!!

  50. Yea, only the U.S. is allowed to protect it's country by being violent thugs. The rest better kneel to the great U.S. or they'll bring freedom and democracy to your ass! USA! USA! USA!

  51. Darren, great comment. You seem very intelligent and intellectual.

  52. Joe, people always laugh at Wikipedia articles being used, despite wikipedia having sources you can look at. Despite the fact studies have shown Wikipedia to be as accurate as encyclopedia Britannica.

  53. Absolutely right. There are thousands of white publications, news channels, radio stations, etc. that spills out nothing but lies and negativity about us, why don’t he criticise them. Every time we decide to do something for the enlightenment, uplifting and benefit of our people white people feel that they have a right to tell us what we can or can’t do. If they can’t derail our endeavours then they start a negative campaign, usually accusing us of being anti this and anti that. I don’t understand why these people feel so threatened by the merest suggestion of the unity of African peoples. Then again the fact that that thy have, over the last 500 years or so, been nothing but a parasite to the indigenous people s of this planet and are, probably conscious of the fact that the host is in the process of cleansing itself thus ejecting them , may have something to do with it. It seem to me that their very existence is dependant upon sucking the very substance of life out of our people and our mother land, come to think of it out of nature itself.

  54. Eugene Onegin says:

    You know, if he hadn't been such a murderous tyrant, it is very likely that Qaddafi would not have been killed by his own people. If I remember correctly, that whole mess started when Qaddafi decided to put down peaceful protests with live ammunition.

  55. Allen Boatman says:

    This is BS. An international force tried to feed them and their warlords killed our people and dragged their bodies through the streets. The warlords stole the food we provided as free aid and then sold the food to whomever could afford it. They are responsible for their own starvation and destruction.

  56. Joe Schuldiner Michaud says:

    Kenneth Browning Everybody can put his shit on wikipedia

  57. Steve Titus says:

    If they are dumping toxic waste into their waters, why would you want to eat the fish? YEEEECH!

  58. Stephen Bucknell says:

    One question. Evidence?

  59. Tom Bagan says:

    This article is a public relations stunt for the pirates. Ships are taken hundreds of miles away from the coast, nearly the other side of the Indian Ocean. Crews are mistreated. Innocent sailors have been raped, starved, and murdered

  60. Fabiola Tsugami says:

    So Bob Marley got killed (presented with shoes including some highly radioactlve substance that cause cancer?)

  61. these sources need much better citations, because this story is really important.

  62. Brent Burton says:

    This article is filled with inaccuracies and made up information. I guess I shouldn't have had high expectations for a media targeted to one race, that defends pirates… Ill assume Atlanta Blackstar had no credibility before, and even less after this cluster bullshit

  63. Brent Burton says:

    This article is filled with inaccuracies and made up information. I guess I shouldn't have had high expectations for a media targeted to one race, that defends pirates… Ill assume Atlanta Blackstar had no credibility before, and even less after this cluster bullshit

  64. Charles Edwards Glad you specified white and republican as if blacks and democrats arent the exact same in the views on this……..

  65. Noreen AbdulMalek Kassamali says:

    This is not news but thanks for bringing it into light for the rest who undoubtedly will have reservations .

  66. Steve Thomas says:

    So the very same people who dropped radiative garbage in their waters are fishing there? Maybe the evil Europeans like radioactive fish? or more likely, nonsense. the whole article is nonsense.

  67. propaganda propaganda propaganda propaganda propaganda do we even have a chance

  68. It's interesting that European powers call these people defending their waters "pirates". I recall another group of people who lived in what is now known as the United States defending their lands from European invaders and they were called "savages". It makes one wonder what Napoleon and his army called Toussaint L'Ouverture and the other Haitians fighting for their independence. It seems clear to me that the only "freedom" European powers revere is the "freedom" that perpetuates white domination.

  69. You don't collect money for dead hostages,these hostages are better treated then refuges entering Europe.
    I've always thought war was between to thieves,so how sanctimonious does one want to sound like.

  70. Ransoms are cheaper,by far ,compared to a military solution,that's the reason we pay.

  71. Austin Brooks says:

    What a load of horseshit Eugene Onegin. If you actually did your own research instead of eating up MSM propaganda you would know that Qaddafi was working with other african countries to start trading oil in only gold. Which would have been known as the african dinar. This threatened IMF and U.S. banking hegemony and so they organized protests to take him down. Libyan military units never fired on unarmed protesters that's complete crap. They fired on western backed and funded rebels when they started an uprising. Then the U.S. and NATO carpet bombed the country and sent in their own special forces to make sure Qaddafi was taken down. This is all easily verifiable if you go and do your own research.

  72. David Richardson says:

    Using this logic it would have been okay for me to kidnap and hold for ransom the Jehovah's Witnesses that knocked on my door today. They were on my land and doing things that displeased me!

  73. Mathias Möwitz says:

    Eugene Onegin Looks like you're well informed by mass media

  74. Pamela Harry says:

    …now we know… Xox

  75. Tom Kondas says:

    I expected the list of sources to be direct links to articles, which they are not. Are we expected to search the site, etc? A controversial article like this is not even worth considering if it doesn't offer a shred of direct evidence. Pathetic that so many people are so gullible.

  76. Tom Kondas says:

    I expected the list of sources to be direct links to articles, which they are not. Are we expected to search the site, etc? A controversial article like this is not even worth considering if it doesn't offer a shred of direct evidence. Pathetic that so many people are so gullible.

  77. Roisinn Davidson says:

    Jason Moore Yes, the Coastline of Somalia is 3,025km long. A LOT of room to play around. Almost as long as the entire US Atlantic coast.

  78. Roisinn Davidson says:

    The Coastline of Somalia is 3,025km long. A LOT of room to play around. Almost as long as the entire US Atlantic coastline and longer than the continental US west coast.

  79. De-Sean Satcher says:

    Darryn VanWinkle That is probably the dumbest comment on this post.

  80. Darren Gilley says:

    I didn't know that you were in Somalia..

  81. Dylan Wexler says:

    I acknowledge that a publication based upon promoting "black" rights isn't inherently a bad thing. And that the mainstream media might have a bias that doesn't promote the interest of blacks, and sometimes reinforces stereotypes and so on. So there could be some use for a publication that stands up for this. Still, there are multiple ways it can be done. Id like to see a more thought-out publication in the future, but you know what, the black star didn't commission me to write the article, so who am I to complain.

  82. I've known this and have been saying this for years. You cannot invade someone's home then criminalize them for protecting it.

  83. One of the reasons that I did not bother to see the movie with Tom Hanks in it.

  84. I refused as well, I have never subscribed to the "White Savior Complex" nor the "Victimized Invader".

  85. KJ Mitchell says:

    These comments are snippets of what one person thinks. Still think they are pirates.

  86. Alex Grayson says:

    If you believe this bullshit then more fool you! Theyre just violent pirates, nothing less. Look at the hijacking of private Yachts etc and murdering all the people on board.. innocent people doing nothing wrong.

  87. Tom Kondas says:

    Never been there and no desire to go. My point is not even about Somalia, but about articles that are not backed up by evidence or sources, and about gullibility. Who knows, it could be true, but with no direct evidence shown I will disregard the article as BS, which is what to seems to be. BTW, I read an article about you once having once been a pirate in Somalia, but I think that's BS too.

  88. Adam Groszkiewicz Bullshit. Statism leads to all those problems.

  89. u serious? i can't believe that's the line that interest u most

  90. No Longer Here says:

    Not just that, but when the European colonists rebelled from England, they were called terrorists. I think the ruling class in Europe has a huge ego–and they have passed it on to the American ruling class–almost as soon as the ink was dry on the Constitution.

    List of MAJOR constitutional failures:
    (1) failure to end slavery and indentured servitude,
    (2) Hamilton's Whiskey Tax,
    (3) Alien and Sedition Acts,
    (4) War of 1812,
    (5) trail of tears,
    (6) wars against native Americans,
    (7) Mormon expulsion from Missouri,
    (8) Mexican-American War,
    (9) the War between the States (which was unconstitutional and was really about taxes, not slavery–ending slavery is the good that came from it in the end but that end could have been achieved with much less bloodshed),
    (10) more wars against native Americans,
    (11) Jim Crow Laws
    (12) corporate personhood laws
    (13) limited shareholder liability laws for corporations, this created the need for unions in most work places,
    (14) anti-trust laws that became necessary because now corporations were no longer naturally limited by the markets as a result of failure numbers 12 and 13,
    (15) the Spanish American war (in which many–millions of?–Filipinos were murdered),
    (16) Teddy Roosevelt's expansion of the government bureaucracies and controlling land that the Federal government has no legal authority to control,
    (17) Wilson's running rough-shod over what little was left of free markets by establishing the Federal Reserve and the IRS,
    (18) Wilson's removing of an important constitutional check by removing appointment of senators from state legislators and having them elected by popular vote instead,
    (19) After 18, there is no more reason for the Federal Government to even give lip service to the Constitution EXCEPT in the name of protecting "civil rights," but then ONLY when it comes to exerting control over state and local governments. Nearly the entire 20th century from 1913 on is a train of egregious Constitutional and natural rights violations that build upon each other–both at home and abroad. So far, the 21st century is building upon the violations of the 20th–except that now, people are finally starting to wake up to the tyranny.

  91. No Longer Here says:

    The major flaw in the article is the claim that all of the attacks take place within the twelve mile perimeter. Not even more than 10 percent of the attacks take place within the 12 mile perimeter. Many take place 100's of miles out to sea. This one fact shows that Somali pirates are NOT merely defending their territory.

    Our major flaw in the U.S. was to try and use the military as meals-on-wheels. The military's true mission is to kill. The military is NOT trained to deliver humanitarian aid as their main mission. Not only are they not trained to do it well, petty tyrants in the area see the presence of the U.S. military as an affront to their own ill-gotten authority and will use any opportunity they can to attack the military and steal the food and equipment.

  92. Chris Fu says:

    Tom Kondas Why should anyone have to prove anything to you? How about you prove that it isn't happening if you're so concerned about the truthfulness of this article? I for one do not care if there is any evidence to back up there claims, because I just know they are true. If you cannot see the truth by just reading it, then you're part of the problem we're fighting against.

  93. Chris Fu says:

    All you people demanding proof need to shut up and find it yourself if you're that concerned about evidence. Can any of you prove that it isn't taking place? If not, then you shouldn't be talking here. I don't need to see any evidence to know that all of this is true. If you need to see proof, then you're part of the problem that we're trying to fix.

    There isn't any paper trail following the nuclear waste dumping, because the reptilian lizard people who run the white nations are the ones who keep such paper trails, and they don't care about black people. I think Bush made that abundantly clear back in 2005.

    As for the issue of radioactive material being dumped in the fishing waters, that's irrelevant too because white european people eat weird food due to centuries of inter-species mixing the reptilian shape shifters. White people love six eyed trout with legs. Gaddafi knew that white people were weird, and that's why NATO/Make a Wish Foundation/CIA had him murdered.

    We all need to stand united with the National Volunteer Coast Guard of Somalia as they defend the Somalia coast and people as far east as western coast of Indian.

  94. Tom Kondas says:

    Chris Fu. Complete nonsense. You are exactly the type of ignorant and gullible person I’m talking about. You believe anything you read on Facebook, because you believe that you can “see the truth by just reading it”. Seriously?! You have no need for actual facts? No need for authentic, accurate reporting (you know, the kind which can back up a story with actual sources or evidence)? The truth is that it’s unprofessional reporting like this is part of the problem. Why? Because it helps to erode the credibility of any atrocity that might actually be going on in Somalia. And just because I am against unprofessional reporting does not put me on one side or the other of any struggle, other than the struggle against the gradual dumbing down of the masses, against all of the lies and false reporting on the internet, and against the Sheeple mentality of people such as yourself.

  95. Chris Fu says:

    Tom Kondas, are you just paid by the reptilian shape shifters, or are you a reptile yourself? I can't think of any other reason why someone would so vigorously defend these attacks on the Somalian people.

  96. Adah DonMartin says:

    Eugene Onegin that is sooo not true. Stop letting the media do your thinking. Do some research before you make such erroneous statements!

  97. Adah DonMartin says:


  98. Adah DonMartin says:

    Darryn VanWinkle, You don't get to tell US what we are. And we don't need your permission to be African.

  99. says whats interesting is how Europeans will enter ones domain steal,kill ,and poison whats left to destroy any other life that may survive..and its okay, but when a ppl decide they have had enough, stand and fight they become savages, etc. but the thief is praised acknowledged a hero and given a damm hoilday for a unnecessary act of cowardly behavior, instead of sitting at a round table and discussing what one might want and what it would take to get it..they dont EVER want to respect or acknowledge who they are and what they stand for! absolutely nothing but LIES, Theft, and DEATH! …shame on them ….and shame on us for not standing up as a ppl!

  100. Tom Kondas says:

    Chris Fu . Defending the attacks on the Somalian people? I'm not even talking about what is going on in Somalia. I am talking about good verses bad reporting. You can't understand that because of your mental disorder. I took a brief look at your facebook page and it's obvious that you are you are completely nuts. You should get some psychiatric help.

  101. Adam Groszkiewicz kill yourself Jackass

  102. You are the REASON why children should be seen and not heard…… SHUT THE FUCK UP and go play in traffic.

  103. You are the REASON why children should be seen and not heard…… SHUT THE FUCK UP and go play in traffic.

  104. Keeks Murray FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. smithlovy FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Eli Miller says:

    Seriously? You guys live in New York and Florida and are saying "fuck the united snakes" ? And we're all crooks, liars, and murderers? GTFO

  107. Cheikh Diop says:

    No in essence we're saying fuck you to whitey because they run and own everything!

  108. Cheikh Diop says:

    No in essence we're saying fuck you to whitey because they run and own everything!

  109. Eli Miller says:

    Oh so by Americans you just meant white Americans? So basically you're just dumb and racist.

  110. Dawn Heller says:


  111. Hugh King says:

    its a damm shame that people can support something they didn’t even know the facts about, Somalie Pirates, 911, War on Terror, bombing japan,poising the people of india by putting raw meat in the water, slavery. look at AMERICAS HISTORY AND THE PRESENT THEY ARE WAR ANIMALS, and they control the media so americans just believe them

  112. Hugh King says:

    its a damm shame that people can support something they didn’t even know the facts about, Somalie Pirates, 911, War on Terror, bombing japan,poising the people of india by putting raw meat in the water, slavery. look at AMERICAS HISTORY AND THE PRESENT THEY ARE WAR ANIMALS, and they control the media so americans just believe them

  113. Shawn Mc says:

    Eli Miller exactly; talking all that smack after they just came back from seeing Captain America in the movies, buying another pair of shoes, eating at a nice restaurant while txting on their iphone

  114. Shawn Mc says:

    the african countries are governing themselves yet the people are starving and their is war. when is it time to be responsible and stop blaming everyone else

  115. Shawn Mc says:

    Josh Sarver in peace. Somalia is a war zone and the people are starving

  116. Shawn Mc says:

    Roisinn Davidson but sewage floats, it dont stay in one area, sooner or later it contaminate everything.

  117. Justin Dixon says:

    Andrew Dodd However they should STILL negotiate. What they are doing IS technically pirating. They are stealing shipments and holding them ransom, that is a textbook definition of a pirate.

    With that being said, it's obviously not working. If they want to protect their borders, go to the UN and tell them "Either this stops or we'll remove the shipping lane by force – by sinking the ships, not just capturing them."

    The profit motive will go way down if they start losing entire ships and companies will avoid those waters more than they do now.

  118. Eli Miller and I'm just here to use and take just like this government does to other countries and I don't want to hear hypocritical statements that we had to, or other countries governments do it cause It still doesn't make it right. Secondly theres been a lot of history with involvement of the USA government going into so called impoverished countries and starting wars and taking advantage of their so called underdeveloped government especially in the terms of Africa.

  119. Eli Miller and Dawn Hellet, go to hell! It's white people like ALL of you who benefit off the same white supremacy and white privilege that has served your people on the backs of other for centuries now! And your ignorant dumbasses have the nerve to call someone stupid and ignorant when IT'S YOUR KING THAT CAUSES ALL OF THE HELL IN THIS FUCKING WORLD! Black people didn't do this shit, white people did! Y'all fucked up the entire world for over 2000 years that you've been in power! White people have corrupted everyone and everything! You don't have to be a rich white person deliberately destroying others but you benefit off of the system that has caused all of this destruction! You really want to make a fucking difference, then stop benefiting off of White supremacy and white privilege! Go listen Tim Wise and learn something instead of defending white supremacy and white privilege! Next thing you can do is go to hell!

  120. Those who make you believe this absurd rubbish are the perpetrators of the worst crimes in the world. Arab Mohammedans have been the worst slave traders in history.

  121. Stewart Cole says:

    Andrew Dodd Somali waters do NOT extend into Yemeni waters or 1400 miles out to sea Or inside the Kenyan and Tanzanian waters!! Do your fucking research!!

  122. Stewart Cole says:

    Choice Felton when did you work in Africa? In Kenya is was LEGAL to force sex on a girl or boy under 15! The politicians complained they had to vote on a anti child sex law !! Why because they were more concerned about how much money they would get for every mile they had to drive!!

  123. this is true…and it was the British that enslaved the blacks and brought them to the (America)

  124. Stewart Cole says:

    Josh Sarver never been to Africa I see.. who provides the roads? the power? the hospitals? harbors for larger ships? petrol and cooking fuels? law? your plan sends the "people" back to the stone age. what stops larger group literally wiping another group out for being a separate prt of the tribe or being from another tribe? will this happen absolutely. you haven't thought your idea through..

  125. I don't even know what to believe nowadays… It seems the bad guys always find a way to win over the good guys. Sad shit.

  126. So typical of the USA to the exploit land of people who are not strong enough to defend it, and then when they try the US government has the media make them look like "terrorists" or "pirates" who are somehow "trying to take are 'freedom away"; when in reality these "terrorists" and "pirates" are just try to defend there freedom and sovereignty from imperialist America. And then on top of that the media and news stations like Fox News makes them look evil and only addresses their problems and never ours. Honestly I'm glad these "pirates" have taken up armes against the US!

  127. I appreciate the perspective of this article, but I would like it if the sourcing was clearer. Listing a bunch of websites at the end of your story doesn't actually tell us what facts were taken from where. Please address this so that I can disseminate this story with supportable evidence.

  128. Darryn VanWinkle What right do you have to tell people what they are ? Especially a people who were disconnected from their African roots with no fault of their own. It's like telling an adopted person he/she has no right to be interested in knowing where he/she comes from.

  129. Everyone is racist and prejudice. Learn more and examine racism a little closer. I love my race before any others, I can be considered racist, but I dont yes down other ethnicities because of what a few jack asses say or do. But, the people that we encounter with the since of entitlement happen to be white!!!!!!

  130. The European way of brainwashing is to tell you from birth that every thing that they tell you is the right way to think! Don't believe your lying eyes or ears! Believe that Columbus discovered This land that you live in, then tell you that the Indians that were already here were Savages! That you have to believe in the Religion that they have told you to believe in. That they were more superior than you. Question: How many other Country's has ever dropped a Nuclear Bomb on a Nation of innocent civilians to show that they are more superior than them? Wish they would give me my forefathers/mothers reparation for helping to build this Country an let me go back to Africa.

  131. Martin Gurr says:

    When they kidnap a boat hundreds of miles away from their shores…are also protecting their waters?

  132. I love how some people get so scared about a truth ,that there government say is a lie….I guess 911 was real too…people need to wake up and see the greed and corruption that happens world wide …if you trust cnn and BBC Fox News you are blind as [email protected]&ks ..Obama is a puppet ..

  133. Thank you Derrick Capers. I certainly will and I wish that whites could give up their white privilege status. That'll be the start to the destruction of the white power structure and show those whites in power that their own people don't want them.

  134. Tristan Long says:

    The title of this article is not a complete sentence, the argument contradicts itself multiple times, and there are no documented sources indicating any reliability of the information presented.

  135. Ok, those who need real legit proof and reputable sources, who are the sources you'd like to heard from that this is a true problem in Somalia? Who do you consider legit? Just trying to get an idea of what news source or politician you believe is free of dispersing falsities. Please list.

  136. This should've been published long ago. Better late than never though. I heard about this, and read a letter from a Somalian that described what was really going on out there when piracy was hot in the media. Keep your eyes ope people and don't believe everything you see on the news. They all have agendas.

  137. There are some seriously ignorant comments on this thread. Wow.

  138. No Allen Boatman, we went after.a.drug lord that would not allow the aid we sent to be distributed and his people shot down the below and dragged our soldiers around.

  139. So you are telling me that they had a right to shoot at a US Navy ship. …. because they need income. Get the f..out of here. They are people who I hope have intelligence to come together to form a government. Lack of government is no excuse to blame others for their misfortune, defend their seas then and stop their criminal acts at sea.

  140. Would like to see some proof to what this article is saying..

  141. Tim Jones says:

    They left out the US sponsored invasion of Somalia by Ethiopia

  142. Sounds and looks like Darwin's Nightmare all over again.

  143. To the "less intelligent" one who stated -'unless you're from Africa, you're not African'- ummmmm….shut up! Fucking idiot!

  144. This is the reason they pirate. They have no other choice.

  145. Perhaps there might be an isolated instance somewhere to support this, but generally this is a load of nonsense. Why do Somalians the travel south and kidnap tourists on sailing boats along the Kenyan coast???? I'm also from Africa and these guys deserve every bullet coming their way.

  146. Brenda Faist says:

    So why did they kill innocent people on pleasure boats? That also took people and demanded a ransom. This is a bunch of pr crap.

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