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61 thoughts on “What Jane Elliot Has To Say About Systematic White Supremacy Is A Near Flawless Assessment That All People Should Understand

  1. Ama Nwaifejokwu says:

    Would love to see the entire video before commenting

  2. I've heard of this lady…and she's one of the few White Ladies who knows what's up…or at least tries to….#ShesThorough!

  3. would like to see t all.

  4. Steven Burton THANK YOU 🙂

  5. Jane Elliot is an Admitted Racist. She makes A LOT OF MONEY talking about Racism. She deserves no kudos.

  6. Evadne Smith says:

    I think she is suffering!

  7. Theodora Anagor says:

    She is an admitted racist, but she states it is about her upbringing, she admits it the same way an alcoholic admits they are alcoholics.

  8. Theodora Anagor says:

    I have seen it all it was a brown eye blue eye study on channel 4, you probably can get it on youtube.

  9. That is what we as black people don't do instill in our children's mind that we are somebody and that we are empower from the minute they are born .. We feel that our children at 1 day old don't comprehend what we are telling them believe me they maybe can't see clear or talk yet; but I bet you they can understand us

  10. Prince Ndey-bhoyo says:

    It is curious that society has always fought people with positive ideas, Galileo,Abraham Lincoln,Martin Luther… were condemned during their quest for equality and fair treatment for all.
    This lady is one those few whites with golden heart that society would once again hate like the ones cited above.

  11. No one is born to be superior over another human being, BUT GOD WHO CREATED MAN AND WOMAN.

  12. White people aren't ignorant of their behaviors that perpetuate white supremacy. They know exactly what they're doing. These exercises that Jane Elliot conducts with white folks is a way to refine white supremacy.

  13. you CHAT SHIT! god, dog, devil, ghost, phantom. Hopefully one day you'll wake up and smell the very strong horlicks!

  14. Steve Talley says:

    Up bringing my ass! She could have changed any time she felt like it.

  15. Yea she may be a Tim Wise making millions from talking about white male privilege, I call it white people privilege, you cannot talk about white male privilege, you have to include white females as well. Now if she give to the black community it may cause her work to be seen more sincere. I believe Tim Wise is not sincere, because he does not talk about the system, he talks about what the system produces. Why he never talk about the education system, how racist it is, and what it produces in black people. If you come on the scene talking about racism, and not talk about the racist educational system, you will miss the real culprit behind black people's problems. Before the invaders came to Africa we were doing everything, we were not primitive or backward, they learned from African people. Black people need to know and learn our history, so that we can move forward, we are stuck in a mind set, we were former slaves, primitive, backward, and need other people who hates us to look out for us. We need to look out for ourselves. It is dangerous to have former slaves holders children and slave holders peers looking out for black people. They need to speak along those lines. The fellow interviewing he was screwed up too, as if he was not on her side, white supremacy got him too whenever he is from. He looks Indian, but they have gone on and made a lot of progress, but they still glorify white skin, which they were not before the British invader India. He looks Indian to me. Blacks have not been able to progress because we stayed around our enemies, and our enemies stayed around us, controlling, and stealing from us such as in Africa. When Africa is free all blacks will be free, because we can go home and live like other people, we have everything we need in Africa to live like we want, but other people are taking our stuff as black people suffer. That has to change.

  16. Rose K Motton-Chalmers says:

    Brown eyes, blue eyes. I saw this film at a company I once worked for as part of understanding diversity because a race related issue came up and HR decided to educated the employees. With the increase of racial tensions lately I came across a book called A Class Divided , Then and Now, written by William Peters regarding the experimental project Jane Elliott did with the students in her class. I think this would be a great movie, it would be something that we all could learn from, yes another movie on racism but from a different point of view. Elliott life is effected tremendously, she became the enemy, the "Nigger Lover".

  17. Puffshe Puf says:

    Abraham Lincoln was not freeing black people from slavery because he thought it was wrong it was because the South was crippling the economy of the North and the South was taking over due to free labor of the African. Abraham Lincoln didn't give a damn about black people.

  18. Puffshe Puf says:

    She broke the white code by admitting she's a racist/white supremacist at least she's not in denial like the majority of white people I know.

  19. Prince Ndey-bhoyo says:

    Puffshe Puf Thank you for the information,still there are a lot,who marched with DrMartin Luther King,Kennedy himself made so many compromises to help him always to the ultimate sacrifice.We have tendency not to include those heroes in our history,jeopardising the chance of many others who are afraid to think that way.

  20. Sonja Travick says:

    Before anyone makes a comment the entire video of her group study must be watched, she jets major kudos from me!

  21. Jo Ca says:

    whites don't worry about cops killing their children. they worry about niggers killing their children. police brutality against niggers is payback for nigger on white violence.

    do you think white people care about niggers getting killed by cops? every dead nigger is one less nigger that will be playing the knockout game, or raping white women or robbing a store or targeting white people for violent crime. you think white people don't realize that?

    we're GLAD when niggers get killed. so don't be expecting white people to be on your side against the police or the government while you target us in violent hate crimes. niggers are our enemy.

  22. Joy Hood says:

    I've watched a number of her videos and I must say she has given me a jolt. I thought I had empathy and understanding for poc but now I realize I have no clue. I am studying us history with my children and talking about slavery, the fugitive slave act and the deed Scott decision. I became difficult for me to really explain what was happening there. And watching her now I know why. I didn't know the truth.

  23. Joy Hood says:

    Dred Scott decision

  24. Steve Williams says:

    Elliot points out that she does not feel guilty for being white. She is at odds with they way white people act and think. She also recognizes that the very fabric of our culture is designed to maintain a dynamic of white supremacy that is in some cases very subtle and in other cases rather blatant. It is hard for white folks to understand how the system makes them accomplices even when they strive not to be. We've been trained to think of people in white robes and hoods as the supremacists. Examples of white supremacist behavior are all around us- blacks are denied loans for housing even when they have the resources to qualify; blacks who are more qualified for jobs and who interview as well or better than white competitors are disqualified with no sound reason. Interviewers will claim the white person was a "better fit" a phrase used all the time because of its vagueness. Any tendency to deny a contribution to a system that produces the kind of inequity that exists between black people and white people is in itself an indication of ones own role in maintaing that system regardless of ones thoughts and actions.

  25. Actually Steve, "upbringing" has a lot to do with it. If a child is raised in a home-environment where "education" is encouraged, that child has a much higher chance to uplift himself. Homes that promote education, look different, inside—-family portrait. Positive homes sound different—songs that promote love, not " getting your freak on, songs or songs that denigrate women. Also, the language used is profound not profane. It makes a difference.

  26. Rod Stokes says:

    Joy Hood
    The constitution still shows Black men as 1/8 of a man……

  27. Try searching her on YouTube, she is on one.

  28. Hattie L. Kennedy says:

    I like only part of your comment. The part about Abraham Lincoln was not fully spelled out. Its not that he cared so much about slaves, in fact he married into a slave owning family. It was purely a selfish, economic endeavor as to him (finally) speaking against slavery. Don't count him as one having a "golden heart".

  29. Hattie L. Kennedy says:

    Joy Hood, at least your eyes and understanding are now opened. Now, you can rightly assess the news media, police dealings, living for African Americans in America. That's what happened with Jane. Somewhere in her life experience, her eyes and understanding became opened and now, instead of speaking "white" rhetoric, she now is able to speak truth because she no longer lives in America's white "matrix" of lies and ignorance. Now you're able to see its not all the other nationalities that are wrong about white America, but rather that white America has been and continues to be wrong. What can you do starting now? As you study with your children, teach them the truth so that you will break the cycle of white thinking in your family line.

  30. Joy Hood says:

    Absolutely @hattie

  31. Hattie L. Kennedy says:

    No, she couldn't have. You have to first understand that there is something that needs to be changed. They brainwash their children into believing they are superior to others. Not that they sit them down and say those exact words, but rather that they encourage their children by blindly leading them through a racist system of privilege, disregard and disrespect for others. They are taught, from a young age, to be suspicious of all others which is why their children, seemingly about the age of six/seven, will stare at others with an "air" of mistrust. I remember a young white girl staring at me and my daughter (with fear in her eyes) as if she was, literally, staring at some foreign object/alien. The child was breaking her neck trying to turn to stare at us while her mother pulled her along. I could sense the child had been told some unseemly things about us (i.e. African descendants ). It reminded me of being terrified of Jehovah's Witnesses as a child because I misunderstood "witness" for witches. This racism is inbred/indoctrinated into them and they are unable to see themselves for who they really are. This is why they seem greatly void of any kind of love, sympathy, care or concern and not just for those outside their race, but we have all observed their seemingly lack of compassion for even their own. They seem to lack a moral as well as a right/wrong compass which is symbolic with those who believe that, because they are superior, they can behave however they choose because, after all, who can speak against or judge their behavior which for them is the norm? Everyone else (outside their matrix bubble) sees them for who/what they are. This is why they seem so "plastic" and depleted in their ability to communicate outside of their matrix of life. They are strange, strained and awkward when around others. They appear out of sorts, lost as to how to relate to others. Any other nationality can go anywhere and be able (for the most part) to relate to others, but not them. All of this is due to early childhood brainwashing/steering. Because of this brainwashing, they need to be able to come to the truth that they are, indeed, brainwashed. They will never change until their eyes and understanding have seen, known and accept truth. And, sadly so, only a privileged few ever make it out of the matrix.

  32. Hattie L. Kennedy says:

    Now, none of this excuses them nor their behavior and you still can't trust this brainwashed type, but it gives insight into their psyche. So, I'm not saying to overlook their bad behavior and, sad but true, you are forced to teach your children to avoid them because they are harmful and dangerous people. I remember my father teaching me and my siblings to be wary of them, their men and women alike. The men were subject to assault, rape or even kill you while their women and children were prone to lying against you. And all of this has been true of them and still is true of many of them today. So, we don't, while being understanding towards them, afford any trust in them that are of this superior, brainwashed mentality. Finally, though all of this is true about them as a whole, I am still, as a Christian woman, called to love them and I do. I don't trust them because they are untrustworthy, but I love them and all people and I do have sympathy for them and pray for them. They don't realize it but they are literally being destroyed by their own system of superiority. I won't even go into how their white leaders are turned more and more against them, but they are too brainwashed to see it. They really believe their political figures mean them good, but most people can see the turn of the tide against them. They keep voting for leaders that every other nationality can clearly see are evil, greedy and hostile to their core. I could go on, but really this issue of white Americans runs so deep and long…

  33. Steve Talley says:

    Mr. Holloway and Ms. Kennedy, U do have some valid points.

  34. Hattie L. Kennedy s: Very brilliant observations, however your use of the word "Nationality" in place of "Race" is very ineffectual, and confusing; Nationality has to do with the "Nation" in which one is a citizen, but "Race" has to do with visible physical characteristics such as skin tone and color, lip size, nose shape, hair texture, and overall body build. In each race the phenotype, and genotype usually match, and reveal the characteristics we identify as "Race". It is very false to say that this is merely a social construction, but more than often an ill-used, and misapplied scientific fact.

  35. Hattie L. Kennedy says:

    Jasmine Williams , yes Jasmine, there is much confusion of the proper/contextual use of both terms. It fact one could say ,somewhat, that there is no direct proper use of the two. When I speak of race/nationality, I am generally speaking of the nation from which a people come. White Americans are a nation of people from European based countries just as Black Americans are a nation of people from African based countries as with Asians, etc. Every people are from a nation. In my comment, when I speak of "any other nationality", I am speaking of the different nations of people. In fact, both terms (in a broader context) can be used interchangeably, i.e., when speaking of the white race in a broad context, it is understood that one is speaking of a group/nation vs specific characteristics (i.e., physical features, etc). Now, here is a bit of an add on; not every person who look a particular way (physical features) should be assumed to come from a certain nation. When I visited Africa several years ago I saw many white skinned, blue eyed, blond hair people that are African born citizens and therefore of that nation (even if mainly because of birth, language, etc). But, when I speak of the white race in a broader sense, I (in my own knowledge of these white skinned people) am not thinking of these white appearing people because they are actually of a different nationality/race. When I described them to friends upon returning to America, I spoke of them as Africans even though their features are white. I didn't speak of them, descriptively that is,in terms of features as much as in terms of their nationality because I found I could not legitimately hold them to the "race" (as you elude to in your comment) of which they resembled. The more I interact with the human race (travels outside of the USA which is sorely befuddled with this issue of "race"), I realize that there are no direct, all encompassing, label by which human beings fit.

  36. Judy Anne says:

    I think the lessons about racism are better taught by those who experience it. I really don't think another white person can teach me about racism as well plus she is making money off of it right? So that makes me uneasy. Her heart may be in the right place but that's my feelings. I may be wrong.

  37. Judy Anne says:

    Hattie L. Kennedy the matrix, you nailed it. Traveled the world and unquestionably, there is no superior race, so much beauty out there.

  38. Hattie L. Kennedy says:

    Judy Anne ; yes Judy, there is. If only everyone could know just how much beauty in God's world and in humanity. I definitely recommend everyone travel to another country and experience the vast beauty.

  39. DeOnna White says:

    Wonderfully said!!! We have to go back home and CLEAN IT UP! Get rid of the diseases and fight fire with fire. Hotep! We shall Live Again…

  40. Evangelist Marvin Little says:

    Puffshe Puf Absolutely right. The Civil War didn't do it either. Blacks and Native Americans fought for their freedom in The Gullah Wars, but America tries to hide it.
    It's a series on this.

  41. Evangelist Marvin Little says:

    Puffshe Puf Absolutely right. The Civil War didn't do it either. Blacks and Native Americans fought for their freedom in The Gullah Wars, but America tries to hide it.
    It's a series on this.

  42. Jerry Knox says:

    would you listen to them no because you will come with preconceived notion that the person of the race in question has no knowledge.

  43. Now I like a educated women who is not program to the system like the majority of us are, I respect that, any one who is quite that aware of self, someone who is educated, not program because like she said, "if you finish high school you were indoctrinated in white supremacy". Unfortunately, if you Black (African) in the system and did not have an Afrocentric background at home you were or are being instilled with an inferiority complex. That's because our education system is set-up for the benefit of the system, and not for the individual, and the power that be believe that people are different according to race, class and most of the times gender.

  44. Jean Marquez says:

    She awesome teacher she makes you think. Society still to this day recognize white as pure and holy even in your on bibles still. Black is consider sin purity is white. We have change our thinking.

  45. Puffshe Puf Wow! You must watch too much Faux News. Check out "A Team of Rivals" and think again. It is not as simple as some would have you believe but you have a twisted version of history. The North was industrialized and the South was agrarian. And although emancipation was not Abe's primary goal during the war it is the primary reason the South Seceded. Abe was pro emancipation-fact. Your analogy does not compute.

  46. When you post videos, can you please give the source so I can watch in its entirety.. THX


  48. Michael Pittman says:

    Hattie L. Kennedy This article has more truths than you see here, but most of you can't handle the truth. P.S. Allen West is a successful black man and well respected politician and military man and saw this article of info fit to be shared. I guess ya'll all call him uncle tom cause he's educated and successful instead of a low-life thug. You want change, then change, Over half your race wants to live as thugs. Get a good job, dress well, respect others (all others), quit fighting the police at every turn (it just makes them more aggressive). reduce crime in your communities, take respondsibility for your own actions and quit blaming others. I know many successful black people, and none of them got that way being a thug. Recently, we had a 16 y/o black male involved in three drive-bys in a week, one as a witness, one as a victim, one as the perp. I wonder where his life is leading him at such a young age. Death or Prison? As for assessing the news media, far more whites and hispanics are gunned down by law enforcement than blacks, some of those have been unarmed white teens shot by black officers. That is not news, they can't get their rating unless they rowl up an emotional black community and call in all the race-baiters (sharpton, jackson; jesse or samuel, take your pick; holden and of course Obama) and push it to the point of rioting, then it don't pull in the rating. Most of these black deaths have a common core, a habitual criminal breaking the law, followed by resisting arrest, and in some cases, attacking the officer (as was the case in ferguson). Keep pretending that you don't know why it's happening, and it will only continue. Not to mention the "Black Lives Matter" uprising that totally ignores Black on Black violence. More Blacks kill blacks everyday than whites and cops combined, when will you stand up and protest that?

  49. Michael Pittman says:

    Did you know that the first to own a black slave in the U.S. was a black man? Did you know that neighboring tribes rounded up blacks to sell to slave traders(selling out their own kind)? Did you know that the civil war was not about freeing the slaves, but instead to preserve to union (a house divided among itself will surely fall)? Did you know that after freeing the slaves that Lincoln wanted to segregate them into there own towns away from the whites, one was established in the carolinas I believe, it's a ghost town today, a failed experiment. Not all southerners owned slaves, mainly plantation owners, and upper middle class and rich folks. Many black fought on the side of the south during the civil war (No they weren't forced). Many of the older successful black men and women born prior to 1960 had a much worse education curve to overcome, but they knew they had to get an education at any cost to succeed in the white man's world. Today, blacks and whites go to the same schools and sit in front of the same teachers and many thrown away their opportunity to an education. The criteria changes all the time in our education system, grade school is there to teach the basics, if you perfer the truths, you must search it out on your own. Our government has lied to us since the birth or this nation, you can't trust the textbooks to provide true history of the nation or world. Remember that all thru history, the victors were the ones to record it. I've met more racists from the northern states than I have the south and I've done quite a bit of traveling. There's a common core to the problems among poor black men. Read this and take it with a grain of salt.

  50. Karl M. Holloway I know it's an old post, Karl, but I just wanted you to know that I appreciated your words here. Plus, I saw you used to teach in Cincy. I'm from the area, so I know you faced some times. All the best to you, sir.

  51. Hi Judy,
    very good comment.

  52. Rod Stokes 3/5 of a man

  53. Prince, ""Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Is a quote from Albert Einstein. Lot of truth in it. Martin Luther King Jnr, JFK, Jesus Christ, these are men that spoke the truth and empowered people to be free from the shackles of evil. As always, evil is theatened by people who speak the truth and violently opposes and seeks to destroy it.

  54. Emiko Davis says:

    It's always good to hear from multiple perspectives. And yes another white person (or member of the privileged group) can definitely teach you a lot about perpetuating racism. The onus should not just be on the disadvantaged group. It takes effort from us all to stop it. And if she is making money by deprogramming racists, then God bless her. She is doing what paid counselors, therapists and psychiatrist do for their communities. Racism is almost like a mental condition.

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