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Deadly Storm System Rages Across South, Killing 2, Endangering 36 Million More Today

A deadly storm system raged across the South on Monday, bringing death to Arkansas and Alabama, as forecasters expect the storm system to continue today and endanger as many as 36 million people in such major cities as Memphis, Nashville, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans and St Louis.

Twisters and storms were hitting the Southeast and the Ohio Valley, leaving a trail of destruction.

It was a tornado that ravaged the town of Ashdown, 150 miles southwest of Little Rock, Arkansas. The twister killed a 33-year-old former Marine, Eddie Withem, and injured his wife as it destroyed their home, according to the Weather Channel.

A 75-year-old woman was killed in Dora, Alabama, about 25 miles northwest of Birmingham, when a tree fell on the mobile home she shared with her husband, who was injured.

Nearly 40,000 people were without power in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa and Walker counties, according to Alabama Power.

Missouri saw at least two tornadoes Monday morning, while Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency as the storm marched across Louisiana, knocking down trees and power lines. Thousands in the state are still without electricity.

Classes were canceled at the University of Louisiana at Monroe due to downed trees, according to school spokeswoman Kiwana Sutton.

The weather was so varied that Texas had damage come from lightning, which was likely the cause of a fire at an oil well near Longview, Texas.

A Delta flight on its way to Jackson, Mississippi, from Atlanta actually turned around and went back because of the storms.

The storms affected the sports world, as Game 4 of the American League Championship Series was postponed in Kansas City, between the Royals and the Baltimore Orioles. 

Weather forecasters warn residents in Memphis, Nashville, Houston, New Orleans, St. Louis and Indianapolis to be aware of flash floods that could hit cities from extremely heavy rain over a short period of time.

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