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104 Black Celebs You May Not Know Are of Caribbean Descent

Actress Kerry Washington’s mother is Jamaican. R&B singer Alicia Keys’ father is Jamaican. Artist and Black Eyed Peas member has Jamaican parents. Minister Louis Farrakhan’s father is from Jamaica. Both of the parents of the late rapper The Notorious B.I.G. are from Jamaica. Christopher Kid Reid Rapper and actor Christopher Reid has a Jamaican father. Patrick Ewing Former NBA star Patrick Ewing was born in Jamaica. bushwick bill Rapper Bushwick Bill was born in Kingston, Jamaica. naomi campbell Model Naomi Campbell’s parents are from Jamaica. Kelly Price Hosts Live Casting Auditions For New Reality Show "Too Fat For Fame" Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph’s mother is from Jamaica. Ralph was raised in Mandeville, Jamaica. Big E Langston WWE intercontinental champion Big E Langston’s parents are from Jamaica. David Paterson The father of David Paterson, the first Black New York governor, is from Jamaica. Astro Rapper Astro’s mother is Jamaican. Grace Jones Singer and model Grace Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. caribe ben gordon 1 NBA player Ben Gordon’s mother and father are from Jamaica.

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