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104 Black Celebs You May Not Know Are of Caribbean Descent

Usher Singer Usher’s father is from Haiti. Kerry-washington_04 Actress Kerry Washington’s mother is Jamaican. beyonce flaunt 3   Superstar singer Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, is Bahamian. Zoe Saldana Actress Zoe Saldana’s mother has Haitian roots. alicia_keys R&B singer Alicia Keys’ father is Jamaican. Tyga L.A. rapper Tyga’s father is from Jamaica. Bobby Schmurda Rapper Bobby Shmurda is “Jamaican.” Photo: Billboard Artist and Black Eyed Peas member has Jamaican parents. louis-farrakhan Minister Louis Farrakhan’s father is from Jamaica. Mya Singer Mya’s father is Jamaican.

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5 thoughts on “104 Black Celebs You May Not Know Are of Caribbean Descent

  1. I thought Harry Belafonte was from Trinidad. Big up to my Bajan family!

  2. Ellen Samm says:

    Since time and memorial everybody knows that he was of Jamaican descent… with that hit record "Day O" and then an actor and civil rights advocate…Whey you been at..

  3. Ellen Samm says:

    I to look and know surnames and even a first name… and their ancestry..I know which are Caribbean names.. my family gets sick when I yell out that That guy or girl from the Caribbean.. I just google their names and parents and wham.. most of them I get right.. There was a basketball player who played for our Wizards named Trevor Ariza..well I said not too many African-Americans are named that and it is a Caribbean name.. well so said so done.. Mother of this player from Turks and Caicos..

  4. R SueYing Lee-Bond says:

    Probably not so commonly known anymore, but Roxie and Al are cousins 🙂

  5. what's up with red cafe he from guyana.

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