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5 thoughts on “20 Stunningly Beautiful Black Women From Jamaica

  1. Amonne Brown says:

    Black is so beautiful!

  2. Alexia Nduka says:

    Why isn't Zahra Redwood on this list ? Former Miss Jamaica, 2007.

  3. Tanya Melanie Reed says:

    I'm an American that loves her Jamaican background. The women in the photos are beautiful.

  4. Başkan Kral Paul Japnez says:

    So you think this page had introduced you to Jamaican beauty! Well, come to Jamaica, you'll be stunned; dazed even; by Jamaican beauty.

  5. This list is too heavily weighted with models and models do not have to be beautiful, they just need to have a certain look that makes them unique. Also some that were described as models had other careers so not sure the model description is accurate. One notable absentee from the list is Lisa Hanna, former Miss Jamaica who went on to become Miss World.

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