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6 thoughts on “15 Black Celebrities You May Not Have Known Were of Bahamian Descent

  1. my dad is Bahamian by birth.

  2. Tia & Tamera grand-mother or great-grand mother was from the Bahamas. Their mother is American. I saw a documentary on Tia & Tamera family (roots).

  3. lol
    boy we really that desperate we trying to tie these people to the Bahamas…….with the execption to Lenny Kravitz the rest of the people don't give a shit about the Bahamas…….

  4. We don't give a shit about you either you ain't shit.

  5. Eric Delancy says:

    what kill me is they put beyonce and solange in two different slots. and they put Tia and Tamara in one slot then their son in another slot. And they mention Lenny kravitz but then put his mother on the same list too.

  6. honestly…why should we care? They weren't born in The Bahamas. They don't claim The Bahamas. They don't represent The Bahamas.

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