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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Steps Down in Order to Face Criminal Court in the Hague

Uhuru KenyattaIn an unusual move, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta told his  nation Monday that he would temporarily step down as president so that he could attend a hearing at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague as a private citizen and not the leader of Kenya.

In doing so, Kenyatta would make Deputy President William Ruto the temporary president, invoking a never-before-used article of the Kenyan constitution that says the deputy can fill in when the president is absent, temporarily incapacitated or during any other period the president decides.

Both Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto have been accused by the ICC of orchestrating clashes in the ethnic violence that erupted after disputed elections in 2007. That violence resulted in more than 1,100 deaths and caused 350,000 others to flee their homes. It also slowed the growth of East Africa’s largest economy.

Both Kenyatta, the son of Kenya’s founding president, and Ruto deny any wrongdoing.

By stepping down, Kenyatta can follow the court’s order that he attend, but not be the first president to sit before the court.

Kenyatta explained Monday that he did not want Kenyan citizens to be put on trial in another jurisdiction.

“Therefore, let it not be said that I am attending the status conference as the president of Kenya,” he said, according to the Daily Nation newspaper.

“My accusers both domestic and foreign have painted a nefarious image of most African leaders as embodiments of corruption and impunity,” he said. “Nothing in my position or my deeds as president warrants my being in court. I expected the matter to be dropped for lack of evidence. Instead, the prosecutor asked for an extension and blamed the government of not co-operating.”

Kenyatta could have faced an international arrest warrant and international condemnation or economic sanctions against Kenya if he had refused to go, as some members of his political party have urged.


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4 thoughts on “Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Steps Down in Order to Face Criminal Court in the Hague

  1. ICC has in these Kenya cases appear to be a political tool rather than a legal entity. How ironical that the prosecutor has admitted that she has no evidence against Kenyatta, but to keep him in court he accuse the accused Kenyatta and Kenya Government of non cooperation by not giving ICC evidence to charge him? How do you keep somebody in court just to wait you look for evidence? Which Law is this?

    Even to a layman ICC is evident is playing politics by branding an accused person "Guilty until proven Innocent" this is unprofessional and far below what international law ought to be, impartial and non partisan which is contrary to what is now clear. To a critical mind ICC is just there to humiliate and kick Africans Leaders around. We must say NO! NO!

  2. Jay Contreras says:

    It's obvious that the ICC is nothing but an arm of the FUKUS axis & western interests. In the same way that the US criminal 'injustice' system primarily focuses on criminalizing black men & looks the other way when white men commit the same crimes, so it is with the ICC. If there was any real justice on the world stage, every 'western' & in particular, US president, both current & former, would have convict behind their name. They are the leading world criminals & that has been the case for CENTURIES, yet they seem to solely focus on black leaders. And I'm assuming the ones they can't coopt or control b/c we know there are MANY US lackeys like the now deceased, baby doc duvalier, who also had been shielded from int'l criminal court.

  3. Uhuru Kenyatta has beaten the liberals at their own game by his clever moves. You cannot ask someone to provide evidence so that you can use it to prosecute him. This is the beginning of the end of ICC and the puppets behind it. So far Uhuru 1, Bensouda 0.Let the games begin…

  4. Lynn Ngugi says:

    its not Kenyan president, its Kenya's President!

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