6 American and Canadian Companies Profiting From the Ebola Virus Outbreak in West Africa


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NewLink Genetics (NASDAQ:NLNK)

NewLink Genetics, an Ames, Iowa-based firm, reportedly has an exclusive license to an experimental Ebola vaccine developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada. CNN Money reports that the Food and Drug Administration recently “gave approval for Phase 1 clinical trials on the drug.”

A company subsidiary, BioProtection Systems Corporate, announced a $1 million contract with the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for research on an Ebola vaccine.

According to ibtimes.com, the company’s stock prices have jumped 34 percent in the past four weeks.

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Sarepta Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SRPT)

Massachusetts-based biopharmaceutical company Sarepta has gained a reputation for developing treatment for rare diseases. Its stock jumped 8 percent in after-hours trading following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Tuesday announcement of an Ebola case in the U.S. The company’s CEO, Chris Garabedian, maximized the opportunity by revealing to CNBC on the same day that it has enough doses to handle about 100 patients.

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