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6 Black Celebrities Who Were Bullied By Their White Peers For Being Black

Rapper Drake said that while growing up in Toronto, the white kids in his Jewish school regularly bullied him and called him a “schvartze,” which is a derogatory Yiddish word for black.

U.S. Open - Fourth Round

Golfer Tiger Woods was bullied often by white kids while growing up in a suburban Los Angeles neighborhood. One of his worst experiences was when older kids at school reportedly tied him to a tree and taunted him with racial slurs.

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4 thoughts on “6 Black Celebrities Who Were Bullied By Their White Peers For Being Black

  1. Moaning and complaining gets you no where, you have to fight back, with the type of violence that put a fear up their ass that they will never forget.

  2. Jay Contreras says:

    @Julian–I co-sign that. That's the effective way to deal with bullies who are nothing but cowards anyway. Publicly humiliate them like they try to do to others and they'll slink off and find another meek target. My mom always told me to make them realize that there is somebody crazier than them and they'll leave you alone. Black people as a collective need to heed that. We keep getting bullied globally b/c we cry, beg and plead in. How's that been workin' for us?

  3. Bright Chike says:

    I prefer saying that I am hated for not being colourless, than for being black, it's the only way it should be said. Funny, isn't it, that some of these people spend most of their time in recent times, kissing white ass.

  4. Cherry picked distortions and lies.
    Someone should tell the author Tiger Woods does not consider himself black, Drake was bullied by Jews not whites, Hawaiins not whites bullied the President. Bullying is common.
    White kids are disproportionately bullied and victims of hate crimes.
    When will black media lose the race card?
    Perhaps when people nature past hate.

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