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7 thoughts on “18 Stunningly Beautiful Black Women of Trinidadian Descent

  1. Raquel Kalloo says:

    Janelle Penny Commissiong was crowned Miss Universe in 1977. She was the first woman of African descent to ever hold the title and she is from Trinidad and Tobago.

  2. Julia Has says:

    Giselle La Ronde was crowned Miss World 1986…… Don't forget her

  3. JanJan Nevers says:

    Giselle La Ronde beat Halle Berry to win the Miss World title back in 1986. This list is incomplete without her.

  4. Annaleen Clarisa-Krystal Nicholas says:

    Most of these beautiful ladies on this list Are Trinidadians…

  5. Bella Cato says:

    We are just a dot on the world map, our ladies can complete among the best and come out winners.

  6. Jewel Holder says:

    Thank you very much Raquel! I was JUST about to clear that up! The caption is a bit insulting in my opinion.

  7. Darren Wint says:

    Jewel Holder exactly…former Miss Universe Janelle Penny Commissiong at that…show some respect. About model!!! SMH.

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