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60 thoughts on “Why Should Black Men Have to Do These Shameful Things Just to Save Their Lives From Police Officers

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    the truth was good but the fake acting was over the top. no one cares about our tears or our lives in this country.
    we need a central database of black businesses and need to support only them and we need neighborhood militias. the day we do that is the day we get our respect back.

  2. To the guy who said "Some of us deserved to be shot, not me" You are one stupid fool!

  3. Aaron Howard says:

    I think the message is what they were trying to got over not the acting…good idea about the black business and support our own and we'll strengthen each other

  4. Puffshe Puf says:

    I know right! They had me until that part. I was like wait what did he say

  5. Puffshe Puf Same thing I was thinking.

  6. Bruce Guzman says:

    That's the point he's trying to make is that what he did was shameful. And the video says what he was doing to survive he now sees is selling out his people.

  7. Bruce Guzman says:

    That's the point he's trying to make is that what he did was shameful. And the video says what he was doing to survive he now sees is selling out his people.

  8. Keith Pride says:

    Seriously? Because we’re strangers in a foreign land. Because we were kidnapped from our native lands and our heritage was stolen from us. Because “whites” have had centuries of practice oppressing us and their systems and institutions will continue to perpetuate racism and social hierarchy until Babylon is destroyed. Integration and assimilation was a foolish idea to begin with. Let’s just go #backtoafrica!

  9. Brother Bruce Guzman ,that's the truth.

  10. Bruce Guzman says:

    If you brother have the time, here a Video on OUR history, Enjoy, and enlighten. Peace

  11. Bruce Guzman,I will check out the video.Thank You,Bro.

  12. Jacob Sesall says:


  13. Bill Black says:

    You can thank all your black brothers seen on tv raping, continusly robbing, murder, knocking out innocent people, sucking the life outta welfare while doing nothing, etc etcetc and mozt importantly because of your color-you really stand out! Remember also, YOUR BLACK BROTHERS IN AFRICA KIDNAPPED OTHER TRIBES AND SOLD THEM FOR GUNS TO FIGHT OFF THE ARAB MUSLIMS, the MUSLIMS and today you join them and murder others under the guise of a "religion". a sex cult religion. You'r still being enslaved by muslims! Quit blaming another culture! Man up! Obey the laws!

  14. Aidan Donnelly says:

    Same everywhere – if a recognisable group are the major contributors to the crime statistics – could be purple with red stripes – wouldn't matter. The Cops going to pay you more attention. If your group is law-abiding and causes no trouble then even if they look different they are all but invisible to the cops. Like the Sikh's or the Vietnamese here. They don't get checked out anything like as much as other demographics do.

  15. Who are the morons who are so simple to think that all black men are like that? You know there are plenty of us black men who don't rap, rob, and murder, etc etc etc. I think the black is on some black men but on the media as well. Black men who promote the thug life have a responsibility, but also the media has a responsibility to show the wide diversity of black men. In any case, I can't believe someone is that stupid to think all black men fit the stereotype. That's either extremely lazy on their part or they are looking for a reason to justify their own racism against blacks, especially black men. White nationalists do it all the time.

  16. I can't believe you are justifying racism. You know people like you amaze me with the lengths you will go to. The objective as a cop is to stop someone who fits a specific description, unless you think all black men look alike, Aidan, there's no reason to stop someone because they are black. That's wastes times anyway. And what about the psychopathic white guys, the serial killers. Should we stop every white guy since most serial killers and mass shooters fit that demographic? Police are supposed to stop suspects based on description. So if it's a tall black man, with light skin, dread locks, who is wearing a white shirt with green shorts, why the f*ck would you stop a black who is short, fat, and wearing a suit? People like you Aidan are some of the most sociopathic liars. You try your best to make your justification of racism sound so intellectually and so sincere, but you're not fooling anyone. You are hopeless.

  17. Joseph Gadberry says:

    Aaron Howard Yea, that's not racist.

  18. Aidan Donnelly says:

    Levar Mitchell All the name calling just proves my point. I do not live in your country and have nothing against any group in particular. Where I live however there is a certain demographic that is responsible for the majority of crime of all description. They make up a small %age of the population and a large %age of the criminal stats and the prison population. I would not condone brutal behaviour by LEO's based on that. But they are still going to be checked out more often than little old ladies for example. Just life.
    Years ago I did fit several of the 'demographics' at different times- Young white male with Hot-rod car. I got pulled over 10 times more often than my brother who drove a standard sedan. Another period I hung around with MJ smokers, so we got hassled for that. And when I was 17 I was hanging round with a gang of street kids – just hanging really, no crime – well mostly no crime. Cops were always checking us out and moving us along.
    Actually when CB became the rage in the UK and we were using illegal frequencies , the cops were always after us to confiscate the rigs – lol – Now that's UK and Australia – and four different 'demographics' that the cops are suspicious of and we duly got hassled.
    I know and appreciate that things are different due to the high rate of young black crime in parts of the US. I also have been watching how your police often overstep the line, especially dealing with Black kids. I was not trying to be dismissive but sympathetic to a degree while saying what cannot be denied – if you are part of a 'group' that the cops have to intereact with a lot then they are going to hassle you and check you out a lot more.
    Seven words in and you are pulling the crappy racist/victim card – lol- makes us here laugh mate, we don't give two craps about that 'insult' anymore. – cop hassles happens to any colour or group that they see as of high interest – it's not MY choice they stop a young man based on his colour – I just told you four areas where at different times I got hassled – not for colour but because they had me down as hanging with certain groups.

  19. Diana Baskin says:

    Blacks don't share the same brain we are all individuals with our own thoughts and minds. We all act independently of each other. Do you seriously think whites don't rape, rob and kill? I can't relate to anyone in Africa and have no relations to my knowledge there. Also have no relations with Muslims. If Whites didn't hate all Blacks and didn't lump us all together; then just like whites are judged as individuals that is how we would be judged. Should we judge all Whites by the standard set by mass murders who shoot up schools and movie theaters? Should we judge them by the actions of the OK bomber? There have been some major crimes committed by whites. Should we judge the whole race by actions of some? Don't judge us by a different standard and lump us all together. There are good and bad in all races. I am law abiding, worked hard until I retired, never been in trouble with the law. Never even had a parking or traffic ticket. Judge me by my own actions.

  20. Diana Baskin says:

    Going by your logic the cops should be suspicious of all whites and shoot them on sight if they walk into a school or movie theater. Blacks should shoot whites on sight just for being in their neighborhood or anytime anyplace anywhere they see them since there is a chance they may get shot by a white person just for being black. Your logic doesn't make sense. Being suspicious of someone isn't grounds to shoot them down like a dogs. According to the constitution a man is presumed innocent until proved guilty and they are entitled to the due process of the law. Yes Aidan being checked out is one thing being killed with your hands in the air is another. These guys aren't afraid of being checked out they are afraid of being killed while being checked out. I see you are still alive to talk about it.

  21. Aidan Donnelly says:

    Diana Baskin Hi Diana – there was nowhere in my points the concept that you should be harmed in any way or that this was right under the circumstances as described through these several comments.
    I in fact did mention my concern that there have been many YouTube videos showing USA LEO's going way beyond their rights or duties on young males, especially Black males.
    The conversation has been about the 'check' or 'hassle' – not on violence on any side.
    So my logic remains as it did not and does not include non-justified violent action of any kind on the part of any person anytime and anywhere.
    We were not talking about the odd random events or how ordinary people view each other.
    We were talking about LEO's and who they pay special attention to and why.
    It was only to that issue that my points were addressed and to try to extend my comments beyond that is simply twisting and distorting the discussion in order to win .. what? It's that kind of discussion twisting that is a major problem in our attempts to communicate and reach understanding.

  22. EverLearning Dre says:

    Joseph Gadberry you realize these are responses of desperation because whatever you think you believe we are not truly integrated into the current businesses/culture/american life. So starting and supporting their/our own is a way to lift themselves/ourselves up and to show you can be just as successful.

    It's very classical white male privilege response to immediate claim reverse racism, when others are trying to find a way just to be equal.

  23. EverLearning Dre says:

    Diana Baskin Well said!

  24. Aidan Donnelly says:

    EverLearning Dre Thanks for taking such time and effort to put across the point, which I do understand, though, as you rightly say – for the most part, cannot fully do so as that's not a regular experience for me.
    Thing is it's not a regular experience for anyone where I live now (not yet anyway) or in the UK where I grew up , though that's going downhill fast.
    All the stops here are mainly interested in are 'ticketable' items and Random Breath Test road blocks – which of course gives them chance to check out anything else they can run you a fine for. or sticker your car off the road. Equal opportunity hassles there though.
    They do cross the line as most tickets are just receive a payment slip in the mail – pay it though your bank or Bpay etc – almost nobody will make the effort to challenge in court, though I have hear the courts are more likely to throw out a ticket than pass it if the citizen can show it's borderline – or outright lies.
    I did get a big fine and penalties for 'going through a red light at a raliway crossing'. Checked later and realised that I should have fought that one in the court (the conditions set to allow that were all good) . Stupid me.
    But yeah I rarely get hassled nowadays beyond the 'going too fast, that will be 2 points and $100 bucks' kind of thing.
    Age and the large number of speed cameras they use here now made me determined to stop them 'taxing' me more so I haven't had a 'flash for cash' in a few years
    I do thank you again for your response, it gives me opportunity to re-iterate more clearly what I was attempting to say before, obviously badly.

    1. No matter how much we don't like it, if a certain characteristic or set of same are of high intereste to LEO then they are going to be 'checked' more than others

    2. The number of incidents I have seen posted on YouTube or even make our news of USA LEO's overstepping their authority, even pretending they have authority in a circumstance where they do not – is very disturbing.
    There are always some that are just naturally bully's and such work attracts such people, we have plenty of those. But incidents like one recently where a cop walked up to a black guy at a gas station , told the guy who had already exited his car that he wanted to see his license.
    When the man turned back into the car to get the license the cop shot him 4 times. Fortunately he survived and the cop was fired, but I am seeing too many examples. along with all this DHS, ATF .. what we know as the federal 'armed alphabet' and I understand it is scary.
    That point was obviously obfuscated in my previous comments but you have given me opportunity to make clear I was not condoning such things, I am very much against them ocurring. I am almost 60 and spent most of my working life in IT too and have lived and worked in several countries. I don't like the way things are going just about everywhere.

  25. Jason Kirch says:

    Diana Baskin "If Whites didn't hate all Blacks and didn't lump us all together"….Sounds like it's you who's lumping all "whites" into the category of hating blacks. I find it completely ridiculous that it is perfectly fine for African Americans to stereotype white people as black-hating oppressors. You're negative experiences with white people give you no right to classify all of us as the same, just as my negative experiences involving black people don't give me the right to classify all black people the same way. Believe it or not, if something doesn't go your way it's not necessarily because of your race. If you act like an asshole (Not you Diana), then i'm going to call you an asshole. If you do the same thing with a bag over your head…i'm still gonna call you an asshole. Personal responsibility has taken a back seat to the race card and it's pretty pathetic. I am not stupid, I know that racism is still alive, but the younger African American generation who want to act like the country is still stuck in 1950's and 60's Mississippi are sorely mistaken.

  26. EverLearning Dre says:

    Aidan Donnelly I appreciate the correction and it makes a bit more sense.

  27. Y in da hell would u give a cop a student id in a traffic stop and I have had this talk with my friends its not who you are its where u at cuz a cop will pull over a white person in my hood quick cuz dey or in the hood and might be looking for drugs na wat u call dat ijs lets be real people

  28. Sundiata Keita says:

    white people committed 17 genocides the last 500 years, attacked every country on this planet except Mongolia, the US started 69 wars since 1776, then they point the finger at you after theyve set in motion the next extinction level event.
    man, white supremacy is comical.

  29. Sundiata Keita says:

    you mean like the recognizable group, the 10% of the world's population that looks nothing like anyone else on earth but commits the most genocides, invades every other country and according to FBI Table 43, commits most of the crime in the US?

  30. Sundiata Keita says:


  31. Carolyn Falkner says:

    lolol this has got to be a joke lololol your White brother are raping their own children heck! The preist are raping everyone's children you guys are kidnapping women and holding them as sex slaves most of their lives breaking in homes and stealing little girls raping them a dumping their young bodies,date rape drug are the norm at your parties lololol you must be joking yet! The most interesting thing that sets me apart from you is I'm not! As easily brain washed as you are I don't blame all Whites for the actions of a few I hope one day when you grow up you can be as revolved as I am until then continue to make a fool of yourself..with my blessing

  32. Generale Generale says:


  33. I'm the guy you are addressing in the video and i think you took it out of content i am doing my job as an actor portraying this piece with permission from the author you are being ignorant claiming that I'm a weak minded african american man shows that you haven't grasped the context and the overall message of the monologue and piece there is also a part 2 of this google it

  34. Rudy White says:

    White people commit the same crimes you stated fool, but they are not gunned down in the street like dogs. go back to your cave.

  35. Ivan Walker says:

    You emotionally driven fool are just the type of individual who would make a trigger happy cop. If you "listen" to the young man, you will realize that he is saying that his actions of trying to prove his worthiness to the cop (possibly by displaying his college ID to say that I"m one of the valuable black members of society) were conveying that he thought would have deserved to get shot if he were nothing doing something of value in the cops eyes.

  36. Mike N. TheAz says:


  37. Andrew Hopson says:

    Does not make you any less of the problem spewing thoes stereotypes you disgusting nasty thing. I've seen your race do far more evil things. You sound not only ignorant but mentally defficient. I didnt even know what a food stamp was. By the grace of GOD my circumstances have always been ideal, but the sweet mother of three who helped me while I was ill, who also happened to be white used them for most of her life showed me what they were. Her latest boyfriend, a white man, left her and their new son alone for his new mistress. This is not about race. Your moronic view is not the law of this country. We are all supposed to be innocent unless proven guilty. The laws will change with these states with these murdering cops. We will have justice.

  38. Born Justice says:

    Did you know there is more white people on public assistance than blacks ,, before most of you speaking up and out. Please fucking learn something before the stupid sees you

  39. Larry Brown says:

    I couldn't have said it better myself! But since/while we are here what are we gonna do about the way this institutionalized racism we're facing?

  40. Jerusalem is the mother of us all

  41. Debra Wells says:

    He was saying it as a way to appease the white officer, that is how they think; that a Black person has to be perfect, just not to be shot to death for nothing! They were talking about the guilt that they felt for even thinking of how to survive in the face of danger, by portraying themselves as "good niggers" that are in college, non-threatening to whites, etc. as opposed to "bad niggers", who sell drugs, do drugs and crimes.

  42. Debra Wells says:

    You need to learn to read well enough that you can really educate yourself to the true history of Africa, colonization and slavery! You sound like the typical, garden variety ,knuckle dragging, troglodyte that just crawled out of a cave!

  43. Kenneth Kelly says:

    Why do they have to catch him making a face like that?

  44. Debra Wells ,Well said.That is always the case with "those" (upper class minded) Blacks who feel they have to show that they are different from "us" (common folk) Blacks; "shoot them,but not me because i'm like you not "them". Some sad sh*t,indeed.

  45. Patty Bell says:

    Aidan, your belief system is sooo flawed. They are not BELIEVED to be law breakers, but once attention is given to what they could possibly be doing, trust me, the law will watch them more carefully. You hit the nail on the head with "how you appear to live." If you hang with troublemakers, you will be watched and 'hassled' more by law officers. Also, the young man who did the name calling in his post can not prove your point. Name calling just shows emotions for one- not a group. I like to live by " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It tends to keep me out of trouble. And, it actually workd for everyone regardless of skin shade. Peace!!!

  46. Patty Bell says:

    It is supposed to be written "it actually works…"

  47. Act of staying ALife! understood but still ain't right,some got Change,we say No to an System that kills our youths,ain't every black youth that as got a student ID,and ain't every out of School is into crime,I say NO racist cops and racism our System!!!

  48. Titus Ashley says:

    You miss understood him, he was saying by him giving the officer that college ID felt ashamed because it was equivalent to him saying "some of us deserve to be shot " be he realized that it shouldn't matter if he has a college id or not he and all other black men are important

  49. Keith Pride says:

    Larry Brown amurdikkka is on a collision course with destiny so unfortunately i don't have any answers to that. clearly what we are witnessing is the master plan coming together in the form of a new world of disorder and fulfillment of prophecy. you can exit stage left now or go down with the ship..

  50. We need to do our part to fix what ails us and that's a culture that was stolen centuries ago. We can't go back but we can establish new mores and a new understanding of who we are as a people. We need The Black Pledge of Allegiance

  51. Generale Generale says:

    NAW, not at all emotionally driven and for sure not a fool, I just got sense enough to know never to stand there and just let a cop or anybody else beat on me or hold my life in their hands Ivan. Cops are trigger happy regardless how you act so just face the fact. To cops there is no such thing as a black man saying I am one of the good ones. BUt I know for a fact, you cowards making excuses and shit talking about avoid doing this and that and hope the cop will not beat me or shoot me, or the ones who will end up dead or beat by cops if you stand their and let them do what they want to you.. If they make u take to that level with them, do not hesitate to take it to that level, if u want to survive and that is real

  52. Ivan Walker says:

    Generale Generale 1st: My apologies for calling you a fool but your initial post sounds very emotionally driven. I think that you missed the point the guy made which is exactly what you're saying. Although he did these things unknowingly at first, he now realizes that he shouldn't have had too. He's saying that he was a coward. I think you missed that the whole video is making your point: There is no need for black men to have to employ these strategies for survival. I don't think cops are trigger happy as I know they are trained to see that as a last resort. I also know that any cop or person can become trigger happy in a given situation such as seeing a threat when there is none, i.e. goes to the whole point of blacks men being seen as thugs. I think Michael Brown took your approach towards a cop and I'm sure we are aware of how that went. You use the phrase "you cowards". No one is making excuses but everyone is stating their experiences. We each survive the best way we see fit and the fact that we are dialoguing means that both of us have been effective. Take it to which level? See, you're adding to my statement because I've never stated what I have done or would do in said situation. My reply was never about me painting myself as a hero or coward; it was only to make sure you hadn't missed the point of the video by spewing your street Bible. I lived both lives: the guy who didn't give a care about authority and the educated guy who relates to this video. I recommend you watch this video:

  53. so….by your logic, you should bee held accountable for the actions if Hitler right? hey, obey the laws, you clearly have a hand in all the white trash crimes committed these days right? can you see how insulting you are being or are you going to be dishonest with yourself. It's time for style introspection

  54. Generale Generale says:

    The reality is thete aren't really any good cops. Why? Becaise there are plenty of "good cops" that see things going on within the precinct and they don't say or do anything. Well if I recall correctly, in the streets, they label that as conspiracy. So, they are just as bad as the ones committing the acts.

  55. Generale Generale says:

    The reality is there aren't any good cops. Why? Because if there are "good cops" that see things going on within the precinct and they don't say or do anything. Well if I recall correctly, in the streets, they label that as conspiracy. So, they are just as bad as the ones committing the acts.

  56. What happen when all people of color turn out to be anti- american

  57. America is forcing people in this nation to be anti- american

  58. If you think that happen in history. Selling human beings were never part of the African culture before the white man came into Africa. That was introduced to the Africans not the African itself. What Africans had before the white man was servitude. Savants were highly respected in African societies and many were part of the family. You are giving the falsehood of history and many Africans fought aganist the introduction to slavery to Africa. . There were no African nation had slavery for an economical institution of that time. The white european created that for the Africans of that times. The African value system of that time were Communalism, collectivism and Cooperativism. So slavery couldn't exist before the white man came into Africa of the times. Do you think the Aficans told the white men, well I have three slaves for guns the first time the Africans meet the white men. No! , It didn't happen that way. The Africans and the white man had different languages and cultures. It was a gradual situation the introduction of skavery in Africa. Your black Americans accept anything what people say without thinking and doing the research.

  59. James Bo-pete Johnson says:

    As I read these comments it lets me know that niggas are straight up cowards and bitch's.They make up every excuse to be a coward instead of men. The police have been punkin niggas for years. The next time yall are in traffic take a look at some of them coward mf's. I've seen police who looked to weigh about a hundred pounds soaking wet. And these are the types of mf's who punkin niggas and makin mf's bow down. The black man is a god damn disgrace. Lets be real about it. Niggas will kill your whole family. Niggas will unload a full clip on a 7 year old. But don't got enough heart to stand up and be a man against a mf who you know is taking your god damn manhood. Read some of these comments that these bitch made niggas are making. The black man is a scary mf. I don't see how a black woman would even fuck with us. Seriously. My homegirl told me that she would strap on a dildo and fuck a black man because niggas are bitchs. They got niggas scared of prison and death. I see why the whole world looks at us as not being about shit. Niggas will make every excuse not to man up. And what's so cold is that only a han full of soldiers will stand up. I got beat down 3 different times by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs. Don't you know that the Crips, Bloods, Muslims or Militant niggas didn't help a nigga. Stood there facing the fuckin wall. Scary ass niggas. All you coward mf's making up an excuse why you wont take a stand. Keep doing what bitch niggas do. Any time that a man lets another man do what the police is doing to black men without repercussions. You're a coward who deserves to beat down and murdered. Your family deserves to be murdered. Niggas want to talk that religious BS "Put it in gods hands". God ain't gone do a mothafuckin thing if you don't take a stand. Let me say this. When I got down with the police. Them mf's are scary as fuck. I could see the fear in their face. Take your panties and thongs off and be a god damn man nigga. When I saw the police that killed Eric Garner smiling on the video after he killed him. I was livid. And the nigga who killed the 2 New york police. That's a soldier…The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  60. James Bo-pete Johnson says:

    Diana Baskin And they still look at you as a NIGGER. You should read Chris Dorners Manifesto.

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