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54 Richest Black Male Celebrities With A Collective Net Worth Over $9B

will-smith-013Actor, rapper Will Smith’s net worth is estimated at $250 million.

Photo: Inside Movies

TV and film director Tyler Perry is worth an estimated $400 million.

12-bill-cosby-himselfComedian, actor Bill Cosby is worth an estimated $350 million.
Actor Samuel L. Jackson is worth an estimated $150 million.

Martin Lawrence smile
Actor, comedian Martin Lawrence is worth an estimated $110 million.

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28 thoughts on “54 Richest Black Male Celebrities With A Collective Net Worth Over $9B

  1. Maurice E. Wright says:

    Hey atlanta black star, I'm interested in knowing how this wealth is determined, since net worth is not the same as how much money you have in the bank. spread a little economics lesson please. How does one's value or net worth go up or down etc.

  2. I believe they calculate celebrity net worth by approximate because they do not have specifics on their total assets etc. I am guessing they use the value of contract negotiation, movie sale stats, various estimates of property thy own. Just a guess.

  3. I believe they calculate celebrity net worth by approximate because they do not have specifics on their total assets etc. I am guessing they use the value of contract negotiation, movie sale stats, various estimates of property thy own. Just a guess.

  4. Maurice E. Wright says:

    Chantelle Porter I think its very interesting that Bil Cosby has 100 Million more net worth than Will Smith when Smith has been a top hollywood earner for 20 years. I can't name a project that Cosby is currently involved in or has his name attached to. But then again I think the most forgotten aspect of wealth is investment, who knows what Cosby is putting his money into, I know 50 cent is on this list because of his investment in Vitamin water alone, not what he made from his rap career, LOL.

  5. Maurice E. Wright that is agreed but I do know Will Smith has invested in significant projects over the years. This whole list is slightly curved I believe. Starting with Morgan Freeman, Ice T and a few others. But again you can't take these guestimates at face value.

  6. The investments of an actor/actress regardless of appearances will change the net worth dramatically (pun intended).

  7. How many of these overly wealthy blacks are investing money in the betterment of the black race, or black people's living conditions? Do they fund any scholarships for blacks, or pay for head start programs in inner cities? Or is it just like everybody else – "I've got mine, and I'll get more"?

  8. The moral of the story hussle hard! N stop whining.

  9. Chan Jordan says:

    Maurice E. Wright lets not forget Bill has been around for over 40 years.

  10. could you not have used a better photo for Michael Jordan? ridiculous.

  11. Damon Deane says:

    What's all this wealth worth if it's nor collectively being used to lift up encourage elevate defend speak up/out for advance the community and people ? Every other race does it! !!

  12. They can't do any to left black or they well be called terroristand murdered and framed like they doing martin

  13. Zak Mil says:

    [Samboo in Paradise] not surprise considering 97% of wealthy black men and women are either athletes or entertainers. None , zero intellect, No in Silicon Valley, No Wall street, no Industrialists- all ganster rappers and ball jumpers. Wile less than 3% initially built their wealth with their own (gray matter) does not reflect well on black people.

    Generally the least education, the least savvy, the least conscious , the least sophisticated, the least cultured, the least thoughtful, the least grateful, the least committed toward their own people and community.

    Black people complain endlessly about the system and the men. Yet the second they make it, they abandoned their own people and communities. (Donald sterling was right)
    So shut the hell up for change!!!!
    Have you ever driven by a black neighborhood? they don’t even have markets, or various services that constitute a neighborhood.

    Then again I have also heard their women are not the most supportive, for they are very toxic, unpleasant, corrosive, emotional, and very difficult to partner with. They are known for antics, anger , temper tantrum , violence and high sentiment.

  14. Adrian Burns says:

    Maurice E. Wright

    Adding to Chan Jordan's comment that Mr. Cosby has been around longer and thus has a potentially greater ability to compound his wealth, I would add that Mr. Cosby created "Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids", "Picture Pages", "A Different World" and, of course "The Cosby Show". The royalties that come from these vehicles (especially, "The Cosby Show" one of the biggest sit-coms in television history) has to be significant!

    "Ownership" is the magic word in wealth creation. Being a high paid actor in Hollywood is awesome; but the billionaires are guys like Spielberg, Lucas and Cameron who have ownership in their projects.

    I would contend that it's always like this. High paid athlete worth less than team owner. High paid rapper worth less than rapper who owns label. High paid actor worth less than owner/creator of "project".

  15. One black man you need to pulled from this list would be David Ortiz he is Dominican he's not even American to start with.

  16. wow thts amaizin make us black people proud

  17. Dominican is a nationality he is still black and the list is for the richest ''black'' celebrities

  18. Pete Preston says:

    Zak Mil, you do know that this lists only Americans, right? You are clearly an amazing and clever white person. How many billionaires are in Silicon Valley or space shuttle programmes or mathematicians for that matter? Wealth is not the domain of intellect but rather, that of servitude. The poor man is the only reason the rich man is rich. All apple phones are assmbled by poor people and kids in China. So shut your arsehole mouth and get on with your life instead of speaking out of it. The richest black person in the world is neither American nor is he in Entertainment or Sport.

  19. Maurice E. Wright Bill Cosby "owned" the Cosby show and a different world. Just like Oprah owning The Oprah Winfrey Show.

  20. It is truly amazing to me how ignorant and bigoted most of you sound. Zak Mil, you are truly poor white trash. The statements that you made are unfounded and unfortunate. What I really want to know is where you got your statistics from. Most of the wealthiest people on this list accumulated the lion share of their wealth through investments and endorsements. It is easy to say demeaning and derogatory things as it relates to black people. Maybe it makes you feel somehow superior. Maybe it makes you feel better about your lack of virility. Maybe the images of a strong black man scares you. Maybe the fact that you feel somewhat of a cuckold when you see your significant other salivate at the chiseled bodies of some of the black athletes that you scorn.

  21. Olu Segun says:

    @zak Mil The American president is still black ok. Take that for all you white supremacist, wall street and all How much do you think thats worth?

  22. Olu Segun says:

    FYI Mr Aiko Dangote the richest Black man's worth is triple all of these people's assest. LOL

  23. Jordan Mac says:

    whats your probem dude? do you honestly hate your life that much that you have to make remarks on individuals of a different color becuase they make more then you? at some point youve got to say to yourself , hey maybe im over doing my part by talking to much. you need to take a few step back and realize how you sound and what you look like making theese comments. you look pathetic bro so dont continue for your own benefit, not mine. go find something to be proud of and dont bash anybody thats earned or deserve wat theyve become.

  24. I guess that dummy thinks if your in Panama your not black if your skin says so.

  25. Gloria Lynn says:

    congratulations to each of them and their achievements.

  26. Calvin Jones says:

    Unless I overlooked his name, I didn't see Master P on the list. At last check celebrity net worth has his net worth at 250 million.

  27. No. Michael Jordan is
    just ugly inside and out

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