Parents, Leaders Want Teacher Banned After She’s Accused of Calling Students the N-Word

Teacher on paid leave after calling students the N Word

Source: Daily Mail

A high school teacher in California is in hot water after she allegedly said she changed the assigned seating arrangement Sept. 3 in an effort to “move all the n*****s.”

Bernadette Yuson, the Cajon High School teacher who is accused of using the racial slur, is currently on paid administrative leave while the school investigates a student’s claim.

According to student LaRue Bell, he asked Yuson why she was moving all of the Black kids’ seating assignments.

Bell claims that Yuson responded by saying, “Because I want to move all the n*****s.”

In a statement to CBS Los Angeles, the school insisted that they are taking the matter seriously and will get to the bottom of the incident as quickly as possible.

“We can assure the public that the district took the student’s complaint seriously, and at no time did any district employee minimize the gravity of the impact of the teacher’s words,” the statement said.

Members of the community still aren’t convinced that the school is doing enough.

Instead of putting her on paid leave, many of the parents insisted that Yuson be banned from the classroom.

At a local town meeting, the concerns only grew.

In addition to community leaders calling for Yuson to be banned, vice president of the San Bernadino NAACP branch A. Marjadi also spoke out against the teacher.

“If you can refer to our kids as being n*****s, then you don’t need to teach them,” Marjadi said.

Recently, Yuson finally gave her version of events and claimed that she only used the word because the student used the word.

In an interview with Scribd, Yuson said she made a comment about the student using the n-word and meant to use it in a way that would indirectly ask the student if using that word was acceptable.

According to her interview, the student was being disruptive in class and finally shouted the n-word at another classmate.

Yuson said she responded by saying, “Wow. N****r? Is that a good word?”

Yuson denies ever saying she arranged the assigned seats because she wanted to “move all the n*****s.”

She said the only reason she began moving students was because they were talking to each other during class and she was attempting to cut back on the chatter in the classroom.


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