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8 Reasons Why White People Fear Black People

dangerous black man

Black Male Predator Narrative

Since the days of slavery, the propagation of the myth of the predatory Black man has been used to instill fear in whites and to justify their brutality and violence against Black individuals, communities and continents. The narrative has been passed down from one generation to the next and is still used to underwrite injustice against Black people.


Slave Revolt


The enslavement of Africans resulted in a plethora of uprisings, from the Haitian Rebellion to Nat Turner’s rebellion. Since then, whites have developed a pathological fear that oppressed Blacks will one day rise up and inflict vengeance upon their oppressors.

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171 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why White People Fear Black People

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    Excellent summation. But I think collective sociopathy should be added to the equation. Look up the characteristics of it and you will recognize how the global white collective acts in relation to people of color historically and in particular, black people.

  2. Brian Thornton says:

    Oh I thought it was because they were naturally untrusting and evil but I guess this makes sense.

  3. Farntella Graham says:

    They are.

  4. Jeremy Wesley says:

    Media Propaganda – " This is true despite the reality that white people have, and do, participate in mob and domestic violence in higher numbers.." WTF?! Who's really behind AtlantaBlackStar to write that BS? Sounds like you're agreeing that black people; especially black men, fit the biased media description. I hope that they edited that sh!t wrong. I've done enough reading in my lifetime that I pay close attention to word use and sentence structure.

  5. L Dominque Lapierre says:

    I'm amazed how white people think they are honest and more humane than people of color… they have completely forgotten their global and life long atrocities. Too many to count.

  6. we have so little respect for one another that is difficult to support black business; it is just that simple, blacks business should practice professional ethics

  7. Matt Terrell says:

    Yea cus blacks are just such a nice group of trusyworthy..hardworkers and everything..yea right..

  8. JF Williams says:

    I would've never noticed this bad sentence had you not pointed it out.

    I hope that it was simply a bad edit job, and not something more sinister…

  9. Michael G. Meyer says:

    A Real journalist wrote this? I find that amazing.

  10. Black Jesuscom: Thank you for your comment. You are 100% correct. I try to support black businesses as much as possible. There are times, however, when it's difficult because there are such "I am above you" attitudes. We, as owners, need to treat our people with the highest regard and respect when they walk into our businesses. We need to learn to be courteous and use a lot of good old fashion customer service. We have such power. Can you imagine what would happen if Black people didn't spend $$$ for a two (2) week period? Just sayin…

  11. Black Jesuscom Thank you much. I love my Black sisters and brothers. I pray that we wake up.

  12. Maria Davis says:

    Support black business? I for one use to support black business until I was refused service because of the color of my skin. I was at the counter waiting to be served at a West Indian restaurant in Elmont, NY, then I heard the two dark skin woman behind the counter start to discuss the complexion of my skin,making negative remarks. I guess I was not black enough for them. So as soon as another dark skin woman walked in they went right by me and went to the dark skin woman and ask her what did she need. Mind you, I was standing there for at least 10 minutes, I got so pissed I cursed her ass and walk out of the restaurant. Never again will I spend my money at a black business. PS I am a West Indian.

  13. Number 7 was my favorite, their is no reasoning with those devils all forms of violence especially rioting was learned by them. They flood our streets with drugs close our schools and under fund them lock up our people on chargers whites would barely pay a fine and then have the nerve to blame us when we react. We are denied practicing group economics yet Asians, Mexicans, and Arabs can freely set up shop in our hoods selling poison an junk if given even a half of a fair chance we would return to our rightful place on earth as GODS an that is what scares them.

  14. Oooohhhhh. Dang, I can't believe I'm just now starting to understand. That's why they deny us loans. they don't want us to have our own businesses because they fear we really will eventually pick ourselves up by our bootstraps. I get it now. No money for businesses, no money for houses, no money for education. That ensures a lifelong dependency on them and they will never have to fear us as long as they have all the power. Eventually if we began to prosper we can afford our own nice communities instead of the ghettos they relegate us to. Wow. It takes a special kind of monster. I'm really and truly beginning to believe the white man is nowhere superior to us. Those are not the actions of a superior race. If you ask me, we're much more humane, more kind, more noble. That's why they fear us. This is not our fault black people. We need to love ourselves. Stop believing all the stuff they tell us. They took away our homeland, our religion, our children, wives, they even took away our self respect and our dignity. And we're not the only race of people they've done this to. They're truly evil if ever there was such a thing. They're all the things they accuse black people of.

  15. Oooohhhhh. Dang, I can't believe I'm just now starting to understand. That's why they deny us loans. they don't want us to have our own businesses because they fear we really will eventually pick ourselves up by our bootstraps. I get it now. No money for businesses, no money for houses, no money for education. That ensures a lifelong dependency on them and they will never have to fear us as long as they have all the power. Eventually if we began to prosper we can afford our own nice communities instead of the ghettos they relegate us to. Wow. It takes a special kind of monster. I'm really and truly beginning to believe the white man is nowhere superior to us. Those are not the actions of a superior race. If you ask me, we're much more humane, more kind, more noble. That's why they fear us. This is not our fault black people. We need to love ourselves. Stop believing all the stuff they tell us. They took away our homeland, our religion, our children, wives, they even took away our self respect and our dignity. And we're not the only race of people they've done this to. They're truly evil if ever there was such a thing. They're all the things they accuse black people of.

  16. Andra Andra You said this was a West Indian business, yet you chose to say 'never again will I spend my money at a black business" Are all Black businesses owned by West Indians? This makes you a part of the problem, as the best way to handle this would have been to speak to the owner and explain the situation. Let him know that his business will not succeed with idiots like this working for him/her. Instead you chose to take the low road. Remember the high road always produce better results.

  17. Yes, we make you take drugs and commit crimes. I know you don't like drugs, but we force them on you.

  18. Andra Andra says:

    Cheryle Munroe Hunter you should ask questions before you jump to your conclusion, show how wise you are. I tired speaking to the manager several times, I left countless messages for her to return my call and she did not. The same people who are crying out for racial justice in this country is the same people imposing racial prejudice when they have the power to do so.

  19. Ann Eds says:

    Andra Andra I don't believe this bullshit story at all. If I'm wrong I apologize, but I call foul. The story stinks. Had you said it had to do with being cute, maybe, but not for your complexion, because they would have broken their asses to serve a light skin person. I believe you, like most light skin blacks, wanted the readers to know you were mixed or biracial, because to just be black doesn't make you special. imo

  20. Andra AndraNo conclusions drawn, its your story. You stated "I Cursed her ass, then walked out " I for one Never stoop to the level of cursing anyone. The employee probably told the owner you cursed them out and decided to ignore you(not that this is the right thing to do) But I did notice in your original post you made sure to emphasize dark skin. I am a firm believer in checking oneself first, if I walk around with an attitude others will respond accordingly. If I have a smile and pleasant disposition people will reciprocate. You get what you give most of the time. So I would like to ask this question: This happens with you often with Black people doesnt it or just dark skinned women?

  21. Andra Andra says:

    Cheryle Munroe Hunter Another black woman that do not want to come to grips that black women do not like light skin (multi-racial) women like myself (In denial)r. If this was the first occurrence I had with a black women making racial comments about my skin color then I would agree with you. And I notice you fail to mention that I said the women was making negative remarks to the other black women about my skin complexion. I do not have to define myself to anyone, if I go into any place of business I should be served. I stood in line quietly and waited on my turn and when I got to the counter the woman made her remark, she is not going to serve that "RED Woman" and walk away to serve the other black woman coming through the door. Anyone would get upset, my civil right was violated. So don't come on this page and try to down play my situation that I face on a daily basis with black women. They were wrong, if you has a black woman go into a white/indian/chinese place of business and they told you that they are not going to serve that "BLACK WOMAN", i know for sure you would be upset too. Everyday, you black people jumping up talking how white/chinese/indian people don't like you because of the color of your skin but when I come on here to tell my story about bigotry you are now trying to put the blame on me that I was not smiling. The two women behind the counter was hostile (they are the ones that have no sense of customer service) to me and made racist comments, I had all rights to be angry because they are violating my civil rights.

  22. Andra Andra says:

    Ann Eds Lolol, why should I deny my chinese/portuguese/german/black heritage because you say so. I am what I am, and too bad who don't like it. (This is another form of prejudice i face, people are trying to define my racial background) Who the hell are you to tell me what I am. I am glad you are downplaying the problems I am facing with black people, you live in America your time will come.

  23. Andra Andra You are a fool to think I dont like so called Light skin women,lol. My ex husband is East Indian descent and my children are very light in complexion. I have absolutely no prejudices for my Black people whatsoever (From dark to light is of no significance to me) as that would be like hating my own. The only thing I have a problem with is foolishness. (And I am not referring to you) I have one daughter and we Are West Indians, she has Never complained about discrimination regarding her hair or color (most people who meet her for the first time believe she is East Indian). We live by the Pan African philosophy in my household. And I will apologize as i did not read the part were you mentioned the women were speaking about your complexion. So as I said earlier I would have taken other measures to resolve the issue. I would have posted on the internet about their service, gone to the BBB and written a letter to the owner about her crappy employees. Well I wish you the best in life and hope things get better for you. And as I said, I did not notice the line where you said they spoke about your skin, so now I do agree that your right have been violated. Peace.

  24. Andra Andra says:

    Cheryle Munroe Hunter I did take my case to human rights and filed it there and this African American who was handling my case said they investigated and that they did not find any concrete evidence to support my case. ( What evidence, they refused to serve me it is as simple as that.) So they close the case. I told him to review the video tape in the store and they did not, he said that I am mixed with black so there is not discrimination. That is where is is totally wrong.

  25. Andra Andra Post a complaint on line about this establishment. I am sure they are listed when you google them. Contact the BBB and file a complaint. Leave a paper trail. Sometimes thats all we can do. I am sorry for your troubles and again I am sorry for misreading your original post. Be blessed, all Black people are not as ignorant and biased as these idiots. smh

  26. Andra Andra says:

    Cheryle Munroe Hunter I know, there will always be idiots in this world that you have to deal with on a daily basis. After I brought out the case against them, they had people threaten my life, Yes! It was that serious.

  27. Andra Andra SMH. Well they will fail in their endeavors business wise. Stay positive and dont let this make you bitter. These kind of people should not be in business, and that will eventually happen, just watch and see. May not be today, but guarantee those doors will close soon.

  28. This site is as racist as it gets…

  29. And I'm not saying it because I'm a white man. I'm a human being with people of color and people of different ethnic backgrounds.

  30. Alan Glenn says:

    Funny how those in denial can't see any of this as being possibly true, despite what has happened historically.

  31. Yes you do in a round about way. When you deprive people of their dignity as human beings and the impede their efforts in every way you can to a life of being productive, some who are weak turn to drugs and crime. Drugs take the edge off of depression caused by second class citizenship where you say "all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.. White people take drugs too! Some people resort to criminal behavior as a survival technique. No greater criminal than one who would take land away from it's original inhabitants, fail to pay for hundreds of years of hard labor. How dare you present yourself as superior to anyone. Disgusting hypocrite!

  32. Buying power is nothing when we are not allowed to have our own. Whites will never help a black person get rich by spending with them so why spend with them this is how they got it. And being afraid of blacks is a complete lied it's about the money power. It's strange how every race come together all against black people and everyone else can achieve ownership that's bull s##T we deserve our own And why we suppose to not Love America this is our country too! Stop the lies they just don't want us to have ANYTHING! THEY WANT TO TREAT US LIKE THEY OWN US IT IS EVIL TO WANT TO DESTROY A WHOLE RACE FOR JUST WANTING THEIR OWN WE DESERVE IT JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING! THAT'S JUST ME!

  33. Is this spelling an example of your superiority or just a joke! You are not representing your intelligence very well! I am tired of having African-Americans presented as the least educated when we have come from a history when our people were not even allowed to learn to read and yet we have excelled obviously.

  34. Danny White says:

    I agree with this, ppl need to get their head out of their ass and un-teach themselves racism and looking at one color of skin. instead we have media stiring up as much racism as possible, and ppl following like sheep. What happened in the past happened in the past stop holding on to it stop oppressing yourselves ( this is in general to any "race") move forward and look towards a better future.

  35. Just plan stupid we do not fear them we just dont want them to achieve goals like we have in the past and sure lass us in anything thats why they hate us . I still dont like them.

  36. Ree Robinson says:

    Thanks DL Hugley for inciting more animosity between the races. Articles like this only do harm.

  37. See you have the privilege to ignore race other races don't

  38. Charlie Willock Look up what comprehension means before commenting. In noway do I condone drug use or sales, I stated theirs a difference in penalty for crimes between blacks and whites even though both races do drugs at the same rate. If I have a gram of crack I will receive 15 years yet that same gram in its purest form (not mixed with with water and baking soda) mostly used by whites will get a fine or maybe 30 days in jail, even though crack is a diluted form of cocaine.

  39. Drew Brown Sr. says:

    As racist as it gets huh? I guess you haven't visited the KKK's website or FOX news for that matter…it appears as if it would behoove you to just remove yourself from this website.

  40. If I started a sentence with "I'm amazed how black people think……." I would be accused of being a racist but, it is ok to claim to know how white people think. Moron.

  41. Marie Mercier Gennaro says:

    A bunch of non-sense. The white man fears the black man because most crimes are committed by the black man. They are perceived as "scary". You might not like it, but you should accept it for what it is.

  42. Phil Garber says:

    I ran across a black fellow once who tried to exploit that scared white people narrative for his own purposes, which incidentally were predatory. As I recall he was from South Carolina. This was in Kansas City way back in our hippie days and he was visiting at our tent in the woods near a golf course (we were camping there illegally). We shared supper and talked. Then he made an indecent proposal regarding my wife and I told him he should leave.

    The man asked "Aren't you afraid of me?"

    I looked at him, all 5 ft 4 inches and said "Should I be?" I figured I could take him even if he had a knife. He left.

    I never took the incident as against black people, it was just that guy being himself. But what was significant to me was his belief that I should be afraid of him because he was black and I was white.

  43. I fear the "white man" because he kills in multitudes in public places and chalks it up as having a bad day. You may not believe it but you should accept it for what it is.

  44. Paul Cruse says:

    right on point will, what everybody is saying is taking the word out my mouth.

  45. This post came across my screen so I felt obligated to speak my peace defending some of us so called "White Devils" . No I have never visited any hate group sites, other than this one….

  46. Whites are peaces of shit

  47. Ram Andrew says:

    Plan stupid? Saying ‘plan stupid’ is just plain stupid. Sigh.

  48. Ram Andrew says:

    Talking of pieces of shit, it looks like you have piece of shit stuck to the bottom of your face. Might want to shave that off mate – you look ridiculous.

  49. considering how the above comment just said how hard it is for blacks to get loans to start our own businesses, meaning there are less than 1% of black businesses to support, it does become kinda hard to create a black dollar lol buuuut we do have a lot of black women entrepreneurs who own their own hair stores and salons now and I definitely support them.

  50. Stanton Alleyne says:

    The article was very interesting but most of the reason were illusory and downright comical. Of course, in a comedic way, it made sense but any group of people, who with malice aforethought, sought to destroy another, have a right to self defense. White people seem to fear their own shadow but if you do wrong, then one should fear the consequences. As one sows, the same one must reap. Dr Cress-Welsing's psychiatric evaluation of white behaviour and hypotheses are correct but it behooves all to better themselves through proper conduct and behaviour!

  51. Migs Rodriguez says:

    Hey here's an idea. Lets come together as humans and stop this bs hate! Think of all the good we can accomplish. People dont want to expand their thoughts and minds though.

  52. Sean R. Branner says:

    Charles Fried I wouldn't consider this as racist as it gets. You should explore the internet a bit more and rethink that statement. Now, if you have a legitimate argument as to why you think this particular article to be extremely racist, please elaborate. Keep in mind, I'm not trying to attack you. We all have our different opinions on different things, but I'm trying to hear your point of view in order to hopefully get you to understand where this article is coming from.

  53. Owen James says:

    Never fails to amaze me, is this all *%#$*% americans ever talk about skin color and race what a pathetic country as if there are not more important things going on in your country to deal with but no in 2015 this is what takes centre stage, a truly laughing stock of the world, the good and decent black people have to suffer because the getto culture and attitude.

  54. Ryan Moore says:

    Danny White I can tell you read the article completely because this comment is a perfect example of Projection. Same goes for you Charles Fried. No where in this article did it call white people devils, or say anything derogatory about 1 white person. But you guys show up and suddenly we are oppressing ourselves from a mythical "white devil" that's all in our heads. If you are truly my brother, pray to your God and be honest with him and yourself, then approach me with more sympathy in your heart. I love you guys.

  55. Danny White says:

    Ryan Moore This is 2015 this is a time where "race" should not matter yet society, especially in America makes it an issue. We will never be truly equal until one side says 'you know what I don't care about "race" anymore' and just start loving the other side. When it comes down to it we are people, with intellect and great accomplishments like technology and vast knowledge on many many things. Yet we are still not yet advanced enough to stop caring about race, we are will barbaric enough to fuel our economy with war, we are still childish enough to let media tell us what we think about race? There's no one oppressing anyone in today's time unless you let it happen. if someone is being oppressed you gotta look the oppressor in the eye and tell them I am a man damn it, I am not not going to be treated this way. I rather die on my own two feet as a proud man than on my knees as a victim to those who would want to see me that way.

  56. Scott Boyd says:


  57. Scott Boyd says:


  58. Scott Boyd says:

    all I hear on here are racists attitudes. I support any business that I need regardless of race , color. male, female owned as I need them. I seek the services not the racial makeup. How would the black owned business fare if only blacks supported it and whites only supported white owned businesses. there are 13% of the population black and over 50% white. so where do Hispanic and Asian people shop? you should support a business based on need, ease of use. prices and service and worry about the color or gender of the ownership later. anything else is rascist. So maybe if all of you on here would stop making excuses about everything and work hard maybe your lives will be better.

  59. Scott Boyd says:

    all I hear on here are racists attitudes. I support any business that I need regardless of race , color. male, female owned as I need them. I seek the services not the racial makeup. How would the black owned business fare if only blacks supported it and whites only supported white owned businesses. there are 13% of the population black and over 50% white. so where do Hispanic and Asian people shop? you should support a business based on need, ease of use. prices and service and worry about the color or gender of the ownership later. anything else is rascist. So maybe if all of you on here would stop making excuses about everything and work hard maybe your lives will be better.

  60. Patricia Triumph says:

    Will you are partly correct, however it's not just blacks. It is primarily the poor. The United States Government like to wave the shiny bauble of racism so that "we the people" will look the other way of the real crimes being committed by the filthy rich. These folks on top believe that the rest of us are cockroaches. We are beneath them no matter what COLOUR we are. That said, unfortunately people of colour mainly black and brown are poor. The rich don't want to share with others, they don't play well in the sand box of life. Selfishness is the symptom of greed. These are bad people. but because they have money and money is power well… enough said. Please don't lump all white or others folks of different colour than you into the sum of these bastards and bitches. The poor and middle class are the shit on the bottom of their shoes.

  61. Hugo Cilerin says:


  62. Hugo Cilerin says:


  63. Ryan Moore says:

    Danny White race should not matter today, but saying no one is oppressing anyone in today's time, has to be the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. There are tons of people who stand up and say "I don't care about race" the problem is there are just as many who stand up and say "My people are better than those people." Which is racist and the underling goal of racist is genocide. Before you stat such a privileged point of view, you should remove your head from the hole and look around, people are being oppressed everyday around the world, they are being killed, and used, and harvested, infected, bombed and ruled over. All around the world today men are standing up and saying "I am a man damnit" and being shot down for it, Just for the principle. But since it doesn't happen to you, it doesn't exist, which I understand, I don't agree with it but its human nature. We are both American, but if I say something is happening to my people in this Country and you say no its not, and all my people say, "yes it is" and even some of your people say "yes it is" and you ignore us, I would have to say you don't care enough about your country men to actually open your eyes and try to find out the truth for yourself. Instead you sit in judgement. This is the primary behavior that is the key to why we are not advanced enough to stop caring about race. You wont understand until this war against people who have darker skin is over and it becomes about money and they start killing people who look like you. If I'm still alive then I will still stand and fight for your right to life and fairness and freedom, even thought you seem to be ok with watching us die on two feet and alone.

  64. Ryan Moore says:

    Dude you have white friends and pictures all over your page. That statement makes you sound like a piece of shit.

  65. Ryan Moore says:

    Dude you have white friends and pictures all over your page. That statement makes you sound like a piece of shit.

  66. Ryan Moore says:

    That whole statement makes no sense. What goals has the white man achieved that the black man hasn't if not first. Go ahead I'll wait………. your superiority complex is an illusion sir.

  67. Scott Boyd says:

    nothing on here but people with EXCUSES on why their life is pathetic…… I guess it is easier to deal with your issues when you blame others. many black millionaires, many black politicians with high ranking but I guess those don't count. things will never get better if there is constantly the Sharpton attitude. you need more Dr King and less Sharpton and Jackson or things will always be in a state of turmoil. over the past 5 years more blame more excuses and less progress.

  68. Anunnaki Nichelle Ferguson says:

    Charles Fried As racist as it gets? Try or where whites openly and freely call all Black people apes, chimps, knuckle-draggers, the n-word and oh so much more. You people literally contribute entire websites to your racism. See. What you're doing now is what the author so rightfully called, "projection." I SEE YOU.

  69. Anunnaki Nichelle Ferguson says:

    Evelyn Bertoni Ma'am you can stop with the guilt trips. Telling the truth about your racist and savage past is not racism. Racism isn't shit that you just don't care to hear. Capeche?

  70. Evelyn Bertoni By definition alone black people cannot be racist. We have more than enough proof to prove a large portion of white America is in fact racist and one needs only look at recent events even at the supreme courts where the gains of the 1960s were struck down.

  71. Anunnaki, you will have to talk to a whole lotta white people before you meet someone less racist than I. My hateful uncle used to kick me out of the house during Sunday dinner because I wouldn't let him spout his hatred. Believe me when I say I know racism exists. Please don't lump me in with other white racists just becasue I am white.

  72. So speaking about racist in our society is worse than living through racism. According to you if we just be quiet then racism will go away.

  73. Evelyn Bertoni Its always good to reread the comment before replying. Did you notice the part when she said ""Telling the truth about your racist and savage past is not racism."" You did the same with your first comment in reply to.

    I'm amazed how white people think they are honest and more humane than people of color… they have completely forgotten their global and life long atrocities. Too many to count. Your comment did nothing to address what was said.

  74. Ree Robinson says:

    Bryan Anderson my husband of 16 years is black and we have a son…I'm all too aware of racism. I don't think tossing fuel on the fire is the answer. Have you seen the animosity in some of these posts? This is not a conversation of love and acceptance, this is "stirring the pot". It's not constructive, but destructive.

  75. Ram Andrew says:

    Ryan Moore White friends? What does that mean? Please explain…… dude.

  76. Ree Robinson says:

    Misspelled your name Bryon Anderson. Racism will always exist, but some cities are worse than others. We're from Miami which is a melting pot and extremely liberal. I can't speak for Duluth MN.

  77. Micah Mustafa says:

    These comments prove this article true and the members who commented probably do not realize it…lol

  78. YG Whyy Gee says:

    Why does his article do the harm opposed to the actual actions of people?

  79. YG Whyy Gee says:

    Ask your husband which of the 8 behaviors you just displayed by implying Bryon Anderson is somehow at fault.

  80. Ree Robinson says:

    YG Whyy Gee, how did I imply he was at fault? I think you're seeing paper tigers …no disrespect or animosity was intended, but you claim that I have offended 8 ways? I am done with this conversation. You want to go on believing that you're being picked on and mistreated, be my guest. My husband does not feel this way and has achieved a lot in life. Perhaps he isn't as easily offended.

  81. White society, as a whole, screws over people of color. Recognizing that, and talking about how and why that happens isn't "inciting animosity." It's trying to fix the problem.

  82. the future is ours but people cant see beyond the present.

  83. Evelyn Bertoni We know how they think by their actions. We have been the recipients of how they think for years. That is how we know. We live the daily life based upon how they think about other people. Our struggle has been about how they think. They think people can work without pay. They think black people should not be educated. They think we should be receiving second class accommodations in every facet of American life. Don't act as though we are making these things up. History declares that it is true if you tell true history without leaving out our part.

  84. Evelyn Bertoni We know how they think by their actions. We have been the recipients of how they think for years. That is how we know. We live the daily life based upon how they think about other people. Our struggle has been about how they think. They think people can work without pay. They think black people should not be educated. They think we should be receiving second class accommodations in every facet of American life. Don't act as though we are making these things up. History declares that it is true if you tell true history without leaving out our part.

  85. wow so recalling historical events is now considered racist…….you may want to inform the oxford and Webster dictionary because they define racism very differently than you………..besides who cares about the white narrative as it relates to their feelings about racism (European imperialism)….its not about white people its about blacks overcoming………………..smdh.

  86. I WAS married to a white man……it means nothing…. he was and still is very racist……….slave masters readily had sex with he black female and male slaves they "owned" and often sold their own biracial children…….so married to a black man means NOTHING…….

  87. Patricia Triumph actually I'm totally correct, not partially. I'll give you that all white people are not racists, I did generalize too much on that point. However, I'm totally correct with everything else I stated. Institutionalized racism towards people of color (AA's) was deliberate, widespread and state sanctioned. That was not the case with poor people in general. Deliberate acts of denying access to housing and education just to name a few. Not to mention the public lynchings that were attended by a the entire town in some instances. Jim Crow anyone? Every advancement by people of color was halted (black wall street). Poor whites were allowed to vote, blacks were not. Poor white people could go anywhere they wanted, drink from any water fountain they wanted, attend any school they wanted, get medical care from any hospital they wanted. Whatever the situation was for poor people, it was several times worse for blacks, then and now.

  88. Being honest about injustice is not about "inciting animosity" All evil should be called out so that those acts of the past will never happen again. One cannot claim they are about freedom while abrogating the rights of others while propagating entitlement for themselves.

  89. Ron Moore says:

    And when we do pull up our bootstraps as a community, things like Tulsa, Oklahoma happened.

  90. Ann Eds says:

    Will Ewing Sr The like button shouldn't be locked at "1". You are absolutely correct in both comments. Patricia Triumph It seems to me you're being politically correct. Admiriable, but unnecessary. The white power structure was put into place and the evil intention of obstructing black success was written into American history. It was absolute and intended forever. They were fools. You can't stop determination.

  91. Evelyn, look at the dynamic! The people who came from England claimed they came for freedom but when they got here, everything they did was against their alleged humanity. They took the land form the native American and put them on reservations so how is that just and in conjunction with people who claim to turn over a new leaf of freedom. Let's pretend those same white Europeans made a mistake by taking away land from the natives! Then despite believing in freedom, they sought and succeeded in enslaving Africans by passing laws to make the slave trade legal and part of the US Constitution. There is a track record and a template to present day behavior so when some people begin the of "I know how those white people think……it is not a stretch to see the behavioural pattern from the past. I am sure white people have said the same thing but they hold the legal authority (as they believe) to enforce their illegal laws. You do not have to believe me but check the laws for 250 years of phohibitions against "people of colour". I cannot make the stuff up because I am not that good. Just like the Bundy fellow in AZ (I believe) and his refusal to follow the law, where he can get away with it but then he comes back with what people like him sa, y knowing no one will challenge him on his statement " Let me tell you about the negro……." I say look at people's behavior. What do you think happen when people are, and have been dehumanized?

  92. Bring up truth can never be racism! That was accomplished by those who got profitted, exploited and away with evil and now they pretend it never existed. Or, they come up with stuff like "Why don't you people? get over it! OK What about Benghazi? (that came from left field, I know) Those same people also claim they are Christian so I say as the bible said "that which was done in darkness, will always come to light" so let's expose the stuff, stop it immediately and live according the ideals of a free nation. Let people be judged according to their behavior and nothing else but for many, that is an impossibility. That is the behavioural pattern!

  93. Genica Allen says:

    Andra Andra Please forgive me if I'm wrong, but you said, it was a West Indians restaurant, right? Was it owned by Blacks? You said, The ladies were dark skinned, were they black? Because there are dark skinned Indians?

  94. Ahjii Ghani says:

    Scott Boyd is terrified at seeing the harsh reality of the truth. Lolz… kinda proves the point of the entire article.

  95. we're here talking about one aspect of discrimination , racism, when there is prejudices existing amongst and within races and that's got to be one of the worst of it. What another may do might be seemingly the biggest of the problems but we maybe too focused on that rather than the culprits that uses our qualms to benefit from. In addressing the article it might be too much of lumping every white person into the same cinch sack and rather than doing that we should use terms like some white people or specify by saying white supremacist. There are people from amongst the white race that always goes undetected, under the radar and without scrutiny and they blend themselves into the white race but are distinctly identifiable by their actions and these are the JEW-ISH. I said jew-ish meaning that they are wolves in sheep clothing and they are not befitting of the title JEWS. Jew-ish as in white-ish , black-ish meaning not really so.

  96. I'm an afro canadian . My fellow blacks in the United states. Please remeber you had a black wall street. We had 2 hospitals, 1 bank, schools, church's and I can keep going. That was back in 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If we did it back then during segregation we should have all those black owned businesses now in 2015. Yes we lost them to racist riots, but now we have more then enough power to create our own resources use your minder and expand our horizon. Don't forget our history .

  97. Says the guy who can't spell "pieces".

  98. Joel Wallace says:

    Will, I want to say I'm sorry. I've never had anything against dark-skinned people or any1, but I just want to apologize that we all seem to be hateful towards you guys.

  99. I feel the same way. Have we not learned enough to come together as one people and face the world problems that affect us all?

  100. What's this about "whiteness" being recessive? My mother is Hispanic and Native American, my father was white. I am white as hell except for where I tan.

  101. Jeff Abicht says:

    What an insightful statement..Must have taken you awhile to put together those words of wisdom..Hey thug, it's piece not peace….Obviously you're a little lacking when it comes to your ability to communicate…A real intellectual…I can only imagine that "you be a bad man in 'da hood, know wha' I sayin"? Seriously, your
    rhetoric, only serves to reinforce the perception that most blacks are rightfully, trying to overcome…You're a liability to your race…There are to many exceptional black people that have legitimate concerns and are making real strides in closing the racial divide…Learn from them.

  102. Simon Maslak says:

    Why does it even have to be an issue any more? The only reason it is because normal people let it be that way.

    I get that terrible things have been done all over the world, unspeakably evil things, but if we keep dividing and living up to stereotypes and making ourselves responsible for the actions of our forefathers nothing will ever change. And quite frankly, we as a human race ought to have learned that by now.

    By the way, I'm white, but I'm also disabled and of Eastern European descent. You can imagine the fun I've had with prejudice growing up it the 80s and the stories I've heard about what the Communists and Nazis did to my people. But grudges and fear just aren't worth it and are utterly unfounded.

  103. Mariam Love says:

    Yall just talking but you should all be ashamed I'm a white girl and I'm only 13 yet I understand more then you adults you all say white people are evil but that's not true yeah sure the old days the old generation was mean and unkind to you guys but not this generation I love black people just as I love my white friends it doesn't matter what skin you are whether your black or purple you guys just don't understand you black people are doing the Same thing the whites did to you and you really think that's smart that's just called immature tbh although I love black people and I'm pretty sure my friends like me too they're always like ohh fkn white people you're so white and shit and I don't stand for that don't disrespect me just because you guys think that we're afraid of you I'm not afraid of black people nor white people you all have the same place to me if you swing at me I will swing back they always tryna act up on me just cuz I'm white so you all should be ashamed to teach you're kids to be like that in my opinion black people are nicer and more noble then white people but just stop tryna act up.

  104. Doug Kuenz says:

    So it couldn't be due to the fact that many more whites are victimized by blacks in the last 20 years than the other way around?

  105. Doug Kuenz says:

    Although true according to crime stats and my observations through life, my previous post is an attempt to do the same thing your article does…point fingers and alienate people based on skin color, but only to make a point. Why can we not let the future generations grow up having friends of all races and realize that everyone learns these prejudices, they are not born with all of these psychological diseases the author projects onto white people in particular. Everyone's ancestors have, at some point in history, been exploited and that is just a sad fact about world history. The only way to move forward towards something better is to understand that no one can change the past, but all races of people could benefit from realizing we all are human and share in human history, good and bad, and should come together to make a better future rather than further dividing ourselves with offensive and inflammatory articles such as this one. There is an enormous spectrum of behavior throughout all races and to stereotype may encourage self fulfilling prophecies. How about we all start judging individuals based on their character and loving our fellow man and see where that may take us.

  106. Mark Dukes says:

    Scott Boyd Project much lately?

  107. We're all living in "mystery Babylon" and colors will soon be irrelevant. Find God

  108. John Davis says:

    So what does all this hate do ?
    I'm white. I had nothing to do with racist people or slave owners. Neither did my mom or dad or grand parents or theirs and so on. We all were slaves at one time if you were poor. My roots came to America before the boat lift before this was America and before we had laws. But to standards today I'm white. I was robbed of my native roots and land. Because I don't have black hair or dark skin. But I'm ok with it. We are all human we all bleed the same. Racist people on all sides need to stop. I've been poor all my life . It's about how you treat people is the respect you will get. Not about our skin. We are going back in time. We are to be smart not dumb.

  109. "I love all humans, until they show me different"! "I expect respect from anyone who gives me respect"! I will show acceptance and love in front of all races to anyone that shows love and acceptance to me in front of their races! I have an open door policy to a multitude of races in my home as long as my friends have the same policy! I teach my kids to love and accept anyone who maybe different from them AND I expect those kids parents to do the same! When we have a neighborhood get together we invite all! The more the merrier, the more culture's, races , etc. then it's more awesome! I'm an "American"! "This is what we do in our community"! Hate is taught! No room for hate here! "I live in the South"! "With one Flag"! THE AMERICAN FLAG!

  110. Charlie Willock The same way you forced alcohol onto the Indians so you could betray them. You people talk out of all sides of your face. You don't know anything about Black people except those dellusional images you form in your tiny little brains from information received from someone with a brain of equal or lesser size. First you claim blacks are lazy and uemployed, on welfare, food stamps, etc. Then you turn around and say we are the biggest drug dealers and criminals. Per the media, you are the biggest users, we only sell them to you. Don't try to pretend that drugs are something that are beneath whites, they fight the doctors all the time for pain killers and are not in pain. Prescription drugs, sexual stimulants, your teenagers have even resorted to alcohol tampons (how disgusting) as a way to get high and you blame blacks. Like the women who are claiming Bill Cosby drugged them. Who the hell takes pills from someone and take them in bulk without knowing the effects-an idiot. Someone gives you three pills, you don't know what they are or how they will affect you and you take them because someone said they would help you relax. That's just plain dumb, stupid and certainly white. That way you can say you are mentally ill like the white guy they are trying to cover up for that shot those 4 marines, not to mention Dylann Roof who had both been arrested for drugs and alcohol. So much for your theory.

  111. The reason they move out of the "black neighborhoods" is because the best housing, the best education, the best resources are in the white communities. I live in a mixed community, can't say what color is predominant, as it is so diverse. In my particular culdasac, I have whites on both sides, a black family across both sides, and Mexicans at the end. I have also seen Muslims in the area and have never had a problem with anyone. In fact, my neighbors and I get along so well, being partially disabled, they will check on me to make sure I'm okay, invite me to outings and gatherings, we help each other with yard work and get along great. However, I went to the store across the street the other night, in my wheelchair. I am able to walk, but only short distances and the store is not a short distance for me. Anyway, on my way back, I had to push my wheelchair across the street because of a median and no way to cross in a wheelchair. A policeman saw me struggling to get across the street and rather than help me, he followed me and sat at the end of the street for an hour with a spotlight? I'm glad he didn't try anything physical with me, because I will defend myself. This is why I don't live in a "black neighborhood", to avoid unnecessary harrassment from all the officer friendlys out there.

  112. This should be 8 reasons on how you know ur racist. This applies to the richer class, the ones that have never even seen or been around black people. Maybe this is good for the racist folks at home sayin I hate black people when they have never met one face to face. They can read this and look in the mirror but don't get confused in interracial cities it's a lot different people are racist because of a grudge maybe something that happened to them by a black guy or white guy and now they hate all black or white people. For example a man hates black people cuz he got his ass kicked by one or a black man hates white people cuz a white man beat him down. Same shit y'all need to stop picking sides and just accept one another for who they are not all black or white people are bad there's saints in all races the world is changing slowly and we will all soon to realize that. But anyways fuck the police I'm out

  113. Nancy Lewis says:

    Evil comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

  114. John Davis, thank you for your comment BUT the problem lies in the fact that nothing has really changed over the centuries…it's done more subtle these days; housing, loans, pay, education, Cultural Appropriation, and the list goes on. You are white and on the receiving end of the "privileged" in America. Privilege is ingrained in white america, it is to you as breathing is to us all. You cannot see it because you live it. Even the poorest white person is more privileged than a wealthy black person. You said because you "don't have black hair or dark skin…you are so right, therefore, that exempts you. How we treat people? We are tired of kissing %*# so now white america is getting upset because we are asking for the respect you mentioned. I have been around for a while…no swimming in public pools, public water fountains off limits, can't spend money in this store (Blacks were denied loans of course to open our own), but it was ok to go to the cotton fields and get paid $7.00 a day. So please John, let me tell you there is such a thing as the 'Black Experience".

  115. Bane, you know not what you speak. Please go "outside the box" to do actual research if you are really interested in race relations…if not then you are just another uniformed white person living the "age of privilege" who cannot see past his skin color.

  116. Darin Scott says:

    Charlie Willock , clearly you missed the part of the article where it states, 70% of white folks use drugs, and they also sell drugs just like other races of people. Did you catch the part where the article also mentioned twisting a story to fit your narrative? Its been happening for years. Don't allow your ignorance to be so GLARING, by picking and choosing the bits and pieces of this article in an attempt to make a point!

  117. Sooner or later the blacks will again have our revenge!

  118. John Allen says:

    IE: The white's man sperm is genetically inferior and recessive. I'd be afraid too. Think about it.

  119. John Allen says:

    My dear brother, that is why they are so hell bent on keeping us from progressing. The time is near. They will not let go of power before sinking the ship. Look at the mess they left for Obama and how they rail against him moving the country forward. Obama's analogy of the car being ran into a ditch and wrecked is "spot on". They destroy it, we fix it, they wreck it, we fix it and so on and so forth. The time is near.

  120. John Allen You need to open your eyes and stop drinking the Kool Aid. Obama is not for the blacks, he's had sex plus years to do something for us. President Obama is all about government rule, liberalism and Marxism. Just look at the people he hung around, who he's friends we're. He's friends Bill Ayers and let’s not forgets he's former pastor, Obama lies every chance he gets, anything he say will happen you can be sure of the opposite and if he said it won’t it will.

  121. Earlie Clendion There exists a 1% in the USA and the bottom 99% are overwhelmingly white. At least numbers wise. Jewish people make up 48% of the billionaires in the USA and are 2% of the US population.
    Facts do speak for themselves. I think the reason why it's difficult to eradicate racism is none of us know what it's like to be in another's shoes. I saw this segment once, where this white guy took pills to turn his skin color black and people would purposely cross the street to avoid him. That was an eye opener.
    Also, people who live in poverty who happen to be white have a difficult time acknowledging the struggles of black people because they are unable to see the 'white privledge. I am white and grew up in a mostly black and Puerto Rican neighborhood where I was bullied and picked on relentlessly, jumped at times for being a 'honkey'. Therefore, for me to reach adulthood after facing that and being told that I was somehow more priviledged than blacks was laughable. Only through education did I learn I was an exception not the norm.
    As a white woman who reverted to Islam, I can say I truly understand what it's like well at least elements of racism/bigotry. I do not believe there is a group in the USA MORE hated than Muslims. Hell, Muslims are murdered in the USA and it's not even labeled a hate crime when they're in their own homes.
    I would love to see school systems teach anatomy in elementary school so we all understand human beings are merely human beings. Skin cells contribute to darker/lighter pigments and its not something any of us can help. Therefore, hating others due to skin color is pointless.

  122. The future of this planet is no white race and no black race since all humans will be melanin-dominant (mixed) multi-racial people of color. Eventually the one & only melanin-recessive, genetically defective minority group on this planet (aka the white race) will NOT exist on Earth. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be again in the end. All life that is native to this planet is melanin-dominant whether plant, animal, human, or the natural environment of Earth itself. Whites are not even originally from here. How can you be from here when the Sun that creates & sustains life is an enemy to your kind?

  123. Well I'm not sure about all of your post but I am happy that the pot is mixing as we speak. I'd like to put the blender on high in hope that we can somehow get beyond color in this silly country. People hate Obama because "he is black" when in reality he is just as much white. If we can't deal with black and white maybe we can find a happy gray.

  124. John Davis says:

    You said it all they way it should be . I thank you . Respect and care and love is key

  125. John Davis says:

    I was denied loans . At one time I could not get a car loan. Again it's not about skin. I've lived in a car when I was 16. I joined the army and I was bossed around by black NCOs . It's not racist it's the way it is. I've been viewed by white people as well all my life. Now I'm being bossed around by the govt and irs its life. It's not about your skin. I've been on the streets . But I chose to not get in trouble. People with a past will always follow in the future. It's the saying every road you go down you must come back up that road. I see white people rob steal rape and so on. They go to prison and when they served the time they can't get a good job because of the past crimes they have done. It's not about the skin. We all have choices we make. Like people who do drugs they know before they do drugs they can get hooked on them and they still do it. But as the way USA is we have to say of they are victims and that's why they do drugs. People of all skin shades needs to drop it and move on. If you live in the past you will not have a future. Even to this day I'm still poor. And I'm happy why because I choose to be happy. When I lived in Miami Florida I always got pulled over by black cops because I was a white guy in a black area. Well I lived it that area for 9 years because it's all I could afford. So is it safe for me to say that black people are racist as well. Not one person from 1972 to present had any issues with being black or white or a slave and so on. It's the choices you make that paves your future. I'm not racist at all so let the hate start.

  126. Or Maybe its because blacks commit 39 times more violent crime against whites than vise versa and 8 times more murder.

  127. Then why do we average 20 IQ points higher than you? And why are there diseases such as Sickle cell that only blacks can get? Blacks are the poorest, least educated, most crime ridden race in America. Does that sound superior to you?

  128. Ni Ko says:

    What comes around goes around,so they say.

  129. Ni Ko says:

    Whatever. lol

  130. Ni Ko says:

    Thanks for the heads up! great way of thinking. I recall seeing a video of the general of the Black Hebrew Israelites quoting that to a white boy khazar jew wannabe.

  131. Pot calling the kettle?

  132. Old bullshit statistic. Check your history.

  133. Abihail Petit Federal statistics….

  134. Tyson Edward says:

    no body wants to be expose but you will be exposed when you say its not about race when you saythese things. black people dont create the laws black people did not go around hanging people from trees. from 500 years its still here white supramacy effects every one because its all about mistreatment and haveing every one being confused about what is right and what is wrong.

  135. lol I bet this is a black dude writing this bullshit.. Only god can judge, remember that. White people do fucked up shit , oh and guess what … Black do fucked up shit…. But out of the two in my opinion … blacks are leading in the fucked up shit department. But again thats my own view, I'm not god we all get judged remember that.

  136. Nathan J Gardner Damn youare one racist mutherfucker!!!!!

  137. Luis Bey says:

    The guilty speak the loudest.

  138. Steven Scott says:

    You are one stupid blinded individual, it's only called crime based on the white mans views, it's terrorism when done to them but collateral damage when they do it

  139. You are a fucking Asshole! do you know your history? your race has destoryed every culture they have come in contact with the land you now live on was stolen through the genocide of an entire race of people do some research before you make ingnorant comments!!

  140. dont know where you ignorant people are getting you info……….. part of you white privilege i suppose

  141. Emanuel Aaron More like part of your black denial.

  142. Again ignorant Assholes, I would break down the design of the "IQ" test but i will just say it is designed with bias, Not going to arge with you but pkleas do the reasearch this society is set up so you come out as superior but some of us know the truth…………………

  143. Emanuel Aaron no my friend you are an asshole. Have you done your history….. Um The Moors, how they killed, raped, and pillaged. See it pointless arguing with you guys..No sense, me , me , me , I , I , I . Get the fuck over yourself, you are not the only people on the planet.

  144. John Allen says:

    James Stallings Would that also explain why more whites use drugs but mostly blacks and/or people of color are jailed? Part of the problem is being blind to reality. The white race right now is the dominate race, hence, the rules are geared to appease as such, or the rules change at the drop of a dime. This is not racist talk, these are facts. Your views are skewed because you feel superior. Walk into a room or go to a country full of black people you have never met or seen before, then let us know how you feel. You cannot honestly tell me that you are smarter because you were raised by both parents. The multitude of factors you speak of are those very same rules i speak of. They are many and continue to change.

  145. John Allen says:

    Nathan J Gardner What does that have to do with inferior and recessive sperm. Your thinking is flawed. 20 higher based on a test established by whom? Geared towards whom? Is that also why blacks were used as guinea pigs and injected unknowingly with syphillis and other dreaded diseases in the sixties.To this day we are used as guinea pigs, aids, ebola, ADHD. The list goes on. Better them not us right? DO NOT banter with me Nathan, I AM GOOD!! 🙂

  146. Carl B Grant says:

    …@David Christopher Walsh….Your not very bright…"Soon and Very Soon"…. you will be Pick'in Cotton 😉

  147. HAHAH sure Carl… Show you guys how it done.. Can I take advantage of the welfare system too?

  148. John Allen says:

    Earlie Clendion Well spoken. It is our "watered down" blacks who keep calling for inclusion even as our blood is flowing in the streets of this so called great country, in full view and on camera, who are part of the problem. Im not calling for a revolution but we must get back to taking care of our own. WE are expected to be agreeable and peace lovers as we are being killed in front of millions of people. WOW. I put on the uniform and served this country for this? I think not. The "Uncle Tom" negroid is as evil as those they serve. Whom do you think will survive once the genocide is complete? This is real talk, not racist banter, but REAL TALK. Obama thought that he would be accepted by his "white" blood but guess what, never happened and never will.

  149. John Allen says:

    Question? Which race or culture of people have and continue to kill, murder, alienate, basically destroy every race of people with pigmented skin?

  150. Abihail Petit Go check yours. Whites united the nations everywhere they went while you are still in Africa murdering eachother over a piece of land.

  151. Watson Chance Oh so John allen who is writing that scientific bs is not? Hypocrite.

  152. John Allen Thats why Europe is much more successful than any African country? Because we wreck ourselves? Grow a brain the only time what is near is the treshold of a black shooting an innocent white again.

  153. John Allen says:

    Kövesdi Tamás On the backs of which race is your precious Europe more successful may i ask? Even America? I won't hold my breath waiting on any semblance of a cohesive answer but by all means "rail away". LOL

  154. Regardless that doesn't matter, 500 years? Pfft the Jews were enslaved for thousands of years and were actually systemically killed in the Holocaust.

  155. "blacks are leading in the fucked up shit department". You must be really you and really dumb. Do you know history at all. White ppl have a patent on the fucked up shit department. YALL have a systemic fuckery department. Crooked cops, judges, lawyers, doctors, nurses…Look up the Tuskegee Experiment and then come back and tell us who the masters of the fucked up shit department are.

  156. David Christopher Walsh white people take advantage of the welfare system and every other system in this country/world. just because you're too dumb to be in on it, don't think it doesn't exist.

  157. Kövesdi Tamás whites did what??? you got life fucked up. whites FUCKED UP EVERYWHERE they went. Read research….and shut the fuck up

  158. Good story John, but you're from Utah so I highly doubt you've had lots of contact with blacks. Yes we do have choices to make, and the people who make bad choices well that's them. But what about when blacks and whites make the same poor choices and the black man gets his head knocked off and the white guy gets probation.

  159. Nathan J Gardner, Ever seen a black man with cystic fibrosis? That's a white man's disease. you think you have an average 20 IQ points higher. As far as blacks being the poorest blah blah blah…well what would you expect from a 500 year headstart and we did all of the leg work. Further, research Black Wall Street and get back to me on that.

  160. Yes they do. Dude, stop thinking the bullshit ended with slavery. Man yall kill me with that shit.

  161. But with a certain race, the explotation never stopped.

  162. Sounds like ur talking out of your ass now.

  163. You're too young sweetie. glad you have black friends but uhh, tell me when was the last time a black man shot up a church full of white people? I'll wait…..

  164. Steadman Goings I can tell you black people shoot up their own neighborhoods daily. How often do you hear about white people doing driveby shootings?

  165. Steadman Goings You people still havn't figured out why a lot of blacks get harsher sentences? Black people have a higher recidivism rate and repeat offenders get stiffer sentences. Also theres the fact white people have more money than black people meaning they can afford an actual lawyer and not settle for a crappy public defender.

  166. Steadman Goings Too dumb to be in on it…. ? Nah I just work hard for what I have home boy. Oh and have you looked into Africa ? yeah mass genocide, killing other chopping up albino africians because you think it has special powers. Killing and endangered animals for your profit. Yeah you're real civil….. get the fuck out of here, ain't swaying me with your bullshit.

  167. Steadman Goings lol Oh and another thing, if you guys wouldn't commit crime every five fucking seconds cops wouldn't treat you different? Don't you think? Yeah figure that would go over your head.

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