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10 False Statements Some Black People Make in Support of White Supremacy

Black Vote

“President Obama is not the president of Black America; he is the president of America.” If this is true, then why did the president and his campaign team target Black America with special campaign messages? Why didn’t he just use one message for all of America?

“Gay, Orange, etc. is the new Black.” 

“As Black people, we are our worst enemies.”

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19 thoughts on “10 False Statements Some Black People Make in Support of White Supremacy

  1. Dondi Smith says:

    you're not Black, and they are not White. First you have to remove the false labels.

  2. what about the one about obama, he is working for our people and not white supremacy lol

  3. Vidal Thomas says:

    Dondi, can you please explain your statement to me?

  4. Jay Contreras says:

    It doesn't matter WHAT color they are. Obama proves that there are plenty people of color in service to the maintenance of white global apartheid. It's the MIND SET that should be focused on. Too many of us are happily complicit in our oppression.

  5. Dondi Smith says:

    Vidal Thomas the term Black comes from Burnt (or cursed) not from the color black/brown. The word Ethiopia also means Burnt face. The story of Noah places a curse on Alkebulan (so-called Black people). This false curse has followed our people for 6000 years, way before Anglos (White people) were around. The word Black to describe a person is a derogatory term. How can we begin to unwind the truth about slavery, the bible, Anglos, so-called Arabs, so-called Jews, and all of what keeps our people oppressed?

    Back in the days, Dark Alkebs felt that Albinos had a magic power and that they were divine. Over the years, those Ablinos fled Africa, and created their own people by mixing with African Bushmen. Those people are called Chinese (if you look at a Chinese person and a bushman from Africa, you will see the comparison). As Egypt and Sumeria/Babylon grew, so did the Indus Empire (India). Those people from Indus had the same gods as Egypt/Babylon, China had the same gods (36 Chambers or 36 Babylonian gods). One tribe of India said, there's only one God. That tribe is called the Kalani or (Hebrews). As Egypt and Indus had wars with one another, India with the help of Babylon (a dark skin race of people) created an army. How they created this army remains a mystery. But out of the mountains came millions of barbaric, illiterate and very violent race of people, called the Anglos and Saxons. Along with them came the Sythians and the Aryans a different group of Caucasians (now known as Arabs/Turks).

    Together, these Caucasians wiped out all of North Africa. They wiped out all of Europe (the came from Germany, this is why the Queen of England has German bloodlines). As they continued to wipe out all of North Africa, to replace Alkebulan with a New World Order (1000's of years before Bush said it), they grew smarter with the help of Babylon. They defeated Egypt and all of the smaller empires. But they couldn't defeat the Indus or Chinese empire (this is depicted in the movie "Alexander"). As they grew larger and larger, the Moors said the only way to get rid of this race of people was to sleep with their women and mix with them (because Anglos can only produce another Anglo, then need a Alkeb Gene to repatriate back into the original race). So the Moors slept with thousands of Women in South Italy and parts of North Africa. But the Moors were overwhelmed. The Greeks (a Alkeb race) described Anglos first. Herodus (who they depict as a white man), described them as White skin, red flaming hair and deep blue eyes (he was describing a race of Albinos in the fundamental state). as they grew larger, the Hun Dynasty of China burned the real Bible and Babylon/Egypt forced their writings into the Bible. This is why Noah is a God, not a human as well as Moses and Abraham. (they are not the real humans).

    All of these things I am telling you can visually proved by looking at their statues. Statue of Liberty is Daughter of babylon, The Christ on the Mound in Brazil, is Nebakanazar. The Sun is their God, This is why they make people go to church on Sunday. This is also the source behind most of their holidays. In fact the very Holiday, means Holy Day, or Helios Day, or Sun Day. They created a so-called supreme race to replace Africans (Alkebs) but realized they couldn't survive without them. All of their inventions are from Africans. From the Cigarette to Social media, all invented by Alkebulanians. But they will never tell you this, because they (Babylon/Anglos) control the education, religion and social system. You can learn more at Alkebulanian Consciousness.
    It get's deeper than what I have explain, but that's all for now. Chant down Babylon!!

  6. Matt Terrell says:

    Hes not doing anythig for your people if you havent noticed

  7. there is a phenomena known as color blind racism, the active denial of the active ideology of white supremacy those who refuse to see color refuse to see racism they have adopted a go-for-self policy, everything they say or do is driven by ego, tedious idiots

  8. Kenyon Martin says:

    I agree that these labels are false however if you want to remove these false labels then the current power structure has to go. It is the one that created and forced those labels upon us. Simply saying "you're not Black, and they are not White. First you have to remove the false labels." does not solve the root problem which is ,like I previously stated, the power structure that insist on operating with these labels to maintain control and supremacy. My solution is economic empowerment. Money is power and the black community has none…

  9. Kenyon Martin Thats missing the point too. People need to stop thinking in terms of division and us vesus them and realize that the only race is the human race. There is no black or white communnity there are only people. Dr. King talked about the day when we could stop doin this and its really not so far off anymore. The battle has been won, were just refusing to claim victory. This is the age of google but we have smartphones and dumb ppl. Nothing is stopping us from working hard and getting educated, other than our own perpetuation of "the struggle."

  10. I refuse to see color and I do look out for myself and others when i can but i dnt think that makes me racist. I think race is a political invention and the only race is the human race. If everyone wokeup one day and stopped making someone an enemy because they look different then we could stop talking about advancing the black community and start helping the world as a whole. All racism needs to go, blacks, whites and the rest and the easiest way the do that is to judge ppl based on what they do, not their skin color or the flag they fly.

  11. Kenyon Martin says:

    Jeremy Bowser The battle has been won? Yet we're still getting gentrified, killed, beaten, locked up, etc… not to mention the wealth and resources are still being kept from us…. As far as Dr. King don't forget his last message was that he saw he integrated us into a burning building so he decided to stop that "EQUALITY" mantra and focus on getting wealth and resources… He scheduled a march to get checks for black workers being underpaid and overworked with horrible conditions and what happened to him a week later? C'mon dude you sleep….

  12. Kenyon Martin says:

    I would also like to address your "WERE ALL HUMAN" comment… Go tell that to the people who think Mike Brown , Eric Garner, Sean Bell, etc. were justly killed. (BTW that is most of the dominant society.) Your whole statement contradicted itself when you said nothing is stopping us from getting educated because you clearly are not educated enough on the "struggle"….

  13. Jeremy Bowser Such a very ignorant statement. If you can't hire, fire, kill without impunity, capriciously imprison, coerce, and manipulate entire populations that one could be a "Racist". Stop being a thrall, and stop condoning "Racism, White Supremacy!

  14. Jay Contreras says:

    Jasmine Williams I swear they are pushing this 'post racial' crap ain't they & then targeting us stealthly with police brutality, the school to prison pipeline, gentrification, red-lining, voter registration blocks, etc, etc..but it ain't about race? So I guess we are supposed to believe them & not our 'lying eyes'? Fat chance.

  15. Matt Terrell in all fairness, and I am not an obama fan. I never voted for him. he has done a few things for us: the mandatory sentencing for drug convictions he has eased. the put down of the attempt to make Black female military personnel wear their hair relaxed, the My Brothers Keeper Initiative; health care for some but not for the poor in states where they were allowed to opt out of medicaid; the success in beating back attempts to engage syria, his defiance to israel's demands on the american government.

  16. Kenyon Martin hypocrites don't say that when they are calling us animals when it is they who are the animals and not full human beings. they are neanderthal: they think and act different from us.

  17. Jeremy Bowser Amen.

  18. Jerry Dixon says:

    People talking about Obama seem to forget he is half white. He is not a black president, he is the first non white president.

  19. "We" have to remove what they put in place. Tell them that. Lmbao

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