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24 thoughts on “What This Black Woman Says About Teaching Children Will Shake You To Your Core


  2. Alan Williams says:

    I agree, but shake you to the core?

  3. how does this shake us to the core tho? what she said may not be common today YET it should BE!!! i am just like her…these Black children out here are our responsibility. should we choose not to take this mission it is our own conscious we will have to live with. AND might i add…this goes for us black women and our black men!!! i've felt this way forever and i do these very same things. we must take responsibility as grown folks; as adults.

  4. Kimberly SunKissed Dyke-Harsley says:

    true indeed! I am her. she is me. (the title is probably intended to get people to look at the video)

  5. This video is critical today, and it looks old. Old enough when the out of wed lock birth rate was nothing like it is now. That's right, a "black nation", requires a two parent household, not the 70% single parent house holds we have today in the black community.

  6. This didn'tshake me tomy core because these are things that, common sense to tell your children. This again didn't shake the core.

  7. This video isn't enough to deem worthy of sharing.

  8. Common sense isn't as common as you think.

  9. Judith Hope says:

    Yes, that's old school. We must return there for our children's future…

  10. TruthSeeker LifeSustaining El says:



  12. This is my point also

  13. Akeem Mordy Pendleton says:

    ma'at , Isis the black women is the first teacher! moth earth! that's how we made out of slavery,, under ground rail road!

  14. A Harrison Coffee says:

    She is dead on, what caveat I'd like to introject to that is that we must not talk down to them but respectfully correct them, because that's where some of their anger comes from at times….

  15. Jackie Robinson says:

    What shakes her to her Core is the fact that when you correct a child the parent take offence. They will attack you. this is a short version of her comment.

  16. Joan Coulter says:

    Teach, Little Sister. But, who's listening? Don't you DARE correct "MY Chile!"

  17. Eady Trice Morgan says:

    Well, I don't know about you but I wasn't shaken to my core.

  18. Ted Langham says:

    Cindy Richard Don't shoot the messenger!

  19. African proverb: it takes a village to raise a child. Nowadays, you can't say nothing to these kids because they don't respect their elders nor do their parents.

  20. Her philosophy and combative stance is the primary reason why our children lag behind, generation after generation in the attainment of "competitive" skills sets and education; how can I say this? I say it from years of experience as a student and teacher in Chicago Public Schools system. It is no secret that in CPS where we have majority black student populations we also have majority black teachers, administrators (principals), and other staff–including police…we have ONE BIG FAMILY, or village if you like, and the majority in charge are "MAMA", not the "Principle", not the "Teacher", not cafeteria staff, but "MAMA"; and, where the staff are too young to be seriously taken as "MAMA" we have "AUNTIES" and "BIG SISTAS"! The problem here is that we (as a people) are so close to each other that after a minute everything we do together becomes a FAMILY affair, and the problem with that is PROFESSIONALISM always takes a backseat where it comes to FAMILY matters; hence, it is not uncommon nor unusual to hear black (women) teachers encourage and or warn/threaten their charges in ways identical to a beleaguered single black mother…the very first time this happens, her credibility as a PROFESSIONAL educator (in the eyes of her students) is lost, and is almost impossible to recover…everything after this becomes an elaborate game of "let's play house", and any education transferred is facilitated via uniquely motivated student effort alone.

    Our teachers are too damn close to our children to do them any good! Either we insist upon heightened professional awareness, distance, and practice on the part of our black (women) teachers, or we shut up and simply accept what we've been getting up to now; we have no other choices (those of us who cannot afford private PROFESSIONAL education)…can we insist upon DIVERSE teaching staff and administration? No. Can we send our children to "other" public schools? No. Can we "home school" our children and expect better results? No…there is only one way out of this mess…MAMA needs to leave mama at home, and when she holds herself out as PROFESSIONAL TEACHER that's exactly what she must be.

  21. It's just a headline.

  22. Wow. With all due respect elder, I couldn't get past your first sentence before I realized I had to make a correction. First and foremost lets establish that the black woman is indeed GOD. Without her no man on this planet would be in existence. That is a fact. I hope that wasn't too much to grasp right off top. Her combative stance is not the reason our children lag behind. Our children lag behind because DADDY is not a FATHER. You know what's funny to me is that you mentioned family a lot in your comment and you didn't mention "FATHER" not one time. Now what does that tell us sir?

    Perhaps there are many black women raising children as single mothers because black fathers have been consistently dropping the ball. Why did you not mention that. Are you familiar with the term "Vicious Cycle"? See what happens in this vicious cycle that is produced when black FATHERS don't handle their responsibilities, it often leaves MAMA single with children to raise and no male there to balance the home and weight of obligation to family. Does that make sense? So then what? You have a single MAMA left with one or various children. Perhaps she was put through hell. Now after being done wrong by the man she had kids with, it's probably not going to be very easy for her to trust and just find another male figure suitable for aiding her in raising her child or children. Also, it is often not healthy if she is too hasty in finding a proper replacement. I can think of several situations that fit that description. I'm sure many others can too.

    What about the children with no male or father in the home to teach the boys how to be men in America as they get older and teach the girls how to find a suitable partner when they become of age and mental capacity? We are leaving generations of black children completely lost about the role a black male is supposed to play. It is extremely commendable that the teachers you had the pleasure of working with create a family atmosphere. Where you are absolutely right is that the level of professionalism needs to be upgraded in these sort of environments. How many times do you go into a black businesses or places where employees are mostly black and everything is completely screwed up? That's telling me we're dealing with a problem where the blame needs to be properly addressed.

    You don't theoretically send the woman to defend the nation. When all else fails, in this case black men as FATHERS, she will. Not to say there are some instances where MAMA can take some blame. I'm not ignorant enough to believe that every single black mother is an angel with her child's best interest at heart. I'm sure there are some that may not be suitable parents regardless of who the FATHER is. But the two usually go hand in hand. Where there's a combative MAMA, there's usually a black FATHER that started the cycle somewhere along the family tree. Your response is inconsiderate as it pertains to our black women. The problem is we are not building up our lives and families according to our true ways. Our BLACK ways. We are lying to ourselves and lying to our children. I would expect children who are constantly being lied to to lag behind. You have black students, black staff, and it's all one big family, but do you have a black curriculum? You said PUBLIC school system right? Okay then probably not. And if after all your years of experience in the public system, you truly believe that home schooling our children wouldn't make a dramatic improvement, then I say that failure is not on the children who lag behind or on MAMA. It's not them that's choosing the curriculum. It's not them who is teaching it. That is the problem elder. And I would have to strongly disagree with you on that because I've seen the success of that in person.

    In conclusion, seeing as how this is basically an essay, I want to add that everything is about balance. An unbalanced home will produce unbalanced children. The woman in this video is only responding that way because black men are not being the role models. They are not being the disciplinarians our homes and communities need. Instead we are becoming complacent with the bullshit our enemies feed. You mean to tell me there aren't enough black teachers, at least retired, to maybe form groups that make an effort to go the home or get space to teach the children in our communities who may fall short in a system set up for them to do so? If teachers see a need, why aren't they addressing it themselves if the parents are unable. Offer classes to teach the parents. I mean that really doesn't sound that hard. And sir, coming from me, who has the best FATHER and MAMA, who went to a black owned, black staffed school with a black curriculum, attended free weekend tutoring from black students from CSUN for high school and college preparedness, I can tell you everything you said won't work is absolutely what we need to produce solutions. You've got it backwards. You fail to see the advantage of having all of your years of experience in the public school system, coupled with some of the real life history lessons our people need to be made aware of. That can produce giants. We are not going by our true names. We are not speaking our true languages. We are not living our true culture. Look at every other race in America that is monopolizing on But you look at Mexicans, Asians, people from the so-called Middle-East, and damn near all of them who even have American names, still have a traditional name in their language, and their people practice their culture. They all bring their food and economic mind sets right along with them. And they thrive. Yet here you are trying to put all the blame on MAMA. That's shameful elder.

  23. Darian McDuel…God? that's your and your Mama's biggest problem right there…a fanatical belief in the biggest fairy tale of all time; and, this has led you and Mama to a life of debilitating shortsightedness. Your doG replaces reality with an idealized version that usually has too little to do with the real world to be workable…then there is your stupid Hip Hop "culture" to incite and fuel ever more fantasy and even violent death–lots and lots of it! You go on and on about how the "God/black woman" has been wronged by her absent "baby daddy" feckless black "man" (man's body/boy's mind) while completely ignoring her own culpability in establishing her debased condition–or are all of them raped? by multiple "baby daddies"? I did not mention black men in the family, simply because the word "family" presupposes the presence of women and MEN–that you need to have this spelled out for you says quite a lot about you, and it's not very good either; however, that most poor black families are headed by ignorant young black women and girls is a well known and understood phenomenon…are black women shooting their men down in the streets? are black women locking their men up in jails and prisons? are black women responsible for "off shoring" the manufacturing jobs that once made it possible for black men to be Fathers…oh silly me, black men are doing all of this to themselves, amirite? you are in need of some serious repair. BTW, and since you asked, Yes…I am a Father of 3 beautiful, intelligent, and well adjusted black WOMEN, a Grandfather of 4, and a Great Grandfather of 2; Finally, seeing as how your "God/black women" have been raising and educating black "men", all on their own, for at least the past 40 years now, if they don't like the final black male product, then maybe they don't like themselves very much? If you and they insist upon having a new and improved black man, then maybe (since they create them) they and you ought to question the way(s) in which you raise and educate them 3:)

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