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14 Black Celebrities You May Not Have Known Were of Trinidadian Descent

Winston Duke Trinidad

Winston Duke: The breakout star of “Black Panther” was born in Trinidad and Tobago. He moved to New York at nine years old. Duke said he was brought to tears recently after viewing a video of school children in Tobago. The students of Tobago East and Roxborough Anglican School lined up with their arms crossed over their chest and sent the actor some love: “M’Baku we love you.” 🙂

"Think Like a Man" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Romany Malco: The “Almost Christmas” actor’s parents are from Trinidad and Tobago. He was born in Brooklyn, New York.


Nia Long: The “Best Man” actress has some Trinidadian roots. Her father was born in Trinidad while her mother was born in Grenada but was raised in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Long was born in Brooklyn, New York.

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49 thoughts on “14 Black Celebrities You May Not Have Known Were of Trinidadian Descent

  1. MakeIt Hapn says:

    tatyana ali, chris wong (2 live crew)
    and many others

  2. Jo-Anne S. Ferreira says:

    Tatyana Ali

  3. Akeela Brown says:

    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air main actors wow

  4. Nadine Halstead says:

    Phife Dog (A Tribe Called Quest) is Trinidadian and so is Chip Fu (Fushickens).

  5. I was looking out for Lorraine Toussaint and bingo! There she is!

  6. William Brown says:

    Lil kim I heard has trini roots as well…

  7. Jackee Harry was not born in Trinidad. She was born in North Carolina to a Trinidadian mother and an African American father

  8. Oma Austin says:

    The article said Trinidadian descent, which she is.

  9. Yes, the article says that but the caption under her photo indicates that she was born in Trinidad which is inaccurate. That caption actually prompted me to do some research to verify whether or not she was actually born in Trinidad.

  10. Anika Vashti Huggins says:

    you've missed a good few though… Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest) & Chip Fu (Fushickens).. I also believe KRS has Trini roots

  11. Keith Francis says:

    I think KRS, like Busta, has Jamaican roots.

  12. Foxy Brown got that Remi/Dominican/Brazilianweave hair. #enviable

  13. I knew Nia Long was from Trinidad because I believe while I attended Primary she was attending St Charles High School.

  14. Danni Ultrasuperfrau Alexis Gladney says:

    Mom is from Trini, dad Grenadian, she was born in NY.

  15. Busta Rhymes + Flipstar
    Dir. X

  16. Lorraine Toussaint is a France Background name Trinidad is a English speaking Island

  17. Billy Ocean, Frank Ocean have Grenadian- Trinidadian decent, Maya Angelou had Trinidadian Parents, Minister Farrakhan was born in Trinidad

  18. If you knew something of my country's history you would think before making that statement. Trinidad though never occupied by the French, has indeed a French background in that the Spanish in a bid to populate the colony passed the cedula of population which brought French planters and their slaves from the French caribbean islands to the extent that up until and for a long time after the British takeover, the spoken language was a French Patois. To this day there are a few Patois speakers around but the family and place names are living testimony of the French presence.

  19. Roger Toussaint the leader of the famous New York City transport strike some years ago is a born and bred Trinidadian from Belmont who migrated to the USA as a young man and still regularly visits his homeland.

  20. Laurence Brown Cool it down Trust I know who build TNT the people who y'all discredit that help y'all culture rise with the Calypso and Carnival Grenadians, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Vincy, but that's another conversation.

  21. Laurence Brown Who speak France Creole in Trinidad like me know

  22. Cool it Brixton: Not arguing with you in any way, i just wanted to point out a couple things thats all and what do you mean by 'the people who y'all discredit' i don't know where that is coming from, i'm not a bigot i do not discredit any person or group of persons who have made their mark in TNT, and for your info i'm very proud to be of Grenadian descent my deceased mother was born and bred there, i still have family in Grenada and i know that lovely island very well i'm very proud of my heritage.
    Brixton Thomas

  23. Isn't Spike Lee of Trinidadian descent also? I thought I heard that somewhere. I know that Kareem Abdul Jabber's grandfather was Trini. He came sometime in 1919.

  24. Ximena Sterling says:

    True. Her father is from Trinidad and her mom is from Panama.

  25. It would appear that you are the one to 'cool it ' Brixton Thomas, for it seems that you are walking around with tons of baggage on your shoulders. You still continue to speak of things which you know not, all that shit about quote 'the people who y'all discredit that hely y'all culture rise with the Calypso and Carnival' etc you have to be some kinda something special stupid. My country Trinidad and Tobago has long been a melting pot for all of the West Indian islands especially British and French and also Cocoa Panyols from across the Gulf of Paria in Venezuela and we have long acknowledged everyone's input in building this lovely land of mine. For myself i'm of Grenadian descent with my mother being born and bred Grenadian, i still have lots of family there and know that lovely Island very well. In short i am extremely proud of my heritage as opposed to you who seems not only to be misinformed but one hell of a confused know it all who actually knows nothing at all take dat in yuh puefin.

  26. Raj Seenath says:

    Brixton Thomas O.o …. yo on crack brah …. get your head checked cause Trini's built Trinidad. Our culture is like no other and it is because of small island immigrants that our crime rate is on the high. Not to mention the high drug traffic and human traffic from South America. Afro and Indo Trini's built Trinidad through our community values and our national pride.

    Not to mention our mentality of work hard, pray harder and celebrate like there's no tomorrow !!

  27. Kouto Anyika says:

    The article left out Kareem Abdul Jabar, Bosco Holder, Dr. Asa Hilliard too important to be left out.

  28. Kouto Anyika says:

    Please get your facts straight about Minister Farrakhan

  29. Jo-Anne S. Ferreira says:

    Maya Angelou had a Trinidadian grandfather, not parents.

  30. Jo-Anne S. Ferreira says:

    Brixton Thomas, lots of people still speak French Creole (Patois): You can visit our page for hundreds of surnames of French and Corsican origin:…%3F.

  31. Jo-Anne S. Ferreira says:

    Raj Seenath, try not to forget the Amerindians, Europeans, Chinese and Arabs.

  32. Laurence Brown Please stop the maddest in Trinidad talks mad shit about Small Islands this been going since the 70's so hold ah burn

  33. Raj Seenath Boss you stupid Trinidad at one point only had 300 slaves at one point, so where the the rest of the slaves came from.

  34. Jo-Anne S. Ferreira says:

    Brixton Thomas, that is interesting and maybe true for 1783 under Spanish rule, but overall inaccurate. Over 20,000 Patois-speaking Africans came in 1797 with the French.

  35. Kat Anderson says:

    Just because at the moment we are officially an English speaking country, does not mean that we were always an English speaking country. There are many many Trinidadian's who have Spanish & French names because either they descended from the French or Spanish of a couple of centuries ago, or (possibly) they were given those last names because their ancestors were the slaves of the original French / Spanish who had those last names. I would go as far as to say that the typical Trinidadian name is not your traditional English name, rather it is often either Indian, African, Spanish, French, Chinese (for those with Chinese ancestry), Portuguese, possibly some Dutch & Amerindian also.

  36. Jo-Anne S. Ferreira says:

    Exactly – English names are fewer, and are associated with Barbados and St Vincent, etc. And we can add Arabic to the list too, for sure.

  37. Jo-Anne S. Ferreira says:

    Exactly – English names are fewer, and are associated with Barbados and St Vincent, etc. And we can add Arabic to the list too, for sure.

  38. Fayola Bostic says:

    Eamonn Walker

  39. Jamie Wilson says:

    one of busta rhymes flipmode squad he has trni roots.

  40. Jamie Wilson says:

    one of busta rhymes flipmode squad he has trni roots.

  41. I'm a proud Trini in spite of this.

  42. Raj Seenath says:

    Brixton Thomas Smartass what does tongue have to do with afro-trinis? Last time I checked Africans don't speak French, the French do? Oh wait, you on that crack :)… stop talking Trinidad bad before you make a fool of yourself anymore. Next thing you lose your job and your credentials for being a racist. Or wait that should have happened already. :/…

  43. Tonia Barton says:

    She visited Trinidad a lot as a kid but she never attended high school there.

  44. Brixton Thomas I am a Trinidadian, I speak Patois fluently along with most of the older members of my mother's family.

  45. Cher Thunder says:

    Jackee Harry is of Trinidadian descent . Her mother is Trinidadian. Check out this info: Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and raised in Harlem, New York, to a Trinidadian mother and African-American father, Harry began studying acting at the High School of the Performing Arts on the Lower East Side in New York City. She was an American History teacher at Brooklyn Technical High School before beginning a career on the New York stage.

  46. Jackie wasnt born in Trinidad. Her mother was Trinidadian – the caption said she waas born in Trinidad.

  47. Karlie Redd was NOT born in Trinidad, she was born in New York

  48. edouard says:

    For anyone interested in T&T (Trinidadian) history vis a vis Lorriane Toussaint and French surnamed Trinis, French patois was the norm despite Trinidad being a Spanish colony. When the Revolt of the Slaves happened in Haiti, the surviving French and their mulata brethern asked the Spanish authorities in T&T to grant them status to stay as they were fleeing the violence and its aftermath. The result is that many French speaking groups (whether Frenchmen, their slaves, people from St Lucia, Guadeloupe, etc) ended up in Trinidad (See Cedula de Populacion, 1783). Even the big cemetery Laperyrouse (Compte de Laperyrouse), La Basse (where you see corbeau feeding on swamp remains of all kinds back then!), etc all dem people were from the French or former French islands. Stick fighting (bois) amongst others were the mainstay of African origin heritage that persists to this day!
    Other origin surnames are of Spanish, Protuguese, Italian and Corsican origin, of course, only Trinis would know and understand!
    Be well, allyuh

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