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4 thoughts on “Watch Bill Maher Get Schooled On How U.S. Militarization Of The World Is Just As Violent As Islamic Fundamentalist

  1. Un hu. I am hearing a lot of talk these days about what they are talking about. I want to hear what they (Europe, America and their allies) have done to Afuraka. Stay tune, it is coming. Our Mother Afuraka, we got to move forward, to be the power house she should be. It will be a glorious day.


  3. I just looked at the video again. It is ironic that the white male is talking about the very same thing I was thinking when I got up this morning, and that was, we see all these groups that have popped up such as ISIS, and I asked the questions, who created these groups, and why were they created. America's aggression, America has not beheaded anyone, but millions have been boomed, half were civilians. The Sniper, who were these people he went around the world killing? He is a hero, if I went to the movies, I would not go to see this movie.

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