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6 thoughts on “Rev. Sharpton Talks a Good Game, But Does He Really Have Black People’s Best Interest at Heart?

  1. Now when you listen to this sermon, he speaks the truth… but you will NEVER see this on FOX News, or even CNN… because it does not fit the perception that the American mass media has created for him.

  2. Jamil Dunn says:

    If I die should die by white hands, please keep, this sellout coon, as well as messie Jessie away from my service/memorial. I wish White America would stop pumping these two jive con artist as so called black leaders. Remember they killed our real black leaders, Malcolm, Martin, or Lumumba over in the Congo . these coons pose no threat to white supremacy. They just the whiteman's niggas.

  3. Eric McNeill says:

    you know that's a lie. but if that's what you want to beleve die

  4. Jamil Dunn says:


  5. Bayindo Zibula Menso says:

    well said, they play the game

  6. Stephen Davis says:

    I could not DISAGREE MORE with this "so called brother" Jamil Dunn. Each epoch has our spokesmen who wage their generations struggle with the resources at hand, Malcolm, MLK, Patrice all had their retractors within our ranks, I dare say naysayer Dunn would've been one back in the day, as well. I don't even think this avatar is REAL …sounds like a typical bearded RWNJ false flag tea bagger agent provocateur. Probably a Koch sucker too.

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