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8 Ways Racism Benefits All White People

incarceration rate by race

Whites get to have lower incarceration rates because their neighborhoods are not targeted for over-policing. Also, laws are not unfairly written to make sure they do time and more of it.
all wealth owned

They are much wealthier as a group than they would have been if they didn’t steal land and use the free labor of enslaved Black people for their benefit. Today’s financial success of America and the West is directly and indirectly linked to the institution of slavery.

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20 thoughts on “8 Ways Racism Benefits All White People

  1. Bwire Vincent says:

    Their system, their rules. Simple arithmetic. Blacks can whine all they want, but until they start competing with, instead of depending on other races, they will continue being slaves. The Jews, Italians, Africans and even Mexicans invest in their home economies. Why can't Blacks do the same. Seeing Blacks shed tears of joy for winning the few white awards assigned to them is embarrassing. Articles like these are embarrassing. You also know it's bad, when airheads like Sarah Palin start thinking that they are better than you! By the way, if Obama is not White, he is not Black,either. Again, simple arithmetic…

  2. Travis Mack Every time we try to get away from white supremacist you bomb us like in Tulsa and other black wall streets, or your people undermine our movements like the black panthers and others via cointelpro. And, in Africa, white supremacist kill off/sabotage any African that wants to do something positive for black Africans (I.E Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Ghadaffi, just to name a few) and the white powers that be replace well meaning black/African leaders with despots. The article does a good job chronicling how white supremacy/racism works, and how it has been refined and ramped up over the years. In order for black folks to solve their problems they first have to be clear on identifying it, which this article does nicely. By the way ,this was written not to convince you(white people) to change, you wont, this is for black folks to change to undo white supremacy with justice. I know an article is doing a good job when it pisses off white folks and white people come on this site with their typical white supremacist tactics, deflect, obfuscate and, finally, they play the victim.

  3. Jay Contreras says:

    You like most of your oblivious to reality people will never admit the truth–you are part & parcel of a system that exists & thrives off of black MISERY and oppression. It is SYSTEMIC & built into the system. And you are a damn LIAR to say that this country in particular & the WEST by extension doesn't owe ALL IT HAS to chattel slavery. The US would NOT have been able to lead the industrial revolution if it were not for that 250+ years of FREE BLACK LABOR. Quit lying, freak. And the current criminal INJUSTICE system is nothing but the updated plantation. The 13th amendment CLEARLY allowed a loophole for keeping SLAVERY legal–'slavery is hereby abolished EXCEPT for those duly convicted of a crime'..these criminally insane freaks knew EXACTLY what they were doing. It was planned. Whites do not know any other way to exist or enrich themselves BUT off of the blood, sweat, labor, creativity & ingenuity of black & brown people. Take away all that you have stolen, misappropriated or whitewashed that is REALLY from blacks & YOU HAVE NO CULTURE. You are nothing but culture vultures and vampires. Look at all of the Egyptian/Kemetic symbolism & cultural icons that appear in US currency, your mystery schools & sciences, christianity, the layout of DC, the Washington monument is nothing but an Egyptian tekken, the US govt flag, the US dollar currency is rife with kemetic symbolism…this is why whites try so hard to perpetuate the LIE that the ancient Egyptians were white. Though there is NO comparable monuments like those found in AFRICA built by the ancient Egyptians/Kemites that exists ANYWHERE in Europe. So we are to believe that whites travelled all the way to AFRICA to build these magnificent monuments but left nothing like them in Europe where they were supposedly from? lol..Yeah, that's real plausible. Like everything else, your myths & lies are being revealed daily. That's what you are really pissed about. What black people have known about you sociopaths for 400 years, the WORLD is waking up to.

  4. Jay Contreras says:

    Travis Mack But here your probably paid white a$$ is..trolling. If you don't like the website..bounce. Nobody put a gun to YOUR head to make to you come. They may be paying you however that is not our problem.

  5. Jay Contreras says:

    Collin Johnson You know they pay these cretins. This is where tax payer money goes or maybe it's CIA drug or pedo ring money…but believe me, where ever we congregate, there is always some white or sambo dispatched to chronicle, record & try to cause chaos or mayhem. It's always been their modus operandi. They couldn't change if they wanted to. No apartheid. No white people. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing & Dr. Marimba Ani laid it all out.

  6. Jay Contreras says:

    Travis Mack You dumb ass inbred..learn some REAL history & not just those stupid a$$ FBI talking points. The Tawergha Libyans ARE BLACK & LIBYA you neanderthal dumb f&&CK IS IN AFRICA. GO get a frickin' map, Jethro. You must be FBI who couldn't pass the regular test so they put you in jobs right above the janitors & have you trolling back sites, huh? lol…

  7. Jay Contreras says:

    Travis Mack I see either CIA Book or this site is ERASING comments. The Tawergha Libyans ARE BLACK. And note to you idiot..Libya is IN AFRICA.

  8. Jay Contreras says:

    It's amazing how many white CIA/FBI trolls lurk on black sites like a fungus or plague. Apparently, Travis Mack, is one of those who couldn't pass the FBI regular test & has been dispatched to troll on black sites. His kind is one step above the janitors. Instead of cleaning up sh it..they dispense it.

  9. Bwire Vincent says:

    Travis Mack You are an ignorant fool, for letting fox news educate you on Africa. Try asking your Koch brothers.

  10. Bwire Vincent says:

    You 'COMMIT LESS CRIMES' because you don't consider racism, a crime. Isn't that why People like Rush Limbaugh, the KKK etc, are in business? Isn't that why felons like your boy 'Georgie' and the Ferguson killer cop are being rewarded financially, for their evil deeds?

  11. "You people" are the only one's that keep are keeping racism alive. Take care of yourselves, your family's and your neighborhoods and maybe you will stop being "over policed".

  12. Jay Contreras says:

    WE are keeping racism alive when the entire SYSTEM thrives and makes money off it? Black Wall Street wasn't rampant with crime but you criminally INSANE freaks looted, burned & lynched all you could. And tell, me what excuse to you have to justify the wholesale kidnapping & enslavement of our ancestors? Were they engaging in 'walk bys' & you were kidnapping them to save their heathen souls? You people are so deranged you try to justify your racist system by projecting your amorality onto US. But anyone with even a cursory understanding of history & CURRENT events, can see what the truth is. What you really want is to be able to continue being as racist as you want & you want us to go along with it and keep quiet. Those days ARE LONG GONE.

  13. Travis Mack Read carefully, back slash has multiple meanings including "or",I never said Ghadaffi or Lybians were black, though, I do think Ghadaffi was a great African leader. Why? Well, the fact that Ghadaffi had a good relationship with Farrakhan was a good sign. Secondly, Ghadaffi was killed because he had plans to significantly undermine Western influence (white power). That I like.
    Affirmative action benefits white women the most, so, go ahead and do away with that, but those crazy white feminist wont have any of that, will they?
    Look Travis, you're going to continue reading stormfront and watching Fox news. You and white folks aren't going to give up your privileges and power, It has to be taken. So, go ahead and continue to deflect, obfuscate and act like you're the victim. At the end of the day white supremacy is the problem for non-white people, particularly black folks.

  14. Bwire Vincent says:

    Do yourself a favor, and crawl back into the hole you came out of. Some of us don't have patience with stupid people.

  15. Lovey J Burney says:

    Travis is in denial. I've never understood how people can be so blind. The evidence is all around you of corruption and abuse. Yet you doggedly hold on to your rhetoric. I guess you need to believe that the playing field is and always has been level, but it just isn't true. Taking craps in hallways????? Who does that?? Where do you get this stuff?

  16. Bren Amar says:

    I might buy the white privilege rant if not for the North East Asians. How do the ranters explain the rise of Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan? How do they explain Vietnamese coming here with nothing but the clothes on their backs and yet rising? I wonder is there an Asian Privilege or is it their behavior?

  17. @Travis Mack

    "Slavery is NOT what made this country rich, you idiots- Slavery was a NICHE thing in the agrarian South."

    Bullshit. The North was DEPENDENT on the Southern cotten trade. This is well known knowledge. The North FLOURISHED due to a Black man named Eli Whitney who invented the cotten gin. This propelled the Southern cotten trade to the forefront of the U.S. Economy and also became it's backbone. The new cotton production provided the raw material for the textile mills of the American northeast and Great Britain. It made the south the world's largest producer and exporter of cotton in the 19th century. Not only did southern cotton feed northern textile mills, but northern insurers and transporters played a major part in the growth of the modern slave economy of the south.

    "This country became the richest in the world on CHEAP LABOR, WHITE LABOR, during the Industrial Revolution, powered by OIL and COAL."

    Bullshit. The RETURNS from the Northern investments during the 1st Industrial Revolution is what PROVIDED THE CAPITAL needed to start the 2nd Industrial Revolution. The most noteable being a little company called JPMorgan Chase & Co. as well as Wachovia Corp who invested heavily in cotton manufacturing an textiles. (

    This was also caused by the formation of LABOR UNIONS. The formation of American trade unions increased during the early Reconstruction period. Black and white workers shared a interest in trade union organization, but because trade unions organized by white workers generally excluded blacks, black workers began to organize on their own. This led to the Plessy v. Ferguson decision in 1896, giving official recognition to the "separate but equal" doctrine, the official relegation of blacks to second-class status and the start of Jim Crow.

    The decline in the relative position of African Americans by organized labor can also be seen in the railroad industry. In 1909 white employees of the Georgia Railroad, represented by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, walked off their jobs, demanding that lower-paid black firemen be replaced by higher-paid whites. A Federal Board of Arbitration, appointed under the provisions of the Erdman Act of 1898, ruled two to one against the Brotherhood, stating that blacks had to be paid equal pay for equal work, thereby eliminating the financial advantage of hiring blacks.

    "NOTHING of note was EVER built with black labor."

    See above about Eli Whitney. Not to mention The Greenwood community of Tulsa, OK more commonly known as "Black Wall Street." Consisting of over 600 businesses, 21 resturants, 30 grocery stores, 6 private airplanes, a hospital, bank AND it's own school system. The ALSO had 'luxuries' that white folks DID NOT such as indoor plumping. Black Wall street was systematically destroyed on June 1, 1921 by WHITE PEOPLE who invaded an destroyed the entire community an ALMOST EVERY BUILDING for no other reason then Black folks were doing 'better then them'.

    "Blacks were farm equipment, nothing more."

    And yet whenever you White people are in trouble WE are always the first people you look towards. Funny how you white folks always want to consider us "American" when something comes along to threaten your way of life. The advance of African Americans in American industry during WWII was the result of the nation's wartime emergency need for workers and soldiers. In 1943 the National War Labor Board issued an order abolishing pay differentials based on race, pointing out, "America needs the Negro . . . the Negro is necessary for winning the war." And yet as soon as the war was over and the threat to your way of life was contained African Americans went right back to being 'farm equipment'.

    "Find me ONE black face in the construction photos from the Industrial Age. It's all white people sitting up on those girders 1000' up. Now, it's Hispanics."

    Of course it's all white people. Construction work was a 'good paying' job therefore Blacks were excluded. You seem to forget there was a system in place called 'Jim Crow' which allowed Blacks to ONLY attain jobs doing the most menial, low paying, shit work there was. Blacks were normally only allowed to have jobs as sharecroppers or farm workers.

    You ignorance is truly 'awe-inspiring'. The depths that you while people will go to to minimalize the crimes of your fore-fathers is truly amazing. But I will give you credit for one thing at least your open about being a racist. Most whites are still in denial an trying to hide. Kudos to you sir.

  18. Cantell Yu says:

    YOU are soooooooooo stupid. You should hold your head in shame.

  19. Cantell Yu says:

    You white people commit the majority of the crime but you protect each other. You are the number one child molesters, child killers, mass murderers, serial killers, kill your whole families regularly, rape at higher rates but escape because you're in a fraternity, lie, cheat, steal at every turn, especially white collar criminals, biggest drug dealers, drug importers, drug users, drunk drivers,

    So if ONE WHITE GUY kills 26 children is that one crime or twenty six. I think this racist system would classify as one crime. That way your statistics look lower but IT'S A LIE.

  20. Cantell Yu says:

    Travis Mack …You are clearly illiterate…dumb…an idiot. You've never traveled or been anywhere. You are insecure and feeling quite inferior.
    I get it. Your girlfriend dumped you for a Black guy. So you are on a rampage. LOL!

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