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12 thoughts on “Has Obama Become the Black Face to White Oppression?

  1. Yes in deed. He was putting it on the line.

  2. Abena Greene says:

    True Facts! He Ain't Never Lie, Amen.

  3. Jay Contreras says:

    He is so right. Obama is white supremacy in black face. I only disagree with one thing he said: Instead of calling it the 'rule of the jungle', he needs to change that to the rule of the 'caucus mountain caves' people are not the criminal masterminds behind the global situation. We all know who/what is behind it & they surely ain't negro.

  4. America is the greatest hoax!
    We are going to war again. You watch.
    Millions of more innocent lives on ALL our hands.smh

  5. Why not play the total video?

  6. They are going to Kill him for speaking the truth

  7. Travis Six says:

    Martial law coming!!!

  8. Travis Six says:

    They gon kill him he going hard. He talkin real talk

  9. David Smith says:

    would have liked to hear the other gentleman side, but dude was coming hard and hitting TRUTH

  10. Sondra Jean says:

    CHURCH!! if this were Faux News, they would have cut him off.

  11. Dave Mills says:

    " we are, the west. US, & Britain are the real terrorists". The people in power know, this is said daily from people of color. So the general public pay them no mind. But when an Ex Military man vehemently expresses this type of view, people listen. I have nothing but respect for the man. As I'm sure he is aware he is on the radar.

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