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Antigua Extends Tax Amnesty to Assist Businesses

Source EAPC

Source EAPC

Antigua tax officials say they are extending an amnesty under which businesses were allowed to clear the arrears owed under the Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax (ABST) without penalty.

Commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), Ralph Warner, said the program, which began in July, would be extended until December.

“Some of the feedback we got especially from the medium and large taxpayers was that they needed more time to come up with the funds to take advantage of the initiative. So we decided we will extend it until Dec. 31,” he said.

He said at least 60 businesses took advantage of the initiative in the first instance and believes more will do so given the extended period.

“It looks as if persons that are owing large amounts will take part in the initiative and we hope they do because this is basically to help the taxpayer regularize their status with the department.

“The feedback I have been getting back is that persons are willing and will be taking part in the initiative once we decided to extend the time frame,” he said on Observer Radio.

The “Fresh Start “initiative is part of the new government’s campaign program to help delinquent taxpayers to regularize their status.
Antiguans and Barbudans pay a 15 percent sales tax.




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