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15 thoughts on “11 Black Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Jewish

  1. Judaism is faith not a race

  2. Sundiata Keita says:

    i noticed a lot of black people get crossover appeal if they got jewish blood in them, especially in Hollywood. and now im lookin at Drake, like they sent this Jew bastard in to hand over rap music to the white folks.
    the Jews always send in their mulatto children to overthrow regimes, since the slave trade. google "lancados in the slave trade"

  3. but still not the historic Hebrews who did exist< I don't want to hear there is no evidence because its plenty, which is still once part of what we now call Africa, and Israel area once called the Levant

  4. Jones Howard says:

    Abraham = Fairytales Noah =Fairytales God gave the covenant to Abraham and Circumcision is the sign Heelaryus!!! The Nations of the world came out of the Progeny of Noah Shem Ham Japeth Heelaryus..

  5. Rosalind Coleman says:

    Very interesting! I already knew about Sammy Davis, Jr. But all the rest on this list were a surprise to me,

  6. Isaac Hunter says:

    Jones Howard –Not all nations…..Not even the majority of nations….

  7. Joy Jones says:

    Many Jews feel and treat Judasim as a race. Orthodox Jews still maintain that the mother is the bearer of Jewish lineage and that is still a prominent thought process today.

  8. You are right Joy Jones ! but based on that believe then who isn't Jewish?? I came across this link you might it interesting

  9. Malik Brevard says:

    I don't understand why we choose to think what we want, I think this, I think that… STOP thinking people and educate yourself – Linage is determined by the Paternal side of the parent – like who like it and don't like who don't! Mind you, it takes nothing from the maternal virtues and reverence due to such!

  10. Vincent Bone Swiggy Blackshear says:

    What if the jews were Africans that through crossbreeding lightened there skin to shed there African heritage. But the real white people of the world has never forgot who they are.

    Im just saying.

  11. Paul Uptonogood Moreland says:

    Maya Rudolf isn't a Jew and neither are any of the others that don't have a Jewish mother.

  12. Bright Chike says:

    Amar’e Stoudemire famously travelled to Israel when he found out he is Jewish; I didn't hear he famously travelled to Africa, when he found out he is black. Climbing that social ladder, ain't we…

  13. You have people with Jewish ancestry mixed in with folks who actually converted to Judaism.

  14. this article is bull

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