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9 thoughts on “What the Financial Industry Did to Predominantly Black Neighborhoods Will Infuriate You

  1. Darrell E. Hines says:

    This is criminal and they should be held accountable!

  2. How can you hold them accountable when they run ev. ijs

  3. Thomas McRae says:

    what documentary is this from?

    OVER DUE…PAST DUE!!!!!!!!


  6. Shawn Mc says:

    they cant put you into a loan, they give you an option and you pick or find another banking institution, the problem is many black folks didn't do their own research into bank loans and just relied on the person giving them the loan.

  7. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    It's the banker, or the financial management that decides if a consumer earns enough income or has the collateral to cover the items purchased and or home mortgage loan. If an individual needs an automobile to get to work and go to the car dealer to purchase a car; the question they will ask the person wanting to purchase the car, is their income and who they owe. In other words, their income, assets and their liabilities. And depending on these questions, the financial department at the dealership will tell you if you can afford a car payment or not. And if you can, it the financial person at the dealership responsibility to tell you how much car payment you can afford to pay a month. So, this case of people losing their homes was a sub-prime lending scam, to make a quick buck, and sell the obvious, impossible to pay mortgages to unsuspecting banks. This was the rich perpetuating on the the poor and needy. America will pay for its evil deeds…guarantee it!!!.

  8. Shawn Mc says:

    Etheleen Lawrence they check your credit and give you a loan from their banking institution but there are thousands of banking institutions so why would you go with one institution quote?

    the company that sells the car isn't a bank, its a car selling business that gets benefits (percentage)from routing people to a specific bank that's connected to that business, you still have an option of dealing with that car business with an banking institution (payment plan) of your liking.

    you should never do business TRUSTING the opposition will have your best interest at heart, this is business and a black person will take advantage of you just like a white person when it comes to thousands of dollars.

  9. Shawn Mc says:

    Etheleen Lawrence all loans are not the same and you have to do your own research to figure out which one is for you, one loan may have a low interest rate but doubles after a couple months, fixed rate stay flat.
    these people were trusting and was taken advantage of by people who knew they couldn't afford the homes or didn't have good enough credit.

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