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2 thoughts on “The Debt Collection Industry Is the Epitome of Systematic Racism

  1. I would like to see Black people adopt a second currency or create a new one with our own monetary policies and laws under the Free Slave Labour Act…..the sooner this can take effect the better. Futher to policing and protection laws which disallows non-black communities killing or wrestling with black individuals . Court Judgements done for Blacks in our own Community….and so on and so forth.

    I don't care if a CHILD of 5yrs descides to write it up! It just needs to get done!

  2. Black Children we need to pay ourselves Reparations each and it accounts to the Millions; and this can only be done via our own Currency terms and conditions…..I can't even fathom the amount of lives lost, the Genocide and living conditions….it's heavy! Repayment is high!

    God justs wants us to come back together as one people. God said that we would occupy empty Cities and Rebuild them….so what are we waiting for. And why are we waiting for the Dollar to Fall when we should be Rebuilding and Regathering ourselves?

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