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9 thoughts on “See Why Eric Holder Is Rightfully Calling America A Nation Of Cowards

  1. Anonymous says:

    When Eric Holder starts investigating this and when he starts prosecuting those who caused the 2008 financial crisis and when he starts looking in the federal reserve practices of favoring the big banks at the expense of the taxpayers, retirees and savers and when we get the truth of fast and furious and Benghazi then he will have start to have some credibility.

  2. JE Strong says:

    Eric just quit being a liar .

  3. Kelly Bishop says:

    Serious question: What has Obama done to be referred to as great? Being the first “black” president doesn’t make him great. It was the predominately the black vote that made him president for both terms. So what makes his great?

  4. SHawn AVery says:

    He did not specifically say Obama, he simply said it's greatest President

  5. Kelly Bishop says:

    I listened again and he stated "our greatest president". 1.31-1.33

  6. Affordable health care makes him great, No other president got it done….He did

  7. Kelly Bishop says:

    You are correct "sort of" he wasn't speaking of Obama but a promise made by "our greatest president"

  8. Not only this was a excellent post but told the Truth about America being a nation of cowards and we are a real nation of cowards because we don't know our God or our History or ourselves we wether follow somebody else's concept than following our own or don't know our concept far as we know we are just born here and just only knows we are just Americans I wish our President would have taking more action to made this Brother to stay not just to deal with the healthcare crisis he should have done more on the death of Black men in the hands of the racist police and dealt more on the Ferguson Mo situation Brother Eric Holder should consider running for President himself and make sure that Black issues are number 1 on his first agenda and start challenging those racist Republicans that Race issues should be the first and for most in his & make it their priority plus dealing with autistic children and making sure that every Americans but especially Blacks get more support from the government not just women but men as well and the economy and economics should be number 1 priority in every communities including the Black Communties where it is needed the most and no more excuses or racial denialism or it will hurt other communities when Blacks are given a lot of attention Bro.Holder should tell them these fools with this attitude they better accept this support or leave this country no excuses or exceptions this goes for everybody including and especially whites wether they like it or not.

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