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4 thoughts on “Dr. Umar Johnson Exposes How America Fights to Keep the Continent of Africa Poor

  1. Eebz Lokey says:

    i tell them all the while that the U.S.A must go now

  2. This is information we can use. That is how they are able to be in Afurakan countries having their way. Stealing the resources. Yes indeed, they still have Afuraka held hostile for the benefit of Europeans, how will we get out of this? We cannot continue to hep these people to stay on top, while Afurakan people suffer. When we see a good leader, they, (Europe, US, and the rest of the blood suckering allies) will carry out a coup, or kill the leader, most of the time using blacks to do their dirty work. Same thing happened when they first came to Afuraka looking for people to hold as slaves, and to colonize all of Afuraka, this is what they did black people, and so many of us charging black leaders helped to enslave us, they were made to do whatever they did. Look around you, and you will see what happened then, is happening today. They have their foot on Afuraka's neck, brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen. Thank yoy Dr. Johnson, I had read something the former colonizer France having 14 Afurakan countries paying them today, colonial taxes, and making the Afurakans allow them to have their military bases all over Afuraka, America is doing the same thing, they are using the black, (wink, wink) president to help them, people all over the world stated to hate America (white people) so much, US needed a black face to show, see we are not racist bastards. Yes you are racist bastards. This is the most serious thing that has happened in the world, slavery number 1. Keep bringing us information Dr. Johnson, it is your duty, and we appreciate it.

  3. Chas Daniel says:

    With all these facts what are the so called African heads of states

    doing about it? Are they blind or living on a different planet?

  4. Bigg Wills Anteyi says:

    They are aware, but think they are powerless.. However, those that are ready for a revolution have betrayers amongst them. They always infiltrate us and use us against us, just as it happened to Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara, Gadaffi, etc.

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