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45 thoughts on “Why Are Black People Ignoring the Economic Empowerment Teachings of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey?

  1. Cole Smith says:

    Change WILL begin in MY home starting today. Educating, studies, financing,consumerism, etc will be geared to building up OUR people.

  2. Rudolph Looney Jr says:

    "Be Black, Buy Black, Think Black, and all else shall take care of itself" – Marcus Mosiah Garvey

  3. This isn't racism.. This is self preservation..

  4. Malcolm preached about self determination, no plans of action. King was not really into it either, he was about integration, I really don't see how he thought it would work, when integration came about, blacks created all kind of business for whites, we continued to be consumers, and not producers, and still today, 2014. This is what integration did. Marcus Garvey had the ideas, and plans, that he put into action. It was magnificent. When I first read about Garvey, it was hard to believe he and the people did what they did. Today essentially we are in the same condition we were in when we came out of slavery. The same percentage of blacks still work for whites today, that worked for whites in 1865, 98% of blacks worked for whites in 1865, 98% of blacks works for whites today 2014.

  5. Keidi Awadu says:

    As well, if Afri-Amers continue to ignore the fact that 17 of the world's 35 fastest economies are African countries. With the fastest growing middle class and the world's highest demographic transformation, it is an undeniable statement of fact that Sub-Saharan Africa is rising as the next great world superpower once it consolidates as a state. Africa Destiny is where it's at.

  6. Keidi Awadu says:

    As well, if Afri-Amers continue to ignore the fact that 17 of the world's 35 fastest economies are African countries. With the fastest growing middle class and the world's highest demographic transformation, it is an undeniable statement of fact that Sub-Saharan Africa is rising as the next great world superpower once it consolidates as a state. Africa Destiny is where it's at.

  7. Until black people begin to trust each other,honor the trades,business and,financial institution.and actually use them for the benefit of africans in America, how can they expect equality when they are the biggest haters of self.

  8. Nelson Mattison says:

    Loved that ending with Marcus Garvey, you truly feel all these teacher's passion and energy, One Love.

  9. To take it a step further, check out Dr. Claude Anderson on Youtube. He makes a compelling case for the urgency of black people to get our collective sh*t together.

  10. Donshay Gant says:

    We had all these great leader so, to me the question is why didn't the older generation of African American did not make a change? There great leader in your time-line telling black people or informing them they had power, but it seems like the people justing saying yeah! the hold entire time and not taking any action to help our generation out or make a change. We have no leaders, but brainwashing rappers killing our own people, along with other race of people stealing African American body organs or either known as body organ harvesting for profit which killing black people for money. Now we are just walking dead people with no hope in this world with no sense of direction.

  11. Donshay Gant says:

    We had great leader to me the question is why didn't the older generation of African American did not make a change? There great leader in your time-line telling black people or informing them what to do to have power, but it seems like the people were just saying yeah! The hold entire time…Therefore, why didn’t the older generation take any action to help our generation out or help make a change. We have no leaders in this generation, but brainwashing rappers killing the minds of young black men and women, now we are just walking dead people with no hope in this world and with no sense of direction.

  12. Ramal Davis says:

    Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism are going to come back with a vengeance. Mark my words it may not seem that way now, but I'm noticing more and more of our people are waking up day after day. If you don't believe me, ask yourself, do you remember this many brethren talking this way 5 years ago.

  13. true but King was mostly about equal opportunity. He wanted integration because I'm assuming he thought that would increase the opportunity. Which it didn't of course and most neighborhoods where a numerous amount black people live is still all black. Yet without King no way I'd have the job I have now as a developer

  14. Ronald TU Ecks says:

    It's hard to hold yourself up you wish so hard to be held down , we are the only culture that I know about who holds the hand of our oppressor as he put his thumb on our neck…..Next there were those who acted against King and Elijah Muhammad in our own community causing separation……King's legacy along with Elijah Muhammad's was gutted by those Ole Darkies the traitors call preachers as it was then it it now , Darkies who operate as the eye's and ears of the white massur for a small pinch of silver coins……Still this very day mistrust has taken root in our souls misguide mistrust of our brothers and sisters along with those thieves called preachers…..we have really gone backwards in time from coloreds to darkies as we act many of us fools speaking with a fools tongue……Then we have these Oprah darkie who cry out we no leadership to follow these a negative agents acting on behalf of the white massur so pay great attention to these dangerous darkies…….we have all we need to build a super economic power house as long as we stay away from that crack'a religion following that crack'a house darkie the Ole preacher……..OH YES WE CAN DO IT BUILD AN ECONOMIC BASE AND FENCE OUT THE SCARED DARKIES…

  15. What black people don't know we conclude don't exist….It is not being ignored.we just need to know where to find it….

  16. Brad Lee says:

    Sister Cole, This Is Great, This Is What Every Parent, Guardian, Or Caregiver Should Be Doing,!
    Teaching And Protecting The Future Of Our Survival As A People!

  17. Brad Lee says:

    Brother Namel, Little Do You Know How True Your Statement Is Because Based On The TIME This World Is In Transition For As It Was In The Days Of NOAH So Shall It Be In The Coming Of The SON OF MAN!
    Man Knows More Today Than They Did 50 Years Ago, That In Itself Lets Reveals To Us The TRANSITION!

  18. Brad Lee says:

    Sister Nzingha, On The Subject Of Blacks Working For Our Former Slavemasters And Their Children Is True Being Our Beloved Brother King Placed Upon Us The Condition!
    Brother Garvey's Idea And Plans Were Great For A People With Knowledge In Which We Had None Of Ourselves!
    And Brother Malcolm Offered The Key To Our Survival In Which I Shall Speak On In A Separate Comment!
    You Are A Very Wise And Conscious Person So You Keep Your Awareness Up FOR YOU ARE ONE WITH OUR CREATOR!

  19. Brad Lee says:

    Brother Rudolph, First As A People We Have To Realize That We Are Not Only BLACK But We Are The ORIGINAL People On Earth!

  20. Brad Lee says:

    Black Man And Woman In AmeriFBnd Throughout The World To Overstand The Reason Why We As A People Haven't UNIFIED To Form An United Front Is Overstand The Psychological And Mental Illness We Have Suffered Under A Diabolical, Devilish People!
    You See After 450 Years Of Pitting Us Against Each Other Our Former Slavemasters And Their Children Have To An Extent Guaranteed Themselves That We Will Never Unite As ONE!

    But I Submit To Us That When Brother Garvey Put His Plan Of Going Back To AFRICA We Were Broke, Destituted And Lost In A Country That Had Whipped Us Spirituality For We Had A Plan But No Spirit To See It Through!

    Brother Martin Thought That You Could Reform The Devil Despite What We As A People Had Experienced During His Crusade On NoN-Violence!
    Thinking That Integration Was The Answer He Realized That
    "He Was Sending His People Into A Burning Building!"
    We Are In A Worse Condition Than Before Integration!

    Now Brother Malcolm Based On The Teachings From The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Who Is A Disciple Of Our Brother Marcus Garvey Had A Concrete Plan!
    A Plan Thawed By The Infighting Instigated By The Infiltration Of The FBI's Cointellpro Plan Put In Place By J. Edgar Hoover!

    The Very Same Instructions Shared By Our Brother Garvey Was Echoed By Our Messenger Elijah Muhammad KNOW THYSELF, DO FOR SELF,AND GAIN LAND THAT WE CAN CALL OUR OWN!
    We Can Do For Self The Same Way That As A People We Established A BLACK WALL STREET In The 1920's, We Can Repeat The Same Results With UNIFICATION OF OURSELVES!
    Malcolm Said Come Into The Knowledge Of Self And Our Creator Will Do The Rest!

  21. WE ignore them because WE have failed to optimally recognized and optimally exercised the social capital among US in OUR best interest on OUR own terms.

  22. Also if WE spent more time time refuting one another for the sake of principled accuracy instead disputing one another for the sake of being a personal adversary then WE would take that Social Capital and optimize it using Social Entrepreneurship.

  23. Jannifer Sophia Jackson-Blair says:

    Be Black. Buy Black. Think Black. – Marcus Garvey

  24. Steve DelRay says:

    We marched, picketed, sat-in, fought and died to have the "right" to sit next to, live next to, send our children to be taught by, and spend our money with people who feared and hated us.

  25. Unfortunately, much of the income in the African American Communities, especially in the inner cities are from a form of Government Assistance, for lack of employment. This is not to say that there isn't a working community within the inner cities; but it is to say that there is little disposal income in the African American Community and much of the wealth that exist is in the form of real property, that is under market value, either due to crime or Banks redlining. The other problem is that those who had or have the resources; especially the Black Middle Class. abandoned the African American Community in the late sixties to the early 80's> In their exodus they removed the financial wealth as well as the social wealth necessary for growth. A community can't grow either financially or socially without a middle class presence; middle class education or middle class examples of wealth and self-esteem. No society in history has been able to grow without a middle presence that remains in tact.. I hear so much of the middle class, especially middle class blacks who are of the opinion that the inner cities are filled with Blacks who are either lazy or with those who has little incentive – they are of the Boot-strap mentality – but never realize that it were these same people that walked in the lines for change in Birmingham, Salem, New York, Atlanta and other area's of contention during the Civil Rights marches that has afforded them the opportunities of criticism they now are privileged to cast down on those who have been trotted beneath the thrashing floor of socio-economic realities. The majority of which were never tended to rise.

    It is the system that promised economic opportunity, for all, while establishing a glass ceiling that too few could shatter, as so many pieces of glass, and far to many could only look upwards towards '' deferred dreams ''. The Civil Rights legislation of 1963, 65. 68 only gave opportunities to those who were in a position – economic and cultural – to take advantage of those opportunities', namely white women for economic growth, and middle class Black Women or Black Men, but left those at the floor level, struggling with education levels and job prospects at the threshing floor or low wage and low academic performance.

    When the Civil Rights Legislation was passed more than 29% of Negro men were unemployed according to the National Bureau of Labor Statics, but the unofficial estimates put the number at 32-36%. The Civil Rights Bill didn't address the pandemic historical long-term patterns of poverty, due to either the high historical rate of unemployment in the African American Community, nor it psychological effects of hopelessness on those of the entrenched poverty level. Though the Civil Rights Legislation addressed going forward, it did not address the community as a whole suffering from long term denial and entrenched poverty, nor did it compensate for those wrongs; either financially of socially, with any redress.

    The problem facing the African American Community today is rooted in a Civil Rights Legislation that was had no financial incentive or redress. Instead of providing quality education it provided integration through the process of busing our children from their communities 100:1 ratio. For every 100 black children bused to Caucasian Schools 1 White child was bused to our schools, many of those schools, by designed, that were Caucasian schools became over-crowded Black Schools within five (5) yrs. due to suburban flight, which resulted in lowing property values and lower state funding of those same schools. Now we are back to the Brown V. The Board of Education, where Caucasian Schools are being funded at $150.00 per public and African American Schools are being funded at $50.00 per pupil and over crowded to capacity with poor and defeated students – who can see the glass ceiling and the riches of those above it, but they themselves can't break through; in significant numbers, to enrich their communities.

    There are those who have broken through the glass ceilings, during the period from 1965 thru 1980 but took their riches and their skills to Caucasian Sugar. Many will cite crime and violence as their reason for departure. But the Department of Justice figures are a better objective to determining this as a fallacy, rather than a truth. As of 2012 there were 500.604 Caucasian Inmates in Federal and State Prisons and 551,154 African American Inmates housed in federal and state Prisons. The majority of the African American Inmates are serving time for Drug Possession rather than for Criminal Behavior or violent Crimes. This figure between the yrs. 1963 to 1980. 1960 Incarceration rates for whites were 66% and for Blacks 32%; 1980 58% for whites and 41 Percent for Blacks:

    The Black Middle Class Flight ended during the Regan-economics' in 1981 through his presidency crippled Black Middle Class exodus to White Sugar. So from 1963 to 1981; eighteen yrs. of Black Economic flight ruined the socio-economic lifting of the African American to a far greater extent than White Back- Lash.

  26. I always hear this sound bite from The African HistoryNetwork

  27. Brad Lee, the TRUTH is in STONE! Too many prefer avarice over knowledge, truth and cohesive behavior. WE, those that KNOW the TRUTH must continue to be the harbingers and the stalwart guardians of OUR story.

  28. Brad Lee says:

    Big Brother Rudolph, Strong Truthful Words Coming From A Warrior Of Wisdom!
    You Are Truly Needed In The Struggle For The Liberation Of Our People!

  29. I wish you all the best of luck. I'm done.

  30. Teddy Deoge says:

    Because we are not learning ourselves or teaching these principles to our children. By the time kids are able to add and subtract; they should understanding how to balance a checkbook.

  31. The thing with buying black is there aren't as many all black business owners!

  32. Mike Benardo says:

    The reason for the push for integration and the thought that it would work was due to the severe and rampant discrimination and segregation, and, the level of disrespect that White folks displayed toward us. It was thought that integration would put Whites and Blacks together for so much of the day that White folks would realize that everybody is the same. Sadly, it hasn't really worked. Before integration, more of us percentage wise had our own businesses than we do today. There seemed to be more Black-owned banks and insurance companies than there are today. Today, there is, supposedly more equal funding for schools than there was before, but many of our children don't want to be educated and think that not knowing things is cool. The only thing Brother King was wrong about is in underestimating how deeply many White folks hate us, as the attitudes that seemed to lessen in the 70s have come roaring back with a vengeance due to their rage that Barack Obama is the President of the United States, not once, but TWICE.

  33. Mike Benardo says:

    Trouble is, even when there are Black-owned businesses, too many of us still rather do business with the White-owned business.

  34. Mike Benardo says:

    Popeye's Fried Chicken vs Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken is a perfect example. Popeye's is Black owned, the Colonel is White owned. ALL of us, as much as possible, should be patronizing POPEYE'S, yet many of us don't. Look at Church's Chicken. Look how much harder it has been for them vs the Colonel. We need to do more business with our own, like the Chinese do.

  35. Mike Benardo says:

    Sadly, you are right. But, we didn't see much choice, as whenever we have built up a thriving community, such as Greenwood, Oklahoma, they would bomb it into oblivion.

  36. Mike Benardo says:

    You make good points, but the religion the White man claims as his was started by US, not him, and it is almost impossible that Jesus Christ was White, even more impossible that he had blue eyes. Jesus was almost certainly Black, as the only White people in existence at that time, if indeed there were ANY White folks at all, would have been the Greeks and Romans, and Jesus was not a Roman or Greek.

  37. Mike Benardo says:

    YES! That is why America as a whole is now declining. There is no more working middle class, only what we used to call the upper middle class; the professional people, and their numbers are nowhere near as large as the former working middle class.

  38. Mike Benardo says:

    Too many were scared to make changes in their lives, just like today too many people who are union members are too scared to fight. Part of it is brainwashing by the media and by White society, but part of it is also human nature's desire for the easiest way, and jumping on the cause of integration seemed easier and safer. Looking back, if we had done BOTH, we now would be wealthy enough so that the White man would have to respect us whether he liked it or not, due to how much it would cost him not to respect us.

  39. KFC maybe white owned but he stole his recipe from a black woman. Me myself I dnt patronize KFC food isn't the same anymore. I love popeyes. There's no churches chicken where I live. I think the biggest problem is black owned business don't get the money the need to start up the business or enough money to stay in business.

  40. Steve DelRay says:

    Mike Benardo They rebuilt Greenwood almost to the point of it being as thriving as it first was. Know what killed it for good? Desegregation. Once that happened, Black folks RAN to give their money to the same people who burned down their great neighborhood. Now, if that ain't stupid, I don't know what is…

  41. Malcolm X didn't come up with economic empowerment, his teacher Elijah Muhammad did. Why is there a concerted effort by not only whites, but blacks to write Elijah Muhammad out of the history books?

  42. Fenman Feron says:

    Marcus Garvey made it plain before Elijah Muhammad. No ones writing anyone out of any history book. These 3 men had the widest appeal….simple

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