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10 Incredible Facts About W.E.B. Du Bois

Celebrating the Life of W.E.B. Du Bois


William Edward Burghardt “W.E.B.” Du Bois (Feb. 23, 1868 – Aug. 27, 1963) is remembered as a civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist, sociologist, educator, historian, writer, editor and poet.


Du Bois was one of the founding members of the Niagara Movement. Established in 1905, the movement earned its name because it stood as a symbol of the mighty current of change coming in regards to segregation and racism. The small organization was a precursor to the NAACP, which was formed in 1909.

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11 thoughts on “10 Incredible Facts About W.E.B. Du Bois

  1. Debois hated Marcus Garvey, he and his Talented teen, toms. Debois destroyed Marcus Gavey, and all he had done for black people, had Marcus Gavey been left along, we would be the most powerful group in the world, and Afuraka would not be suffering. Debois the mullato called our Marcus Garvey "A little fat black man, ugly, but intelligent eyes, and a big head. His group, the intergrationist launched a fierce campaign entitled, Marcus Garvey must go". They held meetings and distributed leaflets denouncing Garvey all over the US and Canada. They even called for Garvey's arrest and depotation. They called upon the attroney general to break up the UNIA and convict Garvey. The NAACP were also deeply involved in the "Marcus Garvey must go campaign. They were very successful.

  2. It's amazing to see that someone I am a decedent from stood for so much when it comes to black people as a RACE my Great Grandmother told me so much about this man WOW this is eyeopening I can no longer allow others to hold me back from finding the truth man I feel bad for the path I originally chose when I first chose to rap SMH!!! o well we all make mistakes but I gotta fix those now on my own can't nobody help me with these issues but homeboy with the top comment is a hater they both stood for the same thing just didn't understand each others message people still hating on black men that changed history and mad because they have freed their minds and souls SMH!!! Internet Gangsters make me lol!!!

  3. House N*##@..bootlicker, sambo !

  4. Vincy Powa says:

    Are you REFERRING to the Marcus Garvey who LOOKED to the KKK for HELP?

    By the way, FUNNY how Garvey was the FORERUNNER of the BACK TO AFRICA MOVEMENT, but spent his last years and died in ENGLAND. And WEB DUBOIS, who you claimed DESTROYED Garvey, went "BACK TO AFRICA" to the country called GHANA, and DIED there.

    In other words, so the man who CHAMPIONED the CAUSE of BACK to AFRICA DIED in EUROPE and the MAN WHO U SAID DESTROYED HIM DIED in AFRICA.


  5. Vincy Powa Obviously, he went where he thought he would be safe, are you implying he was sucking up to whites? He was with some of his own black people who were protecting him. Oh sure the Ghanaians knew DuBois had been an uncle tom, but gorgave him. No matter what you say, the facts are there, Dubois and the Talented Ten destroyed Marcus Garvey. Marcus Garvey is a hero of Afurakan people, it will take black people the next 100 years to progress to the point Marcus Garvey had, for Afurakan people. Afurakan people all over the world today worship and praise Marcus Garvey, Debois legacy is uncle tome in my book, don't mess with our king Marcus Garvey. There is no debate or dispute about who Garvey was and is, and what DeBois was about, their record speaks for them. Garvey did not look to the klan for help, if he got help he certainly did use it very well.

  6. Vincy Powa says:

    Shabaka, in 1922 Garvey paid a visit to the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Georgia. The white racialists were natural allies for Garvey. Their open White racialism helped to develop the race consciousness of American Blacks and to stimulate interest in the UNIA-sponsored movement for repatriation to Africa.

    In a message dated October 28, 1925, Garvey introduced a speaker from the Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America (the northern KKK counterpart), whom he had invited to speak at Liberty Hall:

    "Mr. Plowell and his organizations sympathize with us even as we sympathize with them. I feel and believe that we should work together for the purpose of bringing about the ideal sought-the purification of the races, their autonomous separation and the unbridled freedom of self-development and self-expression."

  7. Vincy Powa says:

    He went to ENGLAND, like you said, because he FELT SAFE IN EUROPE. I guess he didn't THINK Africa was SAFE ENOUGH to go there, as WEB did.

    Moreover, when it came to the PAN AFRICAN MOVEMENT, WEB was who they came LOOKING to for LEADERSHIP, not Garvey.

    To say that WEB was an Uncle Tom is LAUGHABLE at BEST.

  8. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Vincy Powa And this is proof that you haven't thoroughly checked the facts. When the Honorable Marcus Garvey was talking about going back to Afrika, he meant getting back to our original customs as AFRIKANS. To be more plain, it meant looking our for own all over the world, being proud of who we are as Afrikans and showing that despite white supremacy wringing its ugly head, we can still love, cherish and respect eachother. Also… he was murdered in Europe. The date of his supposed death(transition) is so sketchy that it's not even funny.

  9. So they came looking for DeBois, for what? It was Garvey who had started a movement, we have never seen since, thanks to the help of DuBois. Why are you disputing facts, with lies and untruths? The only connection Garvey had made, and had a relationship with was Haille Salesse, at the time Garvey was depoted, Salesse had already fled Ethopia, running from Musolennia (spell off) he left his people behind to be killed by the Italians. Garvey tried to contact him when he got to Europe, and he completely ignored Garvey. So that is why he did not go to Ethopia. There were not many African leaders, and still isn't, Garvey could have gone to to protect him. We see people like you all the time, disputing truths, why is that? I call it spinning, your mind is spinning, when that happens you cannot see problems and truths, or down right reject truth, because your mind is spinning. Read Dr. Francis Cress Book the Isis Papers. What in the hell did DeBois do for the people, he wrote some books, did they help the people? I know you will come back, and spew your nonsense, because for some reason you do not like Garvey, and you will never admit, our master Marcus Garvey, had created the strongest self determination movement ever in the history of the world, for black people, after we had been destroyed by white supremacy.

  10. Vincy Powa You have proven to us why Garvey met with the klan. BECAUSE their agenda basic was the same. Separate the races, that was the best thing could have happened. Read this, Sherman Field Order #15, it was about blacks aquiring land, in the order, blacks would have their own separate nation, to go about the business of Self Determination, and whites would be barred from coming onto this little nation of black people. These orders were give by Lincoln, and lawmakers. What is your point, because Garvey got with the Klan? They were more about helping us, than hurting us, they saw a way to get from around us. Yea! I asked David Duke to support HB 40, the study for reparations for us black folks, was I wrong to go to Duke for support of that lelgislation? One of the most notorous racist klan ever in the history of America? Look you can reply to this if you want, but no more from me. I cannot believe I have spent this much time trying to convince you about Garvey. You are probably one of those people who strongly believe in the bible, and no body has proven anything in this book, no facts, this is how I roll, on facts something you can prove.

  11. WOW this man was a really big part of racism he help colored people have the same amount of things as white people I honestly love this manR.I.P W.E.B

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