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6 Instances Proving An Armed White Criminal Is ‘Less Dangerous’ Than An Unarmed Black Teen


Derrick Daniel Thomas

On April 21 in New Orleans, Derrick Daniel Thomas, 32, is accused of breaking into a home and committing armed robbery, stealing cash and personal items, and then firing a single shot through the living room wall, according to As he fled the scene, he threatened several construction workers, eventually firing five gunshots at a contractor and his son, barely missing them, according to reports.

New Orleans police said the rampage ended when they cornered him and asked him to drop his weapon. He refused. Police said Thomas called for them to lower their weapons and attempted to flee, but he was captured.

Thomas was charged with five counts of aggravated assault, three counts of aggravated assault on an officer and one count of criminal damage to property. Yet there were no attempted murder charges, even though Thomas reportedly shot at a man and his son.

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