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5 thoughts on “Don Lemon Grills Ferguson Police Chief on Video: Are You Trying to ‘Discredit’ Michael Brown?

  1. Delphi War says:

    How would these news outlets know about a robbery when the store owner says he never reported, which according to the tape was in the month of June and not Ausgust? They have satelies that can read newspapers off the ground now- it's not a secret anymore they have had them since at least the 90's- so let's goto the satalite feed!

  2. Carla Cuevas Jackson says:

    The police department is trying to justify its actions by saying that he stole a pack of Cigarettes? Thats ridiculous! Shot and left like a dog on the street for a pack of cigarettes? It is the weakest excuse they can come up with. The cop is another coward, racists bastard and there is nothing else to it. He knew he went to far and therefore Michael Brown was left on the ground for hours until they could figure out the scene.

  3. Carla Cuevas Jackson says:

    Figure out a scene r make up a scene.

  4. Dalia Silentfiyah Truly Blessed says:

    Look at this link, they sent out this picture and said it was Mike Brown. They are evil.

  5. Mike Little says:

    Get anybody that studies "Body Language" then you would now that the chief is lying…..

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