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3 thoughts on “Columbia Law Professor Explains Why Black Politicians Who Are ‘Colorblind’ Are Doomed to Fail

  1. Moe Rego says:

    Not only have black politicians foolishly bought into this so-called "colorblind" ideology. So has so many black people themselves in order to make whites feel safe and comfortable but also not to appear as a "racist," which is impossible for blacks, we can ONLY be hateful, prejudiced, and bigoted, because we wield no power over the lives of whites. Also when we preach colorblindness, what we're really saying is that we are cowards to do the moral thing even at the expense of making others uneasy who have failed and/or unwilling to do it themselves.

  2. Paul J James says:

    I don't buy it! I am about as mad at Barak Obama as anyone can get because he is basically a republican president but the alternative is scary. Not only that byt the republicans seemed to regress into racism a little to easily for my comfort. Now lets take this to extremes! So, if given the choice of an uncle tom politically conservative black man or a Ku Klux Klan David duke white man, I think I might be able to reason a little better with my ol' "uncle". I would vote for Obama again and complain about him every day just like I do now.

  3. Tat Lee says:

    This one video completely vindicates The Honorable Marcus Garvey and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who with all their being stressed that we "Do for self". They stressed that we stop fighting for inclusion in a system that did not want us and have proved it on all levels of human activity. But oh no, the intellectual Christian Allstars new better thus making deals with the Power Elites. We gave up our schools, our businesses, and our communities to become what we are now, a permanent consumer "colorblind" underclass. One of the major selling points was how that having more black politicians, we will have representation that cared and looked out for our interests, and it has worked out beautifully it was the best decision we ever made.

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